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Answers Before You Purchase a Takagi Tub



Many people who first see the Takagi soaking tub are attracted to the compact and unique styling of Takagi Japanese bathtubs. Once they have the opportunity to relax and soak in one, they are intent in obtaining one for their bathroom. Before heading out to purchase Takagi tubs; you will want to have the answers to these questions in hand.

  • How large of a Takagi Japanese Soaking tub are you considering? Measure the space you will be placing the tub in, so you will be able to narrow down models that meet your needs. One that is too large will not fit. One that is too small will need a lot of framework around it to fill the space or will need to be freestanding.
  • Will the Takagi bathtub need an enclosure around it and what materials will you use? There are units that come in one piece and can fit right into your existing tub space. This allows for the most convenient way to get a Takagi soaking tub. Other types of Takagi  bathtubs require a framework be built around them.
  • What materials are Japanese Soaking bathtubs available in? There are generally three choices available: wood, fiberglass and porcelain. Wood Takagi Japanese bathtubs should be made of Hinoki wood to prevent rotting. The wood tubs are lightweight and surprisingly durable. Wood is the most common material used in traditional Japanese bathtubs. Porcelain Takagi Japanese bathtubs hold heat well but are heavier. Check the underlying floor in your bathroom to ensure it will hold up. Fiberglass Takagi Japanese bathtubs are composed of lightweight fiberglass that allow for the most variety (size, shape and color) of Takagi Japanese soaking tub.

Will you be replacing an existing bathtub with a Japanese soaking tub or putting the tub outdoors? If you are replacing an existing bathtub; the water and pipe fittings for the old bathtub may be usable. Working with the plumbing you already have can save time and money.

When it comes to the traditional ways, Takagi tubs were very often placed outside of the home to enjoy nature’s scenery. It’s possible to place these inside, but you will need to put waterproof flooring with a drain in the center in your bath.The reason for this is the more traditional the soaking tub is; the more spillage you will receive. Takagi bathtubs do not have a spill guard around them like standard bathtubs do.

What is your total budget for this project? Items that you might include in this are:

  • Cost to purchase a Takagi Japanese tub.
  • Any repairs or adjustments needed to place the Takagi Japanese bath tub of your choice. Include any electrical, plumbing, masonry, and carpentry modifications here.
  • Labor. Decide if you can or want to perform any of the work to save you money. Japanese bathtubs are very easy to install, so this is a good place to cut corners.

Purchasing a soaking tub is a great investment in your home and yourself. Take your time to choose the best possible tub you can afford. There are several suppliers of Takagi Japanese bathtubs, so shop around and get the best price.



Benzalkonium Chloride – Solution for Dog Skin Problems



Benzalkonium Chloride has a 99.9% efficiency rate in its treatment. A proprietary registered FDA formula created for the medical industry furnished in skin softeners and conditioners.

Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (benzalkonium chloride) is a mixture of alkylbenzyl dimethylammonium chlorides of various alkyl chain lengths. This product has three main categories of use and is a nitrogenous cationic surface-acting agent belonging to the quaternary ammonium group. It acts as a biocide, a cationic surfactant and phase transfer agent in the chemical industry.

BC is readily soluble in alcohol and acetone. Dissolution in water is slow, and aqueous solutions are preferred. The reason for this is that they are easier to handle. The color ranges from a clear to a pale yellow and solutions are neutral to slightly alkaline. The constituency is foamy when shaken, has a bitter taste and a faint almond-like odour. This odour is detectable in concentrated solutions.

In treatment for dog skin problems, this ingredient is present in antimicrobial solutions which causes healing to be accelerated as a result of keeping the wound bacteria and infection free. This means the body does not use wasted energy fighting off infection, but instead uses the same energy to replace damaged tissue. Unlike iodine and alcohol products which will dry the skin with extended use, conditioners with benzalkonium chloride maintain correct skin moisture through a healthy PH balance.

Although currently used in human pharmaceuticals such as skin antiseptics and wet wipes, it has been proven to be a very effective ingredient in the animal or pet industry, particularly in the treatment of dog skin problems. These type solutions are used prior to withdrawing blood for Blood Alcohol Content tests and also as a preservative for general safety.

Standard concentrates in the treatment of dog skin problems are manufactured as 50% and 80% w/w solutions, and sold under trade names such as BC50 and BC80.

The sum of ingredients on any product purchased for the treatment of dog skin problems should always be read.

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Article Writing Secret Tips – Learn How the Pros Earn Big Money



Just like everything on the internet the cheaper you are the more people will look at you. This is also true for article writing on the internet. I haven’t out sourced in some time but recently went looking for a freelance writer. I was astonished by what some people were charging. You might be thinking I mean big money when in fact it’s the complete opposite. Some people are charging as little as $5 for a 500 word article! I was totally blown away by this. Having written many articles myself, I know how much work goes into writing them. Why are people charging so little for their hard work?

One reason is trends. The article marketing industry has taken a nose dive into poverty. Most people are looking for the cheapest freelancer out there. They don’t really care about the quality of the articles they get. As long as the article they get is readable their happy and on their way. I want to know how these freelance writers are making it on as little as $5 per article.

Let’s just take a second to go over article writing to put this into perspective. Someone contacts you and says I need an article about “blah”. So you, the freelancer, goes and does a bit of research to find out about “blah” and writes. So let’s say you wrote an article every 20 minutes for 6 hours at $5 per article, that’s $90 a day. If you did that for a week you’d be making $450. You might be thinking how does anyone write an article every 20 minutes? Well it took me awhile to find out but I found the secret to how these freelance writers are making so much money on so little pay.

Some freelance writers are just really organized. They do all their research, find their keywords/phrases and bang off tons of articles in no time. But most writers have a secret weapon they use to write their articles, a secret that they don’t want getting out.

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Some Basic But Critical Things You Need to Understand to Earn Money While Online



With a stunning 95 percent failure rate, Online marketing has stumped many people in their quest to become successful on the internet. Today I want to discuss with you some basic, but critical things you need to understand to earn money while online.

Many people are under the impression that there is a program out there in cyberspace that is going to help them make money. The truth is there is not a business on this planet that is going to help you make more money than any other business.

For years I have been striving to bring excellence to the people I work with online, it has been and still is my personal mission to help as many people on this planet find success through online marketing. I chose network marketing because I figure if I am going to put all this effort into an online business I may as well make residual income.

There are only three types of people in this world, which one are you?

Alphas–> This person is a natural born leader, they know that if they want success they have to take full responsibility for their own growth, they naturally attract people into their business and life. This person always seems to catch all the breaks..

Betas–> This person is very close to being an alpha but needs to step out of their comfort zone and grow. Most times betas are hard workers, but they shy away from the spotlight.

Thetas–> Total waste of space, we call these people tire-kickers always complaining and never owning up to their responsibilities in anything…

Luckily you choose where you fall within these personality types. If you want success online or with anything else in your life. You need to be the captain of the ship. Most folks mindset is that of an employee and not an employer…

Most people see themselves as punching the time card, and not writing the checks. If you are seeking success online that means you want to be the business owner.

Basically what I am saying is unless you are striving to become an alpha you will never ever make real substantial income online.

People follow leaders not followers. It is good to seek guidance and support, but at some point you need to step out and take full control of your business.

Money and success are two different things, money does not come to you, until you are successful. Most folks are hoping the money will come first then they figure they can go ahead and modify their life. This is not true.!

The money starts to come in after you become an alpha. You will make a little bit of money as a beta and you will make nothing as a theta. Look in the mirror who do you see?

Changes start to occur on the inside first, I want to help you on your journey. I can’t do it for you, but I can help you along the path. Please visit my authors biography to learn more about how we can work together to earn money while online.

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