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US report details church-state collusion on Native schools



US report details church-state collusion on Native schools


A new Interior Department report on the legacy of boarding schools for Native Americans underscores how closely the U.S. government collaborated with churches to Christianize them as part of a project to sever them from their culture, their identities and ultimately their land.

The role of churches forms a secondary part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigative Report, released Wednesday after a yearlong review sparked by the 2021 discoveries of hundreds of potential graves at former residential schools in Canada. Most of it focuses on the government’s responsibility for its own officials’ actions and policies.

But it details how the government provided funding and other support to religious boarding schools for Native children in the 19th and early 20th centuries to an extent that normally would have been prohibited under rules on separation between church and state. Churches had clout with the government as well, it adds, and were able to recommend people for appointments to federal positions on Native affairs.

While this church-state collaboration is well known to specialists in the field and was the subject of federal reports in past generations, the latest one brings it to a wide audience at a time when many Americans are only beginning to learn about the boarding schools.

The Interior Department report, quoting a 1969 Senate investigation, acknowledges that “federal policy toward the Indian was based on the desire to dispossess him of his land. Education policy was a function of our land policy.”

A core part of that was training Native Americans in vocations that were less land-intensive — though often ill-suited to available jobs — in addition to breaking down tribal ties.

Christian conversion was also key, the report says, citing an 1886 Commissioner for Indian Affairs document that disparaged Native spiritual traditions and said the government should provide “encouragement and cooperation” to missionaries.

“The government aid furnished enables them to sustain their missions, and renders it possible … to lead these people, whose paganism has been the chief obstacle to their civilization into the light of Christianity,” the commissioner wrote at the time.

This week’s report also says the government funded the schools with money held in trust for tribes as compensation for land they ceded. A 1908 Supreme Court ruling held that “the prohibition on the Federal Government to spend funds on religious schools did not apply to Indian treaty funds,” it notes.

And it says, citing the 1969 Senate investigation, that the U.S. military “was frequently called in to reinforce the missionaries’ orders” in the 19th century.

The report identifies 408 boarding schools for Indigenous children in 37 states and former territories that were either run or supported by the government between 1819 and 1969. While it doesn’t say how many were church-run, an earlier report by the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition found that more than 150 were, about half each by Catholic and Protestant groups.

At a congressional hearing Thursday on a bill that would authorize a truth-and-healing commission to investigate the boarding schools, modeled on a similar one in Canada, witness Matthew War Bonnet testified about his childhood experience at the St. Francis Boarding School in South Dakota. Priests who ran the facility sought to alienate him from his parents and culture, and at times subjected him to sadistic abuse.

“The boarding schools were sanctioned by the United States Government,” said War Bonnet, 76, a Sicangu Lakota from the Rosebud Sioux Reservation. “The government gave the churches our lands to Christianize us, modernize us and civilize us. But the churches treated us wrong. … The government and the churches need to be held accountable.”

The Rev. Bradley Hauff, the Episcopal Church’s missioner for Indigenous ministries, who is Lakota and a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, said faith groups must confront their history of collaboration on the schools.

“As much as we in the church might not want to acknowledge that, it is the truth, and we have to acknowledge and reckon with it. We did work hand in hand with the government in the assimilation process,” he said. “Most if not all the Christian denominations that had a presence in America in the late 19th century operated at least one Indigenous boarding school.”

At its General Convention in July, the Episcopal Church plans to vote on probing its role with the schools and acknowledging its responsibility for causing trauma in generations of Native Americans.

Maka Black Elk, executive director of truth and healing at the Red Cloud Indian School, founded in 1888 by Jesuits in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, agreed that faith groups must reckon with their past. Lakota staffing, language and ritual are central to the modern Red Cloud school, which serves Christians as well as followers of Native spiritual traditions.

“While today we recognize there are many Native people who identify as Christian … and value that part of their identity, we have to engage deeply with that history,” he said.

Any evangelism must be “rooted in people’s agency and (be) nonviolent,” added Black Elk, who is Oglala Lakota. “That is a big part of our discussion today. That’s a broader question for the greater Catholic church, not just us.”

In April, Pope Francis apologized at the Vatican to Indigenous delegations from Canada “for the deplorable conduct of those members of the Catholic Church” in operating the schools, where many children were abused and died from disease and other causes. Francis plans to apologize again on Canadian soil in July.

The Friends Committee on National Legislation, a lobby affiliated with the Quaker movement, which operated multiple boarding schools, said in a statement that this week’s Interior report should spur congressional approval of the truth and healing commission.

“Further, we call on the faith community at large to share records and accounts of their administration of these schools,” the committee said. “Only through complete honesty and transparency can we begin moving towards a more just future.”


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Young And Restless Spoilers



Young And Restless Spoilers

An American soap opera created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell for CBS, Young and restless was first aired on March 26, 1973. It’s set in a fictional world of Genoa City, Wisconsin. The show originally aired five days a week, half an hour episodes each day. Then on February 4, 1980, the show aired an hour-long episodes each day.

Initially, the show focused on two families Brooks, the rich family, and the Fosters, a working-class family. In the early 80s new core families the Abbots and Williamses were introduced after all the original characters were written off.

It’s reception

1653675283 471 Young And Restless Spoilers

The show has won a total of 165 daytime Emmy awards. For the last thirty two years, it is the highest-rated daytime drama on American television. It’s a sister show of the Bold and Beautiful, and lots of actors have cross-over in both the shows.

On May 1, 2022, the show aired its 14500th episode. It was renewed for 2023-2024 by CBS recently. Its rating on IMDb is around 5.1.

Now it’s time for some spoilers!! We’re here with these galvanic details from the show that you’re looking for.

Are Sharon And Nick Getting Closer ? What’s up with Noah And Allie ?

Oh yes they are! Sharon is not letting anyone know how grief-stricken she is but she does let nick walk her down the memory lane. So it’s sure we’re getting some precious ‘Shick’ moments.

Noah, the character portrayed by Rory Gibson, might ask Allie, Kelsie Wang’s character out on a date. Atleast he will be suggesting hanging out together but Allie will turn him down pretty humorously. Their interactions will be cute and fun to watch. Noah then decides to use his charms, patiently so that Allie accepts going out with him.

How About Victoria and Ashland?

1653675283 106 Young And Restless Spoilers

The fans of the show must know that Victoria is in love with Ashland. Of course, she hasn’t forgotten how he deceived her with his cancer story and that she very foolishly bought it. She doesn’t want something like that to happen again also her family, especially Victor is against Ashland. He might even grow unsure about handing her his company.

Therefore Adam and Sally want them to get together. Ashland also realised how he and Diane are very similar, although they might not be as perfect he and Victoria together, they might still work.

Now this can become the motivation for Victoria to get together with him. She refuses to be with him when he’s begging her to but maybe seeing him finally move on and look for another partner makes her jealous and she takes things in her hand and they  really do get back together!

Does Chance become A Spy?

Chance will come across Abby and Devon sharing a warm moment in the park. He then again feels like he’s not a part of the family. Rather than sharing this insecurity, he decides to let these emotions mess up his head.

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Eastern Conference finals against Celtics prove eye opening for Heat’s Victor Oladipo



Eastern Conference finals against Celtics prove eye opening for Heat’s Victor Oladipo

For years, Victor Oladipo wondered. Now he knows: Life is different here.

No, not necessarily life with the Miami Heat, but rather life deep into the NBA playoffs.

Prior to the Heat’s playoff run, the veteran guard had never been out of the first round of the playoffs, and even then had appeared in only one three playoff series over his first eight seasons.

In 2017, he was part of an Oklahoma City Thunder team that lost 4-1 to the Houston Rockets in the first round.

In 2018, his playoff run with the Indiana Pacers was limited to a 4-3 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening round.

And in 2020, his Indiana Pacers were swept out of the first round in the Disney World quarantine bubble by the Heat.

He did not play in last season’s Heat’s 4-0 first-round sweep at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks, in the wake of his May 2021 quadriceps surgery.

“It’s just different. It’s self-explanatory. It speaks for itself,” Oladipo said ahead of Friday night’s Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. “You’re close to the Finals. In the Eastern Conference finals, everything’s harder, everything’s tougher. That’s pretty much it.”

Oladipo, who had his moments for the Heat this postseason, said it is a case of you don’t know until you know.

“Anything is different from the outside looking in,” he said. “Every perspective is different. I can give a perspective on your life, but I won’t really understand because I’m not in your shoes.

“I can look at the Eastern Conference finals and watch it from afar. But until I’m in it, I won’t really grasp the intensity and the feeling of actually being in it.”

The mere opportunity, the 30-year-old former All-Star said, had made this season’s ride particularly enlightening.

“It’s a lot harder all the time, basically being the difference,” he said. “My career, my first three years, I wasn’t even in the playoffs. One year I got a great first playoff experience and the year after that, I again lost in the first round. After that, I’ve just been hurt. But I’m glad to be here. I’m fortunate, blessed.”

Forward Max Strus, who spoke after Oladipo at Friday morning’s shootaround, agreed that you don’t know about the intensity of such a deep playoff run until you experience such a run.

“It’s a grind,” he said, last season’s first-round sweep at the hands of the Bucks his only previous playoff experience. “You learn a lot about yourself, you learn a lot about your team, you learn a lot about basketball.

“It’s a whole different type of basketball. You learn a lot from that.”

Advanced billing

There was little Heat reaction to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green late Thursday night already declaring the Celtics as Eastern Conference champions ahead of Friday night’s Heat-Celtics Game 6.

Green told TNT after Golden State eliminated the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the Western Conference finals, “I’m gonna tell you who I think we’re gonna play. We’re gonna play Boston. That’s who we’re gonna play.”

Said Heat forward P.J. Tucker ahead of Friday’s game against the Celtics, “I don’t pay attention to anything, I don’t really watch TV. I kind of stay away from it all.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said just getting to a Game 6 of the East finals should be reason enough for such singular focus.

“These are moments you train for, that you practice for, that [you’re] working, sweating and grinding in July and September,” he said before Friday night’s game. “Then you do the six and a half months of the regular season. It’s for these moments. You’ve got to earn it. It’s not about all the dialogue and narratives out there, the wild swings and opinions.

“This is when you feel most alive. You’re put in a game like this where you’re on the brink.”


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New Amsterdam Renewed Or Cancelled



New Amsterdam Renewed Or Cancelled

You cannot tell if it’s good news or bad news for the audience of New Amsterdam. The show has already been renewed for season 5, but the creators will wrap up the storyline in season 5 only. This means that the show is coming to an end.

New Amsterdam was released in 2018 on NBC. the show is often compared with Grey’s Anatomy. Even though Grey’s Anatomy has set a high benchmark for a medical drama show, New Amsterdam is not even an inch behind. The show gained popularity in no time and is receiving positive reviews worldwide.

About The Show

The show is based on the book Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital by Eric Manheimer. The New Amsterdam show was created by David Schulner, who has a production company named Mount Moriah. Four seasons have been released with a total number of 76 episodes and still counting.

The first season premiered on September 25, 2018n, and went on till May 14, 2019, with 22 episodes. The second season got sired on September 24, 2019, and lasted until April 14, 2020, with 18 episodes. Season 3 first aired on March 2, 2021, and got wrapped up on June 8, 2021, with 14 episodes. The show recently wrapped up its fourth season on May 24, 2022, which was started on September 21, 2021. The fourth season had 22 episodes. The creator announced the end of the story in Season 5 with just 13 episodes.

Eric Manheimer

Eric Manheimer is the Bellevue Hospital’s former director in New York City. New York was previously known as New Amsterdam, hence, the book’s name. In 2018, he became the show’s producer to give the precision a medical science fiction show will need. In medical terms, the precision of the show is one of the reasons that people loved it.

1653674568 199 New Amsterdam Renewed Or Cancelled

Plot Of The Show

New Amsterdam is the story of Dr. Max Goodwin, who is recently appointed as the director of the country’s oldest hospital. He is focused on giving patients extraordinary care. Max is an exceptional doctor who is always ready to take a dare. His staff, interns, and Co-workers are always in awe of him and yet question his decision-making capability every time. Max is not afraid to take steps that no one would ever dare.

Cast And Characters

Ryan Eggold depicts Dr. Max Goodwin. Ryan Eggold is known for Blacklist and 90210. Janet Montgomery plays the role of Dr. Lauren Bloom. Janet is also known for Salem and Wrong Turn 3. Dr. Helen Sharpe is played by Freema Agyeman, also known for Law and Order: London and Sense8. Jocko Sims has portrayed the role of Dr. Floyd Reynolds. Jocko Sims has also been featured in The Last Ship and Crash. Dr. Ignatius Frome, often called Iggy, Is played by Tyler Labine. Indian actor Anupam Kher gives his excellent acting skills in the role of Dr. Vijay Kapoor. Anupam Kher is known to be in Special 26, A Wednesday. The character of Dr.Vijay Kapoor took his exit from the show in season3. And Dr. Elizabeth Wilder is played by Sandra Mae, who was introduced to us in season 4. Sandra is known for Entangled and Soul to keep.

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