Effective Online Marketing For Small Businesses

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Every small business has a great potential to grow big. The question is always, how? Since all small businesses have limited finances to run different online marketing campaigns, they have to focus their resources to what really matters most. They have to identify which are effective online marketing campaigns from those that do not provide great results. This way, they will be able to maximize the benefits of each marketing strategy and minimize the cost. The problem is, each year, trends change. What are effective last year may not be as effective as today. That said, here are marketing trends worth watching this year:

Online reputation management – As you work hard to put the best picture of your business online, you also try to avoid losing sales because of negative posts to appear on search results. Spend one hour each day creating positive articles about your business. Once the content is ready, ask your friends to share this content on social networking sites.

Google+ – Google+ is still in its infancy stage, so we do not really know about its potential or if it will become an effective online marketing tool. Still, similar websites such as Facebook and Twitter went through their own infancy stages. The point is this: You would want to use Google+ the way you use Facebook and Twitter because it has the potential to be as big. Update your Google+ status as often as you update your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Going Mobile – Smart phones make internet access easier for a lot of people. This is already trend and you should be able ride on it. If you are a small business, creating a mobile app may not be the most effective online marketing strategy, but creating a mobile version of your site is.

Combing online reviews – You cannot please everybody just as you cannot create a perfect product. Just take it from the best companies in the world. Even they have a customer service hotline to address their flaws. So do not take one negative review as the death sentence of your company. Instead, allot some minutes of your day to address concerns of your customers. Always take what customers say against you as something that will help you improve the way you serve them. If they had a bad experience, do not isolate yourself, but offer something to make it right. Remember, constructive criticism can only help your business by forcing you to address certain flaws or missteps.

google news
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