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Unakoti Court Recruitment 2022 ( Notification

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Unakoti Court Recruitment 2022 ( Notification

Unakoti District Court Jobs : The Unakoti Judicial District has been set up with four sub-divisions namely Kailashahar, Kamalpur, Gandacherra, and Longtharai valley. This district has become functional on 20 September 2014. Sri. J.M Murasing is the Present District & Sessions Judge of Unakoti Judicial District. Unakoti Judicial District was previously known as North Tripura […]



UN accuses China of slavery as human rights chief blocks Uyghur report

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Un Accuses China Of Slavery As Human Rights Chief Blocks Uyghur Report

The top United Nations official on slavery said in a global report released Tuesday that the Chinese Communist Party actively enslaves members of non-Han ethnic groups in East Turkestan, an occupied region in western China, and s probably engaged in similar activities. in Tibet.

The Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Tomoya Obokata, wrote in a wide-ranging report condemning everything from Boko Haram terrorists taking child brides away to “inequality” in the United States, that, based on overwhelming evidence, it was “reasonable” to conclude that the Communist Party systematically enslaved people through two policies: the establishment of its concentration camps, which China calls “vocational training centers,” and a program of “poverty alleviation” in which China transports slaves from East Turkestan to factories across the country.

Obokata’s report is the first official UN report to address human rights concerns in East Turkestan following a visit by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to China in May. . Bachelet has yet to publish a report on his findings despite widespread demand from human rights activists and indigenous communities in East Turkestan. While in China, Bachelet said she “admired” the Communist Party’s “achievements” in human rights and claimed that Beijing had ended its massive concentration camp system in East Turkestan. The Communist Party allegedly pressured Bachelet not to publish a report.

Obokata’s report – dated July 19 but made public this week – covers a long list of practices considered “contemporary forms of slavery”, from forced labor to sex trafficking to domestic servitude. Regarding the situation in China, Obokata wrote: “The Special Rapporteur considers it reasonable to conclude that forced labor among Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities in sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing has took place in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

Xinjiang is the Chinese regime name for East Turkestan.

“Based on an independent assessment of available information…Two distinct state-mandated systems exist,” the Special Rapporteur detailed, “(a) the Vocational Education and Training Centers system, in the under which minorities are detained and subjected to work placements; and (b) poverty reduction through the labor transfer system, where surplus rural workers are transferred to jobs in the secondary or tertiary sector.

Members of the Uyghur Muslim minority present photos of their detained relatives in China during a press conference in Istanbul on May 10, 2022. (OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

Obokata added that he had compiled evidence of “similar arrangements” to enslave people in Tibet, “where an extensive labor transfer program displaced mainly farmers, herders and other rural workers. into low-skilled, low-paid jobs.

China’s “vocational education and training centers” are, in effect, concentration camps for the Uyghurs, Kazakhs and other non-Han ethnic groups who dominate East Turkestan. Survivors have detailed a long list of human rights atrocities that camp victims are subjected to, including slavery as well as communist indoctrination, torture, gang rape, forced sterilization and testing consistent with harvesting. live organs.

Kashgar, China - June 28: An Uyghur Man Holds His Grandson Sitting Outside His House In An Area Awaiting Development By Authorities On June 28, 2017 In The Old Town Of Kashgar, Western Xinjiang Province, China.  Kashgar Has Long Been Considered The Cultural Heart Of Xinjiang For The Province's Roughly 10 Million Muslim Uyghurs.  At A Historical Crossroads Connecting China With Asia, The Middle East And Europe, The City Changed Under Chinese Rule With The Development Of Government, The Unofficial Settlement Of Han Chinese In The Western Province And The Restrictions Imposed By The Communist Party.  Beijing Says It Sees Kashgar's Development As Improving The Local Economy, But Many Uyghurs See It As A Threat That Erodes Their Language, Traditions And Cultural Identity.  The Friction Has Fueled A Separatist Movement That Has At Times Turned Violent, Sparking A Crackdown On What The Chinese Government Sees As

A Uyghur man holds his grandson sitting in front of his house in an area awaiting development by authorities on June 28, 2017 in the old city of Kashgar, western China’s Xinjiang province. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

The Uyghur Tribunal, an independent group of legal human rights experts, concluded last year, after reviewing evidence and interviewing camp survivors, that China was committing genocide against the people of East Turkestan.” beyond a reasonable doubt”.

The “poverty alleviation” system sells camp survivors and other residents of East Turkestan as slave labor to Chinese companies across the country. The nature of the system has been known since at least 2020, when Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) released the landmark “Uyghurs for Sale” report showing online advertisements selling Uyghur slaves to factories across the country. The ASPI report listed 83 international companies – including household names such as Nintendo, BMW, Apple and Nike – as using Chinese suppliers for product parts involved in the Uyghur slave trade. British broadcaster Sky News documented the practice as ongoing last year, finding Chinese websites selling “50-100 batches” of Uyghur slaves to factories.

An Activist Sets Up A Fake Uighur Labor Camp Outside Apple's Flagship Store On March 4, 2022 In Washington, Dc.  - Protesters Have Called On Tech Giant Apple To Stop Using Uyghur Forced Labor.  (Photo By Nicholas Kamm/Afp) (Photo By Nicholas Kamm/Afp Via Getty Images)

An activist sets up a fake Uighur labor camp outside Apple’s flagship store on March 4, 2022 in Washington, DC. – Protesters have called on tech giant Apple to stop using Uyghur forced labor. (NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

Survivors of communist repression in Tibet have documented the establishment of a similar system of enslavement and camps in that occupied region. In 2020, a study by the Jamestown Foundation compiled evidence indicating that China had forced up to half a million Tibetans into camps similar to those in East Turkestan.

“50,000 were transferred to jobs in Tibet, and several thousand were sent to other parts of China,” the report reveals.

In its report this week, Obokata accused China of using “excessive surveillance, abusive living and working conditions, movement restrictions through internment, threats, physical and/or sexual violence and ‘other inhuman or degrading treatment’ to subjugate his slaves, concluding that ‘some cases may amount to enslavement as a crime against humanity.

Elsewhere in the report, Obokata lamented “income disparities between different ethnic groups in the United States of America” ​​and “domestic servitude” throughout Latin America, particularly in Brazil and Colombia. He praised America for passing the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), which bans imports from East Turkestan without importers offering proof that slaves did not make the products in question, and also commended Qatar and Saudi Arabia for passing laws that would improve migrant workers. conditions.

The Obokata finds differ from what Michelle Bachelet claimed to have found in East Turkestan. During his visit in May, Bachelet echoed Chinese communist propaganda, praising the “poverty alleviation” program that Obokata called a form of slavery.

“Reducing poverty and eradicating extreme poverty 10 years ahead of its target date are China’s huge achievements,” Bachelet said at the time. “The introduction of universal health care and [an] an almost universal unemployment insurance scheme goes a long way towards ensuring the protection of the right to health and broader social and economic rights.

Bachelet also claimed that the Chinese government had “dismantled” concentration camps in the region.

Bachelet’s silence has sparked protests from Uyghur groups outside the United Nations, which are demanding an official report on his findings. Bachelet’s office made no overt movement regarding the writing, let alone publishing, of such a report, and Bachelet announced shortly after the outcry that she would resign from her post after her term expired. term although she is eligible for a second term.

China’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday called Obokata’s report “lies and disinformation”.

“Some special rapporteurs choose to believe the lies and disinformation about Xinjiang spread by the United States and some other Western countries and anti-China forces,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, “ abuse its authority, flagrantly violate the code of conduct of the special commission”. process, maliciously smear and denigrate China and serve as a political tool for anti-China forces. China strongly condemns this.

“We solemnly urge some special rapporteurs to immediately change course, abide by the clear facts, observe the mandate of the Human Rights Council and the code of conduct of the special procedure,” Wang demanded, “fulfill their duty in a fair and objective manner, stop using lies to stir up confrontation and create division, stop politicizing and instrumentalizing human rights issues, and stop serving the political agenda of some countries to suppress and contain China by abusing the UN platform.

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Stillwater: Construction underway for Chestnut Street Plaza

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Renderings For Chestnut Street Plaza In Stillwater Have Been Approved By The Preservation Commission And City Council. (Courtesy Of The City Of Stillwater)

Traffic in downtown Stillwater will be disrupted over the next few months during the construction of the new Chestnut Street Plaza.

Renderings for Chestnut Street Plaza in Stillwater have been approved by the preservation commission and city council. (Courtesy of the City of Stillwater)

As part of the $3.6 million project, which will turn Chestnut Street between the Stillwater Lift Bridge and Main Street into a pedestrian plaza, crews on Wednesday closed Chestnut Street at Main Street, closed Water Street at Chestnut and shifted traffic lanes on Main Street both north and south of Chestnut.

“The through-traffic lanes are now where the turn lanes used to be,” said Public Works Director Shawn Sanders. “We’ve shifted everything over to the west to allow for underground construction.”

The lane shift is expected to remain in effect till December.

“We don’t want to have the traffic control during the winter season,” Sanders said. “We want to have the full street width of Main Street open at Chestnut then.”

In addition, the trail at Chestnut Street is closed; Sam Bloomer Way is the detour route, Sanders said.

The plaza, which has been beset by delays, is expected to open in June.

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Secret Service knew about threats against Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Mike Pence for days before Capitol riot: CREW

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Secret Service Knew About Threats Against Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden And Mike Pence For Days Before Capitol Riot: Crew

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

  • The Secret Service was aware of the threats made against Nancy Pelosi days before the attack on the Capitol.

  • But Capitol police weren’t alerted to the threats until 5:55 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021.

  • Documents obtained by CREW reveal that the Secret Service was aware of the threats against Biden and Pence.

The Secret Service held back for days before Capitol riot threats made on social media toward House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Mike Pence and President Joe Biden, according to Secret Service emails obtained by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

Jordan Libowitz and Lauren White of CREW reported Wednesday that the Secret Service uncovered a Parler account on Jan. 4, 2021 — two days before a violent mob stormed the Capitol and interrupted lawmakers certifying Joe Biden’s victory – which includes a series of violent threats towards lawmakers. Reporters did not identify the account.

A post on the Parler account contained a list of “enemies,” including Pelosi, that was shared on Dec. 31, 2020. “January 6 starts again #1776…Fight for EVERYTHING,” the post reads.

But the Secret Service waited until 5:55 p.m. local time on January 6, 2021, to alert the United States Capitol Police, whose officers were then already defending the Capitol from the attackers, according to CREW.

“Hello, the United States Secret Service is transmitting a notification to the United States Capitol Police regarding the discovery of a social media threat directed against President Nancy Pelosi,” the Secret Service said in a message to the police. Capitol, by CREW.

CREW also found accounts under the same name, which the organization did not disclose, on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, MeWe and Bichute. The messages included warnings and “advice” for “brave and courageous patriots heading to DC to force Congress to refuse Biden’s rigged election.” Rioters have also been told to hide their MAGA gear when checking into hotels and to ‘beware’ DC police officers, while Washington, DC has been decried as a ‘hotbed for ANTIFA/BLM’.

On a mission to “save America”, the account advised rioters to “remain anonymous. Stay alive. Arm yourself with patriots!!”

A post dated Jan. 2, 2021 also read, “Biden will die shortly after being elected…Patriots will rip his head off. Jail is his best-case scenario.

CREW also found violent posts directed at Pence, with one saying, “It’s going to get violent as we load up federal buildings and drag corrupt politicians dead or alive!”

CREW announced earlier Wednesday that it planned to publish a series of articles regarding the Secret Service emails and documents they acquired, demonstrating that the government had received “clear warnings” of the violence that awaited them.

The organization’s first message also detailed how the Secret Service downplayed information received about far-right groups’ plans for January 6, 2021, saying there was “no indication of civil disobedience”.

“While we do not comment on protective intelligence matters, the United States Secret Service maintains an exceptional working relationship with all law enforcement agencies in the National Capitol area,” the United States Secret Service said. Secret Service in an emailed statement to Insider. “The Secret Service works tirelessly to share relevant information with our law enforcement partners. In the communication referencing President Pelosi, this information was provided to the United States Capitol Police for their knowledge of the situation.”

Read the original article on Business Insider


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10 key games on the 2022-23 Chicago Bulls schedule, including a January matchup against the Detroit Pistons in Paris

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10 Key Games On The 2022-23 Chicago Bulls Schedule, Including A January Matchup Against The Detroit Pistons In Paris

The Chicago Bulls open their 2022-23 season Oct. 19 against the Heat in Miami and take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Oct. 22 in the home opener at the United Center,

Whether point guard Lonzo Ball will be ready to go is yet to be determined.

Last we heard from Artūras Karnišovas, the Bulls executive vice president of basketball operations, Ball’s rehab from January surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee wasn’t going as smoothly as expected.

“He’s getting better — probably not at the speed that we would like, but he is getting better,” Karnisovas said last month during an NBA TV interview at a Summer League game in Las Vegas. “Hopefully he’s going to be ready for training camp, (but) that’s just our hopes.”

The Bulls will need a healthy Ball if they expect to compete again in the Eastern Conference, but he has yet to play a full season in his five in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans and Bulls.

A second-half fade and first-round playoff loss in five games to the Milwaukee Bucks left the Bulls with many question marks heading into the offseason. But they made only minor additions — Andre Drummond and Goran Dragić — aside from re-signing Zach LaVine to a five-year, $215.2 million extension, hoping a healthier group can avoid the same ending.

With LaVine and DeMar DeRozan back and Patrick Williams ready to play a full season, the Bulls need to advance further in the playoffs to show they’re progressing. It’s no longer a team that can sneak up on the league.

Here are 10 games to watch.

Oct. 22: vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The home opener will mark the return of LaVine, DeRozan and Co. to the United Center and Dalen Terry’s home debut. Terry, the No. 18 pick in the draft, just turned 20 and is expected to develop into a valuable rotation piece for coach Billy Donovan. Terry averaged only 6.2 shots per game as a sophomore at Arizona, but his defense and athleticism should fit in well in Donovan’s system. Terry will be wearing No. 25, a nod to Steve Kerr and former Chicago high school legend Ben Wilson of Simeon.

Nov. 1: at Brooklyn Nets

Will Kevin Durant still be on the Nets? If not, this might be just another game on the schedule. Stay tuned.

Nov. 23: at Milwaukee Bucks

This will be the first meeting between the teams since the first-round playoff series in April. The early exit showed how far away the Bulls were from being a championship contender. They were outscored by 30, 24 and 16 points, respectively, in the final three games and shot 28.3 % from 3-point range for the series. Perhaps Bulls fans can drive to Milwaukee and recruit Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo, who recently said: “Everyone would love to play for Chicago. Down the line, you never know. Maybe I’ll play for Chicago. But right now I’m committed to Milwaukee.”

Dec. 23: at New York Knicks

The good news is the Bulls avoided playing on Christmas Day. Considering how they fared under the glare of the national spotlight last season, they probably didn’t deserve it — though they are scheduled to play 14 nationally televised games, including seven on ESPN and three on TNT. The bad news is the NBA doesn’t consider the Bulls viable enough to merit a game on Christmas, the biggest day of the regular season. A pre-holiday game at Madison Square Garden will have to suffice.

Dec. 28: vs. Bucks

Booing Grayson Allen is strictly optional and probably ill-advised. The Bucks guard who sent Alex Caruso to the sidelines with a broken left wrist in January shot 58% (14-for-24) from 3-point range against the Bulls in the playoffs after being booed every time he touched the ball at the United Center. In the Bucks’ seven-game loss to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Allen came back to earth, shooting 20.8% from beyond the arc.

Dec. 31: vs. Cavaliers

DeRozan spent last New Year’s Eve in Indianapolis throwing up a last-second, buzzer-beating shot that beat the Indiana Pacers. Can lighting strike again before the clock strikes midnight?

Jan. 15: vs. Golden State Warriors

A 42-point loss to the Warriors on Jan. 14 at the UC was perhaps the low point of the Bulls’ season. LaVine left the game after 3 ½ minutes with a left knee injury that started the team’s second-half slide. LaVine would undergo arthroscopic surgery after the season. The Bulls also lost the first matchup to the eventual NBA champions by 26 points on Nov. 12 in San Francisco. This Sunday afternoon game will be a test to see if the Bulls are in the same area code as the champs.

Jan. 23: vs. Detroit Pistons at Accord Arena in Paris

It’s back to the future for the Bulls, who memorably played an exhibition series in Paris in 1997 when Michael Jordan ruled the league. Jordan led the Bulls to a 104-78 victory over European champion Olympiakos Piraeus in the McDonald’s Championship and performed some acrobatic feats, including some between-the-legs passes. “I don’t do it often back in the States, but it seemed appropriate to do that and I did it,” Jordan said. “That was a little mustard on top of the hot dog.” Will LaVine bring the mustard to Paris in 2023?

March 3: vs. Phoenix Suns

After the Dallas Mavericks upset them in seven games to watch a 64-win regular season go down in flames, the Suns should be motivated to make amends. They beat the Bulls by only three points last year at the United Center, but the score was misleading. The Bulls trailed by 15 with 3 ½ minutes left.

March 29: vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Whenever LeBron James comes to Chicago, it’s always one of the biggest games on the schedule, whether the Lakers are underachievers or not. And they sure look as if they’ll be underachievers again. The Bulls swept the Lakers in their two meetings last season, with James sitting out the game in L.A. with an injury. James reportedly agree to a two-year, $97.1 million extension Wednesday.

April 9: vs. Pistons

By the time the regular-season finale arrives, we’ll know whether the plan to make incremental changes to the roster was the right call — and whether the Bulls stayed healthy enough and played well enough to make a realistic run at the NBA title.


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How Amazon’s continued expansion into healthcare could support the sector – TechCrunch

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How Amazon'S Continued Expansion Into Healthcare Could Support The Sector – Techcrunch

After Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of One MedicalBusiness Insider reported that the company to add mental health services to its portfolio. While there are skeptics who fear Amazon’s track record on privacy in the healthcare context, some say the steps the company is taking could be positive for the industry.

The tech giant originally entered the healthcare industry after acquired PillPack, an online pharmacy, in 2018 and later rebranded as Amazon Pharmacy. The company also provides AmazonCare as a way for individuals in certain states to seek treatment.

While these efforts appear to be paying off, Amazon also had a failed venture, Haven, with Berkshire and JPM that dissolved after several internal problems.

Despite the ups and downs, Amazon said in a Press release detailing the acquisition of One Medical which plans to improve the quality of care at all levels:

We believe healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need to be reinvented. Make an appointment, wait weeks or even months to be seen, miss work, go to a clinic, find a parking space, wait in the waiting room and then in the examination room for minutes that are too often in a hurry with a doctor and then take another trip to a pharmacy – we see many opportunities to both improve the quality of the experience and give people back valuable time in their days.

Now that Amazon has its own means of distributing drugs, the acquisition could go some way to boosting demand, as the company can now provide access to suppliers in different markets.

For Deena Shakir, a partner at Lux Capital, Amazon’s move shows the value of healthcare to leading tech companies.

“This deal underscores the value Big Tech places on healthcare and the importance of omnichannel/hybrid (brick + mortar in addition to virtual) as well as technology services,” Shakir told TechCrunch via email. “It’s a better multiple/comp than what we’re seeing in public markets right now and shows that there are valuable exit opportunities for companies even in a down or icy IPO market.”

But for Adrian Aoun, founder of Forward Health, he said he wanted Amazon to do more.

“You literally take the most awesome tech company in the world and just aim low,” he said.

A medical, based in San Francisco, provides care in nine markets and serves nearly 400,000 people, but for Aoun, that’s not enough for Amazon. He told TechCrunch that Amazon needs to align itself with being proactive rather than reactive in healthcare.

“What Amazon just did was they just got aligned with the wrong incentive,” Aoun said. “They just literally said, ‘We’re going to focus on keeping you in work, not your life. “.”

Even as the tech giant pushes to expand its own services, Aoun added the company needs to be resourceful.

“Amazon just frankly made what I would say is one of the classic innovation mistakes,” Aoun said. “They are trying to rebuild the old world. They don’t try to innovate and build the new world[…] If you’re not really going to innovate, I don’t know if it’s going to do much.

Although Amazon’s acquisition of One Medical is confirmed to be in the works, the launch of their on-demand therapy has yet to begin. According Initiatedwhich originally announced the launch, the product would be distributed through Amazon Care and was a way for the company to bolster its healthcare business.

Both Shakir and Aoun agree that Amazon’s expansion is putting new pressure on startups and investors to enter the space with stronger offerings.

“At the end of the day, healthcare is undoubtedly a huge market opportunity, and the pandemic has brought to light its many inefficiencies and reliance on technology,” Shakir said. “With Amazon now on the market, a pleasant customer experience will be a must, not just a pleasure to have. While Big Tech will always play an important role in the healthcare ecosystem, breakthrough innovation is more likely to come from early-stage entrepreneurs, who could partner with Big Tech to scale.

Aoun explained that it won’t be necessary to follow Amazon, but rather to find ways to be creative in the space.

“It actually opens up more opportunities for other players because now that Amazon is going to be distracted, frankly, with a strategy that won’t go very far. Now you have a whole bunch of opportunities for everyone world is starting to come into the game,” he said.

As Amazon begins to implement its healthcare services in greater capacity, some have raised questions on patient privacy data in light of recent events.

Talkspace and BetterHelp were in the spotlight as the US Senate earlier this year called on these mental health app providers to clarify their data collection and sharing policies after reports suggested the companies may share data with Meta and Google.

Shakir said Amazon needs to understand the space and come to terms with the fact that big tech companies have a “complicated relationship with healthcare.”

“One of the challenges of creating a product for healthcare is that it not only requires nuances – understanding clinical workflows and consumer habits – but also needs to be built within constraints. specifics such as HIPAA, billing codes, EMR interoperability, etc.,” she said. “It can be especially difficult when innovating within a large company that also has its own stakeholders and competing priorities.”

Other tech giants such as Apple and Google have also ventured into healthcare.

Although Apple has not acquired a company, they have in partnership with various healthcare providers to provide healthcare professionals with patient biometric data collected via an Apple Watch. To name a few features, a patient can monitor their heart rate, download apps to help with neonatal care, and manage medication intake.

Google on the other hand, has focused more on the research side of health care. Through partnerships at various universities, they have been able to expand digital wellbeing research, provide suicide insights, and expand Fitbit functionality.

Bigger players focusing on healthcare could drive new entrants rolling, but it could also push startups to explore aspects of the space that haven’t garnered much attention in the past, but could result in meaningful improvements for patients and payers.


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Man charged with beating, sexually assaulting woman who was walking to St. Paul gas station

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Korzell Javon Johnson, 21, Dob: 01/28/2001, Of St. Paul Was Charged In Ramsey County District Court On Aug. 16, 2022 With First-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct And Third-Degree Assault-Substantial Bodily Harm. Johnson Is Accused Of Beating And Raping A 47-Year-Old Woman In The City'S Hamline-Midway Neighborhood On Aug. 12, 2022. (Courtesy Of The Ramsey County Sheriff'S Office)

A man is under arrest and charged with beating and sexually a woman in St. Paul Friday night.

Korzell Javon Johnson (Courtesy of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office)

A 47-year-old woman reported a man she didn’t know grabbed her in the Hamline-Midway area and dragged her to an alley.

A man in a nearby apartment heard screaming, went to investigate and found a man with a woman’s head under his arm “as if in a chokehold,” according to the criminal complaint filed Tuesday. The witness asked, “What the hell are you doing?,” and the suspect released the woman.

The witness told the woman to run to a nearby gas station for help, which is where police were called just before 11:30 p.m. Friday in the 700 block of North Snelling Avenue.

The suspect tried to catch the woman, but the witness chased him. Someone else at the gas station also saw the suspect before he ran off.

Police found a man hiding in a garage and arrested him. He was identified as Korzell Javon Johnson, 21, of St. Paul.

The woman was taken to a hospital. She sustained a fractured nose and her eyes were swollen shut.

Later, the woman told police she had been walking to the gas station on Snelling Avenue, waiting to cross the street, when she heard a noise behind her. She said she turned and saw a man walking fast toward her.

She said he grabbed her and punched her in the face, head and eyes several times. She said he grabbed her hair and pulled her behind a building, where he kept hitting and punching her. She said the man told her, “You’re gonna die today” and “I’m gonna have to kill her,” according to the complaint. She said she was going in and out of consciousness during the sexual assault.

After the suspect fled, police were told he was last seen running through yards in the 1400 block of Englewood Avenue.

Officers heard loud crashing sounds coming from a detached garage and, with the homeowner’s permission, opened the garage door. They found Johnson hiding under a shelf.

In an interview with police, Johnson said he did not assault anyone and said it was his brother who beat his ex‐girlfriend, according to the complaint. He said his brother was wearing a black T‐shirt and white jeans, which did not match the clothing description that witnesses gave police.

Video footage from the Snelling Avenue gas station showed Johnson arriving at the store about 11:30 p.m. on Friday and people confronting him before he ran from the area, according to the complaint.

The Ramsey County attorney’s office charged Johnson with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and third-degree assault causing substantial bodily harm. He had a first court appearance on the charges Wednesday and remained jailed in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Most sexual assaults are committed by someone known to a victim; about 20 percent are perpetrated by a stranger, according to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).

Minnesota court records show Johnson has a misdemeanor conviction for trespassing in 2020. An attorney for Johnson could not be reached Wednesday.

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