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What Does DownTown Montreal Has To Offer?

Downtown is a vibrant center of shopping, office workers, and students from McGill and Concordia universities. Rue Sainte-Catherine is lined with chain stores and malls, while Crescent Street is noted for its lively bars. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which has works dating back centuries, and t

What Does DownTown Montreal Has To Offer?
What Does DownTown Montreal Has To Offer?

Downtown is a vibrant center of shopping, office workers, and students from McGill and Concordia universities. Rue Sainte-Catherine is lined with chain stores and malls, while Crescent Street is noted for its lively bars. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which has works dating back centuries, and the McCord Museum’s municipal history exhibitions are also cultural highlights. Chinatown, denoted by traditional gates, is home to informal cafes and food shops.

The downtown area is home to several corporate offices as well as the vast bulk of the city’s skyscrapers, which are prohibited by law from being taller than Mount Royal in order to retain the mountain’s visual supremacy and intimidating impact. The 1000 de La Gauchetière and 1250 René-Lévesque, both erected in 1992, are the highest of them. The Tour de la Bourse is a major high-rise that houses the Montreal Exchange, which trades derivatives. The Montreal Exchange began as a stock exchange and was Canada’s first. In return for exclusivity in the derivative trading industry, all stock dealings were shifted to Toronto in 1999.

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Lots of Shopping Malls

Shopping, like most other aspects of Montreal, is enjoyable. You’ll find everything you need and desire right here, from nice retail districts that stretch at least eight city blocks and contain fashionable pubs, restaurants, and cafés with helpful staff to local markets and unique artisan stores.


Museums in DownTown Montreal

Montreal’s museums have something for everyone, from the spectacular Gorgosaurus dinosaur and Ancient Egyptian mummies at the retro Redpath Museum, which looks like it came straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, to the jaw-dropping Napoleon collection at the massive Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal. There are almost 40 worldwide museums in the city, including masterpieces ranging from the Old Masters to modern art. We hand-picked ten fantastic beginning points to help you narrow it down.

  1. Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum
  2. Pointe-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History
  3. Château Ramezay
  4. Montreal Holocaust Museum
  5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  6. Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal
  7. McCord Museum
  8. Ecomusée du fier monde

Good Places to Eat Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal’s business quarter is the city’s economic core. It is well-known for its famous buildings, which include the Palais des Congrès, Tour de la Bourse, and Place Ville Marie.

Although the downtown area is largely made up of office skyscrapers and huge organisations, it also has several fine eateries where you can take a well-deserved lunch break. Indeed, several great and well-known eateries have established themselves in the downtown area. The gourmet offerings here are so diverse that there is something for everyone. You can discover a nutritious snack, an unusual lunch, or some gratifying comfort food in a matter of minutes; anything you need to get you through a hectic day at work!

We’ve compiled a list of terrific venues that are guaranteed to transform your lunch experience on those busy days at work, whether you’re just travelling through the city for a few hours or returning to the office full-time after many months of working from home.

  1. Venice MTL – St-François-Xavier
  2. Brigade
  3. Mandy’s – St-Nicolas
  4. LOV – Vieux-Montréal
  5. Koa Lua
  6. Café Parvis
  7. Fiorellino – De La Gauchetière
  8. Crew Collective & Café
  9. Capital Tacos
  10. Ryu – Peel

Best Business Cocktails Places In Downtown

Nice places to have drinks (The downtown core is rife with bars, notably Montreal’s Irish pub scene. For a sampling of the city’s best local microbrews, try Benelux on Sherbrooke Street or further east at Le Saint-Bock in the Latin Quarter on St. Denis Street. Grab a glass of red at Brasserie T, a French brasserie overlooking Place des Festivals. N sur Mackay proposes an elegant ambiance, 40 different kinds of whisky, and choice cocktails. Head to Vietnamese pub Le Red Tiger on de Maisonneuve for its elaborate drinks and Asian tapas and keep your eyes peeled for Gokudo, a secret Japanese cocktail bar hidden behind a fish shack.

Even while the epidemic has taken a toll on the city’s cocktail scene, it remains impressive. And now that alcoholic beverage outlets have reopened after their third lockdown in two years, we’re taking stock: A few of the cocktail bars that originally showed on this map have regretfully closed, while others have remained dark and dormant, but the vast majority are back in business (or will be very soon).

  1. 132 Bar Vintage
  2. Bar Le Record
  3. Bar St-Denis
  4. Bar Cicchetti
  5. Taverne Atlantic
  6. Pub Bishop & Bagg
  7. Bar Henrietta
  8. Le Royal
  9. Bar Renard
  10. Bar Cloakroom

Highest Building in Montreal

Highest Building in Montreal

Montreal is Canada’s second biggest metropolis, the most populous city in Quebec, and the eighth most populous city in North America. It has a population of 3,519,595 people in 2016. Although there is a tradition that no building should be taller than Mount Royal, Montreal is home to some of the world’s highest skyscrapers. Local architects have requested that the municipal council repeal the height restriction ordinance.

1- De La Gauchetière 1000

1000 de la Gauchetière is Montreal’s tallest structure, with 51 stories and a height of 205 m (673 ft). The skyscraper is called for its address, 1000 De La Gauchetire Street West, which is located in the city’s central business district. The building is owned by Ivanhoe Cambridge and contains a popular atrium with a huge ice skating rink.

2- 1250 René-Lévesque Blvd.

1250 René-Lévesque, also known as the IBM-Marathon Tower, is Montreal’s second highest structure. The structure stands 199 metres (653 feet) tall and contains 47 floors of both closed and open office space.

3- La Bourse Tour

The Tour de la Bourse is Montreal’s third highest structure. The structure, also known as Place Victoria or Stock Exchange Tower, stands 190 metres tall and has 48 floors.

4- Ville-Marie Place

Place Ville-Marie is Montreal’s fourth tallest structure, with a height of 188 metres and 43 stories. It is one of Montreal’s most popular skyscrapers since it is the only structure created in the style of a cross and has revolving lights visible from more than 50 kilometres away.

5- The CIBC Tower

The CIBC Tower stands 187 metres (614 feet) tall and has 45 stories. The British Columbia Investment Corporation owns and manages the building (BCIC). The structure has a total height of 225 m if the communication antenna is included (738 ft).

6- L’Avenue

L’Avenue is 184 metres (604 feet) tall and has 50 storeys. The tower has 350 units, making it the city’s highest residential skyscraper, followed by Tour des Canadiens.

7- The Canadian Tour

The Tour des Canadiens, at 167 metres in height, is Montreal’s eighth highest skyscraper (548 ft). It is a residential structure with 50 stories and 552 condominiums. It is next to the Bell Centre, a downtown Montreal hockey arena. The structure is named after the Montreal Canadiens, who are also co-owners of the project. The Tour des Canadiens’ construction began in 2013 and was completed in 2016.

8- McGill University 1501

1501 McGill College, popularly known as La Tour McGill, has 36 stories at a height of 158 metres (518 feet). WZMH Architects built the structure, which was finished in 1992.