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Are Regular Glasses Considered Safety Glasses?



regular vs safety glasses
Regular Glasses Vs Safety Glasses

No matter if you are planning to buy new pair of safety glasses or wearing specs many times. It could be challenging for you to view all options for your need. But you are fortunate to live in an age where you have many eyeglasses options. Fine, you have many options, but sometimes several options can prove overwhelming.

Indeed, it is good to have an uncountable choice, but more choices create confusion and stress in your mind when you want to buy them. But first of all, customers need to understand the chief difference between regular and safety glasses. So that you have a better understanding of the difference before buying them. If you are also confused about shopping for safety glasses, you must stick with this post for the best info.

Whether you have a dangerous profession and need to face harsh working settings or are a simple adventurer and like challenges, you would be wondering whether you should go with standard eyeglasses or safety specs. It is vital to know the difference before buying new pair of protective glasses. Ultimately, you will conclude to make the best option for you.

Studying the Difference between Regular and Safety Eyewear:

Before starting, one noticeable difference between standard eyewear and safety glasses is lenses. Whether you may require Prescription Plano lenses. Protective glasses are much stronger than regular glasses for the eyes. These safety lenses have a high standard of impact resistance than regular eyewear.

The protective lenses of safety eyewear are designed for specific materials, and the most used material is polycarbonate. They are manufactured with polycarbonate lenses. Thus polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact resistant. But they are soft and more vulnerable to scratching. Fortunately, polycarbonate lenses are equipped with anti-scratch coating. Glass lenses are no doubt, ideally fine for specific scenarios. But they are not ideal if you want to wear them in challenging conditions.

Most of the time, the safety standard on impact resistance lenses is pointed with the specific mark on safety glasses. For example, ANSI is a well-respected safety standard, and all lenses are tested under different series. All safety lenses are passed under these tests to ensure their shatter resistance. One test is a drop ball dropped from 50 inches in height. If lenses break, chip, or crack, the lenses should pass the test. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be ANSI certified. The series of tests ensure the durability of the lenses when put under the highest pressure.

A lens with ANSI certifications is approved for safety in challenging work settings. For example, if you are working in an environment under dirt, dust, and flying objects, ANSI-certified lenses are the best choice. They are excellent choices for sports and sharp particle settings. On the other hand, standard specs don’t satisfy protective standards. So, if any manufacturer ensures lenses can stand against impact situations. In fact, they don’t meet the protective criteria, and it can make you doubtful.

Another chief difference between regular eyewear and safety specs is impact frames. The protecting frames are also designed with various materials, and the most popular material is nylon. The nylon material is lightweight and flexible. Besides, some are made with durable plastic or other metals like titanium.

Likewise, the prescription safety glasses frames naturally are manufactured to stand against impact situations. The safety frames are also passed under a few tests to check durability. Therefore, the drop ball test is one of the tests to ensure the frame’s durability. After passing this test, the safety frame should protect lenses and don’t shatter under certain conditions. Thus safety frames are manufactured with impact material, and you can check its marking on the eyeglasses frame. These safety frames can find on the frame temple or sides of the frame.

On the other hand, regular eyewear doesn’t manufacture with impact material. It cannot withstand impact danger. For example, if standard eyewear accidentally falls in a challenging environment, there is more chance to frame break. Thus, it could be challenging to wear regular eyeglasses if working in a risky environment.

Check out Your Habits before Ordering Online Safety Glasses:

However, all the above are the primary difference, and comparatively, they are straightforward. But this is the best thing to make your decision before looking at your preferences and habits. For example, safety glasses are crucial for laborers, carpenters, plumbers, and machinists.

Indeed, safety managers should consider quality safety glasses so that their workers should remain safe in hazardous working conditions. Besides, if you are operating in home improvement tasks or yard work, you should consider safety specs. These projects have a lot of possibilities to lead to severe eye injuries. Thus, if you require additional safety while playing a sport, protective specs are essential requirements for your job.

But, if you observe that you don’t need safety glasses and regular eyewear can satisfy you, go ahead. These protective specs will undoubtedly provide you with clear vision. But they cannot deliver you additional safety from debris, and flying particles can hit your lenses. Regular eyewear is more stylish as compared to protective eyewear. So, don’t consider safety specs if an aesthetic factor is more considerable for you. Thus decide according to your preferences.

Is it Possible to Use Prescription Eyewear as Protective Glasses?

While taking the best care of eyesight, safety is crucial. For workers who need the best protection in their dangerous working environment, it could be risky for your eyes to provide ordinary protection. Prescription safety glasses are a crucial requirement for impact work settings.

Many people question why they use prescription safety glasses than regular eyeglasses. First of all, prescription safety glasses are designed equally. Besides, protective specs are created for optimal safety of eyes for dangerous working projects.

Protective glasses are designed with durable material, and they have different thicknesses of safety frames and lenses as per projects. The safety standards are structured through federal law. On the other hand, regular prescription eyewear uses ordinary materials that only provide correct vision. Thus they don’t provide ultimate safety from hazards things as flying particles and gases.

By the above argument, prescription eyewear cannot use in the place of safety glasses. Due to specific design, ordinary prescription eyewear cannot use as Rx safety glasses. Safety glasses are designed for different purposes and functions. Thus safety glasses are manufactured to meet high safety ANSI standards. Therefore, prescription safety glasses follow the same safety principle.

Another most important question is about wearing prescription eyewear under safety glasses. Absolutely yes! because most safety glasses are designed to wear over prescription eyewear. They are known as safety goggles due to their large size and easily adjust over standard specs. Such safety specs are made for construction sites and labs because they have additional space to fit standard eyewear. Thus, if you don’t have prescription safety specs, you should consider a protective goggle with a specific ANSI safety standard.

Safety Frames are Excellent Protection:

There are several factors to consider while buying protective eyewear. Appropriate eye safety is essential for the protection and health of workers. The OSHA calculated that several people get eye injuries eyewear year. Efficient protection for the eyes is key to reducing health costs for employers. According to some statistics, many people miss their working days due to eye injuries. Besides, these eye injury expenses of workers have accessed approximately $300 million per annum.

Some others report maximum work-related eye injuries are preventable with appropriate protective eyewear. Safety eyewear is the ideal solution, and there is no other comparison. Every human being is physically different, and thus everyone has specific vision requirements. Therefore, never rely on one size fit all and choose safety glasses as per needs, work environment, and tasks. Every worker should consider their own requirement as per work settings.

Safety Glasses Should be OSHA and ANSI Safety Standards:

Protective eyewear is only considered authentic if safety frames and lenses meet specific safety requirements defined by OSHA and ANSI. OSHA establishes safety standards, and ANSI sets protective standards for different eyewear products and safety frames. These standards ensure that required safety eyewear is safety approved.

Therefore, ANSI Z87.1 safety standards should mark on the temple or sides of the eyeglasses frames. Besides, the marking is visible on the safety frames. Because it is the identification of the safety glasses. Let’s check out different safety ranks used in safety glasses for specific tasks.

  • Z87 for basics and Z87+ for impact
  • R for infrared rays
  • U for ultraviolet rays
  • W for welding projects
  • V for photochromic lenses
  • S for special lens designing

Other Factors to Consider for Safety Glasses:

It is essential to consider the perfect fit for protective eyewear frames or safety goggles while picking the exact prescription safety glasses. If you don’t have the right prescription glasses or a comfy fit are useless. Because the improper fit of safety glasses cannot deliver appropriate protection, workers don’t like to wear them. There are several factors to consider to ensure protective frames and safety goggles. In order to provide perfect eye protection to workers, employees should follow these factors.

  • Identify potential dangers for the specific projects
  • Frame fit is essential, and choose safety frames according to face size and shape.
  • Choose carefully safety glasses, particularly prescription lenses

Always buy safety glasses from reliable sources. Therefore, purchase quality safety glasses with a warranty. So that you can return or exchange safety glasses in case of defective ones.

Therefore, it is essential to identify potential dangers because every hazard has a specific safety standard. These safety standards are made to meet different projects. Therefore, safety managers should assess potential threats if there are present. The hazard assessment will determine the perfect safety eyewear for the workers. The common threats are as follows.

  • Impact
  • Intense radiation
  • Different particles like flying and airborne particles
  • Chemicals droplets and splashes

Frame kit for Safety Glasses:

Wearing protective eyewear is essential to keep workers secure in hazardous workplaces. Therefore, employees should provide safety glasses to the comfortable for workers and a perfect fit for them. Appropriate fitting is crucial for personal safety gears. Every person has a different bone structure, age, weight, and gender.

Thus workers need individual safety glasses. Facial structure and head shape is different, and don’t compromise on one size fits all. Safety frames should have proper fitting as per facial bones because workers want to wear comfortable eyewear.

There are several options regarding safety glasses online, and it can make it hard to choose the best piece for your eyes. Besides, online shopping can be overwhelming for comfortable fit and comfort. It is also suggestible to get the best recommendation from professional opticians for perfect fitting. The expert eye care providers can ensure you appropriate fit for a dangerous working environment.

Besides, an expert optician can suggest accurate Rx lenses for vision correction. Identify your face shape because it is the best thing to get the exact size of the safety frame while buying prescription safety glasses. Face shapes influence frame size and are a comfy fit for safety glasses. Human beings have five face shapes: oval, round, pear, square, and heart. Most protective frames come with Rx lenses. But if you have any refractive issue, you must approach a professional eye care provider for the correct prescription.

Thus your eyes require quality protection against impact danger.

As mentioned earlier, protective eyewear is entirely different from standard specs. Thus, you cannot use regular eyewear replacement for safety eyewear. Protective specs are created with the material of a jet windshield. Having been tested under specific test series against impact particles, they cannot shatter easily. Standard eyeglasses are created with regular plastic and are unfit to stand against impact hazards. Besides, they are too risky for the eyes because of easier shattering. Safety glasses deliver you 360 coverage that is not possible with regular eyewear.


While playing or working in an impact condition that is a chief threat to your eyes, safety glasses are the only solution. Safety glasses are manufactured to conform impact standards. Most protective eyewear is created with a polycarbonate that is lightweight but impacts.

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Orioles win fourth straight, 6-2 over White Sox, to continue best stretch since 2017: ‘It’s just been so much fun’



Orioles win fourth straight, 6-2 over White Sox, to continue best stretch since 2017

Despite the long strings of losses the Orioles have endured during his four-year managerial tenure, Brandon Hyde has often praised his team’s ability to metaphorically get hit, then hit back.

In the span of three pitches Saturday, the Orioles did so to clinch a series victory on the road over the Chicago White Sox, downing the reigning American League Central champions, 6-2, to position themselves for a four-game sweep Sunday.

Baltimore (34-39) has won four games in a row for the first time since September 2020 and enjoyed its best 35-game stretch since 2017, going 20-15 since May 19.

“We come to the park every day and expect to win, and that’s not a feeling we’ve had here in a long time,” said Trey Mancini, the club’s longest-tenured player. “It’s just been so much fun.”

The Orioles took a 2-1 lead into the seventh inning, with Jorge Mateo having scored both of their runs on a third-inning home run and a fifth-inning error by shortstop Leury García that allowed him to score from second after a double. With two on and two outs, Cedric Mullins’ swinging bunt loaded the bases for Mancini, who took a Lance Lynn fastball to the side of his left hand. It brought in Baltimore’s third run but left Mancini in pain, prompting him to follow Hyde and head athletic trainer Brian Ebel into the dugout to get examined as the White Sox made a pitching change.

When play resumed, Mancini was at first base, and he scored from there when Austin Hays drove home three with a double on José Ruiz’s second pitch. In 22 games this month, the Orioles have scored at least six runs in half of them.

“I’m seeing guys that are playing with a ton of energy, playing to win,” Hyde said. “I think we’re playing with some confidence right now.”

Mancini recently missed a handful of games after a pitch hit his right hand during a series in Toronto, prompting Hyde to joke that Saturday’s inside fastball “evened it out.” Mancini had his left hand wrapped after the game but said this injury was “definitely better” than the previous one and he’s “not too concerned about it at all.”

A budding pitching staff also continued its run of excellence, with the only run the group surrendered through eight innings being an unearned one in the third against Spenser Watkins, who allowed five hits in five innings. Bryan Baker, Nick Vespi and Dillon Tate each worked a scoreless frame before Tate opened the ninth by hitting a pair of batters, leading to the game’s final run on an RBI groundout to third.

Still, Baltimore’s staff has allowed only four runs in its past 43 innings and has held the opposition to two or fewer runs in seven of the past nine games.

“Obviously, our body of work over the year has been good so far,” Baker said. “It’s pretty awesome to feed off of each other and see one guy after another go out there and try to put up a zero.”

Mancini meets cancer survivor

Before the game, players and coaches from both teams stood on the baselines to recognize 7-year-old cancer survivor and fighter Beau Dowling as part of the “Home Run for Life.” Dowling then sprinted around the bases, high-fiving Orioles players and coaches as he went to first base and members of the White Sox going from third to home.

Once the ceremony was over, Mancini, who missed the 2020 season undergoing treatment for stage 3 colon cancer, stayed at home plate to speak with Dowling and his family.

“It was so cool,” said Mancini, the league’s 2021 Comeback Player of the Year. “I knew that we had a pregame ceremony. I didn’t know what it was, but once I found out, I wanted to go over there after he ran the bases and just tell him that he was awesome. I told him that I had cancer two years ago and I’m doing just fine now and doing well, and I know the same thing is gonna happen for him, too. I just wanted him to know that, but that was really cool to see both teams on the line and his family out there, and it was absolutely incredible to be a part of.”

Around the horn

>> The game began after a 1-hour, 21-minute rain delay.

>> To add Watkins to the roster, the Orioles optioned right-hander Marcos Diplán to Triple-A Norfolk. Infielder Rylan Bannon was also optioned to create room for Jonathan Araúz, who was optioned after he was claimed from the Boston Red Sox on June 15 and thus had to be in the minors for 10 days before being recalled.

>> Diplán, Bannon and catcher Cody Roberts are serving as the Orioles’ taxi squad.

>> Catcher Adley Rutschman and outfielder Anthony Santander received days off, while second baseman Rougned Odor missed a third straight game with a sore back.

[email protected] SOX

Sunday, 2:10 p.m.


Radio: 97.9 FM, 101.5 FM, 1090 AM


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Chicago Cubs rally but melt late, falling to the St. Louis Cardinals 5-3 on a sweltering afternoon at Busch



Chicago Cubs rally but melt late, falling to the St. Louis Cardinals 5-3 on a sweltering afternoon at Busch

Adrian Sampson admitted to being mad when Chicago Cubs manager David Ross called him into his office last weekend and told him he was being sent down to Triple-A Iowa.

Sampson had just pitched 4 ⅔ shutout innings of relief against the Atlanta Braves and figured he was safe for the time being.

“I was a little upset,” Sampson said Saturday after a 5-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. “I think I handled it not the best, but I thought I told him what I wanted to tell him. You have to be careful when things like that happen. You say the wrong thing and it deters people from wanting to keep you around. I tried to be precise with my words and told him I was not happy with the decision.”

Sampson eventually cooled down and realized the Cubs were going to do “what’s best for the Cubs.” An injury to Daniel Norris gave the Cubs the chance to bring Sampson back from Iowa, and he found himself in the starting rotation Saturday.

“We sent him down last time after a really good performance that saved our bullpen,” Ross said. “It’s a negative message after a really good performance. But he stayed true to himself and now he’s back here making a start for us. Things work out.”

Sampson pitched five strong innings, allowing two runs on four hits with five strikeouts in 97-degree heat. He left trailing 2-1 and got a no-decision after the Cubs tied it at 3 on Rafael Ortega’s two-run, eighth-inning home run.

But the Cardinals came back to score a pair of runs in the bottom of the inning off Mark Leiter Jr. and held on to even the series at a game apiece. The Cubs are 0-35 this season when trailing after seven innings.

Alec Mills starts the series finale Sunday.

Sampson, 30, was acquired off waivers from the Seattle Mariners on May 13 but designated for assignment eight days later before getting a chance to pitch. He signed a minor-league deal with the Cubs on May 31, continuing his up-and-down-and-up-again career that seems to be on the rebound again.

He wasn’t surprised that he was sent down as a reliever, told the manager it was the wrong decision and called up as a starter in the same week.

“Baseball is weird, so nothing surprises me anymore,” he said. “I’ve seen it all.”

Maybe, but it’s only June and he plays for the Cubs, so chances are he hasn’t seen it all just yet.


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Pete Alonso cranks third multi-homer game of season in Mets’ 5-3 win over Marlins



Pete Alonso cranks third multi-homer game of season in Mets’ 5-3 win over Marlins

Pete Alonso just might strut into the July 18 Home Run Derby at Dodger Stadium as the MLB leader.

Alonso collected his third multi-home run game of the season and 14th of his career in the Mets’ 5-3 win over the Marlins on Saturday. His second homer of the afternoon — a 433-foot line drive to center field — snapped a tied game in the eighth inning and gave the Amazin’s the lead they would need to bury the Fish. It was the fourth time this season Alonso crushed a home run to break a tied game.

Seth Lugo, fresh off the paternity list after he welcomed his newborn son, retired the side in the eighth with a crucial shutdown inning following Alonso’s tie-breaking blast. Edwin Diaz recorded his second save in as many days, and 16th of the year, before the Mets walked onto the field and fell into their familiar and frequent high-five line to celebrate their eighth win in their last 12 games.

The Mets improved to 47-26 on the season, still boasting the best record in the National League. Only the 1986 (52-21) team posted a better record through the first 73 games of the year.

Alonso entered Saturday hitting just .190 against left-handers this season, but that average improved when the Mets slugger cranked his fifth home run off a southpaw this year. His solo home run off Trevor Rogers put the Mets on the board in the second inning.

The Mets first baseman picked up his 21st and 22nd home runs of the season in the second of a three-game series in Miami. He leads the National League in homers and is tied for second in MLB with Yordan Alvarez and Mike Trout. Aaron Judge leads the league with 27 homers. Alonso leads MLB with 69 RBI, and no one is particularly close to snatching away that first-place ranking. Francisco Lindor also has 56 RBI, fourth-most in MLB, making the Mets the only team in the majors with two players who have recorded 50 or more RBI this season.

The Amazin’s got another quality start in Miami when, for just the third time this season, Chris Bassitt pitched seven or more innings on Saturday. The Mets right-hander worked efficiently, despite some off-and-on traffic on the basepaths, and finished the seventh inning at 90 pitches. His ERA slightly improved to 4.01, after an ugly stretch of starts from May-June that altered the good season he had otherwise started.

Bassitt gave up three earned runs on six hits and collected five strikeouts in the no-decision against the Marlins. All of the run-scoring damage came on a pair of home runs. Jesus Sanchez took Bassitt deep in the fourth inning on a two-run dinger, and Bryan De La Cruz added on with a solo shot in the fifth. Bassitt has given up 13 home runs in 15 starts this season as the long ball continues to be a thorn in his side during his debut year for the Mets.

But, as long as Alonso continues having an All-Star season and the Mets offense keeps putting up runs, the Mets will happily take a start like Bassitt’s on Saturday to help advance their winning ways.


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