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Mystery surrounding disturbing Polaroid showing girl and boy gagged in van – but friend thinks she’s solved the photo puzzle now

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The Calico Family Were Sure That The Girl On This Polaroid Was Tara

A DISTURBING Polaroid showing a gagged girl and boy in the back of a van has baffled cops and investigators for decades.

It has long been linked to the disappearance of Tara Calico – a 19-year-old who disappeared while on a bike ride on September 30, 1988.


The Calico family were sure that the girl on this Polaroid was Tara
Tara Calico Never Returned After Going On A Bike Ride Near Her Home


Tara Calico never returned after going on a bike ride near her homeCredit: FBI

The girl in gray in the photo – bound and gagged next to an unidentified young boy – has been suspected by many to be Tara.

The eerie snap was discovered in a Florida parking lot in August 1989, sparking an investigation.

And after the harrowing picture circulated, families came forward and claimed they recognized the distraught-looking couple.

The Calico family was certain the girl in the picture was Tara, which meant she must still be alive months after she disappeared.

Law enforcement officials were divided over the photo – with various agencies investigating it providing inconclusive results.

For decades since the Polaroid was found, it has been the source of both hope and sorrow.

It has been circulated in the media and shown on television, and yet the case has been open for more than 30 years.

But now a friend of the missing teenager, who has been investigating her disappearance for years, has said the girl in the photo is NOT Tara.

Melinda Esquibel, Tara’s former classmate, believes her friend was stalked by a group of local boys after she turned down one of the guys who asked her out.

And she believes the teenager was killed the same night she disappeared and was buried just 20 miles from where she died – rather than being kidnapped by whoever was behind the chilling Polaroid.

But it raises a new set of questions – if Tara isn’t the girl in the photo, then who is?

Melinda told The Sun Online: “I know the family believes it is or could be, but the data I have gathered shows it cannot be.

“None of the data I have leads to this girl being Tara.”

I feel like my team and I solved the case

Melinda Esquibel

Tara Calico never returned after taking a bike ride near her home in the town of Belen, New Mexico.

She set off at 9:30 a.m. for the 36-mile route – a route she rode mostly in the mornings, often with her mother, Patty Doel.

But her mother stopped riding her bike because she thought she was being followed by a rider.

Patty encouraged Tara to carry maces to defend herself, but she dismissed the idea.

Tara was last seen on a motorway at 11.45am – witnesses claimed to have seen her being followed by a light-colored Ford pickup.

She had asked her mother to pick her up if she hadn’t returned by 12 noon on that fateful day because she was planning to play tennis with her boyfriend that afternoon.

When she didn’t return, Patty searched along the route and, after not finding her, contacted the police.

The 19-year-old was never seen again, only fragments of her Sony Walkman and a cassette tape were found along the way.

She came up with the theory about Tara’s death after interviewing hundreds of people and compiling a case file with a whopping 25,000 items.

Melinda told The Sun Online: “I feel like I and my team have solved the case but I’m not the authority and there’s not much I can do about arrests.

The Case Is Still Open And Detectives Have Been Investigating For More Than 30 Years


The case is still open and detectives have been investigating for more than 30 yearsCredit: FBI

“So I have to leave that to you. I have no idea if anyone will ever make arrests in this case.”

Based on her years of detective work, she believes the group of local boys pushed Tara off her bike before grabbing and killing her.

And Melinda thinks Tara is buried just 20 miles from where she was brutally murdered.

“I have information that it’s possible that this boy and his friends would grab her four days before the day she was actually kidnapped on September 16, 1988,” she said.

“That would mean it was deliberate and thoughtful.

“Even so, I believe they knew their route, it was followed and followed.

“The boys hit their bike and it blew their minds. She ran away and they followed her, grabbed her, attacked her and then killed her.

“I think her body is buried within 20 miles of where she was struck.

“The details are gruesome as to what happened and what happened afterward.”


Melinda became interested in the case after a news article appeared on the 20th anniversary of her death – 13 years ago.

She said: “Back in 1988, this whole event was very traumatizing for the community.

“I had it blocked until my mom clipped the article and mailed it to me in California. When I read it I started to cry and the wounds just ripped open.

“I couldn’t believe I had forgotten what happened all those years ago.”

Melinda went home to New Mexico and met a group of old school friends who told her, “Oh Melinda, the whole town knows who did it!”

“They then told me a couple of stories that were pretty shocking to me,” she said.

“In that moment, I knew I had to do something.”

Melinda began her investigative work by investigating the sheriff at the time of Tara’s death and conducted hundreds of interviews with locals in the community.

“A few years ago in 2017, an investigator reached out to me after listening to my podcast,” she said.

“He said he could help me turn myself into a proper investigator so that with all the information I was gathering I could actually create records that would be useful to the authorities.

“He spent years coaching me and in the process we put together a professional team of investigators that I would keep on any New Mexico law enforcement every day and we put the case together.

“I shared my findings with the FBI. I never shared them with the sheriff’s office because they weren’t interested in going through it with me.

“They just wanted me to flip it.”

Tara had a bright light all around her. She was funny, serious, smart, playful and friendly

Melinda Esquibel

Melinda’s case record now contains a whopping 25,000 items.

“New leads keep coming in. I add them to the data sets and link charts, so this is a living and breathing document,” she said.

“The frustrating thing is that a lot of the information that’s coming in is rumor, so I have to see how the information fits with what we have, like actual reports, timelines, etc.”

Paying tribute to her beloved classmate, Melinda said: “Tara had a bright light about her. She was funny, serious, smart, playful and friendly.

“That’s how I remember her. She was a high school student and we met in the marching band.

“She showed me kindness and I will never forget that. She showed me kindness when she didn’t have to.

“It says a lot about a person’s character when they do the right thing when no one is looking.

“She and I had more in common than I ever realized.”

Tara Calico Disappeared While On A Bike Ride


Tara Calico disappeared while on a bike ride

Lieutenant Joseph Rowland, the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office agent in the Tara Calico case, told The Sun Online the case could be resolved.

“But one of the difficulties with this investigation is that there is very little physical evidence,” he said.

And also Mr Rowland said the FBI has confirmed it is not Tara in the picture.

“A body has yet to be found. No DNA was found on the first scan. The investigation has now been ongoing for over thirty years.”

Last year, a new lead led to a raid on a home in Belen, New Mexico.

Mr Rowland said: “The search warrant was sealed by a District Court judge, along with the information obtained to meet the probable cause standard in obtaining the warrant.

“I cannot discuss the information that led to obtaining the search warrant.”

But the detective believes the case is “moving forward very well and is in a very active status.”

He said: “My belief that this case is solvable comes from the large number of people who have spoken out about it over the years.

“Belen was a much smaller town in 1988 and almost everyone knew each other. I believe the person or persons responsible for her disappearance are local.”

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Mystery surrounding disturbing Polaroid showing girl and boy gagged in van – but friend thinks she’s solved the photo puzzle now



Best Continuous Glucose Monitors for 2022

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Best Continuous Glucose Monitors For 2022

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes should monitor their blood sugar and keep it under control. This is a huge priority, and while no one likes to prick their fingers all day and test their blood, it needs to be done. Traditional blood glucose monitors can be a pain, but there is another option. Continuous glucose monitoring systems, also called CGM devices, are much more convenient and can be worn and used for long periods of time. This makes it easier to check your blood sugar compared to other methods.

“Continuous glucose monitors offer more intensive monitoring of a diabetic patient’s sugar levels,” said Dr. Rebecca Fenichel, an endocrinologist at Westmed Medical Group. “They’re particularly well suited to patients who need to check multiple times a day, or patients who want more frequent feedback throughout the day.”

Best Continuous Glucose Monitors For 2022

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Loop makes life easier for people with diabetes,…


An important detail to note is that while anyone can buy a regular blood glucose meter, you will need a prescription from your doctor for a CGM system. Doctors may recommend a continuous glucose monitoring device for reasons related to your health situation and lifestyle, but it may not work for everyone’s unique diabetes care plan.

CGM devices can also give you and your doctor more information about blood sugar levels than a standard meter – for example, if your blood sugar starts to drop too low, the device can warn, “which can be a really useful feature to help patients avoid hypoglycemia,” Fenichel said. .”

For this article, we consulted doctors, including Fenichel, and researched the most popular monitors to select the best continuous blood glucose monitors on the market for 2022.

Freestyle free

This meter is recommended by Fenichel and was previously recommended by Dr. Nate Favini, Forward Medical Lead. “For people who want more in-depth insight into their blood glucose levels, I will often recommend the Freestyle Libre for continuous glucose monitoring,” Favini said.

“By placing a sensor on your arm, you can track your blood sugar continuously throughout the day and develop your understanding of what causes your sugar to go up and down. People will often be surprised that foods they thought good for their glucose levels can cause sugar spikes.Although continuous blood glucose monitors are more expensive, they can help you understand what types of foods and exercises are best for you.

To read your blood sugar on the Freestyle Libre, you perform a quick scan with the CGM device to get a reading. There are also optional alarms if your blood sugar gets too high or too low.


“I find continuous glucose monitoring to be a valuable tool in the management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes,” said Dr. Josh Emdur, Medical Director of SteadyMD. “CGM data provides actionable insights to help patients track their glycemic response to dietary choices and activity levels.”

The Dexcom G6 doesn’t require you to scan manually to get a glucose level reading – instead, you get a wireless reading either on a dedicated receiving device or on your phone or Apple Watch. The Dexcom G6 reads your blood sugar every five minutes, keeping track of your blood sugar as long as you wear it night and day. You can set a custom range for where you want your blood sugar to be, and if it falls within the low or high blood sugar ranges you set, you’ll be notified.

“For patients on an insulin pump, the Dexcom G6 can connect to your pump and offer a closed-loop system to turn off your insulin if you drop. The Dexcom Monitor is also approved during pregnancy and offers continuous monitoring that you can see on your phone anytime,” says Fenichel.

Eternal meaning

If you want a device that you can set up and don’t have to worry about reinserting it for up to 90 days, Eversense is a great option for diabetes management. A healthcare professional will insert the sensor, then you will place the transmitter on top.

Once the sensor is in place, you don’t have to change it for about 90 days, a long sensor life. The transmitter itself can alert you if your blood sugar is too high or too low, and you can also get readings wirelessly sent to your phone via an app. You can share your blood sugar data from your app with your doctor or anyone else who wants to check your blood sugar readings.

Diabetes Medtronic

The Guardian Connect system is a CGM that can quickly tell you your current blood glucose readings via a connected app and also gives you easy access to trends and data about your blood glucose over time. One feature that stands out with The Guardian is the “predictive” alerts you can receive regarding your sugar. Unlike other CGM systems that alert you when your blood sugar is already high or low, The Guardian uses technology that predicts when your blood sugar might get high or low, before it happens. Another feature that comes with the monitor is the Sugar.IQ Diabetes Assistant app for diabetes management, which uses your data to help you determine which diet, exercise, and insulin are right for you.

Best Continuous Glucose Monitors For 2022Best Continuous Glucose Monitors For 2022

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COVID-19 vaccines and blood clots explained


More for your health

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical or health advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or health goals.


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John Bolton, former adviser to Donald Trump, would have been targeted by Iran

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John Bolton, Former Adviser To Donald Trump, Would Have Been Targeted By Iran
Placeholder while loading article actions

The Justice Department has indicted a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in connection with an alleged plot to assassinate former Trump national security adviser John Bolton. one of many audacious efforts to kidnap or kill perceived enemies of the Iranian government on US soil, officials said.

The suspect, Shahram Poursafi, 45, remains at large – presumably in Iran, the justice ministry said. He was charged with attempting to pay $300,000 to individuals to kill Bolton at his office in DC or at his home in Maryland.

Federal officials said Bolton’s assassination would have been in retaliation for the US military’s January 2020 killing of Qasem Soleimani, a senior commander in the IRGC, which is a branch of Iran’s military. Soleimani was killed in a drone strike in Baghdad. Iran pledged at the time to respond at a time of its choosing. Officials said Poursafi was acting on behalf of the IRGC’s elite Al-Quds force.

In January, after Tehran imposed sanctions on 51 Americans, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan issued a statement saying Iran was threatening “to carry out terrorist operations inside the United States and elsewhere in the world.” world” and warning that if Americans were attacked, Iran would face “serious consequences”.

Bolton served as national security adviser for 17 months under President Donald Trump, stepping down in 2019 after apparently disagreeing with the president over whether to lift some sanctions on Iran as a negotiating tool.

Bolton’s departure reportedly linked to disagreement over lifting Iran sanctions

Bolton, who did not want the sanctions lifted, was a key architect of the Trump administration’s ‘maximum pressure’ campaign of tougher economic sanctions and threats of retaliation for alleged US support. Iran to terrorism. The idea was to cripple the Iranian economy to the point that its leaders thought they had to give up all nuclear ambitions and missile technology.

Bolton, in a telephone interview, said he had been warned by the FBI first generally and then somewhat more specifically last fall that there was a threat from Iran. “It got more and more serious, and that’s where ultimately in 2021 I asked the FBI if it was appropriate to have the Secret Service involved.”

By December, he was enjoying Secret Service protection, first in unmarked cars, then after Christmas with uniformed personnel in marked cars outside his house, he recalls.

Bolton is one of several former senior officials who were given security details after leaving office to protect them from potential targeting by Iran. Among those former officials are Trump’s former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and his former Iran envoy, Brian Hook.

Poursafi was identified with the help of an FBI informant, posing as a hitman capable of doing the job. Poursafi was put in contact with this person in November through another unidentified individual. The informant chained an increasingly frustrated Poursafi for months, never carrying out the assassination and constantly asking to be paid, while Poursafi said payment would follow the completion of the job, according to the FBI affidavit. in support of the criminal complaint.

Bolton helped the FBI where he could, he said. At one point, the informant, with Bolton’s permission, took two photos of Bolton leaving his office to send to Poursafi. “They [the FBI] wanted to see how far these people were willing to go,” Bolton said. “I was happy to help.”

According to the affidavit, the informant asked Poursafi if there was another individual “who had done Iran worse and whom he should instead target”, and named another former senior US official who did not. is not identified in the affidavit. Poursafi replied that targeting this official was dangerous because there were many people around, “but his time would come”.

At one point, while searching one of Poursafi’s online accounts, the FBI found two November screenshots taken from a map app showing a street view of the Bolton office building .

The indictment comes after 18 months of start-and-finish negotiations between Iran and five other countries, with indirect US participation, on a new nuclear deal to replace the one Trump withdrew from in 2018. The parties met again last week to consider what the European Union, which facilitated the talks, called for “definitive” text. The negotiators adjourned after several days to consult with their respective governments.

Conservative critics have charged in the past that the Biden administration failed to pursue indictments related to assassination threats to preserve the nuclear talks. But Tehran and Washington have said the negotiations are separate from other issues.

Bolton said Iran’s nuclear program “and their terrorist activities” are “two sides of the same coin.” He said, “It makes no sense for any US government to think that this regime in Tehran will honor its commitments when it conducts these operations on the terrorist side.

Last year, the Justice Department charged four Iranians in federal court in Manhattan with conspiring to kidnap Masih Alinejad, an exiled journalist and women’s rights activist who has long been a critic of the Tehran regime. Alinejad has not been identified by prosecutors, but she confirmed on Twitter that she was the intended target.

And a decade ago, an Iranian-American used-car salesman and Texas resident, Manssor Arbabsiar, who had a high-ranking cousin in the Quds Force, pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire and two counts. conspiracy to kill the Saudi at the time. ambassador at a restaurant in Georgetown. Arbabsiar hired a man he thought was a Mexican drug dealer who was actually an undercover informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The following year, Arbabsiar was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

“This is not the first time that we have uncovered Iranian plots to exact revenge on individuals on American soil, and we will work tirelessly to expose and disrupt each such effort,” the assistant attorney general told Reuters. national security, Matthew G. Olsen, in a statement. statement.

But some former officials said the Iranian government suffered no significant consequences for past attempts. “It means touching the actions of Iran’s most senior leaders, for example prohibiting meetings with the Iranian foreign minister,” said Norman T. Roule, former national intelligence officer for Iran in the office of the director of national intelligence. “The Iranian government’s ability to escape serious consequences has most likely convinced Iran’s top leadership that they can take these actions with impunity.”

Karen DeYoung and Josh Dawsey contributed to this report.


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Oakland School Board faces incident at closed Parker Elementary School

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Oakland School Board Faces Incident At Closed Parker Elementary School

OAKLAND — The Oakland School Board had a listening ear during its meeting Wednesday night, as parents confronted board members about last week’s altercation at the Parker Elementary School recently closed.

“It’s ridiculous that our parents are being treated this way and you’re responsible because you’re the superintendent,” former McClymonds High School teacher Ben Tapscott said in a public comment. He had a heated exchange with OUSD Chairman of the Board, Gary Yee.

“We are going to sue you and you for mistreating our parents and teachers. It’s shameful!” Tapscott shouted.

Oakland School Board meeting on August 10, 2022, where a recent altercation between security guards and parents at the recently closed Parker Elementary School was discussed.


“Wrap it up Mr. Tapscott. Wrap it up,” Yee replied.

“I know you want me to finish, but I want you to too,” Tapscott replied.

He wasn’t the only one who had a heated exchange with the board.

“Do you have the answer for me? Have you investigated who assaulted us?” asked Max Orozco, an OUSD parent and now also a school board candidate.

Orozco had his microphone turned off during Wednesday’s school board meeting as he demanded accountability after an incident at Parker Elementary on Thursday, where he and other activists and parents clashed with OUSD security guards as they attempted to occupy the now closed school.

Orozco was one of the parents who said he was assaulted by OUSD security guards.

“This council knows who started and who gave instructions for us to be attacked. It’s part of what I can show what I have left of Parker. I don’t want to take off and show the rest,” said Orozco in a public hearing. comment.

Parker Elementary in Oakland.


Although school board members did not directly respond to public comments, they did address the situation at Parker.

“What happened to him is unacceptable and again there needs to be accountability,” board member Mike Hutchinson said.

“The cost of school closures shouldn’t be you getting beaten up by the district… Nobody should ever get hurt in a process like this,” said VanCedric Williams, another board member of the ‘OUSD.

The parents said that since they do not believe the problem at Parker has been resolved, they will be back here at the next school board meeting in two weeks from Wednesday, demanding accountability.


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The Federal Trade Commission should launch an effort to extend online privacy protections

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The Federal Trade Commission Should Launch An Effort To Extend Online Privacy Protections

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission is expected to begin drafting federal rules to expand online privacy protections as early as Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter.

If passed, the rules could impose significant new responsibilities on companies that process consumer data, including potentially prohibiting certain types of data collection practices, the sources said.


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USD/CAD looks to establish a new bearish leg after falling to a two-month low

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Usd/Cad Looks To Establish A New Bearish Leg After Falling To A Two-Month Low

There were some big moves between the dollar pairs in yesterday’s trade and USD/CAD was no exception as it shrugged off the memory of the jump to 1.2980 last Friday in a drop below 1.2800 following the release of US CPI data. There hasn’t been much relief since the decline with the slight retracement earlier stopping at the 100-day moving average (red line) at 1.2793 – a level that was broken yesterday and has helped stop the downtrend initially on August 1st.

The break below the key technical level is a boost for the sellers and paves the way for the next test of the 200-day moving average (blue line) at 1.2741. This is the key support level to watch now as a break below will open the way for another leg down the pair.

It’s hardly a coincidence that we see the dollar pairs in general approaching the test of another set of key technical levels where a breakout could trigger the next leg down in the dollar.

I would like to say that yesterday’s late oil price spike helped keep the loonie more stable, but given its recent volatility, it’s hard to really pin down such a pattern in oil swings. For now, Dollar sentiment is still the main driver of FX and technicals are defining the action right now, as also seen with the Euro, Pound and Yen.


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California man claims in court documents he caught his wife trying to ‘kill’ him by pouring Drano into his drinks

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California Man Claims In Court Documents He Caught His Wife Trying To 'Kill' Him By Pouring Drano Into His Drinks

A photo appears to show Yue Yu, a dermatologist and wife of Jack Chen, pouring Drano. Chen alleged that Yu was trying to poison her.Courtesy of Jack Chen

  • Jack Chen said he started noticing a “chemical taste” in his lemonade around March and April.

  • A doctor diagnosed him with “two stomach ulcers, gastritis and esophagitis”, according to court documents.

  • Chen installed cameras in the house to see if his wife was poisoning him and claimed to have caught her doing so.

A Newport Beach doctor says he caught his wife poisoning him with Drano three times, according to an application for a restraining order filed Aug. 5 in Orange County Superior Court.

Jack Chen filed for divorce and asked the court to a restraining order against his wife, Yue “Emily” Yu.

Yu was arrested Aug. 4 by the Irvine Police Department, according to a department news release. She was released a day later after posting $30,000 bond.

She has not been charged, and Yu’s attorney, David E. Wohl, told Insider, “Ms. Yu vehemently and unequivocally denies ever attempting to poison her husband or anyone else. “

The husband said his suspicions began around March and April when he said he noticed a “chemical taste” in his lemonade which he usually likes to drink hot, according to court documents.

When he developed symptoms, Chen, who is a radiologist, went to the doctor for an examination, according to the filing requesting an injunction, and he revealed two stomach ulcers, gastritis and esophagitis.

“Based on the diagnosis and my suspicions about the chemical taste, I installed cameras in our kitchen,” according to Chen’s injunction request. “I got footage of Emily poisoning me three times.”

Chen’s attorney, Steven Hittleman, did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but told USA Today that his client recorded Yu putting drain cleaner in his drinks on July 11, 18 and 25.

“After the first video of her poisoning him, he had his morning tea and put Saran wrap on it,” Hittelman told USA Today. “She peeled it off again and put the Drano in it.

Several screenshots in the docs appear to show Yu in the kitchen, pouring a bright orange jug of what Chen says is Drano.

Woman Pouring Drano By Kitchen Table.Woman Pouring Drano By Kitchen Table.

The photo appears to show Yue Yu pouring out the contents of a bright orange jug near the dining table.Courtesy of Jack Chen

Another photo shows a close-up of the bright orange Drano decanter.

Grab Your Hand For A Jug Of Drano.Grab Your Hand For A Jug Of Drano.

Drano Jack Chen’s photo was allegedly used by his wife Yue Yu to poison him.Courtesy of Jack Chen

The court documents preface the poisoning allegations with details of a long history of alleged abuse by Yu and his mother, Yuqin “Amy” Gu.

Chen claimed that his wife and stepmother were physically and emotionally abusive towards him and his two children.

“Emily’s parenting, if you could call it that, revolves around yelling, name calling, verbal abuse, hitting, pushing, pulling and being emotionally abusive,” the documents state.

Yu’s lawyer denies these allegations and stated that “these defamatory and false allegations were made by Mr. Chen in an attempt to gain an advantage in the divorce and custody case he filed against Ms. Yu. , one day after his arrest”.

Read the original Insider article


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