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Global Gambling Industry Supports Ukraine

With the Russian Federation having invaded Ukraine, numerous companies and individuals have faced the necessity to make their own choices on how to deal with this warzone. The suffering of millions of Ukrainian citizens couldn’t help but be left unnoticed, and lots of teams have started to actively

Global Gambling Industry Supports Ukraine

With the Russian Federation having invaded Ukraine, numerous companies and individuals have faced the necessity to make their own choices on how to deal with this warzone. The suffering of millions of Ukrainian citizens couldn’t help but be left unnoticed, and lots of teams have started to actively cooperate and offer their support. Your support will go as far as possible via donating through local organizations and government initiatives, but they aren’t the only ones. Platforms like the SlotsUp review website represent how varied assistance and care can be in this situation in Ukraine.

How The Gambling Market Stands Up for Ukraine

There is a constant increase in the number of services and brands in the gambling market, which unite and support Ukraine. This can be expressed in different ways:

  • The interface changes have taken place. A lot of providers have implemented Ukrainian symbols like the blue-and-yellow flag colors and traditional ornaments to attract users’ attention to the ongoing war in the country. They inspire their members to get acquainted with the situation and share genuine and trustworthy information about the events.
  • Another way to support Ukraine is highly maintained and supported throughout the industry. For example, the SlotsUp review website is one of the many cases when platforms share links to donations to help the country and its citizens on their platforms.
  • Several brands have decided to cancel a part of their previously planned activities and focus their effort on prioritizing monetary donations to organizations that help Ukraine in multiple ways. Softswiss and BGaming are bright samples in this case.

On the internet, you will find multiple third-party organizations and initiatives that desire to make their own contribution. For example, lots of pages have been established on the GoFundMe platform. Thanks to its transparency, various companies have decided to donate heavy portions of their income. In March, more than fifty million dollars were raised to cover the charity needs for Ukraine. According to the GoFundMe information, the natives of one hundred forty countries haven’t remained indifferent.

Gambling Benefactors, or Who Hit the Goal

The sums of donations can be absolutely different. There are individuals who can contribute fifty to ten thousand currency units. Let’s take a look at the gaming industry initiatives for Ukraine relief on the GoFundMe domain and as a whole:

  • With the original target of two hundred fifty-thousand sterling pounds, the fact that it was hit in eighteen days is mindblowing and truly signifies the active support of the gambling industry and protest against the invasion and violence of Russia.
  • Parimatch is a known betting company with multiple time-proven experiences. Apart from sports betting and broadcasting the related events, the organization has turned out to be extremely supportive — around three million euros to cover the needs of Ukraine in logistics, medicines, ammunition, and so on.
  • Betsson Group is home to over twenty organizations with the best gaming and gambling services. The sum they donated was skyrocketing — fifty thousand sterling pounds.
  • Microgaming is a decent pioneer in the online casino industry. It was established in 1994 and has transformed into a giant software provider of gambling tools around the globe. You will find the organization as a donor too.
  • Another iGaming star, Oryx Gaming, has also shown its desire to contribute and stand up with Ukraine.
  • There are more brands to mention since the donation process hasn’t finished — FansUnite Entertainment Inc., Games Global, VIXIO Regulatory Intelligence, Spribe, and others.

The upcoming Ukrainian Gaming Week, which is going to be held on June 22-23, 2022, is another sample of how global brands can cooperate and stands up for the country. Interested parties have a chance to participate in the following way:

  • They can be direct participants and attend local lectures and exhibitions. It is a good chance to build relations with renowned companies in the field. This experience will also let enthusiasts find out about the latest betting and gambling affairs. So far, there are over one hundred expert participants. Such establishments as Joker, Endorpina, Amigo Gaming, SoftGamings, and Slotegrator have decided to impress more than three thousand attendees.
  • Partnership relations are popular to start with. You can represent your achievements and services, entering new markets with more target audiences to entice. Besides, it is a wonderful solution to share exquisite insights and improve branding and overall performance. Slots-777, The Betting Coach, and Bitcoin Garden are among them.
  • Of course, sponsorship activities are included. The list of sponsors can boast of the assistance of VBET, Playbro, BetaTransfer, and Login Casino.

How Can I Help Ukraine?

The first and most reliable method is to share the true facts about the war and participate in campaigns aimed at protecting Ukrainian citizens’ rights, as well as helping people who seek peace, security, and shelter. In this time of need, every penny counts. The calculations are pretty simple: if a million willing individuals donate one US dollar even, it is possible to gather one million US dollars to contribute to the global fundraising processes for Ukraine relief. You can get acquainted with the main of them in the table below.

National Bank of UkraineThere is a special account that accepts donations for the support of Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Among the permissible money transfers, there are UAH, CAD, USD, AUD, and EUR remittances. Interested parties can access the account here:
Come Back AliveThis organization was launched in 2014. So far, it has transformed into one of the leading and biggest organizations supporting Ukraine and the Armed Forces in particular. With the protection of European values, they help people in need. Residents (both individuals and businesses) of fifty countries have already shared their contributions and exceeded the sum of twenty million US dollars. You are welcome to take part in the support of Ukraine with the Come Back Alive organization here:

The violence keeps up on intensifying, unfortunately. The third-fourth-fifth-and-so-on weeks of the invasion are in the past, but it is critically crucial not to stop the effort. Little by little, such performances help the local organizations to distribute the funds and assist people in need in Ukraine and its citizens around the globe. Millions of people have been forced to leave their homes and native land, and the acts of generosity, sympathy, and compassion have a huge effect. This is proven by numerous brands in the gambling industry.


The gambling industry is just one of the samples that show off how united and well-cooperated people can be in front of devastating events. The war in Ukraine has already influenced myriads of lives, and such a decent contribution of domains like the SlotsUp review website, Softswiss, and others deserves gratitude and applause. Ukrainian citizens deeply appreciate the hearts that stand with Ukraine.

Apart from financial support, any comment, note, post, and other types of help can really save the locals and encourage them to fight against the Russian invasion more. Naturally, providing supplies and necessary equipment is another format of how organizations pledge their assistance during the ongoing war in Ukraine.


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