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HIT: The First Case Movie Review

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Hit: The First Case Movie Review
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As far as making thrillers are concerned, the Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada film industries have an edge over the Hindi film industry. In the last several years, these four industries have churned out several innovative and engaging films in this space. ‘HIT: The First Case’ (Telugu/original) made it to the theatres on 28 February, […]

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Bob Raissman: Get ready for the Monday morning quarterbacking as Zach Wilson returns to Gang Green

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Bob Raissman: Get Ready For The Monday Morning Quarterbacking As Zach Wilson Returns To Gang Green
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If Zach Wilson turns in a far-from-fabulous performance Sunday against Pittsburgh, in his first start of the season, Robert Saleh will preach patience for the second-year quarterback.

The real question is will the media display its usual propensity for ledge-jumping, having no tolerance for yet another highly touted Jets quarterback who doesn’t quickly live up to the hype? Especially a cat like Wilson, who, with much la-di-da, was selected by the Jets with the second overall pick in the 2021 Draft.

If the Jets lose to a highly beatable Steelers team, and Wilson has a poor passing day with a couple of interceptions (throwing one touchdown pass in garbage time) it won’t take long to figure out which way the wind is blowing. Will the media follow Saleh’s Jetsian lead and show some restraint in their critiques?

The first signal will come from the tone and substance of the questions boss scribes ask both Saleh and Wilson during their postgame interview sessions in Pittsburgh. Prior to that, when SNY’s panel of Jets analysts (Bart Scott, Willie Colon, Connor Hughes) issue their takes on Wilson’s sub-par performance, they will provide evidence of the kind of pressure, and expectations, the quarterback will face going into Week 5 against Miami. Scott is the key here. Even though he is allied with the Jets, he never holds back.

If Scott goes off on Wilson, his negative analysis will trickle down to other Gasbags. Like ESPN’s Mike Greenberg, a noted Jets fan. While Scott’s words would reinforce any negative vibes delivered by Greenberg, this man needs no tutor when it comes to ripping a Jets quarterback not living up to team-manufactured expectations. Greenberg and Scott have the forum to double-team Wilson on “Get Up.” Greenberg can immediately follow up the Jets bashing for two hours on his own ESPN Radio show.

About the same time Greenberg is expanding on his Wilson soliloquy, Joe Benigno will be torching Wilson during his weekly appearance on WFAN’s marathon midday show. This is the same show where an unchallenged Benigno implored Saleh to go with Mike White after the Joe Flacco-quarterback Jets lost the opener to Baltimore. One week later, Benigno, in classic flip-flop mode, returned to FAN and kissed Flacco’s tuchis after the veteran QB led the Jets to a 31-30 win over Cleveland.

So, shortly after the Steelers tilt, all interested parties will know, (at least in the minds of the media, and droids on social media) which direction the Wilson scenario is headed. Chances are, should he turn in a stinker, Wilson will be wrapped in a negative cocoon. Yet, in this ever-changing Free World, where the unwashed masses are searching for someone to believe in, the negative bent could be replaced with a more optimistic approach. Green and White rabble-rousers might actually identify some bright spots in Zach Wilson’s dark day.

But don’t hold your breath.


Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network suits are already talking about producing an Aaron Judge Yankeeography. Will Judge be a willing participant in such a production? And if Judge leaves the Bombers, will the project remain in cold storage after he bolts the Bronx?

That would be sad. YES has accumulated so much Judge material it would be a shame if it wasn’t pulled together into a full-length documentary. What YES produced Wednesday night, after Judge hit No. 61, was high-quality and moving. After Michael Kay made the historic call, the cameras took over.

YES struck gold.

The reaction shots provided evidence that the production team knew it had added time (the game was stopped) and wisely slow-played it. So, viewers got multiple majestic replays of Judge’s missile into the Jays’ bullpen, the relieved reaction of Judge’s mom Patty and her hugging it out with Roger Maris Jr. Judge, standing near the dugout with helmet over heart was another classic shot. And there was the Yankees’ reaction as they watched the ball going out. And a one-of-a-kind replay of Judge and Giancarlo Stanton in a paper cup toast.

There was more. It was all accomplished on the fly. On the line was the chronicling of baseball history. For Judge, it was a great moment. A moment YES’ crew more than lived up to.


Michael Kay continues to confuse.

During his ESPN-98.7 afternoon drive radio program, which is simulcast on YES, Kay said he will “never” question how someone spends their money. Yet in a matter of seconds, he questioned why Mets fans had not been showing up at Citi Field in greater numbers as the Mets battled for the NL East lead.

Sure sounded like he was chiding fans for not spending whatever is left of their dwindling disposable income on Mets’ tickets. Perhaps Kay should factor in the anemic economy, and its inflationary component, while making his gratuitous financial assessments.


Thoughts of time healing the rift between Kyrie Irving and Stephen A. Smith, and the Nets superstar philosopher eventually making an appearance on “First Take,” disappeared last week.

Irving continued taking issue with Smith for previously characterizing him as a malingerer. For the record, SAS didn’t give a damn. Smith: ”Kyrie and I will probably not speak again in life.” Man, that’s a long time.

“I’m not losing a minute of sleep over it,” SAS said on FT. Then, Smith actually revealed the secret to his success. And why he can live without Irving.

”I don’t have to talk to you,” SAS said. “I get paid to talk about you.”


The Remote Warrior, YES’ Paul O’Neill, said Aaron Judge has sometimes not “been able” to take batting practice. Considering O’Neill is not at the ballpark (he does the games from his Ohio home) how would he even know? … ESPN’s Robert Griffin III should stop whining. In a Monday night pregame interview with Saquon Barkley, RGIII threw a pity party for the Giants running back. RGIII disparaged all the “haters” who dared cast aspersions on Barkley. Very lame. … Russ Salzberg is bringing his “Get a Load of This” podcast to the YES app. Since the app has a video component, Salzy will likely do a ‘cast while taking his famous sweaters out of mothballs. … Even the NFL-Crazy Manning Brothers, on their MNF soiree, thought Jerry Jones, and the folks in his Giants Stadium suite, overreacted when they exchanged kisses after the Cowboys scored. Unfortunately, Jones glommed plenty of airtime (he was also interviewed during the pregame show) during Cowboys-Giants. ESPN suits know where their NFL bread is buttered. … Most of MLB’s national TV partners (TBS, Fox, ESPN, MLBNetwork, Apple TV) dispatched crews to work Judge’s potential 60, 61 HR games. They all came up zippo. As things turned out, the two historic HR games aired — only on YES. … Listened carefully to ESPN’s new MNF broadcast team, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and can safely report they sound exactly the same as they did on Fox. Amazing!

* * *


Give the mercurial Nets alleged star credit. He sat down and gave in-depth, thoughtful answers to J.J. Redick’s popular podcast outlet. In early sessions, Simmons has also handled the media covering the team well. Simmons seems to understand what to do on the road back.


For his questionable decision making. The Chargers coach allowed Justin Herbert, his struggling and ailing quarterback, to stay in the game (late fourth quarter) in a no-win situation. San Diego was down 28 points to Jacksonville. Staley made excuses, saying Herbert wanted to stay in the game


What Kayvon Thibodeaux said: “There’s 11 people for a reason. It’s a team sport for a reason.”

What Kayvon Thibodeaux meant to say: “Sorry, but I’m no one-man wrecking crew.”


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Tata Motors sold more than 40% more than last year, Hyundai sales increased by 38% Check car sales details here

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Tata Motors Sold More Than 40% More Than Last Year, Hyundai Sales Increased By 38% Check Car Sales Details Here
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September auto sales: MG Motor India said retail sales rose 17% to 3,808 units, Skoda Auto India said sales rose 17% to 3,543 units during the month. Follow the latest auto sales data here

Automakers including Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Eicher Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, and Hero Motorcorp, among others, will release the number of vehicles they sold in the month of September starting Saturday.

Here is an overview of the latest automatic data


Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 176,306 units in September 2022. Total sales for the month include domestic sales of 150,885 units, sales to other OEMs of 4,018 units and exports of 21,403 units.

The shortage of electronic components had a minor impact on vehicle production, mostly domestic models, the company said in a press release.

Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland’s total domestic sales for September 2022 increased by 88% and amounted to 16,499 units, compared to 8,787 units for the corresponding period a year ago.


Total exports increased by 40%.

TVS engines

TVS Motor’s total sales for September 2022 stood at 3.79 lakh units. Sales of 2W increased by 9% and stood at 3.61 lakh units from 3.32 lakh units in the corresponding period a year ago.


Motorcycle sales increased 2% while 2W exports fell 12%.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors’ domestic and international market sales for September 2022 increased by 42.1% and stood at 2.43 lakh units, compared to 1.71 lakh units in September 2021.


The company’s total domestic sales increased by 44% and stood at 80,633 units in September 2022, compared to 55,988 units sold in the corresponding period a year ago.

Nationwide commercial vehicle sales in September 2022 were 32,979 units, compared to 30,258 units in September 2021.

While domestic PV sales increased by 85% and stood at 47,864 units for September 2022.


Hyundai Motor India said its wholesale sales rose 38% to 63,201 units in September. The automaker had shipped 45,791 units to its dealerships by September 2021.

The company said its domestic wholesale sales were 49,700 units last month, up 50% from 33,087 units in September 2021. Exports last month rose to 13,501 units against 12,704 units a year ago.

Creta continues to dominate the midsize SUV space with a 36% increase in bookings for September compared to last year, said Tarun Garg, director of Hyundai Motor India (sales, marketing and service).

Kubota Escorts

Sales of Kubota Escorts in September 2022 jumped 38.7% selling 12,232 tractors compared to 8,816 tractors sold in September 2021.

National tractor sales for September 2022 increased by 42.7% and amounted to 11,384 tractor sales compared to 7,975 tractors sold in September 2021.

Export sales of tractors amounted to 848 tractors registering a growth of 0.8 percent.

Overall, macroeconomic factors and farmers’ sentiments remain positive thanks to an above normal monsoon and the start of an early festive season. The company expects the good momentum to continue through the current holiday season.

MG engine

MG Motor India said its retail sales rose 17% to 3,808 units in September. The automaker had sold 3,241 units as of September 2021.

“The waiting period continues to be 3 to 6 months for models impacted by supply chain constraints,” MG Motor said in a statement. The company said its models like Gloster, ZS EV, Hector and Astor continue to do well in the market.

“However, the issue of semiconductor availability remains, limiting MG to only supply the Astor MT (manual transmission) model at this time,” he added. The company hopes to begin deliveries of the Astor automatic variants soon, he noted.

Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto India said its sales rose 17% to 3,543 units in September. The automaker had shipped 3,027 units to dealerships by September 2021.

“The Kushaq and Slavia models have been successfully established in the market and are driving sales. In addition, our D-segment products like the Octavia and Superb are leading their respective categories,” said Petr Solc, Director of the Skoda Auto India brand, in a press release. .

The company is now focused on improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer touch points across the country, he added.

Toyota Kirloskar

Toyota Kirloskar Motor said on Saturday its wholesale sales rose 66% to 15,378 units in September from the same month last year. The Bengaluru-based automaker shipped 9,284 units to its dealers in September 2021.

TKM Associate Vice President – ​​Sales and Strategic Marketing, Atul Sood, said Urban Cruiser Hyryder shipments have begun. “Our segment-leading models like the Fortuner, Legender and Innova Crysta petrol continue to garner customer orders while models like Glanza continue to see promising wholesale sales as well as customer orders,” a- he added.


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Patrick Williams — after a summer of ‘hell’ workouts with DeMar DeRozan — is ready to prove himself in his 3rd Chicago Bulls season

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Patrick Williams — After A Summer Of ‘Hell’ Workouts With Demar Derozan — Is Ready To Prove Himself In His 3Rd Chicago Bulls Season
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Offseason days with DeMar DeRozan start at 5 a.m.

Patrick Williams learned the lesson the hard way, bleary eyed as he sat shotgun in DeRozan’s car on the short drive to the gym in Los Angeles.

“Five on the dot,” Williams said. “Not 5:01, not 4:59 — 5 a.m.,” Williams said. “You can’t be pulling in the parking lot at 5 a.m. We probably got there at 4:30. I was still sleepy when he came to pick me up.”

Those early mornings were the payment for a transformative summer with the Chicago Bulls veteran leader.

After Williams had a frustrating season dominated by a left wrist injury, DeRozan knew the young forward needed guidance heading into his third season in Chicago. He set the itinerary for the third-year forward’s offseason: take a trip to Los Angeles and learn how to prepare with the best.

“Even before the season ended last year, I was telling him how important this summer is for him,” DeRozan said. “He didn’t really understand why I was saying it. But coming into his third year, so much experience and understanding of what needs to be done is gained in your first two years. You kind of let it all out going into your third year.”

“Me telling him that wasn’t to put pressure on him. It was more so giving him the comfort of him understanding what he can do on the court.”

DeRozan relished the opportunity to put Williams through hell, grinning slyly any time he was asked about their summer together. Williams wouldn’t give away the full workout — which DeRozan originally developed with Kobe Bryant — but emphasized the daily routine was designed to be grueling.

The pair started with a “tough lift” at 5 a.m. focused on core exercises, taxing their bodies to exhaustion before hitting the court. Their morning workouts often emphasized double- and triple-team drills, replicating game situations with added defenders to force creativity and efficiency in finishing.

“If that wasn’t everything, then he’s different,” Williams said.

DeRozan preferred the early-morning workouts so he still could spend time with his family, dedicating the bulk of his days to time with his children before heading back to the gym for a late workout.

In the evenings, DeRozan welcomed Williams to his inner circle, taking him to dinners and outings with his family. The connection was organic — all DeRozan asked in exchange was a promise by Williams to pass on the mentorship to a younger player later in his career.

For Williams, those weeks offered a lesson in life as much as in basketball: Take care of your body, take care of your family, keep things simple.

“You just get a deeper appreciation for who (DeRozan) is as a person,” Williams said. “Of course, we know the player that he is, but I really got a deeper appreciation for who he is as a person, the way he thinks about things. He sees and thinks about things that a lot of people wouldn’t.”

With starting point guard Lonzo Ball expected to miss several months after undergoing left knee surgery, Williams stands to be one of the most important players on the roster this season.

The Bulls, who were the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference last season, emphasized consistency in the offseason, opting to make only two major acquisitions — Andre Drummond and Goran Dragić. As a result, only a few players have the ceiling to make a leap — and Williams is at the forefront.

The wrist injury limited Williams to a modest nine points and 4.1 rebounds in 17 games last season. But a healthy Williams could be a game-changer — if he can find the confidence to approach the rim with more aggression.

That could put pressure on a 21-year-old who struggled to find his footing in his first two seasons. But after months on the sideline during rehab, Williams welcomes the anticipation for his role this season.

“I wouldn’t say I feel pressure,” Williams said. “To me, it’s exciting to have people in your corner, to have people who have your back and want to see you do well. It’s definitely a challenge. It would be a challenge for anybody. But for me to be the player I want to be and for us to be the team we know we can be, I know I play a part in that.”

Williams felt he was overweight last season, particularly when he watched film over the summer. So he used the offseason to experiment with his body, using different lifting approaches to settle into a more comfortable weight.

Although Williams said he weighs the same as last season, his upper body was visibly slimmer in the first week of training camp.

“I wasn’t able to move the way I wanted to,” Williams said. “Coming back from the wrist injury, obviously you’re not able to lift as well as you want to, to do everything in the weight room you want to. So this summer was a chance to really lock in. … I feel a little bit more athletic. I just feel ready.”

Williams took only six shots per game in his second season. He often stuttered on his way to the basket, hands tentative as he took the ball to the rim or attempted a jumper.

It’s not surprising for a young player whose season was marred by injury to hesitate while returning. But Williams can’t show the same hesitancy this year.

For coach Billy Donovan, encouraging Williams’ aggression will be a key in the early weeks of the season. But even if the Bulls draw up plays to put the ball in the forward’s hands, Donovan said the confidence to finish comes down to Williams.

“You can put him in situations where you’re featuring him or put him in an action to get him to be aggressive, but he’s going to have to balance it himself,” Donovan said. “There’s got to be a flow and a randomness to how he’s playing as he makes decisions.”

Bulls fans have been waiting for Williams’ breakout moment ever since he was drafted with the fourth pick in 2020. In the last year, however, that has drained into frustration as the forward struggles to adjust to his role.

Newly healthy and invigorated by his summer with DeRozan, this season offers a chance for Williams to reintroduce himself.

“I look at every year like a make-or-break year,” Williams said. “I looked at my rookie year that way, my second year that way. This year is the exact same way. At the end of the day, it’s basketball. There’s no need to put any extra pressure on yourself or psych yourself out. Just go play basketball.”


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Column: Coach Matt Eberflus sends 2 clear messages — he wants to keep the Chicago Bears roster healthy, and practice matters

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Ravens Q&Amp;A: Olb Daelin Hayes On Learning From A Frustrating Rookie Season, Reuniting With Kyle Hamilton, The Importance Of Community Service And More
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Sitting through news conferences with NFL coaches and trying to find something that isn’t filled with clichés or basically repeating principles can be challenging.

It’s called coach-speak, and often the coach’s goal is to make it through 15 minutes by saying very little.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is legendary for his ability to say nothing of interest, although he occasionally can be incredibly insightful when it comes to minutiae involving an aspect of special teams or the history of the game.

For a good stretch, former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith would talk about “getting off the bus running,” and Matt Eberflus often references his HITS principle, although he gets a good number of questions about it.

Two things Eberflus said this week stood out, though. The first was an announcement Wednesday that the Bears decided to shorten practice for the next two weeks. You can link it back to his belief in HITS. The Bears have been practicing for about 1 hour, 40 minutes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and that was trimmed by about 15 minutes, perhaps a reaction to injuries during practice last week to cornerback Jaylon Johnson (quad) and strong-side linebacker Matt Adams (hamstring).

Johnson will miss his second straight game Sunday against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium, and Adams is doubtful. Johnson played exceptionally well in the first two games, and if you were to hand-pick two games for him to miss, they probably would be the Houston Texans and Giants, who have a thin cast of wide receivers. The good news for the Bears is rookie wide receiver Velus Jones Jr. appears ready to make his NFL debut after a lingering hamstring issue that popped up in mid-August.

“We shortened it because we want to stay fresh,” said Eberflus as his team embarks on a stretch beginning Sunday that has them playing three games in a 12-day span with a trip to the Minnesota Vikings on Oct. 9 and a home game against the Washington Commandars on Oct. 13.

The Bears, like all teams, use GPS tracking devices on players in practice that provide useful data to show how fast they move, and Eberflus said coaches review the information. By shortening practice, the first-year head coach can continue to preach his mantra that you can’t “play hard and live soft,” hopefully protecting his players by taking some reps and running away.

The other interesting nugget came Monday. Eberflus was asked why the team flip-flopped the rotation at right guard, starting Lucas Patrick and then bringing in Teven Jenkins, who started the first two games. The cycle remained the same — the linemen rotated every two series — but Patrick got first crack. The offense sustained more drives when he was in as he logged 41 snaps to Jenkins’ 22.

“It’s about practice,” Eberflus said. “We evaluate practice. Wednesday is a big day for us, Thursday and Friday. We thought Lucas did a good job of practicing. Teven did a nice job on Thursday and Friday but needs to have a better Wednesday for him to step into that role.”

The frank assessment was interesting from the standpoint that Eberflus was critical of Jenkins’ performance. You can classify that as real talk from the coach, an interesting way of handling the situation. Maybe the Bears feel as if Jenkins will respond when prodded. Maybe it’s a message Eberflus wanted the entire team to hear. Whatever the case, players talked about it afterward.

“They did express it to me,” Jenkins said. “I was not feeling my best last week, overall health-wise, some illness. I just ended up carrying that over to practice. Ultimately that practice, as you heard from coach, wasn’t that good, and that is what led to it.

“I never want to bother people, especially my coaches. I don’t want to be taken out for anything. So I’m trying to push through it, and sadly my play was affected by it. (Walking off the field that day), you start questioning — did you give it your all today? It’s one of those situations.”

How did Jenkins feel about the coach sharing the assessment publicly?

“It’s him just trying to hold me accountable to a better standard,” Jenkins said. “That’s all.”

The Bears have an interesting dynamic with Patrick and Jenkins rotating, and it certainly sends the message that the linemen, at least, need to be pushing to improve daily. What happens in the middle of the week is considered essential to what will happen on Sundays.

Everyone can understand and accept that, and it circles back to the HITS principle. Perhaps Eberflus will continue to share key details that are driving some of the decisions, especially when they support his overarching message.

Scouting report

Kayvon Thibodeaux, Giants edge rusher

Information for this report was obtained from NFL scouts.

Kayvon Thibodeaux, 6-foot-5, 258 pounds, was the No. 5 pick in the draft out of Oregon this year, the second edge rusher to come off the board after the Detroit Lions selected Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson with the No. 2 pick. Thibodeuax made his debut Monday in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys after missing the first two games with a right knee injury suffered in the preseason. He had one tackle and tipped one pass but didn’t get any heat on quarterback Cooper Rush in 37 snaps.

“He’s a real interesting rusher,” the scout said. “He’s at his best using his strength. His lower body is a little rigid. He’s not a super flexible, bendy edge rusher like Von Miller or even a Robert Quinn. He is more of a power rusher. Based on his college tape, he does have pretty good hand usage. He’s got high-end closing speed, so he has the short-area burst to close on the quarterback. He probably needs to improve his hand usage and technique even more. There will be situations where he can overpower an offensive tackle, set him up, get him on his heels and top him over at the point of attack.

“Because he is a little limited in his hip movement, his hand usage is so important to really developing as a rookie and a pro. Braxton Jones will have to get depth off the snap to be able to anchor and set his base earlier versus a power rusher like Thibodeaux. The best comp for Thibodeaux is Jadeveon Clowney. That lower body tightness is noticeable on tape. So how does Clowney win? With an elite first step off the ball and the ability to get offensive linemen to set earlier and then run through them. His physical profile is different from Thibodeaux, but they are similar pass rushers.”


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Kylie Jenner was filmed looking ‘awkward and uncomfortable’ at Paris Fashion Week and it reminds fans of her longtime aversion to fame

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Kylie Jenner Was Filmed Looking 'Awkward And Uncomfortable' At Paris Fashion Week And It Reminds Fans Of Her Longtime Aversion To Fame
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Lala Kent wears a ruched camel jumpsuit on the red carpet

Lala Kent always knows how to turn up the fashion heat for a night out. In April, the Give Them author Lala joined her Vanderpump Rules castmates for the grand opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s brand new restaurant, Vanderpump in Paris, Las Vegas, where she rocked a black-and-white printed mini rose with a lace border. Most recently, Lala stunned in a red carpet-ready look at the Los Angeles premiere of Bros. For the September 28 event, the mother-of-one wore a camel-colored ruched jumpsuit b


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The 10 Best Songs For Friends To Jam Out To

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Best Songs For Friends - Mews
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It’s nice to have friends you can spend time with, and even nicer when you get to jam out with them on some of your favorite songs. Sometimes though, it can be hard to find music everyone will enjoy – that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best songs for friends to jam out to together! Check out the suggestions below and let us know what you think! Happy jamming!

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Best Songs For Friends To Jam Out With Your Friends

1) Dil Chahta Hai – Best Songs For Friends

Photo Credit: Eastern Eye

Dil Chahta Hai is a Bollywood film that was released in 2001, and it has been one of the most well-known songs to come out of it. The song’s soundtrack is by Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy. It’s also a beautiful song because the lyrics are about unconditional love. It’s not just about romantic love either; you can feel the love that they have for their friends while they are singing this song.

2) Daaru Desi – Songs With Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Mews
Photo Credit: YouTube

Daaru Desi is a Punjabi song by Benny Dayal and Shalmali Kholgade. The song is about the joy of drinking alcohol. The music video features Saif Ali Khan, Diana Penty, and Deepika Padukone. The lyrics are from the perspective of someone who has a good time when they drink alcohol.

3) Jaane Kyun – Best Songs For Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Mews
Photo Credit: Masala!

Jaane Kyun is a song about being carefree and happy with your friends. It’s a great song to listen to when you’re hanging out with friends and just want to dance or sing along. The lyrics are in Hindi, but the melody is so catchy that you’ll be able to sing along even if you don’t know the words.

4) Tera Yaar Hoon Main – Songs With Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Ytwera Yaar Hoon Main - Mews
Photo Credit: YouTube

Tera Yaar Hoon Main Song is such a great song to play with your friends. It has a nice beat and lyrics that are easy for everyone to sing along to. This is one of the best songs on friendship. The lyrics are emotional, and it’s really fun to sing together with friends!

5) Main Hoon Na – Best Songs For Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Main Hoon Na - Mews
Photo Credit: YouTube

Friends, who doesn’t love them? They’re the first ones to give you a hug when you’re down, and the last ones to judge you when you mess up. They get your jokes, no matter how lame they are. But sometimes life gets in the way, and friends come and go. That’s why it’s important to make sure that when we have friends, we make the most of it by sharing our favorite songs with them. Main Hoon Na is one of those songs which can be dedicated to friends

6) Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Songs With Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Mews - Tum Hi Ho Bandhu
Photo Credit: YouTube

This song is sung by Neeraj Sridhar & Kavita Seth. This song is about the unconditional love a person has for their best friend. It may not be your typical jamming song, but if you need to find a way to express your feelings for your friends, this one is perfect. I also like that it’s in Hindi so there are no English words that could take away from the meaning of the song.

7) Har Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hai – Best Songs For Friends

Har Ek Kamina Hota Hai -
Photo Credit: YouTube

This song is one of the best songs to make friends sing along with you. It has a catchy tune and lyrics that are easy to remember. And while this song might not be the best pick for a romantic evening, it is perfect for when you’re hanging out with your friends.

8) Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe – Songs With Friends

Best Songs For Friends
Photo Credit: YouTube

This song is from the movie 3 Idiots, which is one of my favorites. The song has a very catchy tune and an upbeat tempo, making it perfect to sing with your friends. It’s so easy to sing along to too! I also love how this song doesn’t have a chorus or any repetition in the lyrics so you never get bored listening to it. It’s a really sweet song that will make you think about all the people you care about and want to spend time with them more often

9) Yaaron – K.K – Best Songs For Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Yaaron - K.k. Mews
Photo Credit: YouTube

Song that you can’t help but love the 20’s retro sound of this song and tune. The lyrics are also really meaningful, so it’s perfect for jamming with a friend and remembering old times together. For a sing-along song that everyone knows, this is one of the best songs to have in your back pocket.

10) Yaar Mod Do Song – Guru Randhawa – Songs With Friends

Best Songs For Friends - Mews - Yaar Mod Do - Image
Photo Credit: YouTube

We all have that one friend who, no matter what you do, seems to be in a really good mood. They’re always down to go out and have a good time and they love hearing new music. If you’re looking for some tunes to help set the mood for your next night out with your friends, this song is just what you need!

Whether you’re with your friends at a party or just hanging out at home, these songs are great for getting that groove on with your besties. From funk to hip hop to pop, there’s something for everyone on this list. Keep in mind that this list is also good for when it’s just you and your buddy.

The post The 10 Best Songs For Friends To Jam Out To appeared first on MEWS.

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