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Tell Your Brand’s Story With Personalized Marketing

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Brand personalization is a hot topic in today’s business world. Sadly, many small businesses (and even some of the largest ones) tend to struggle with implementing it successfully. With the right tools and strategies, however, any brand can be used for custom, personalized marketing. In this article, we’ll take a look at why personalization is so important for small businesses today and how you can start using it to drive growth, value, and revenue at your organization.

Why Brand Personalization Is So Important

Customers want relevant experiences from brands they enjoy interacting with, especially if they feel a personal connection to the brand. Quality customer service is important for loyalty, but it also plays a role in marketing personalization. Offering products or services isn’t really enough for customers these days. They desire a personalized experience that speaks directly to them as individuals, mostly catering to their interests and desired experiences. If your business provides a great product, service, and experience, you’ll usually see an increase in sales and retention rates. With that territory also comes higher customer satisfaction. Ultimately, making customers happy, keeping them, and convincing them to spend their hard earned money at your business instead of patronizing another is critical to your success, regardless of your business’ size.

Defining An Audience

The second step to telling your brand story and personalizing marketing is to find your audience clearly. What metrics do you want to measure? Who is your product/service for? What type of message would be the most effective for your audience? These are important questions to ask yourself when defining that audience and demographic. To clearly define your audience, you need to analyze and understand them as much as possible. Part of that revolves around a comprehensive process to help you gain analytical advantage. When you define your audience, it makes telling your story so much easier because you’ll find more receptive individuals who are interested in engaging with your brand.

Being Authentic

According to a study by Adobe, over 60% of customers say that personalization makes them more likely to buy from a brand. Essentially, customers are forming a bond with the company and feel they know and understand their needs. This, in turn, builds trust and rapport with the business. That’s why you should strive to create an authentic connection with your customers. Tell your brand story in a way that feels personalized and relevant to them. Otherwise, they might ditch your brand entirely. Using customer data collected through surveys, social media interactions, or other channels to create targeted content and marketing campaigns can help you make an authentic, personalized story that will help you attract customers. When done correctly, personalized marketing can help build trust and long-term relationships with your customers—and that’s something that can’t be bought at any price.

Social Media Marketing

Telling your Brand story effectively is critical to gaining customers. One way to do this is to leverage social media to your advantages. Social media offers a worldwide network of communication and interaction with potential clients (and existing ones). Because social media provides large platforms with which to share your story in an interactive way, you can build relationships, again prospects, a bunch of brands, and show people what you’re all about. The Harvard Business Review found that companies using social media for marketing are likely to have higher retention rates and growth. That makes it clear that social media is an effective means to achieve success. Using platforms like facebook, instagram, twitter, and other social media can help you and get ahead with telling your branding story but should not be the only conduits through which you tell your story. Be sure to mix things up to get the most out of your marketing initiatives.

Offering Custom Promo Items

When you want to tell a compelling and engaging brand story, pens can be your Ace in the Hole. Think about the typical branding of a business or event. It’s crowded, high energy, and full of potential clients and other B2B partners with whom you’d like to make a good impression. Branded pens are one of the most enduring and effective tools on the market that can help you achieve that goal! Try to choose reputable companies like to fulfill your need for promotional items. They can sell you a bulk lot of customizable pens that are both high quality and durable. Using these pens to promote your business can help you significantly when it comes to generating interest and retaining customers. They also offer other promotional items like tote bags, coffee mugs, keychains, bottle openers, pencils, notebooks, and just about anything else you can think of. They’re kind of a One-Stop shop for your promotional needs. Whatever you need to acquire for your promotional work, make sure you go through a reputable vendor and always be on the lookout for the best deal that will benefit your business in the long term.



Oklahoma man pleads guilty to harassing and threatening GOP Rep. Kevin Hern

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Oklahoma Man Pleads Guilty To Harassing And Threatening Gop Rep. Kevin Hern

An Oklahoma man pleaded guilty Wednesday to harassing Rep. Kevin Hern, R-Okla., and threatening to “kidnap and assault” Hern and his wife, according to court documents.

Under the terms of the plea deal, Keith Charles Eisenberger, 39, of Bartlesville, faces a three-year prison sentence for what federal prosecutors have described as a campaign of threats and harassment lasting six months. ‘a year.

A criminal complaint filed this year in the Northern District of Oklahoma said Eisenberger had a history of harassing politicians in the state and focused on Hern after he took office in 2018.

Eisenberger called Hern’s staff in late 2018, complained that Hern’s election was “unlawful” and said, “I will do everything I can to stop this,” the complaint states. The threatening calls continued, and Eisenberger then showed up at Hern’s office in Washington, D.C., demanding to see him, according to the complaint. He also posted messages and videos on Facebook, where he threatened to put Hern in the hospital and said he wanted to pull him and his wife out of bed and arrest them.

In the plea agreement, prosecutors and Eisenberger’s attorney agreed that sentencing guidelines called for 36 months in prison followed by 36 months of supervised release.

U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson said in a statement that the guilty plea shows his office “and our law enforcement partners will not tolerate threats of online violence intended to intimidate elected officials or members of our community”.

The guilty plea comes weeks after Seattle man Brett Forsell, 49, was arrested and charged with yelling racist threats outside the home of Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., while he was armed with a handgun. Forsell pleaded not guilty to a criminal harassment charge.

In June, a gunman was arrested near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after calling 911 on himself. When police arrested him, the man said he was there to kill the judge, authorities said. The suspect, Nicholas John Roske, has pleaded not guilty to a federal judge’s attempted murder charge.


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George RR Martin Asked ‘House of the Dragon’ to Correct ‘Game of Thrones’ Details

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George Rr Martin Asked 'House Of The Dragon' To Correct 'Game Of Thrones' Details

Since the start of season 1, a detail in Game of Thrones has plagued fans of the books the HBO series is based on. Thanks to author George RR Martin, upcoming prequel series Dragon House will correct the shot.

This is episode 9, when the Maester of Castle Black, one of Lord Commander Jeor Mormont’s advisors in Night’s Watch, reveals his identity as Aemon Targaryen.

“My father was Micah, the first of the name,” he told Jon Snow. “My brother Aegon reigned after him when I refused the throne, and he was followed by his son Aerys whom they called the Mad King.”

Aemon does not mention Jaehaerys II Targaryen, son of Aegon V and father of Aerys II in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. At a press event, House of the Dragon co-showrunners Miguel Sapochnik and Ryan Condal said Martin took notice when Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss left Jaehaerys II out. of the line of kings.

“David and Dan and ignored Jaehaerys for clarity which he really didn’t understand,” Sapochnik said, referring to Martin (via Insider). “He had a bee in his cap about it. He wanted us to right that wrong.”

One person on Reddit explained it as simply cutting an “unnecessary layer” to the dialogue. Basically, it could have been confusing for viewers to get a history lesson during a dramatic fantasy show.

House of the Dragon Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes and will premiere on HBO on August 21. Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, it chronicles the beginning and end of House Targaryen.


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Eurostoxx futures +0.3% at the start of the European session

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Video: Bitcoin Runs Higher With Sentiment Risk. What Are The Upside Hurdles Ahead?

  • German DAX futures +0.3%
  • FTSE UK Futures +0.2%

Stocks are keeping yesterday’s good mood so far, with S&P 500 futures also up 8 points, or 0.2%, so far. Markets are moderating their expectations of a 75 basis point rate hike by the Fed next month, but we will have to start all over again in early September with the same set of data points ahead of the FOMC meeting.

The odds of a 75bp rate hike fell from ~68% to ~30% following the US CPI data, but have eased slightly to ~43% now.


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Chicago White Sox make costly mistakes in loss to Kansas City Royals – Reuters Sports News

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Chicago White Sox Make Costly Mistakes In Loss To Kansas City Royals - Reuters Sports News

Chicago White Sox starter Johnny Cueto has pitched for winning teams throughout his career, including 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals.

After another night of missed chances in an 8-3 loss Wednesday to the Royals at Kauffman Stadium, the Sox had to think about what it would take to show the consistency so many have been waiting for all year.

“I think we need to be more aggressive and show more swagger,” Cueto said through an interpreter. “We have to go out there and play and play hard and show what we can do.

“We have to fight. We have to show the fight, we have to show the fire that we have – if we have it.

The Sox broke through offensively with three runs in the top of the sixth to take a two-point lead. The Royals tied the game in the bottom of the sixth and took the lead in the seventh on MJ Melendez’s solo home run against Jake Diekman. They walked away with four in the eighth.

“I see it as having a two-point lead and that’s part of the game,” Sox manager Tony La Russa said. “Sometimes we had rallies that started with a ball hitting a sack or a blooper. It happened for them.”

The Sox were trailing 1-0 when they charged with one out in the sixth.

Gavin Sheets, who flew to the left in a similar situation in the second, hit a ground second with an exit speed of 106.1 mph. Michael Massey was unable to field the hard hit ball cleanly and two runs were scored on the play, which was originally ruled a hit before it was changed to an error.

The Sox tacked on a third run on a two-out RBI single from Josh Harrison.

The Royals responded with two goals late in the sixth.

Bobby Witt Jr. hit a field single, beating the third pitch after a slight double clutch from Yoán Moncada. Witt scored first on Salvador Perez’s double.

Perez advanced to third on a throwing error from Moncada, who made a good field play on Hunter Dozier’s field but dismissed first baseman José Abreu. Perez scored on a two-out single from Massey.

“I fought,” Cueto said. “Just two balls on the floor that unfortunately Moncada couldn’t finish those games. But I kept fighting. I did what I could.”

Cueto allowed three runs (two earned) on nine hits with four strikeouts and one walk in six innings.

“Part of baseball,” La Russa said. “And he almost got away with it. It’s a tough way to get the guys down to the basics. A tough way to give up racing from Johnny’s perspective.

Diekman has been effective since the Sox acquired him in a trade from the Boston Red Sox on Aug. 1, striking out 10 of 12 batters in the face of six strikeouts in his first four outings.

He gave up the home run to Melendez on a 1-2 pitch.

The Royals added the insurance runs in the eighth against Jimmy Lambert, who had allowed no runs in his last 12 outings.

“Diekman made a mistake and (Melendez) knocked him out of the park,” La Russa said. “And then it got away from us in round eight. It wasn’t the way Lambert pitched. He is still very good. As soon as he rests, he’ll be back there.

The Sox haven’t produced anything offensively outside of the sixth. While Royals starter Kris Bubic didn’t factor in the decision, he lowered his career ERA against the Sox to 2.72 in seven outings (six starts) after allowing one earned run on seven hits in 5⅔ sleeves.

“You look at life, this guy was tough on us,” La Russa said. “We had all three, I was proud of that. Even the first time Sheets hit the ball in left field, he couldn’t score. And he touched the ball (in the sixth). (They ) pitched well against us, but we had a chance to win this game just got away from us.

The Sox fell to one game over .500 at 56-55. They are third in American League Central, 2½ games out of first place.

“Not yet,” La Russa said of enduring success, “doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t.”

He thinks that always happens for the Sox.

“Because I know what’s in it,” he says. “If we didn’t have that, we would have been buried long ago. The fact that we are still hanging on and fighting tells you that we can do something good that is consistent.


denverpost sports

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Eicher Motors shares rise 3% to 52-week high on strong first-quarter numbers

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Eicher Motors Shares Rise 3% To 52-Week High On Strong First-Quarter Numbers

Operating income reached Rs 3,397 crore during the April-June period.

New Delhi:

Shares of Eicher Motors jumped more than 3% to a 52-week high in morning trade on Thursday after the company posted strong profits for the quarter ended June 30.

On BSE, the stock opened strongly at Rs 3,249 and gained ground to touch its 52-week high of Rs 3,260.85, registering a rise of 3.36% from its price. previous closing.

On the NSE, the stock opened at Rs 3,256.00 and then climbed to Rs 3,219.00, up 2.04% from its last close.

Eicher Motors on Wednesday announced a doubling of its consolidated net profit to Rs 611 crore for the first quarter ended June 30, thanks to robust sales in international markets.

The company had posted a net profit of Rs 237 crore in the June quarter last financial year.

Operating revenue rose to Rs 3,397 crore in the April-June period from Rs 1,974 crore a year ago, Eicher Motors said in a regulatory filing.

“Our international volumes continued to show steady growth with an increase of more than 60% over the previous year. We achieved the highest quarterly revenue and EBITDA ever thanks to record international sales volumes,” noted Eicher Managing Director Siddhartha Lal.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


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Hardin County man appeals kidnapping and rape conviction

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Hardin County Man Appeals Kidnapping And Rape Conviction

Charles Castle was sentenced to 10 years to life plus 35 years in prison on July 26.

KENTON, Ohio — The man convicted of the abduction, rape and attempted murder of a 7-year-old girl last year in Hardin County has appealed his sentence.

According to Hardin County court records, Charles Castle, 57, filed the claim on August 5.

Castle was sentenced to 10 years to life plus 35 years in prison on July 26, a week after he was found guilty of 16 counts against him.

If he was ever released from prison, he would be required to register as a Level III sex offender.

During the trial, the prosecution said the girl suffered from brain damage and persistent mobility issues after Castle took her from her home on November 11, 2021.

Castle, a longtime friend of the family, drove her to his RV which was a few blocks away.

Her parents testified that her father went to Castle’s RV and asked if he had seen her. Testimony revealed that the girl was tied up and trapped in a closet in the motorhome.

Castle then moved the girl to the basement of an abandoned house on County Road 180. 10TV was there when jurors were driven home on the first day of trial.

The prosecution said it was there that she was sexually assaulted, choked unconscious and left for dead.

In a video deposition, the victim described having a lamp cord wrapped around his neck to the point of passing out and then waking up in the basement.

She would remain in this freezing, dark basement, without food or water, until she was found late at night on November 12. Castle was arrested and charged the same day.

After a seven-day trial, a jury found Castle guilty of seven counts of kidnapping, one count of rape, one count of attempted murder, one count of felony assault and seven other counts of murder. ‘charge.


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