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ESIC Gujarat Recruitment 2022 » Apply Online LDC, Clerk, Steno Post

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Esic Chennai Recruitment 2022 » Apply Online Udc, Clerk, Steno Post

ESIC Gujarat Recruitment : Employees State Insurance Corporation Gujarat has issued the latest notification for the direct recruitment of Stenographer, UDC & LDC, Doctor, Staff Nurse, Resident & Senior Resident, Tutor, Professor, Medical Officer Posts. Interested candidates may apply direct form here. Other details of ESIC Gujarat Jobs like Age Limit, Educational Qualification, Selection Process, Application Fee, and How […]



Trump lawyers aren’t actually pushing for an affidavit, despite his rhetoric

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Trump Lawyers Aren'T Actually Pushing For An Affidavit, Despite His Rhetoric


After the unprecedented FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate, Donald Trump and his allies for days denounced the search as an abuse of power.

One thing Trump did not do was release his copy of the search warrant which may shed some light on what had just happened. It was only leaked to news outlets including Trump-friendly Breitbart and Fox News after Attorney General Merrick Garland forced Trump’s hand by announcing that the Justice Department had filed a case before court to unseal the document and give the former president a chance to file objections against the unsealing.

Since then, Trump has tried to grab the mantle of transparency, calling for the release of the affidavit behind the search warrant — a document that would provide vastly more detail. It was a remarkable position, as it was possible that the affidavit contained a great deal of prejudicial evidence against him – after all, it had been disturbing enough to convince a magistrate to authorize the historical search.

But it seems that Trump is more interested in looking at as if he wanted the affidavit to be released – or, more accurately, making it look like the Department of Justice, which regularly opposes the release of documents in ongoing investigations, is hiding something.

While a hearing began Thursday on whether to release the document in response to requests from news outlets, including the Washington Post, Trump’s legal team had yet to take a position in court.

The conservative activist group Judicial Watch, which also lobbied for the release, noted in its filing that Trump publicly supported releasing the document. But when Trump’s lawyer, Christina Bobb, arrived in court Thursday, she said she was just there to observe, with no plans to testify or say anything about the case at hand.

We are unlikely to see the affidavit in its complete form. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said Thursday he was ready to unseal parts of it and asked the Justice Department to offer redactions over the next week.

The government argued, as it would in such a case, that releasing many of the details would threaten an ongoing investigation and those involved. Publishing it would be very unusual.

But the subject of the affidavit being presented and making a concerted effort to have it published could certainly matter — especially if it’s really something Trump wants public. Instead, we got silence, at least in the forum where it matters.

Trump’s attorneys’ lack of involvement in Thursday’s hearing was the culmination of days of rather awkward comments on the matter, reinforcing what seems pretty obvious now: Trump prefers the perception of pushing to transparency to real transparency. An unpublished affidavit, after all, serves its political purposes much better than a published affidavit.

The awkward dance started on Monday night.

During an appearance on Fox News, Trump attorney Christina Bobb provided an overview of the current situation, saying Trump’s team supports Judicial Watch’s actions, but stops short of taking a stand. justice. And Fox News’ Laura Ingraham was actually somewhat taken aback by this posturing:

INGRAHAM: But you’re not – I mean – I don’t know, given the president’s comments earlier, we would think he would want everything there for everyone to see at the day light. I still don’t understand what would be the concern on your part not to have published it?

BOBB: No. We support it. We are not – I am not aware of any effort to oppose it. We’re just following the example of the case that’s already underway and watching what happens in response. But he absolutely —

INGRAHAM: Right. He is therefore not opposed to its publication, but he is not going to insist that it be published. Is this a correct characterization?

BOBB: I think, I would say that’s a fair assessment at this point. Yes.

That night, Trump said he actually wanted it published. He said on his social media platform that, “in the interest of TRANSPARENCY, I call for the immediate release of the fully unredacted affidavit.”

Bobb was a little more explicit on Tuesday, telling a radio host that this unusual circumstance called for an unusual disclosure by the Justice Department.

“In these circumstances, I think it’s much more imperative for the nation that they be transparent rather than hiding the bullet on a horrible, horrible precedent they’ve now set in this country for raiding the personal residence of the president,” Bobb said. “The burden we bear on the country because of their actions far outweighs any potential criminal investigation they claim to be carrying out.”

Lara Trump, wife of Trump’s son Eric and a Fox News contributor, took to the network on Wednesday afternoon and assured, “We want this on the air, too.”

In the context of these comments, Team Trump simply sitting in this legal battle is quite remarkable – and should probably register with any conservatives who have been driven into a frenzy over this.

But seeing the document remain largely sealed is probably the best-case scenario for Trump. His supporters and many Republican lawmakers said the investigation was an abuse of power before they had virtually any information about it; learning what motivated him would only force Trump and his allies to account for real evidence. Moreover, the Department of Justice’s opposition to the publication of the affidavit has been and will be interpreted as an attempt to hide something.

Perhaps most noteworthy is that we remain unlikely to see the detailed details of the affidavit regardless — even though Trump and his legal team pushed for it in court. Such a release would appear to require a full legal argument from the subject of the investigation, who said he thought it was so important.

Given that the judge seems inclined to unseal part of the affidavit and continue the legal process on what information becomes public, we could still find out just how interested Trump really is in full transparency.


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Saquon Barkley ‘fed up’ with criticisms that he’s ‘dancing’ in Giants backfield

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Saquon Barkley ‘Fed Up’ With Criticisms That He’s ‘Dancing’ In Giants Backfield

Saquon Barkley unloaded on critics of his running style Thursday after practice.

“I know … a thing that’s been said about me is he don’t know what he’s doing, he’s just dancing back there,” Barkley said. “I’m really kind of fed up with people who never played the position and try to speak on how I run the football. We call them All-Pros with clickers in their hand.”

Barkley, 25, was responding to a question about whether he’s been making a conscious effort to run more north-south.

Head coach Brian Daboll had said after the Giants’ preseason opener that Barkley “hit the ball downhill [and] didn’t dance” against the Patriots. The direction of Barkley’s first step has been a common criticism of his game through four seasons.

But Barkley clearly had bottled up frustrations on that critique, possibly dating back to this scathing quote from an unnamed “veteran NFL offensive coach” in a July ESPN story:

“I’m down on him — he still doesn’t know how to play running back enough,” the coach said. “He’s a bouncer. He wants every run to be a home run. He’s going to have to learn that 4-yard runs in this league are good, instead of stopping, cutting it back and losing 2. And he gets his ass kicked in protection.”

Barkley had a message for anyone who shares those opinions Thursday.

“This is probably the last time I’m gonna speak on this,” he said. “I know people are gonna say dancing and this, that and the third, and ‘he don’t get north and south.’ I’m not just gonna run into my lineman’s back. That’s not how I play the game. It’s not how I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old. I’ve been playing this position for a very long time.”

Barkley did admit that Daboll and the new coaching staff “have been making a point of a running style and mentality that we have as a team.” But he said Daboll is “talking about the physicality of me trusting myself, me getting downhill.”

Later, he specified for the Daily News that Daboll and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka have articulated expectations for him. They want him to take the handoff, hit the ball downhill, trust the play call to get Barkley to space, and then “Go be Saquon.”

But he said when Daboll praises him for getting downhill, the coach is saying he’s pleased with Barkley showing trust in his body. That’s compared to the past, when Barkley admits he might have hesitated or instinctively tried to protect a knee or ankle on his runs.

“When people try to make it north and south — not coach in particular — but people are trying to use that as an example of I’m back there like I’m dancing,” he said. “Dancing is stuff you do in high school football and little league football where you run this way and you run that way. That’s not my thought process.

“If I’m making a run back in the day and someone breaks free and someone’s in my face, I’m not just gonna run right at him and try to get back to the line of scrimmage,” he added. “That’s part of my craft. That’s part of my game. But like I said with coach, that’s kind of the emphasis, meaning like alright we want to get more physical, we want to get more downhill, but not saying, ‘Oh you’re not hitting north and south.’ Know what I’m saying?”

Barkley, interestingly enough, didn’t do much during full-team 11-on-11 for a second straight practice on Thursday. And that’s straddling a Wednesday off-day. It’s possible he sits Sunday’s second preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals, though that’s not yet clear.

He said he’s healthy but the team is “watching the workload” of its players. Not to mention he had something else on his mind Thursday: his doubters.


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CNN’s Brian Stelter Leaves Network, ‘Trusted Sources’ Canceled

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Cnn'S Brian Stelter Leaves Network, 'Trusted Sources' Canceled

Presenter Brian Stelter and his CNN show, Reliable sourceswere both canceled Thursday after controversies engulfed the network.

“It’s been a rare privilege to lead a weekly news-focused show at a time when it’s never been more important,” Stelter told NPR, saying he’ll reveal more on his final show on Sunday.

CNN could have kept Stelter as an employee but apparently decided not to retain his services. CNN could also have kept its show while parting ways with Stelter. Instead, the show and Stelter will no longer be in the news organization founded by Ted Turner.

Stelter’s show achieved the lowest June episode rating since September 2019.

“Stelter came to CNN from The New York Times as the nation’s top media reporter. He’s leaving CNN, an impeccable broadcaster,” CNN’s executive vice president for talent and content development, Amy Entelis, told NPR. “We’re proud of what Brian and his team have accomplished over the years, and we’re confident their impact and influence will long outlast the show.”

In June, Breitbart News reported that new CNN chief Chris Licht was “ready to launch on-air personalities who destroyed the brand by becoming irredeemable partisan hacks,” meaning Stelter had to be on the hot seat after implementing new rebranding tactics. forward.

Stelter’s exit comes after former CNN President Jeff Zucker quit the network in February after being asked about his relationship with longtime CNN executive Allison Gollus as part of the larger investigation. wide of Andrew Cuomo, which showed former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo helped his brother, then New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, through a sexual harassment scandal.

A former CNN employee confirmed to Breitbart News in March that Stelter was “freaking out” about Zucker’s potential exit because he “will be dragged into the internal investigation given his closeness to Jeff Zucker.” Stelter did not respond to Breitbart News when asked if he was cooperating with the ongoing internal investigation at CNN following the resignation of former network president Jeff Zucker.

Stelter is well known for pushing false narratives on his show. Stelter claimed Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop’ was ‘Russian disinformation’. Still, Hunter’s laptop was verified as authentic by Emma-Jo Morris of Breitbart News in the fall of 2020. More than a year later, establishment media finally confirmed its authenticity, including CNN 532 days later.

In May, Hunter laptop repairman Mac Isaac told the New York Post he was suing CNN for “misrepresentations” related to Hunter’s laptop.

The lawsuit allegedly claims that “CNN’s broadcast of the false statement accuses the plaintiff of having committed an infamous crime, that is, treason by working with the Russians to commit a crime against the United States of America. attempting to undermine American democracy and the 2020 presidential election.”

Follow Wendell Husebo on Twitter @WendellHusebo. He is the author of Politics of Slave Morality.

Breitbart News

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Elvis Andrus reportedly is joining the Chicago White Sox to give the team depth at shortstop

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Elvis Andrus Reportedly Is Joining The Chicago White Sox To Give The Team Depth At Shortstop

Injuries to All-Star Tim Anderson and Leury García have tested the Chicago White Sox’s depth at shortstop.

The team reportedly is signing Elvis Andrus to help.

Andrus cleared waivers and is expected to join the Sox Friday in Cleveland, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported Thursday.

Asked before Thursday’s game against the Houston Astros about a possible outside addition for the position, Sox manager Tony La Russa said, “Our guys (in the front office) are working. Maybe there will be an addition to the roster, who knows? If not, we can win with these guys.”

Andrus, 33, slashed .237/.301/.373 with 24 doubles, eight homers and 30 RBIs in 106 games this season with the Oakland Athletics. The A’s released the veteran on Wednesday.

He has a .270/.326/.369 career slash line with 87 home runs and 703 RBIs in 1,904 games with the Texas Rangers (2009-20) and A’s (2021-22). He made the American League All-Star team in 2010 and 2012.

Anderson went on the injured list Aug. 9 with a with a sagittal band tear on the middle finger of his left hand and is expected to miss about six weeks. He suffered the injury checking his swing Aug. 6 against the Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. García, the top option to fill in, went on the 10-day IL Wednesday with a lower back strain.

Romy Gonzalez, recalled from Triple-A Charlotte Wednesday, and Lenyn Sosa are the shortstops currently on the Sox roster.


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Elvis Andrus Reportedly Joining Chicago White Sox To Add Depth To Team At Shortstop – The Denver Post

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Elvis Andrus Reportedly Joining Chicago White Sox To Add Depth To Team At Shortstop - The Denver Post

Injuries to stars Tim Anderson and Leury García have tested the Chicago White Sox’s depth at shortstop.

The team reportedly signed Elvis Andrus to help out.

Andrus cleared the waivers and is expected to join the Sox on Friday in Cleveland, ESPN’s Jeff Passan reported Thursday.

Asked ahead of Thursday’s game against the Houston Astros about a possible outside addition for the job, Sox manager Tony La Russa said, “Our guys (in the front office) are working. Maybe there will be an addition to the list, who knows? Otherwise, we can win with these guys.

Andrus, 33, has cut .237/.301/.373 with 24 doubles, eight home runs and 30 RBIs in 106 games this season with the Oakland Athletics. The A’s released the veteran on Wednesday.

He has a career .270/.326/.369 with 87 home runs and 703 RBIs in 1,904 games with the Texas Rangers (2009-20) and A’s (2021-22). He was an American League All-Star in 2010 and 2012.

Anderson went on the disabled list Aug. 9 with a sagittal band tear on the middle finger of his left hand and is expected to miss about six weeks. He was injured while checking his swing Aug. 6 against the Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. García, the best option to replace, competed in the 10-day IL on Wednesday with a lower back sprain.

Romy Gonzalez, recalled from Triple-A Charlotte on Wednesday, and Lenyn Sosa are the shortstops currently on the Sox roster.


denverpost sports

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Dolphins camp: Defense wins in two-minute drill; plus stock up, stock down

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Dolphins Camp: Defense Wins In Two-Minute Drill; Plus Stock Up, Stock Down

The Miami Dolphins defense continues to get the best of the offense in two-minute drill scenarios.

The first-, second- and third-team units all had interceptions of Dolphins quarterbacks when the offense had successive opportunities to drive the length of the field needing a touchdown with limited time on the clock.

First, Tua Tagovailoa was picked off again by second-year safety Jevon Holland for Holland’s fourth interception of Tagovailoa in three days. Backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw to the end zone on one final play with the clock expiring, into the hands of safety Clayton Fejedelem. Third-string signal-caller Skylar Thompson had a pass go off fellow rookie Erik Ezukanma’s hands, and linebacker Calvin Munson came up with it.

Tagovailoa and Bridgewater dinked and dunked early in their drives, having to eventually force passes downfield pressed on time. Tagovailoa threw into traffic over the middle while getting pressured by defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah. Bridgewater had a long completion to undrafted rookie Braylon Sanders for about 45 yards against Verone McKinley on his penultimate play, but he still had to throw into a congested end zone on the final heave. The Munson interception was early in the drive, on the offense’s side of the field.

“Got to do your job. That’s what it comes down to,” said Holland about the defense’s key in late-game scenarios. “It’s a high-intensity situation where you got to do your job and then you got to let the plays come to you. Because if you try to force it, then you’re going to miss your opportunity.”

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel has said earlier in training camp that Tagovailoa and Holland have a healthy competition going leading their respective units. Holland has gotten the best of Tagovailoa this week, and Holland spoke after practice about how they communicate to get each other better.

“I usually ask him about plays that I messed up on for,” Holland said. “I’m not really looking for him to explain what I did right or what he saw on that specific play. I’m more looking for things that bother me when I go to sleep at night and how I can correct them.”

Holland added the quarterbacks do check in with him when he gets practice interceptions, and he wants to one day break down film with them to get the altering perspectives.


To start team portions of practice, Tagovailoa ripped an impressive deep ball to Trent Sherfield for a touchdown over Holland and cornerback Xavien Howard. Sherfield also caught a deep corner from Bridgewater early in team drills. …

Tagovailoa also made fine early throws to Tyreek Hill off a play action and roll to the right and lobbing one to an open Cedrick Wilson Jr. with room to run down the right side. He had another 35-to-40-yard gain to Hill deep against Nik Needham that Hill slowed down to catch with a step on Needham. Late in 11-on-11 action, Tagovailoa found tight end Durham Smythe in the perfect spot between one high and one low defender in a zone. …

Myles Gaskin scored a short rushing touchdown on a Teddy Bridgewater-led situational drive. A Bridgewater pass to River Cracraft set the Dolphins up inside the 10-yard line. An official called holding on the play, but coaches declined the penalty to allow the play to stand. …

Salvon Ahmed had a decent run to the right side of the line early in drills and was also active on short dump-off passes. …

Wilson got open deep for Tagovailoa, and Tagovailoa delivered on target on a pass where he may have been hit if there was live contact on the quarterback, but the ball went through Wilson’s hands. …

Preston Williams caught a pass from Bridgewater for a sizable gain. He also had Elijah Hamilton cover him for a pass breakup. …

Emmanuel Ogbah, in addition to having the pressure that forced the Holland interception, also registered a separate practice sack on Tagovailoa. …

Undrafted defensive end and South Florida local Owen Carney was seen coming around the edge for a would-be sack. …

The team did early portions of practice in the indoor facility before heading out for team drills.

Stock up

As obvious as it is with his stock already high, Holland continues to consistently create turnovers in practice. For an outside-the-box selection, kicker Jason Sanders made all his field goals while the team was inside on Thursday. He’s coming off a 4-for-4 performance on field goals in the exhibition opener at Tampa.

Stock down

Rookie wide receiver and fourth-round pick Erik Ezukanma had the ball intercepted by Munson go off his hands initially while getting hit by a defensive back. He had a quiet week after building up considerable hype through a week-plus stretch of consecutive strong practices.

Injury report

Left tackle Terron Armstead missed practice Thursday after he also did not participate in team drills on Wednesday. He was coming off strong workloads in his recovery from offseason knee surgery both in Tuesday drills and the final joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week.

Wide receiver Jaylen Waddle stretched with the team to start Thursday’s session but did not participate in drills as the Dolphins are taking it day to day in what McDaniel deemed a “preventative” measure for a minor injury.

Guard Solomon Kindley missed Thursday practice. Safety Eric Rowe, tackle Greg Little, outside linebacker Brennan Scarlett and fullback John Lovett also remained out.


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