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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy – Navigating the Dark Waters of Website Promotion

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Creating a well-designed website is the first step in your internet marketing strategy

that must be backed up with techniques designed to drive traffic to the website for

successful, long-term results. You wouldn’t consider opening a retail store in a

major shopping mall without signage and you shouldn’t consider having a nice

looking website designed without expanding your web presence in order to be

found on the internet. The following strategy overview is designed to bring about

these results:

  • An attractive website that is complementary to your company image and
    provides your targeted audience with information about you, your company and
    your products and/or services
  • A website that creates a call-to-action in the form of purchase, contact,
    subscription or other commitment from your viewer
  • Create a successful marketing arm for your overall business promotion and
    marketing campaign to promote your business, products and/or services
  • Become competitive in your industry and marketplace by meeting or exceeding
    the industry marketing standards and attracting a qualified audience for your
    products and/or services via the internet
  • Generate and maintain or grow internet traffic to your website resulting in a
    conversion of traffic into sales of your products and/or services

This search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is composed of several processes in

three stages.

Tier I

Website design is the foundation and beginning of a successful internet marketing

strategy. It is true that several websites exist on the internet that are unattractive

but seem to work. If there are aspects of these websites that work, imagine how well

they could do if they simply followed basic design implementation tactics that

resulted in a good image as well as simply pushed information out to the viewer.

These basics are essential for Tier 1 success:

  • Good web design that complements the company image and offline marketing
    campaign products
  • Easy, logical navigation that leads the viewer deeper and deeper into the web of
    information provided by the website
  • Attractive but quick-loading graphics that are pleasing to the eye and
    meaningful to the website.

    • Keyword usage that is search engine-friendly:
    • Utilization
    • Placement
    • Frequency
    • Relevance
  • Coding that is lean, clean and without errors
  • Relevance of content to the theme of the site
  • Changing content that changes frequently
  • Content is king — it’s all about content, content, content

Tier II

Once the website has been created and published, many new website owners think

that the project is finished. But in reality, the real work is just beginning. In order to

create a money-making site, traffic must be generated and driven to the website.

There are several effective methods that can be implemented in Tier II for this to

occur. While all methods may not be required to see successful traffic generation,

some combination of most if not all will probably be needed to create traffic,

maintain traffic and finally, grow traffic to our website with long-term results.

Consider implementing these strategies:

  • Dynamic content is necessary and by updating the website frequently the
    search engines see your website as active, not stagnant. How often should changes
    be made? At the very least, monthly. But the more frequent the changes, the better.
    There are some tried and true methods you may want to employ:

    • Monthly newsletter (or weekly)
    • Tip of the day that rotates to the page using a script from an existing database
      of information at your site
    • RSS feed to public news feeds that update hourly or daily at the least
    • Changes to contact information, staffing, clients, etc.
    • Checking the links frequently to make sure that they are active and valid
    • Simple modification of content from time to time should be done in between
      these regular maintenance tasks which will update the website
  • Good links management results in a positive weight given by the search engines

    for search positioning. The algorithms used for weighting one page over another

    require link popularity assessment for successful traffic to your website. Link

    popularity is also one of the main contributions to Google and Alexa Page Rank.

    How do you achieve link popularity? It can be tedious and requires careful attention

    to the selection of the links, but there are several means that can be employed:

    • Reciprocal Links – Search for relevant and desired web pages with which to
      trade links
    • Purchase Page Rank-based links to boost your relevance and weight in the eyes
      of search engines
    • List with directories, paid or unpaid that will give your website additional
    • Create the links with link text in mind, designed to utilize relevant keywords
    • Link only with websites that have decent PageRank (PR); i.e., PR of 3 at a
      minimum, PR of 4 would be the ideal minimum
    • Blogs – web logs linked to your site or posting to popular blogs with your links
      included to point traffic back to your site; a good strategy is to employ pinging with
      the blog posting
  • Forums — forum participation that allows you to leave your link with the intent

    of attracting traffic back to your site
  • Listing with the few free search engines and directories is essential although

    you won’t see any results for months
  • Develop an email list subscription function on your site with the intent of

    sending e-newsletters and announcements on a regular basis. This subscription list

    can be used for several other campaigns, including the sale of advertising space on

    your newsletter.
  • Purchase sponsorship on other email lists where you can promote your product

    and/or services as well as get your website promoted in the process.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with Google and Yahoo Search Marketing where

    you purchase advertising space for keywords that are popular for your industry if

    you are not in a saturated market. If your business operates in a saturated internet

    market, seek niche keywords for your PPC advertising. Determine your budget first

    and from there, you will know how much you can afford for the positioning your

    desire. It’s all mathematical:

    • Price Per Click = monthly budget/number of clicks or
    • Number of clicks = monthly budget/price per click

    Some combination of price and number of clicks will result from a well-designed

    and constantly monitored campaign. The important result to watch is the conversion

    rate. How many paid clicks convert into the desired result; i.e., new contract, sale of

    product, sign up for e-newsletter, etc.

Tier III

Finally, after the hard-core efforts that are directly related to generating traffic to

your website, you will want to create follow-on, additional traffic that is under your

control. Several methods exist for this strategy:

  • Taking the large list of ancillary keywords that relate directly or indirectly to
    your website, begin purchasing keyword related domain names that will be used to
    create traffic driving websites that point to your money site.
  • Setup satellite pages using the keyword domain names that are heavily
    populated and geared toward keyword designed to develop niche market traffic. As
    you develop niche markets that create new customers, you are going to be able to
    capitalize on those customers for the other products and/or services that your
    company offers by focusing on information sites that link back to your money site
    while informing and attracting these new customers.
  • Create links, backlinks and cross-links between the satellite pages and your
    money site, improving your link popularity for all websites, especially your money
  • Display articles or e-books related to your industry and place these articles on
    your websites being aware of the best location based on keyword dominance.
  • For long-term, viral marketing results, create articles or e-books that you will
    either sell on your website or offer to public domain websites where your link
    information must be retained for use by anyone else on the internet.


In order to determine if the SEO efforts are successful, you must monitor results of

backlinks, PR and web trend statistics. There are many sources for generating this

data as well as programs that will assist in these analyses. Whatever method you

choose, whether it is using specific programs or setting up a spreadsheet for entry

of data, be consistent in tracking the data. There will be fluctuations from day-to-

day. You are looking for general, overall upward trends. Upward progress followed

by maintenance of a strong position with slow, steady growth would indicate a

successful SEO campaign.



Driver Safety – Mobile Phone Usage Whilst Driving

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Driving is an extremely dangerous activity and requires our full focus and attention at all times. A single driver error could potentially lead to a catastrophe and loss of lives! Whilst many motorists think they have full control of their vehicle whilst talking on a mobile phone, research suggests that using a mobile phone whilst driving significantly increases the risk of causing a road traffic accident.

Over three quarters of the UK population are mobile phone users, and subsequently there has been a dramatic increase in the number of motorists who use a mobile phone whilst driving. According to research by the Department for Transport, the reaction times for drivers using a mobile phone are 30% worse than for driving under the influence of alcohol at the legal limit. In fact, you are four times more likely to crash when using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Majority of motorists are aware that usage whilst driving is illegal and those drivers who commit this offense will be prosecuted. However, under the new legislation many motorists are unaware that they may still risk prosecution if they are involved in an accident whilst talking on the phone and using a hands-free kit, for failing to have control. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (“RoSPA”) have stated that “research shows that hands-free phones are no safer than hand-held phones. The main danger of being on the phone whilst driving is disruption of concentration”.

According to research carried out by the RoSPA, using a mobile phone whilst driving can affect your driving in many ways. Drivers tend to veer out of their lane whilst on the phone, even if there is no traffic on the road ahead. They also tend to decrease their speed which clearly illustrates that they are having problems concentrating on their driving whilst talking on the phone. Many are simply unaware of the impact this has on their judgment and drivers often tend to react slower to changes, (e.g. the car in front slowing down).

Many motorists argue that talking to a passenger is equally as dangerous as talking on a mobile phone whilst driving. This is not entirely the case, and whilst talking to passengers can be quite distracting, research suggests that a driver would stop or slow down a conversation if they are faced with a hazard in front. Any passenger would also slow down the conversation as they are in a position to appreciate what is happening on the road ahead of them.

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Introducing The Affordable Website

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I believe web-as-a-platform services have matured to the point of offering exceptional value, and in my opinion, have moved the needle on affordable website design. I also believe this is good news because just creating a website and not marketing it in some fashion is like building a beautiful building in a field without any roads or even a footpath. To say the least, such a location is not going to do much good finding customers or vice versa! Yes, your website may be “beautiful”, but what good is it if no one can find it?

I have seen countless websites go bust-that is-not provide any kind of return on investment. This is why I broke away from the old paradigm of “if you build it they will come” and created Buzz Marketing. I believe in straightforward and modern web design that is easy to access on any kind of device, but the big question that people don’t ask is, what comes after that? My answer: Every website needs buzz factors to drive the best possible traffic. These buzz factors are different for every business and there are no silver bullets. Here are some common website buzz factors that can move the needle on a small business website.

As with any web project, it takes some research and experience before considering which marketing approach may yield the best results for finding desirable web traffic. Even though most business owners don’t like to hear this, it’s important to note that most marketing, despite all of the digital drumbeats promising this and that, is still an exercise in trial and error. Don’t believe that? You are likely 30 years younger than me-just a guess.

Of course, a website does not market itself. It has to be tied into your business model in a way that makes sense for your business. This takes effort and costs money, and it is as important as the website itself. If you’ve been in business for a while this insight is likely redundant, but I’m primarily writing this for new business owners who are at the mercy of many suspect services all clamoring they have “the best” marketing solution.

I’m here to tell you there is no best marketing solution. Every factor that makes marketing work for a company is a variable, and learning to understand those variables for your particular business will be a likely indicator of your future success.

Anyway, to make an affordable website happen for a reasonable design fee, the basic website may lack some goodies like professional copywriting, logo design, virtual tours, e-commerce, a blog, a booking system, a food menu, an event calendar, SEO, and the list goes on! No worries, as I often tell clients, it’s OK to build your website as time and money allows.

If you’re a new business, I don’t recommend going in debt for a website unless you are planning an online business–which in this case–is your virtual storefront and you need what you need to be in business.

What’s important for most non-eCommerce businesses is that you purchase only what you need when you need it. The DIY website is a possibility for business owners that have the time to figure out how to make a website. It’s not for everyone, however.

Consider finding a reasonably priced website starter package from a website design expert that gives you time to focus on growing your business income-not your expenses. If you don’t have the patience and skills to do this yourself, consider a freelance partner who has a pedigree to make it happen for you.

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How Text Message Marketing Helps Small Businesses

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In the modern world, mobile technology and its applications are being aggressively adopted by all and sundry. Of all the mobile applications, text messaging is the most basic and important one, which the mobile users can’t do without. Being aware of this popular option for communication, many businesses have already started taking advantage of text messaging for their marketing activities. Its cost effective nature and high reach is a boon for small businesses, which cannot afford high budgeted promotional strategies. Here, let us learn some of the advantages of text message marketing to the small businesses.

Reaches potential customers directly

Mobile phone is being considered as one of the basic necessities of life by many people today. It is must carry for almost everyone. Small business owners can precisely send messages to mobile phones of specific groups or subgroups in the local area which they serve. They can be rest assured knowing that their messages will reach their potential customers irrespective of the environment, time and location. Since, small businesses do not have large labor or infrastructure to communicate with every customer, this application is very important for them.

Provides brand awareness

Extravagant advertising to promote their brand is definitely not a cup of tea for businesses. In such cases, sending bulk messages to all sections of people describing the brand will for sure be the best strategy in spreading awareness in a very cost effective manner. Text messages can be delivered virtually immediately to a large number of people. No other marketing method has this ability by sending the details right into the potential customers’ pockets. Using this messaging, businesses can get instant and continuous recognition of their brand.

Easy business promotions

Text messaging is simple in nature and has high reach. Due to its simplicity, the communication is precise and up to the point without any gimcracks. This makes text messaging a right tool for small business promotion. Small businesses can use mobile text marketing for a wide range of purposes such as new product launches or arrivals, one day specials, special events, or anything else than can promote their brand in the market.

Encourages repeat sales

Sales are the life givers of small businesses. Without sales, it is difficult for a small business to survive in this competitive world. Since small businesses are not equipped with huge capital, aggressive marketing of their goods is a difficult task, resulting in decreased sales. Small businesses can treat their subscribers and already existing customers as an exclusive group by sending special offers and regular updates on products or services. This increases loyalty and encourages repeated purchases.

Increases customer loyalty

Acquiring a customer is a difficult task, maintaining an existing one is even more difficult. Holding on to customers is the biggest challenge for any business for that matter. However large companies can manage it by various means, but the problem aggravates in small businesses, where losing even a single customer can impact on the entire business. By sending regular updates including offers, discounts and others using text messages, small businesses can maintain a regular personal communication with their customers, which increases loyalty among them.

Reliable performance

Text messaging can be considered a reliable option as more than 90 percent of all text messages are read by the recipients. Various statistics prove that text messaging plays a vital role in generating profits for a company. Small businesses cannot experiment with other marketing methods such as billboard advertising, distribution of flyers, advertising in TV or radio, whose results cannot be measured.


For one reason if the small businesses are bound to rely on text message marketing, then it would definitely be its low costs. Text messaging demands low investment but generates significant profits. Text message enables wide reach, direct communication, aggressive and repeated promotions, customer acquisition and retention at very low rates which otherwise would require huge budget allocations.

A business without communication is just impossible. In this context, low capital firms can blindly rely on text message marketing that spreads the word generating huge returns on investments.

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XPPS Review – What is the XPPS System?

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The Xtreme Postcard Profits System or XPPS for short is a brand new marketing system that hit the marketing in January 2010 and is generating a lot of buzz in the home business industry.

The goal of most entrepreneurs is to somehow to AUTOMATE most aspects of their business especially the lead generation and sales process of their business. The reason for this is because most people do not want to be on the phone cold calling strangers, harassing friends and family or setting appointments to meet people at their homes.

Yet most people do not have a choice because they have not been taught other effective ways to market. Well the Xtreme Postcard Profits System fills that gap in the industry.

What makes XPPS so powerful is that for a small one time fee you get to use a high converting system with top notch copywriting, excellent programmers, and built from the ground up by excellent marketers. This system was put together to generate multiple $100 sales on a daily basis.

The system launched less than 30 days ago and already the numbers that are coming in are amazing. You need absolutely no previous skill, knowledge, or experience and the system will work the exact same for whoever uses it.

With XPPS there is only one thing you need to do to make it work for you and that is to MARKET the system so that you always have an unlimited supply of people taking a look at the your copy of the system. If you do that then you will make $100 sales on a regular basis and so will your team members. The best part is…’massive’ advertising is built into the system. The system gives tons of resources such as the highest converting ads, the best postcards and offline marketing resources to use they also will be launching a massive advertising co op, so you can simply contribute your part and get tons of traffic sent straight to your copy of the extreme postcard profits system.

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Using Unique Customer Service to Improve Business

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My family owns a small antiques business and, although I don’t work there full-time, I’ve learned that they get and keep most of their customers by using a unique brand of customer service.

It all starts with the coffee aisle. My mother keeps a counter with coffee, tee and snack foods in the middle of her main room. In an antiques shop, that’s usually unheard of. After all, those sorts of things have the potential to damage the merchandise. However, my mother would rather have happy customers and a very occasional accident and the strategy works well for her.

Another thing that makes her shop unique is that it’s pet-friendly. In fact, she has a chihuahua dog, Toby, who loves to greet her customers. Many of her regular shoppers bring in their dogs and some even bring in unique companions, like parrots. People love being able to shop with their entire family, including the family pet.

In addition to those things, there’s also a counter with free items, raffles to support local causes, like the fire department, and complimentary newspapers and magazines about area attractions. In general, the place has a very friendly and memorable feel.

Having a memorable feel is what owning a small business is all about, after all. In this economy, you better hope that your business is as memorable as my mother’s. So, start a suggestion box or a poll to see what your customers want and do your best to give it to them. That way, they’ll keep coming back.

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How to Do Digital Marketing for Local Business

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Local marketing can work for any online business whether you really are only local to the place you want to market to or whether you’re a global business.

Start a Local Niche Group on Facebook

The remarkable thing about Facebook is that you can create as many groups as you want to. You can create them for different locations so that you can learn more about your audience in those local areas. Doing this will give you an inside into their thoughts and problems that you can use everywhere.

Add Your Business to Local Directories

One thing you must be careful about is that many directories don’t let you have more than one listing per phone number. You can get more numbers via some of the online services like Google Voice and others.

Contribute Content to Local News Outlets

Locally there are magazines, newspapers, TV shows, radio shows and more that you can be interviewed on, submit content to, and more. Give them a reason to want to feature your story, and you’ll soon become a local celebrity.

Host a Local Contest

You can kick things off by hosting an online contest for your audience who live in specific locations only. Choose a contest that causes buzz. For example, get participants to make a video that can be easily shared.

Optimize Your Site for Local Search

This won’t cost you much at all. Set up your site, or at least a page on your site with local search terms. Don’t keyword stuff, think about the words and the content you put on that page before doing it. You want visitors to feel special when they visit.

Be Easily Accessible

If you want to be trusted by local people, you need to communicate with them. You need to allow them to email you and contact you easily. Don’t hide any of your contact information and make sure they can do it easily.

Get More Reviews

Set up a system that enables you to get more reviews. Set up your autoresponder to automatically ask for reviews after your customer has had enough time to experience results.

Create More Locally Focused Content

When you are focusing on a location consider creating more locally focused content. You may have to get creative doing it, but adding local events, and other related information to your content will help.

Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

One fast way to break into any local market is to find local influencers to mention your name or product. You can often work with multiple influencers at the same time too.

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