Playing the Block Puzzle Game – A Guide for Beginner’s

Playing the Block Puzzle Game - A Guide for Beginner’s
Playing the Block Puzzle Game - A Guide for Beginner’s
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Heard of the Block Puzzle game? It is an online game that takes after Tetris, and while you don’t need a lot of help getting started, it is essential to know a few ground rules. In this article, you will learn all the little aspects of the game and some strategies that will help you become a pro in no time. 

The Game’s Rules 

The Block Puzzle game is similar to Tetris. Therefore, the rules remain the same. 

The game board features a grid where you have to place the blocks appearing on your screen. Unlike in Tetris, the blocks appear on the screen’s bottom and don’t fall from the top of the screen. So, the controls are not left and right, but you must drag and drop the blocks in the relevant places in the grid. These blocks appear in threes, and another batch appears after successfully placing all three blocks on the grid. If you fail to place even one, the game will end. 

Although placing the blocks on the grid, the primary objective is not to fill the grid. Instead, the goal is to place blocks in a manner that creates horizontal and vertical lines so they can disappear. Therefore, you have to clear lines to score points. The game continues for as long as there’s space in the grid to place more blocks. 

Each match is timed and lasts for about three to five minutes. You must hold out for as long as possible to give your competitors a run. As the game continues, you will get several opportunities to score higher than your opponent. 

When playing this game, ensure to turn off all your notifications. Email or message alerts can be highly distracting, and a few seconds of distraction can cost you when playing time-based matches. 

How to Play? 

The game’s controls are straightforward. Look at the three blocks appearing on the bottom of the screen, select the one you want and drag the block to the grid. When you have found a suitable place, drop the block piece. These pieces must make vertical or horizontal lines so the grid can be cleared. 

You cannot keep making single lines disappear when competing with online opponents. You have to think ahead and try to clear multiple lines to score more points. 

Game Strategies for Newbies 

Even though the block pieces showing up aren’t under your control, their placement is wholly determined by the choices you make. Therefore, the game is not based on luck. However, since you are a beginner and just getting started, it will help you know a few tactics you can implement to enhance your chances of winning. 

  • Start Filling the Grid from the Side 

Filling the grid from the middle is not a wise decision. The grid will be full too fast, and you’ll run out of clear space. Instead, it would be best if you began placing blocks from the side, so there’s sufficient space in the middle for placing surprising block pieces, such as the square piece. 

You need to make horizontal and vertical lines when placing the block pieces on the grid. First, the lines must be cleared. 

  • Stay Prepared for the 3×3 Surprise

Block Puzzle players are wary of the 3X3 square piece. It is a notorious piece that can change your game for the worse. It could mean game over if there’s no space for this piece on the grid. The solution is to leave enough space for this piece to fit so you can remain longer in the game. 

The square piece can’t be rotated and must be placed the way it is. 

  • Not Single Lines but Focus on Clearing Multiple Lines 

As a newbie, you might think single clearing lines is the goal. While you are not incorrect, clearing single rows and columns will not get you ahead of your opponent. To score more, you must clear multiple vertical and horizontal lines simultaneously. In addition, since each match is timed, you have a limited time to score as many points as possible. 

Therefore, analyze your moves before executing them. Look at the grid, study the block pieces on your screen and place them in a way that will create multiple rows and columns. It will help to create combos, and you will get more points. 

So, your strategy must not be to remove one line. Instead, you must clear multiple lines if you want to beat your opponent during a 1V1 intense battle. But when trying to eliminate multiple lines, don’t let your opponent’s score or the ticking timer distract you.

  • Play Practice Games 

The free practice games are perfect if you wish to learn the rules and acquire the skills needed to beat opponents of varied skills and experience levels. These games are designed after cash tournaments, but the winners have no rewards. Practice games are played in the 1V1 mode and can be pretty intense and satiate your competitive spirit. 

So, once you have played enough practice games and are confident in your skills, you can move on to the big leagues. Participate in multiplayer tournaments and earn cash prizes. 

The Bottom Line 

So, here’s what you need to know to start your journey of playing Block Puzzle and winning great rewards. First, install the game and keep the tips mentioned above in mind. 

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