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Road to the Show: Top prospect Adley Rutschman joins Orioles for long-awaited debut. Here’s how he got here.

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Road To The Show: Top Prospect Adley Rutschman Joins Orioles For Long-Awaited Debut. Here’s How He Got Here.
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The 2022 season will be one in which many of the most significant products of the Orioles’ rebuilding project will arrive in Baltimore, where they’ll hope to add to the stories already told between being acquired and reaching the majors.

That’s certainly the case for catcher Adley Rutschman, the Orioles’ and baseball’s top prospect.

Drafted first overall in 2019, Rutschman has been the face of the Orioles’ rebuild ever since. At last, he’ll be the face of their major league team as well, joining the club Saturday for his long-awaited debut.

Here’s a look back at Rutschman’s journey in the organization, as told by The Baltimore Sun, from the 2019 draft’s first pick up to Saturday’s first game at Camden Yards.

Orioles select Oregon State catcher Adley Rutschman with top pick in MLB draft — June 3, 2019

In what executive vice president and general manager Mike Elias consistently referred to as the biggest decision the Orioles would make in his first season leading the front office, Baltimore made Rutschman the second No. 1 overall pick in franchise history. As a sophomore at Oregon State, he was the College World Series Most Outstanding Player, then starred with Team USA that summer. He won basically every top amateur award he could with a junior campaign in which he hit .411 with a 1.327 OPS.

Baltimore took him over a collection of talented players that included Texas high school shortstop Bobby Witt Jr., University of California first baseman Andrew Vaughn and Vanderbilt outfielder J.J. Bleday. With the selection, Rutschman immediately became the face of the organization’s rebuild.

“I’m fortunate enough to be able to do it,” Rutschman said on draft night.

Top pick Adley Rutschman could transform Orioles with his talent, but might do more with ‘Mudita’ — June 8, 2019

As much praise as Rutschman earned for his baseball talents leading into and coming out of the draft, he was also well regarded for his leadership traits and his ability to make those around him better.

“He’s the total package,” said Paul Mainieri, who managed Rutschman for Team USA among his four decades of coaching experience. “He’s as special a person and a talent as I’ve come across in my lifetime.”

Past, future collide: Manny Machado back in town as Orioles welcome Adley Rutschman to Camden Yards — June 25, 2019

The Orioles signed Rutschman to a then-record $8.1 million bonus. The club introduced him at Camden Yards the same day Manny Machado played as a visitor at the ballpark for the first time with the San Diego Padres. Partway through the 2018 season, the Orioles traded Machado, who they selected third overall in 2010, to the Los Angeles Dodgers; he signed a $10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres the following offseason.

“Manny was a great, terrific player here for many, many years, and hopefully, sooner rather than later, we can have Adley here and see what he can do here at Camden Yards,” said Brad Ciolek, who was then Baltimore’s amateur scouting director and is now director of draft operations. “He’s basically everything you could hope for in the face of a franchise.”

Orioles promote top pick Adley Rutschman to Delmarva after hot stretch in Aberdeen: ‘You can see him settling in’ — Aug. 20, 2019

A bout of mononucleosis delayed Rutschman’s debut after he signed, but it didn’t take him long to live up to the hype. In his first professional game, he homered to open a brief stay in the then-Gulf Coast League.

Promoted to Aberdeen, then Baltimore’s short-season affiliate, he started slowly before going on a tear that concluded with a 5-for-5 showing that featured a home run. He was promoted to Low-A Delmarva for the Shorebirds’ playoff run the next day.

Orioles’ Rutschman, Rodriguez connect at Delmarva: ‘You’re looking at, potentially, the future of the organization’ — Aug. 25, 2019

Not long after Rutschman’s promotion, a pairing that has since become the top catching and pitching prospects in baseball worked together for the first time.

It wasn’t necessarily a sterling showing for Rutschman or right-hander Grayson Rodriguez, Baltimore’s first-rounder the year before, but it set the stage for a battery that should be at Camden Yards together before long.

Orioles top pick Adley Rutschman’s first pro season is over. What did he learn in the past three months? — Sept. 10, 2019

Across three levels, Rutschman hit .254/.351/.423 in his first taste of professional baseball. The experience also gave him a look at many of the other prospects the Orioles hoped to build their future around.

“We’ve got a bunch of guys here who know how to win, they know how to be in the clutch, and I think that’s going to go a long way,” Rutschman said.

Orioles catchers give their impressions of Adley Rutschman’s first camp: ‘You could tell he wants to get better’ — March 7, 2020

As the Orioles’ top prospect, Rutschman was included in 2020′s spring training mix as a nonroster invitee. He was sent down to the minor league side just after his first hit of camp fueled an exhibition rally.

During that time, he impressed the other six catchers in major league camp, all but one of whom had played in the big leagues.

“He can be the future catcher of the team for a long time,” Pedro Severino said.

Orioles prospect Adley Rutschman relishing camp at Camden Yards, and all the work he’s doing to get him there to stay — July 13, 2020

Not long after Rutschman was sent to minor league camp, the coronavirus pandemic shut down spring training, thrusting the catcher’s first full professional season into uncertainty much as it did everything else.

Instead of spending his summer climbing up Baltimore’s farm system, Rutschman instead briefly was at Camden Yards, participating in the Orioles’ preseason “summer camp” before joining their alternate training site in Bowie.

“Being able to stand in the box, see big league arms, and just take it all in for the first time, it’s something you never get back,” Rutschman said of playing in intrasquad games at Oriole Park.

Orioles’ top prospect Adley Rutschman growing in unique environment: ‘We’re making the most out of it’ — Oct. 13, 2020

In that Bowie camp, Rutschman got the chance to take at-bats against many of the pitchers serving as the Orioles’ major league depth, establishing that he could hold his own when facing that level of arms and using a lost season to tinker with various aspects of his game. He carried that experience into the organization’s fall instructional camp, preaching the organization’s hitting program to younger players.

“We’re going to get through this,” Rutschman said, “and when that happens, you want to feel like you’ve gotten better.”

As Orioles top prospect Adley Rutschman grows in Bowie, his star potential is clear: ‘You’re awed every day’ — June 18, 2021

Rutschman at last began his first full season in the Orioles’ system with Double-A Bowie, getting off to a strong start while continuing to make an impression on those around him. At one point, he homered on five straight Sundays.

“He’s not one of those guys where you say he’s had a hot week or a hot month,” said Buck Britton, then Bowie’s and now Triple-A Norfolk’s manager. “It’s just steady.”

After batting practice blast, Orioles top prospect Adley Rutschman brings patience, quips to MLB All-Star Futures Game — July 11, 2021

Basically the only games Rutschman missed with an Orioles affiliate in 2021 came during All-Star week, when he participated in the MLB Futures Game, a showcase for some of the sport’s most impressive minor leaguers.

After hitting a 468-foot home run in batting practice, he was the cleanup hitter in a lineup of the American League’s top prospects.

Now ‘a step away’ from the majors, Orioles top prospect Adley Rutschman ready to grow at Triple-A — Aug. 11, 2021

As the Orioles aggressively promoted prospects throughout their system, Rutschman remained at Double-A until August, batting .274/.393/.512 for Bowie.

At last promoted to Norfolk, he caught a one-hit shutout in his Triple-A debut and closed the year hitting .312/.405/.490 for the Tides. He shared the organization’s Brooks Robinson Minor League Player of the Year honor with fellow 2019 draftee Kyle Stowers.

Adley Rutschman shut down with tricep strain, making top prospect doubtful for Orioles’ Opening Day roster — March 16, 2022

As major league spring training became this year, the biggest question surrounding the Orioles was whether Rutschman would make the team’s opening day roster.

It was effectively answered before camp even began, with Rutschman suffering a right tricep strain in a minor league intrasquad and requiring a shutdown period for recovery.

“I think it’s an extremely small blip for a guy that’s gonna have a long career,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said.

As Bobby Witt Jr. comes to Baltimore, Orioles feel they made the right pick with ‘unicorn’ Adley Rutschman — May 6, 2022

In the end, Witt beat Rutschman to Camden Yards, with 2019′s No. 2 overall pick coming to Baltimore earlier this month with the Kansas City Royals. Rutschman, meanwhile, was in the second week of his climb back up the Orioles’ farm system after recovering from the tricep strain.

He spent a week with High-A Aberdeen and a handful of days with Bowie before returning to Norfolk. With left-hander DL Hall also joining him, the Tides’ roster featured all of Baltimore’s top three prospects in Rutschman, Rodriguez and Hall.

Even with Witt reaching the majors and Oriole Park first, the Orioles had no qualms with their 2019 decision.

“We made the right pick,” Elias said.


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8 Common Eye And Vision Conditions: What You Should Know

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Cataract - Eye - Mews - Image
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You might not realize it, but your eyes are continually working to let you see the world around you clearly and precisely, every minute of every day. This means that there are times when something goes wrong with them, whether it’s an eye disease or vision condition, and your vision can be affected. Here’s a quick overview of eight common eye and vision conditions, what they look like, and what you should do if you think you have one or multiple of them.

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Common Eye And Vision Conditions: What You Should Know:

1) Cataract

Photo Credit: NVISION Eye Centers

A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens. Most people who get cataracts are over 60 years old, but they can occur at any age. They may develop quickly or slowly. There are two types of cataracts: those that come on quickly and those that are slow to develop. When a cataract comes on quickly, there may be a sudden change in vision, such as blurriness or reduced sharpness.

2) Astigmatism – Eye Condition

Astigmatism - Mews - Eye
Photo Credit: InSight Vision Center

In astigmatism, the cornea is not perfectly round. This can cause blurry vision and a feeling of eyestrain. It occurs in about 20% of people. Astigmatism is usually corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. An eye exam can diagnose this condition.

3) Presbyopia

Presbyopia - Mews - Eye
Photo Credit: CloudHospital

The most common eye condition, presbyopia, is a natural age-related condition that affects your ability to focus on close objects. Presbyopia occurs when the lens in your eye loses elasticity and can’t change shape as easily to focus on something up close. Over time, you may need reading glasses or bifocals to read comfortably.

4) Myopia (Nearsightedness) – Eye Condition

Myopia - Mews - Eye
Photo Credit: Essilor India

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is the most common eye condition in the United States. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, 65% of Americans have myopia and 12% are severely nearsighted. While myopia can’t be cured, there are various treatments available to help mitigate vision problems.

5) Hyperopia (Farsightedness)

Hyperopia - Mews - Eye
Photo Credit:

Hyperopia is a common eye condition in which distant objects appear to be closer than they really are. This can happen when the eyes cannot focus the light entering them, often because the eyeball is too long or the cornea has become too steep. It usually develops gradually, so vision may not deteriorate quickly. Treatment includes eyeglasses or contact lenses that bring nearby objects into focus.

6) Dry Eyes – Eye Condition

Dry Eyes - Mews - Eye
Photo Credit: Stoney Creek Eye Care

A dry eye is a condition where the eye’s tear film doesn’t work properly. It can cause discomfort, blurry vision, and other symptoms. The most common causes of dry eyes are contact lens use or computer usage. Other factors that may contribute to dry eye include age, medical conditions such as Sjögren’s syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy or hormonal changes, or certain medications such as antihistamines or decongestants.

7) Glaucoma

Glaucoma - Mews - Image
Photo Credit: Kraff Eye Institute

Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. It can be difficult to detect and diagnose early because it doesn’t have any symptoms in its early stages. However, there are a number of warning signs that should not be ignored. These include eye pain, halos around lights, and loss of peripheral vision (the ability to see things on the side). If you experience any of these symptoms for over a month then it’s time to visit an ophthalmologist.

8) Floaters – Eye Condition

Eye Floaters - Mews
Photo Credit: Downtown Eye Care & The Contact Lens Department

Floaters are often thought to be bits of dust or other matter that are floating in the vitreous gel inside your eye. When light passes through the vitreous gel, these particles cast shadows on the retina and cause people to see spots or cobwebs in their vision. Floaters can be alarming, but they are typically harmless. The good news is that most floaters will not increase in size as you get older.

The eye and vision conditions you have, as well as the severity of them, will determine your treatment options. The best thing to do is talk to a doctor about what’s going on with your eyes in order to get the right treatment. When you are experiencing an issue with your vision or eye health it’s important that you speak up. If left untreated, these problems can develop into more severe issues that will require more invasive procedures. The sooner that an issue is treated, the easier it’ll be for doctors to address the problem without any lasting side effects.

The post 8 Common Eye And Vision Conditions: What You Should Know appeared first on MEWS.

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Ravens LT Ronnie Stanley ruled out of Sunday’s game vs. Patriots

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Ravens Lt Ronnie Stanley Ruled Out Of Sunday’s Game Vs. Patriots
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Ravens left tackle Ronnie Stanley has been ruled out of Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots, delaying his season debut at least another week.

Stanley (ankle) was listed as doubtful on Friday’s injury report after practicing Wednesday and Thursday as a limited participant. He sat out Friday’s practice with what coach John Harbaugh called a recovery day.

Stanley has yet to fully participate in a practice this season. He played in just one game last season before undergoing his second straight season-ending ankle injury.

Harbaugh said Friday that Stanley is “getting to the point where it’s kind of week-to-week, day-to-day-ish. Again, it comes back to him feeling like he’s going to be playing at his best. That’s really what it boils down to. Very sound. Very strong. He’s in great shape, maybe the best shape that I’ve seen him in some ways since he’s been here. … He’s doing really well that way. So when he feels like he’s ready to go out there and be Ronnie Stanley at his best, then he’ll be out there.”

With Stanley and Week 1 starter Ja’Wuan James (torn Achilles tendon) both unavailable, Patrick Mekari is again expected to start at left tackle.


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5 storylines to watch as Knicks open training camp

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5 Storylines To Watch As Knicks Open Training Camp
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Give Leon Rose credit for this aspect of his roster construction: if the Knicks play well and exceed expectations, they’re in good position to add difference-makers. Real difference-makers. All those first-round draft picks – 11 over the next seven years – are awaiting a trade partner more eager to accept them than Danny Ainge.

The Knicks love to remind us of all their picks.

“We are flush with draft capital,” Rose boasted to the team’s in-house cable station, MSG Network, which is owned by James Dolan.

Of course, Rose was in a similar situation a year ago and bungled free agency. The deals given to Kemba Walker, Evan Fournier, Nerlens Noel, Alec Burks and Julius Randle turned into negative assets, leaving Rose to quickly accept those as failures by unloading most of them with attached draft picks.

Now Rose enters Year 3 of his regime without the same hopes of contention from last season, but with a few other reasons for optimism: his team has real depth, his team has a new point guard, his team has plenty of assets to pivot from any situation and his team doesn’t have to live up to high expectations.

The bar is low enough to easily clear.

“It goes back to our overall goal – our goal is to improve,” Rose said. “And there’s different ways to improve.”

Which brings us to the start of training camp Tuesday and the five most important questions. These won’t be answered conclusively by the end of camp in mid-October, but they will define the upcoming season and determine how the Knicks proceed beyond this gap year.


It’s reasonable to assume that the real Randle is neither as bad as last season nor as good as two seasons ago. There’s a middle ground. And while it’s difficult to predict shooting efficiency, there are some issues inside Randle’s control that can go a long way toward determining his impact on an improved team. As we witnessed last season, Randle is passionate, proud and highly sensitive. He doesn’t respond well to negativity, demotion or disappointment, which became a bear of an issue with fans at MSG.

“Julius is a passionate player. I see that as a positive,” Rose said. “Did he have some rough patches last year? Yes. We all learn from things. And Julius has learned from that and he’s ready to go.

“I think Julius is going to have a great year.”

Accepting a lesser role next to Jalen Brunson and RJ Barrett is imperative to the Knicks’ growth. Not that he can’t be their best player on any given night, just that he shouldn’t expect to dominate the ball with the same frequency. Word is that Randle worked himself this summer into elite condition and we’ll get a good look at those conditioning gains in training camp. It’s an important part of Randle’s game that fell off a tad last season.


Evan Fournier is the incumbent starter and he set the franchise record for 3-pointers made in a season. Still, the lineup would benefit from a better perimeter defender next to Brunson, which is why Quentin Grimes, the second-year two-way threat, could supplant Fournier. It was telling that Fournier averaged only six minutes in fourth quarters last season.

Thibodeau had more trust in Grimes, Immanuel Quickley, Alec Burks and Derrick Rose during crunch time.


Death, taxes and the Knicks need a point guard. One of these will lose its inevitability if Brunson lives up to his nine-figure deal. He brings proficiency as the ballhandler in pick-and-rolls, which is significant after last season’s disappointments.

With Alec Burks, Kemba Walker and Immanuel Quickley as the point guards, the Knicks tried hard to be a pick-and-roll team (they were seventh in league in attempts) but too often failed. They ranked 29th in field-goal percentage at a putrid 37.7% off pick-and-rolls. It was a huge hole in their offense. Brunson can fill it. The other question is whether tampering to sign Brunson will cost the Knicks a draft pick.

Rose denied any wrongdoing but the league has yet to conclude its investigation. Players are not interviewed in these investigations, according to a source, but the league confiscated the cell phone of at least one Knicks employee.

“Hopefully they’ll be wrapped up in the next few weeks,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said.


By cobbling together cumulative statistics by Barrett’s age, Leon Rose made a wonky comparison to Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant. Let’s take it easy, team president. Rose dangled Barrett in trade negotiations for Donovan Mitchell and waited till September to give him a contract extension that was well short of the max. Now Rose is putting him in categories with LeBron James? Where was that sentiment during contract negotiations?

Barrett deserved better than how the Knicks handled his summer. The announcement of his extension was sloppy – it was transparently tweeted out right after Mitchell was traded to the Cavs – and they couldn’t even muster a press conference for his huge signing because of James Dolan’s media policies.

But Barrett has overcome much more in his three NBA seasons. He was labeled a bust after a disappointing first campaign and left off both All-Rookie teams. Then he improved and improved more. There will be a bigger microscope this season because another leap is expected playing next to Brunson, who should help create better looks for Barrett. It’s not unrealistic to aspire for a push to the All-Star game.


Leon Rose and his top deputy William Wesley are former agents with no experience running an NBA franchise. When their first team belied expectations and went to the playoffs, it was on the backs of a team largely constructed by the previous regime. Rose made two impactful moves that first year – hiring Tom Thibodeau and trading for Derrick Rose (which was pushed by Thibodeau).

Yet, it was the coach under fire during much of last season’s struggles. Part of it was a perception that he was holding back the development of younger players, especially Obi Toppin. Part of it was the construction of a coaching staff with two prominent assistants – Kenny Payne and Johnnie Bryant – having been thrust on Thibodeau’s bench by the front office.

And the other aspect is just the natural order of survival in the NBA. The coach typically goes before the front office. Rose steadfastly backed his coach recently on the Knicks TV station. It was the right move before the season begins. But what if things go sour for a second straight year?


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Fall Into Winter Festival welcomes the return of the ski season at Afton Alps

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Skis In Racks.
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The Fall Into Winter Festival is returning to Afton Alps Ski Resort in Hastings this fall, complete with a ski swap, music, food trucks and more.

Highlighting the event is the Ski Swap, where skiers and boarders can buy or sell used items, and also pick up new goodies from leading retail ski and snowboard shops and dealerships. Team Afton Ski Team is running the swap.

The festival takes place from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 9.

Sellers are able to register their items online and drop off their gear prior to the event. When an item sells, the seller will receive 77 percent of the price, while 23 percent goes to Team Afton.

In past years, participating dealers have carried gear from Columbia, Patagonia, Spyder, the North Face and Oakley, and many others at the swap. This inventory will vary depending on how many used items are listed, according to their website.

Skis and gear line the walls of the Afton Alps Chalet during the ski swap at the Fall Into Winter Festival in October 2019. This year’s 2022 ski swap is the first since the beginning of the pandemic. (Courtesy of Pamela Hoye)

The festival is also an opportunity for guests to pick up their season ski pass, sample a variety of beers in the beer garden, enjoy valley views on a chairlift ride and listen to live music. Zaap Thai and D’s Kitchen will be serving up food from their trucks.

Those interested in working at Afton Alps this winter can check out the job fair at the festival to learn more about available full-time and part-time positions. Benefits include a free Epic pass.

Afton Alps is surrounded by Afton State Park, a 25-minute drive from St. Paul. The resort is owned by Vail Resorts and is the largest in the Midwest Vail portfolio.

Find more information at

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Search continues for missing man Jonathan Anderl

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Search Continues For Missing Man Jonathan Anderl
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Search continues for missing man Jonathan Anderl – CBS Minnesota

Watch CBS News

A Crystal man who lives with autism is missing after leaving the MacPhail Center for Music Thursday night in downtown Minneapolis.

Be the first to know

Receive browser notifications for breaking news, live events and exclusive reports.


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Oscar-winning ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ star Louise Fletcher dies at 88

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Oscar-Winning 'Cuckoo'S Nest' Star Louise Fletcher Dies At 88
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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Louise Fletcher, a belated star whose gripping performance as the cruel, calculating nurse Ratched in “Flight Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” set a new standard for on-screen villains and won her an Oscar, died at 88.

Fletcher died in her sleep surrounded by her family at her home in Montdurausse, France, her agent David Shaul told The Associated Press on Friday. No cause was given.

After putting her career on hold for years to raise her children, Fletcher was in her early 40s and little known when she was cast opposite Jack Nicholson in the 1975 film by director Milos Forman, who had admired her work the previous year in director Robert Altman’s “Thieves Like Us.” At the time, she was unaware that many other top stars, including Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn and Angela Lansbury, had turned it down.

“I was the last person cast,” she recalled in a 2004 interview. “It wasn’t until halfway through filming that I realized the role had been offered to other actresses who didn’t want to appear so horrible on screen.”

‘Flight Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ became the first film since 1934’s ‘It Happened One Night’ to win Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay .

American actress Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, directed by Milos Forman, 1975. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Clutching his Oscar at the 1976 ceremony, Fletcher told the audience, “Looks like you all hate me.”

She then addressed her deaf parents in Birmingham, Alabama, speaking and using sign language: “I want to thank you for teaching me to dream. You see my dream come true.

A minute of silence was followed by thunderous applause.

Later that night, Forman made the wry comment to Fletcher and his co-star, Jack Nicholson, “Now we’re all going to have huge flops.”

In the short term, at least, he was right.

Forman then directed “Hair,” the film version of the hit Broadway musical that failed to capture the appeal of the stage version. Nicholson directed and starred in “Goin’ South,” widely regarded as one of his worst films. Fletcher signed on for “Exorcist II: The Heretic,” an ill-conceived sequel to the historic original.

Far more than her male peers, Fletcher was hampered by her age from finding major roles in Hollywood. Yet she worked continuously for most of the rest of her life. His post-“Cuckoo’s Nest” movies included “Mama Dracula,” “Dead Kids,” and “The Boy Who Could Fly.”

She was nominated for Emmys for her guest roles on the television series “Joan of Arcadia” and “Picket Fences,” and had a recurring role as Bajoran religious leader Kai Winn Adami on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. “. She played the mother of musical duo Carpenters in “The Karen Carpenter Story” in 1989.

Oscar-Winning 'Cuckoo's Nest' Star Louise Fletcher Dies At 88

THE 48TH ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS – Show cover – Air date: March 29, 1976. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images)

Fletcher’s career was also hampered by his height. At 5ft 10in, she was often fired from an audition immediately because she was taller than her leading man.

Fletcher had moved to Los Angeles to launch her acting career shortly after graduating from North Carolina State University.

Working as a doctor’s receptionist by day and studying by night with famed actor and teacher Jeff Corey, she began getting day jobs on such TV shows as “Wagon Train,” “77 Sunset Strip,” and ” The Untouchables”.

Fletcher married producer Jerry Bick in the early 1960s and gave birth to two sons in quick succession. She decided to put her career on hold to become a stay-at-home mom and did not work for 11 years.

“I made the choice to quit working, but I didn’t see it as a choice,” she said during the 2004 interview. home.”

She divorced Bick in 1977 and he died in 2004.

In “Cuckoo’s Nest,” based on the novel Ken Kesey wrote while on an experimental LSD program, Nicholson’s character, RP McMurphy, is a swaggering petty criminal who feigns insanity to be transferred from prison. to a mental institution where he won’t have to work so hard.

Once institutionalized, McMurphy finds that his psychiatric ward is run by Fletcher’s towering and cold nurse, Mildred Ratched, who keeps her patients under her control. As the two face off, McMurphy virtually takes over the room with her bravado, resulting in severe punishment from Ratched and the institution, where she restores order.

The character was so memorable that she would become the basis for a Netflix series, “Ratched,” 45 years later.

Estelle Louise Fletcher was born the second of four children on July 22, 1934 in Birmingham. His mother was born deaf and his father was a traveling Episcopal minister who lost his hearing when he was struck by lightning when he was 4 years old.

“It was like having immigrant parents who don’t speak your language,” she said in 1982.

The Fletcher children were helped by their aunt, with whom they lived in Bryant, Texas, for a year. She taught them to read, write and speak, as well as to sing and dance.

It was these latest studies that convinced Fletcher she wanted to act. She was even more inspired, she once said, when she saw the movie “Lady in the Dark” starring Ginger Rogers.

This film and others, Fletcher said, taught him “your dream could come true if you wanted it enough”.

“I knew from the movies,” she said, “that I wouldn’t have to stay in Birmingham and be like everyone else.”

Fletcher’s death was first reported by Deadline.

She is survived by her two sons, John and Andrew Bick.


The late AP Entertainment Writer Bob Thomas provided biographical material for this report.

Breitbart News

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