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Toxicroak Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!



Toxicroak Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

Toxicroak, a Pokemon that may poison its foes with just its claw. Well, that’s really a plus point and others can be found out in Toxicroak Moveset, Toxicroak Stats, and Abilities simultaneously remember to note out the Toxicroak Weakness got from the evolution.

Toxicroak is a two-legged Pokémon possessing a blue color on its skin. A big spike-like structure is present on top of its head. Many believe that it’s a part of its skull. Its eyes are yellow and very fierce. You can clearly see tiny black oval-shaped pupils in them. It has a thin red-colored zig-zag line on top of its mouth.

The teeth of Pokémon are big in size. Its eyes and the entire middle portion are covered with a black thick line. While a pair of black thick bands are located at the ends of both hands. It has three fingers and a red claw placed slightly above them which can be used to aim the poison secreted by it. Like its hands, its legs also possess a red-colored toe in the middle of its remaining toes. The entire pelvic area is wrapped with a thick layer of white color. A large ball-like vocal sac is located right under its jaw area. It is also colored in red.

The female version of Toxicroak possesses a smaller vocal sac than its male counterpart.

About Toxicroak

  • Japanese Name: Dokurog
  • National Number: 454
  • Type: Poison/Fighting
  • Species: Toxic Mouth Pokémon
  • Height: 1.3 m (4’03”)
  • Weight: 44.4 kg (97.9 lbs)
  • Abilities:
    • Anticipation,
    • Dry Skin,
    • and Poison Touch (Hidden)
  • Local Number: 
    • 130 (Diamond/Pearl)
    • 130 (Platinum)
    • 291 (Black 2/White 2)
    • 126 (X/Y — Central Kalos)
    • 223 (Sword/Shield)
    • 083 (The Isle of Armor)
  • Catch Rate: 75
  • Base Friendship: 70
  • Base Exp: 172
  • Growth Rate: Medium Fast
  • Egg Groups: Human-like
  • Gender: 50% Male, 50% Female
  • Egg Cycles: 20 (4,884-5,140 steps)

Toxicroak Pokédex Stats

Here are all the Toxicroak stats as mentioned in the Pokedex

  • HP: 83
  • Attack: 106
  • Defense: 65
  • Special Attack: 86
  • Special Defense: 65
  • Speed: 85
  • Total: 490

Moves Learned By Toxicroak

Moves Learned By Levelling Up

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy
1 Poison Sting Poison Physical 15 100
1 Mud-Slap Ground Special 20 100
1 Astonish Ghost Physical 30 100
1 Taunt Dark Status 100
12 Flatter Dark Status 100
16 Revenge Fighting Physical 60 100
20 Venoshock Poison Special 65 100
24 Sucker Punch Dark Physical 70 100
28 Swagger Normal Status 85
32 Poison Job Poison Physical 80 100
36 Toxic Poison Status 90
42 Nasty Plot Dark Status
48 Sludge Bomb Poison Special 90 100
54 Belch Poison Special 120 90

Moves Learned By TMToxicroak Pokémon | Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, Stats, And More!

TM Move Type Category Power Accuracy
00 Mega Punch Normal Physical 80 85
01 Mega Kick Normal Physical 120 75
04 Ice Punch Ice Physical 75 100
05 Thunder Punch Electric Physical 75 100
08 Hyper Beam Normal Special 150 90
09 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90
15 Dig Ground Physical 80 100
16 Screech Normal Status 85
21 Rest Psychic Status
22 Rock Slide Rock Physical 75 90
23 Thief Dark Physical 60 100
24 Snore Normal Special 50 100
25 Protect Normal Status
27 Icy Wind Ice Special 55 95
31 Attract Normal Status 100
33 Rain Dance Water Status
34 Sunny Day Fire Status
39 Facade Normal Physical 70 100
41 Helping Hand Normal Status
42 Revenge Fighting Physical 60 100
43 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100
48 Rock Tomb Rock Physical 60 95
52 Bounce Flying Physical 85 85
57 Payback Dark Physical 50 100
58 Assurance Dark Physical 60 100
59 Fling Dark Physical 100
63 Drain Punch Fighting Physical 75 100
73 Cross Poison Poison Physical 70 100
74 Venoshock Poison Special 65 100
75 Low Sweep Fighting Physical 65 100
76 Round Normal Special 60 100
79 Retaliate Normal Physical 70 100
81 Bulldoze Ground Physical 60 100

How To Find Toxicroak?

1652534649 583 Toxicroak Pokemon Evolution Weakness Moveset Stats And More

Toxicroak was not introduced in the first three generations.

Game Location


Great Marsh
Platinum Great Marsh


Evolve Croagunk


Evolve Croagunk
Black 2

White 2

Pinwheel Forest (outer)


Friend Safari (Poison)
Omega Ruby

Alpha Sapphire



Pokemon Bank
Ultra Sun

Ultra Moon

Pokemon Bank
Let’s Go Pikachu

Let’s Go Eevee

Sword Trade
Shield Stony Wilderness (cloudy weather), Max Raid Battle (Rolling Fields, West Lake Axewell, South Lake Miloch, North Lake Miloch, Bridge Field, Stoney Wilderness, Dusty Bowl)

How To Evolve?1652534649 100 Toxicroak Pokemon Evolution Weakness Moveset Stats And More

Croagunk (Poison/Fighting-type) performs as the pre-evolutionary form of Toxicroak Evolution. Boost the level of your Croagunk up to 37 to earn a Toxicroak.

How Much Useful Is My Toxicroak?

Toxicroak has the ability to poison its opponents when they make any kind of physical contact with it. Usually, it uses its claws to inject the poison into its foes. A tiny scratch is enough to guide someone into a state of unconsciousness.

The ability of Anticipation allows it to detect its enemies’ moves before they apply them to it. Only a total of seven Pokémon possess this incredible skill and Toxicroak is one of them. While Dry Skin is a bit of a mixed bag. When it stands in rain or faces Water-type moves, its HP augments. But when it tries to tackle any Fire-type move or finds itself placed in the presence of scorching sunlight then it loses its HP by a small amount.

Poison Touch is the main hidden ability of Toxicroak. As its name suggests, this Pokémon is known to poison its opponent. And this ability aids it in performing the poisoning process. However, the chances of a Pokémon getting poisoned by it are nearly 30%.

Toxicroak weakness includes against all Psychic, Flying, and Ground-type moves.

So, does the Toxicroak weakness, and other information seem worthy of Toxicroak Evolution? Then right away head to Toxicroak Evolution.

And if the case is otherwise then you may like to see some other Pokemon Evolution rather than the one for Toxicroak and can see for whatever Moveset, weakness, and other specification suits better.

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Platform To Watch Jackass Forever



Platform To Watch Jackass Forever

Jackass Forever is the latest installment in the Jackass Franchise and the 4th in the Jackass Movie Series. Jackass is an American Reality Comedy TV show. The show had a relatively short run in the early 2000s. The show is about 9 people who will go to any lengths to prank each other while also doing dangerous stunts.

Even after the original show ended after a short run, several spin-offs came into being. Not only movies and TV Shows either. There are Video and Mobile games available. Even today, the shoe part of American Pop Culture.

Where To Watch Jackass Forever?

The movie was come out on the 4th of February 2022 and had a run of 96 minutes. Suffice it to say the movie earned several times more money than its original investment. There is also some footage left over from the movie. Those were compiled into a special was as released on the 20th of May on Netflix.

The show’s international fans do not need to wait any longer as the movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime. There should be several voice-overs/dubs available according to your geographical location, even though the show had a controversial streak accusing it of promoting dangerous behavior and being indecent. The show overcame all odds to grow into the media franchise we see today.

1653679965 746 Platform To Watch Jackass Forever


The film starts with what looks like to be a monster movie. The “monster” is Chris Pontius’s Penis is green in color and the set is a miniature version of the city. The supposed movie ends as a snapping turtle defeats the monster. The movie is choke-full of stunts and pranks. The main cast’s genitalia is the subject of most of their “experiments.”

The finale went out with a bang. Well, several bangs. The cast had a task with drinking milk with riding a high-speed carousel. As their stomachs start giving out, they are attacked by paintballs. However, just when everyone thought the prank was finally over, a massive explosion startled everyone.

Meet the Cast

First, we have American stunt performer, actor, wrestler, and filmmaker Johnny Knoxville, American entertainer, television personality, and stunt performer Steve-O, American stunt performer Chris Pontius, American Stunt Performer Dave England, American TV Personality and professional skateboarder Wee Man, Former Professional Snowboarder, actor and stunt performer Danger Ehren, Actor, comedian and stunt performer Preston Lacy.

What’s Next for Jackass?

A new Jackass series was announced on the 3rd of May, 2022. The new show will  stream on Paramount+. The new series resulted from the massive success of the Jackass Forever. Even after years since its original release, the fan base is still there. The success of the movie will open new doors for the franchise. And hopefully, give the show the recognition it deserves. However, the show is not apt for everyone’s taste.

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Dolphins Q&A: Which rookie will have biggest impact? Will Miami still add another key veteran?



Dolphins Q&A: Which rookie will have biggest impact? Will Miami still add another key veteran?

Here’s the latest installment of our Miami Dolphins Q&A, where South Florida Sun Sentinel writers David Furones and Omar Kelly answer questions from readers.

Q: If you had to guess, which rookie would you say will make the biggest contributions to the team this year? — @ayopyr on Twitter

A: Channing Tindall seems like the easy, obvious choice — and there aren’t many rookies to choose from.

He was the Dolphins’ top-drafted rookie, albeit at pick No. 102 in the compensatory portion of the third round, and he filled a position of need at inside linebacker. The Dolphins still have Jerome Baker, Elandon Roberts and Duke Riley there — Roberts and Riley who were free agents this offseason and re-signed — but it was a position many figured Miami would look to upgrade yet went with continuity instead of an outside free agent.

This could open up an opportunity for Tindall if he picks up the defense quickly, especially with how the Dolphins enjoy the flexibility of Baker, being able to shift him to outside linebacker for certain matchups.

The only other rookie taken earlier than the seventh round is wide receiver Erik Ezukanma. While the coaching staff is high on him, it’s hard to imagine him contributing much in 2022 given the Dolphins’ current depth on the receiving corps. Granted, one of the traits they like from him is his ability to make contested catches, so with a bigger frame at 6-foot-2, he could play that role that isn’t so much the game of the smaller, speedy Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, especially if Cedrick Wilson stays in the slot and Preston Williams doesn’t hold his weight as a reliable possession receiver for Miami.

In the seventh round, the Dolphins took outside linebacker Cameron Goode and quarterback Skylar Thompson. Thompson will be the third-string quarterback behind Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater. Goode’s chances of seeing defensive snaps took a hit once the Dolphins picked up veteran Melvin Ingram.

Among undrafted free agents, offensive tackle Kellen Diesch received the most guaranteed money, a sign that the Dolphins see a potential role for him as a reserve lineman. Last year, guard/tackle Robert Jones made the active roster as an undrafted rookie.

Tindall could really make a mark for the Dolphins if he can be a quality special teams contributor. The same can be said of Goode.

Q: What position do you feel needs another veteran addition to take another step? (Challenge is it can’t be center or LB) — @CXC_5 on Twitter

Center was the first position I thought of earlier this offseason, but if Connor Williams is working as an option there while Miami also has Michael Deiter and hasn’t made a move by this point, it’s starting to look like they may not make a free agent acquisition there.

Edge rusher would’ve probably been the other non-offensive-line choice, but now Melvin Ingram is on this team. Like Jaelan Phillips, he figures to play more as an outside linebacker standing up.

Which leads me to believe defensive end could be the pick here. After Emmanuel Ogbah, it’s Daeshon Hall as that true 3-4 end playing with two defensive tackles, and Hall hasn’t played an NFL regular-season game since 2019.

Sure, if Ogbah got hurt, there are rotations the Dolphins could put in place. Play Jaelan Phillips strictly with his hand in the ground; do something similar with Ingram; increase Adam Butler’s reps and play the 295-pounder at defensive end. But having a viable backup for Ogbah could be an option.

With Eric Rowe on as a safety that could rotate in or back up the young starting tandem of Jevon Holland and Brandon Jones, the Dolphins appear fine there between him and Sheldrick Redwine. If Miami were to cut Rowe for salary cap purposes, a veteran safety is plausible, but maybe the team only feels comfortable doing that if Verone McKinley proves capable as an undrafted rookie.

One can also feel free to think outside the box with this one, considering it surprised many when the Dolphins picked up Sony Michel, given the running back depth already on the roster.

Have a question?

Email David Furones, or tag @OmarKelly or @DavidFurones_ on Twitter.

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What do Dolphins think of practice squad rookie RB Gerrid Doaks?

Can Tua still be a top-10 quarterback?


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How Many Episodes In Stranger Things?



How Many Episodes In Stranger Things?

Season 4 starts several months after the events of season 3, around Spring Break. Noah Schnapp (Will), Milli Bobbie Brown (Eleven), Charlie Heaton (Jonathon), and Wiona Ryder (Joyce) have been living in California and it seems like they are still not fully settled yet. Eleven is hopeful as she will reunite with Finn Wolfhard (Mike). A new monster headed to Hawkins and this monster is the most dangerous they’ve encountered till now. The villain from Dungeons and Dragons, Vecna will play the character of a beast this season.

However, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and Max are in high school back at Hawkins. But they won’t be able to do any work during their holiday break.

Total Episodes in stranger things

1653679267 528 How Many Episodes In Stranger Things

Season 1 debuted on 15th July 2016 and had 8 episodes in total. Most of them were directed by Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy. Duffer Brother did the writing of season 1 episodes alongside Jessica Mecklenburg, Alison Tatlock, Justin Doble, and other writers.

 Season 2 aired on 27th October 2017 and had 9 episodes in total. Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy along with Andrew Stanton and Rebecca Thomas have directed it. However, Duffer Brother did the writing of season 2 episodes alongside Kate Trefry, Paul Dichter, Justin Doble, Jessi Nickson Lopez, and other writers.

Season 3 aired on 4th July 2019 and had 8 episodes in total. Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy, and Uta Bresewitz are the director of most of the episodes. Duffer Brother did the writing of season 3 episodes alongside Kate Trefry, Paul Dichter, William Bridges, Curtis Gwinn, and other writers.

 Season 4 will release on 27th May 2022. It will have 2 parts. Part 1 of The Stranger Things will have a total of 7 Episodes and will be available to stream on Netflix. Nonetheless, the second part will only have the final 2 episodes and will release on 1 July 2022. Duffer brothers with Shawn Levy and Nimrod Antal are the directors. Kate Trefry, the Duffer Brothers, William Bridges, and Curtis Gwinn are the writers of part 2.

Season 4 Trailer

Yes in various trailers we saw glimpses of what will happen in season 4. It has been  shown that Hopper was alive and is working on some Chain Gang and other trailers hinted at the upcoming battle on the horizon. Moreover, Netflix also teased the episode by releasing the first eight minutes of the show.

Season 4 cast

Almost all the characters from the previous season will make a return in season 4. We will see Sadie Sink, Gaten Matarazzo, Milli Bobbie Brown, Maya Hawke, David Harbour, Priah Ferguson, Joey Keery, Winona Ryder, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, Cara Buono, Natalie Dyer, and Charlie Heaton.

News about season 5

1653679267 677 How Many Episodes In Stranger Things

Netflix has already confirmed that the final season will be the next season which is season 5. However, the scripts have been drafted but as no filming has started so there is no release date.

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