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Drew Smyly reaches 10 years of MLB service time — something the Chicago Cubs pitcher doesn’t take lightly



Drew Smyly reaches 10 years of MLB service time — something the Chicago Cubs pitcher doesn’t take lightly

Drew Smyly pondered the question, thinking back 10 years ago to his rookie season in Detroit.

What is the biggest difference in you as a pitcher from your first big-league season to now?

The left-hander, then 23 years old, advanced to the 2012 World Series while learning his craft as part of a Tigers rotation that has since combined to win five Cy Young Awards.

Smyly, now 32, still relies on the same three-pitch combination — cutter, sinker and curveball — and overall believes he is the exact same pitcher than a decade ago.

That doesn’t mean Smyly hasn’t evolved.

When his career began, it was early in the analytics revolution and he didn’t really understand beyond locating his fastball down and away while mixing pitches. Over the course of eight stops in different organization, Smyly has picked up things along the way. He learned his fastball played well up in the zone with Tampa Bay. His road back from Tommy John surgery tested his resolve over a three-year stretch. He reinvented himself in Philadelphia after being released twice in less than a month, throwing more off-speed stuff.

Those ups and downs culminated in hitting 10 years of service time in Major League Baseball last week.

“A lot of people can also lose motivation after a certain time,” Smyly told the Tribune. “It’s been hard, too, once you start to build a family and you’re gone, it makes it more challenging. But most people at this level, you just love the competition so much. It’s so hard. I don’t take it for granted. I’m really grateful that I get to do this.”

The MLB Players Association estimates less than 10% of major-leaguers hit the 10-year mark. Smyly entered the season needing only 29 days on the roster to reach the milestone. He received a bottle of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne from his Cubs teammates.

Beyond the financial benefits of receiving a full pension post-playing career, the achievement is an acknowledgement of Smyly’s journey from a highly-ranked prospect to respected veteran and the work he has put in.

“It’s a big honor for me because the baseball world is pretty small,” Smyly said. “If you get a certain reputation it kind of stays with you and people get weeded out really quickly just on their work ethic, their attitude, personalities, a lot of different factors.

“Obviously, you’ve got to get the job done on the field, and that probably matters the most, but being a good player in the clubhouse and trying to help a team win and knowing that all of these teams see value in me, whether it’s on the field or in the clubhouse, that makes me feel pretty good.”

He has certainly earned it, grinding through plenty of tough moments and often uncertain job security. Injuries could have derailed Smyly, but he kept coming back, most notably from a torn left labrum in 2015 and Tommy John surgery that caused him to miss two MLB seasons (2017-18). He was released twice and traded three times, including part of a three-team deal in July 2014 when the Tigers sent him to the Rays to acquire left-hander David Price. His deal with the Cubs in March represented his third straight one-year guaranteed contract.

“It’s not easy signing a one-year deal, going from new team to new team,” Smyly said. “Once you get out there on the field, it’s the same game. It’s me versus him. And that’s what I love the most about the game. But everything else is pretty challenging: making new teammates, new coaches, new fan bases, trying to win over all of that can get pretty taxing.

“Perseverance, longevity — it’s not easy. It wasn’t smooth sailing by any means, but just keep believing and keep trusting and keep going out there.”

Smyly was reminded how frustrating baseball can be Friday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks. A few well-placed balls by Arizona’s hitters and defensive plays the Cubs couldn’t quite make combined to spoil Smyly’s outing in a 4-3 loss.

“I might pull out some of my hair out tonight, but that’s just baseball,” Smyly said. “Sometimes you don’t get the results you want, but when I replay the game, I was making really good pitches throughout the whole night.”

Aside from three well-struck balls in the Diamondbacks’ three-run third inning, Smyly didn’t allow much hard contact in six innings, his longest start of the season. He allowed four runs on 10 hits with one walk and four strikeouts.

“That third inning was honestly pretty ridiculous,” Smyly said. “They had two balls down the line just fair. One guy hit it in front of the plate and bounced 40 feet in the air for an RBI single. … They kept getting a lot of people on base, but I thought I did a good job of managing it and getting us back in there.”

Despite Smyly’s final line, manager David Ross thought Smyly pitched well and was indicative of what he gives the Cubs.

“When he takes the bump you feel like you’ve got a really good chance to win,” Ross said. “He’s been one of our more consistent starters for me, just the length, pace. … (He’s) really consistent. I thought it was a good showing for him.”




How Many Episodes This Is Us?



How Many Episodes This Is Us?

This is Us released its last episode on 24th May, Tuesday. It has been more than 5 years since the show was firstly released and the audience met Pearson Family. This is Us remains a hit show for NBC by gathering high ratings repeatedly. The tearful drama is the fifth most seen show on NBC’s library of 19 scripted shows. But like all things end, this show has also come to an end. The creators decided to conclude the show after a huge run of 106 episodes and 5 seasons. The last episode of the closing season was released on 24th May 2022.

Total Episodes in This is Us

1653680327 236 How Many Episodes This Is Us

Season 1
Season 1 debuted on 20th September 2016 and aired till 14th March 2017. This is us had followed weekly release pattern since season 1st till now. It had a total of 18 episodes. Season 1 had multiple directors like Helen Hunt, Ken Holin, John Requa, Glenn Ficara, and many others. Season 1 also had numerous writers like Dan Fogleman, Joe Lawson, Donald Todd, Kay Oyegun, and others.

Season 2

Season 2 aired on 26th September 2017 and aired till 13th March 2018, having a total of 18 episodes. Season 2 also had multiple directors like Rebecca Asher, Ken Olin, Chris Coch, Regina King, and many others. Season 2 also had plenty of writers like Dan Fogleman, Don Ross, Lura Kenar, Don Ross, Kay Oyegun, and many others.

Season 3

Season 3 aired on 25th September 2018 and aired till 2nd April 2019 and had 18 episodes. The third season also featured directors like Roxann Dawson, Ken Olin, Chris Coch, Sarah Boyd, and many others. Season 3 also featured writers like Julia Brownwell, Kevin Falls, Lura Kenar, IssacAptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Kay Oyegun, and many others.

Season 4

Season 4 aired on 24th September 2019 and aired till 24th March 2020. Season 3 has a total of 18 episodes.  The 4th season featured directors like Yasu Tanida, Roxann Dawson, Ken Olin, Kevin Hooks, Rebecca Asher, Jessica Yu, and many others. Season 6 also had writers like Julia Brownwell, Casey Johnson, Dan Fogleman Kevin Falls, Lura Kenar, IssacAptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Kay Oyegun, and many others.

Season 5

Season 5 aired on 27th October 2020 and aired till 25th May 2021 and had 18 total episodes. The 5th season featured directors like Ann Fletcher, Ken Olin, Chris Coch, and many others. The sixth season also featured writers like Julia Brownwell, Casey Johnson, Dan Fogleman Kevin Falls, Lura Kenar, IssacAptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Elan Mastai, and many others.

Season 6

Season 6 aired on 4th January 2022 and aired till 24th May 2022 and had 18 total episodes. The sixth season featured directors like Yasu Tanida, Kevin Hooks, Ken Olin, Chris Coch, and many others. The sixth season  also featured writers like Julia Brownwell, Casey Johnson, Dan Fogleman Kevin Falls, Lura Kenar, IssacAptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Elan Mastai, and many others.
All in all, This is Us has a total of 108 episodes in all 6 seasons.

Where can I watch it?

1653680328 341 How Many Episodes This Is Us

The episodes air weekly on Tuesdays at 9 pm on NBC or Peacock.

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Platform To Watch Jackass Forever



Platform To Watch Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever is the latest installment in the Jackass Franchise and the 4th in the Jackass Movie Series. Jackass is an American Reality Comedy TV show. The show had a relatively short run in the early 2000s. The show is about 9 people who will go to any lengths to prank each other while also doing dangerous stunts.

Even after the original show ended after a short run, several spin-offs came into being. Not only movies and TV Shows either. There are Video and Mobile games available. Even today, the shoe part of American Pop Culture.

Where To Watch Jackass Forever?

The movie was come out on the 4th of February 2022 and had a run of 96 minutes. Suffice it to say the movie earned several times more money than its original investment. There is also some footage left over from the movie. Those were compiled into a special was as released on the 20th of May on Netflix.

The show’s international fans do not need to wait any longer as the movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime. There should be several voice-overs/dubs available according to your geographical location, even though the show had a controversial streak accusing it of promoting dangerous behavior and being indecent. The show overcame all odds to grow into the media franchise we see today.

1653679965 746 Platform To Watch Jackass Forever


The film starts with what looks like to be a monster movie. The “monster” is Chris Pontius’s Penis is green in color and the set is a miniature version of the city. The supposed movie ends as a snapping turtle defeats the monster. The movie is choke-full of stunts and pranks. The main cast’s genitalia is the subject of most of their “experiments.”

The finale went out with a bang. Well, several bangs. The cast had a task with drinking milk with riding a high-speed carousel. As their stomachs start giving out, they are attacked by paintballs. However, just when everyone thought the prank was finally over, a massive explosion startled everyone.

Meet the Cast

First, we have American stunt performer, actor, wrestler, and filmmaker Johnny Knoxville, American entertainer, television personality, and stunt performer Steve-O, American stunt performer Chris Pontius, American Stunt Performer Dave England, American TV Personality and professional skateboarder Wee Man, Former Professional Snowboarder, actor and stunt performer Danger Ehren, Actor, comedian and stunt performer Preston Lacy.

What’s Next for Jackass?

A new Jackass series was announced on the 3rd of May, 2022. The new show will  stream on Paramount+. The new series resulted from the massive success of the Jackass Forever. Even after years since its original release, the fan base is still there. The success of the movie will open new doors for the franchise. And hopefully, give the show the recognition it deserves. However, the show is not apt for everyone’s taste.

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Dolphins Q&A: Which rookie will have biggest impact? Will Miami still add another key veteran?



Dolphins Q&A: Which rookie will have biggest impact? Will Miami still add another key veteran?

Here’s the latest installment of our Miami Dolphins Q&A, where South Florida Sun Sentinel writers David Furones and Omar Kelly answer questions from readers.

Q: If you had to guess, which rookie would you say will make the biggest contributions to the team this year? — @ayopyr on Twitter

A: Channing Tindall seems like the easy, obvious choice — and there aren’t many rookies to choose from.

He was the Dolphins’ top-drafted rookie, albeit at pick No. 102 in the compensatory portion of the third round, and he filled a position of need at inside linebacker. The Dolphins still have Jerome Baker, Elandon Roberts and Duke Riley there — Roberts and Riley who were free agents this offseason and re-signed — but it was a position many figured Miami would look to upgrade yet went with continuity instead of an outside free agent.

This could open up an opportunity for Tindall if he picks up the defense quickly, especially with how the Dolphins enjoy the flexibility of Baker, being able to shift him to outside linebacker for certain matchups.

The only other rookie taken earlier than the seventh round is wide receiver Erik Ezukanma. While the coaching staff is high on him, it’s hard to imagine him contributing much in 2022 given the Dolphins’ current depth on the receiving corps. Granted, one of the traits they like from him is his ability to make contested catches, so with a bigger frame at 6-foot-2, he could play that role that isn’t so much the game of the smaller, speedy Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, especially if Cedrick Wilson stays in the slot and Preston Williams doesn’t hold his weight as a reliable possession receiver for Miami.

In the seventh round, the Dolphins took outside linebacker Cameron Goode and quarterback Skylar Thompson. Thompson will be the third-string quarterback behind Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater. Goode’s chances of seeing defensive snaps took a hit once the Dolphins picked up veteran Melvin Ingram.

Among undrafted free agents, offensive tackle Kellen Diesch received the most guaranteed money, a sign that the Dolphins see a potential role for him as a reserve lineman. Last year, guard/tackle Robert Jones made the active roster as an undrafted rookie.

Tindall could really make a mark for the Dolphins if he can be a quality special teams contributor. The same can be said of Goode.

Q: What position do you feel needs another veteran addition to take another step? (Challenge is it can’t be center or LB) — @CXC_5 on Twitter

Center was the first position I thought of earlier this offseason, but if Connor Williams is working as an option there while Miami also has Michael Deiter and hasn’t made a move by this point, it’s starting to look like they may not make a free agent acquisition there.

Edge rusher would’ve probably been the other non-offensive-line choice, but now Melvin Ingram is on this team. Like Jaelan Phillips, he figures to play more as an outside linebacker standing up.

Which leads me to believe defensive end could be the pick here. After Emmanuel Ogbah, it’s Daeshon Hall as that true 3-4 end playing with two defensive tackles, and Hall hasn’t played an NFL regular-season game since 2019.

Sure, if Ogbah got hurt, there are rotations the Dolphins could put in place. Play Jaelan Phillips strictly with his hand in the ground; do something similar with Ingram; increase Adam Butler’s reps and play the 295-pounder at defensive end. But having a viable backup for Ogbah could be an option.

With Eric Rowe on as a safety that could rotate in or back up the young starting tandem of Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones, the Dolphins appear fine there between him and Sheldrick Redwine. If Miami were to cut Rowe for salary cap purposes, a veteran safety is plausible, but maybe the team only feels comfortable doing that if Verone McKinley proves capable as an undrafted rookie.

One can also feel free to think outside the box with this one, considering it surprised many when the Dolphins picked up Sony Michel, given the running back depth already on the roster.

Have a question?

Email David Furones, or tag @OmarKelly or @DavidFurones_ on Twitter.

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