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Ashley Graham, 34, Stuns In Hot Pink Bikini 6 Months After Giving Birth: Photos

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Ashley Graham, 34, Stuns In Hot Pink Bikini 6 Months After Giving Birth: Photos

View gallery Image Credit: Swimsuits For All/ MEGA Ashley Graham is living her best life this summer! The gorgeous supermodel took to her Instagram Stories on Friday, July 22 to share some sizzling snaps of herself enjoying a fun pool day while rocking a hot pink bikini. Ashley was joined by her husband Justin Ervin […]



Apple releases updates to fix security flaws in iOS and Safari

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Apple Releases Updates To Fix Security Flaws In Ios And Safari

Apple this week released back-to-back updates for iOS and Safari, both numbered 15.6.1. The iOS update was released on Wednesday and the Safari update was released on Thursday, and both fix security vulnerabilities. Apple wrote that it is aware that these vulnerabilities may have been exploited, so people should update their iOS and Safari as soon as possible.

The iOS update fixes two vulnerabilities that iPhone and iPad users may encounter. One vulnerability could have allowed an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges, and the second vulnerability was in WebKit, the engine that powers Safari and other third-party browsers on iOS. The WebKit vulnerability can also lead to arbitrary code execution by malicious content.

The Safari update also fixes a vulnerability in WebKit, but in some older operating systems. This update is intended to fix a vulnerability that could lead to the execution of arbitrary code on Mac OS Big Sur and Mac OS Catalina.

Apple Releases Updates To Fix Security Flaws In Ios And Safari

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Apple introduces iOS 16 and a bunch of new iPhone features



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Taiwan says it was not told about ‘Chip 4’ meeting

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Taiwan Says It Was Not Told About 'Chip 4' Meeting

Taiwan’s economy ministry said it did not yet have relevant information about the meeting.


Taiwan said on Friday it had not been told of a so-called ‘Chip 4’ meeting that would include it, the United States, South Korea and Japan, but added that the island had always cooperated. closely with the United States on supply chains.

South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said Seoul is expected to attend a preliminary meeting of the four major chipmakers, describing the meeting as led by the United States.

He did not specify what would be discussed.

The timing, location and other details of the meeting have yet to be decided, said a South Korean official who was not authorized to speak to media and declined to be identified.

Taiwan’s economy ministry said in a statement to Reuters on Thursday evening that it did not yet have relevant information about the meeting.

“In past exchanges and dialogues between Taiwan and the United States, the United States offered similar ideas, but there was no specific content at the time,” he added.

Taiwan is a major semiconductor producer and home to the world’s largest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC), a major supplier to Apple Inc.

He was keen to show the United States, its most important international supporter at a time of growing military tensions between Taipei and Beijing, that he is a friend and reliable supplier as a global chip crisis affects car production. and consumer electronics.

Asked about the meeting, Japan’s Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs Noriyuki Shikata said that semiconductors are a “very strategically important industry” for Japan and that “in due course there may be better cooperation between countries”.

(This story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)


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Sylvester Stallone cheered as Vitali Klitschko had an epic, bloody brawl against Lennox Lewis that left him with 60 stitches and put Ukrainian boxing on the map with Oleksandr Usyk and others in the wake.

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Sylvester Stallone Cheered As Vitali Klitschko Had An Epic, Bloody Brawl Against Lennox Lewis That Left Him With 60 Stitches And Put Ukrainian Boxing On The Map With Oleksandr Usyk And Others In The Wake.

Vitali Klitschko showed the world his courage in his role as mayor of Kyiv during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – but it was an epic brawl 19 years ago that shook opinions in the world of boxing from this so-called “quit”.

Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko ended in a loss for ‘Dr. Ironfist’, but it was a heavyweight fight in which the loser proved to be much more than his opponent; an exciting competition that saved the reputation of the two Klitschko brothers.


Klitschko faced Lewis in 2003 and put Ukrainian boxing on the map with his bravery

Klitschko Fought Superbly Against Lewis Despite Being The Third-Choice Opponent


Klitschko fought superbly against Lewis despite being the third-choice opponent

It was also a heavyweight title fight that should never have happened.

The former Klitschko was Lewis’ third-choice opponent in June 2003, a date originally booked for Lewis’ rematch with Mike Tyson.

However Tyson, beaten to defeat in the first fight, waived his contractual right to a rematch, although it was Tyson in the early 2000s, ‘Iron Mike’ ended up fighting on Lewis Day -Klitschko after all, because he was arrested for punching a man outside a hotel in Brooklyn.

Canadian Kirk Johnson was Lewis’ next opponent, but pulled out late due to an injury sustained in training camp.

Cue Klitschko, with only two weeks notice, took on the role of opponent. In coming to terms with the late switch, Lewis clearly didn’t think much of the clumsy 6ft 7in, 31-year-old Vitali – in part because of the loss on his 32-1 (31 KO) record.

In that fight three years earlier, Klitschko had pulled out of a fight he won easily due to a torn rotator cuff.

Klitschko And Lewis Were About To Unleash Six Rounds Of Mind-Blowing Boxing


Klitschko and Lewis were about to unleash six rounds of mind-blowing boxing

“In the Chris Byrd fight, he was winning and he still had about two rounds left – and he decided to quit,” Lewis said before the fight. “That’s why I question his heart, because if it was me, I would have sucked him in for two more rounds and he didn’t.”

Klitschko had won five straight since losing Byrd, but was desperate for a chance to prove he had the heart of a champion; that he was ready to fight through pain and punishment to achieve victory.

This fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles gave him his chance and he grabbed it with both fists.

On HBO’s pre-fight show, analyst Larry Merchant described, “The Klitschko brothers – who look like American villain Ivan Drago from the Rocky movies – come from a country whose world-class fighters don’t come not: Ukraine.”

A wild-sounding statement given the rise of the Klitschkos, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Oleksandr Usyk – who now faces Anthony Joshua for the titles – and many more have since made the country a brilliant boxing hotbed. But that was correct at the time.

Lewis And Klitschko Exchanged Fearsome Blows


Lewis and Klitschko exchanged fearsome blows

Vitali Klitschko was about to put Ukrainian boxing on the map.

After a good first round for the challenger, the fight caught fire in the second, with Klitschko hurting Lewis with a straight right hand that would have demolished a pillar box. This drew a roar from the crowd of 16,000 and the pair began trading power punches.

“It’s Gatti-Ward at the highest level of the ladder!” exclaimed Marchand.

Lewis, 38 and with a career-high 248lbs (18th 4lbs), struggled to get his jab going, but showed a quality not always associated with him throughout his great career: resilience.

As the pair exchanged shots, both were injured but neither went down. Klitschko was getting the upper hand, but it was a right hand from Lewis early in the third round that would eventually settle the fight.

It Was A Bestial Battle Between The Heavyweights


It was a bestial battle between the heavyweights

That jab opened up a horrific gash just above Klitschko’s left eye in the worst possible place.

But Vitali, the man who chose to step out of the ring against the smaller and lighter Byrd, sat stoically in his corner as his team rushed to stem the flow of blood to his face.

More than that, Klitschko went on to win the fight. He landed a clip higher than Lewis and even when the champ fought back – as he did with a titanic uppercut (one eerily similar to the headbutt Anthony Joshua would land on Wladimir 14 years later) – Vitali absorbed them and carried on.

However, a second cut under his eye and worsening damage to his face gave the ringside doctor no choice but to stop this heavyweight classic after six rounds.

Cuts To Klitschko's Face Were Bad Enough To Stop The Fight


Cuts to Klitschko’s face were bad enough to stop the fight

Finally letting go of his emotions, Vitali protested the stoppage by walking around the ring shouting, “No, no, no!”

When he raised his fist, the crowd – including Sylvester Stallone, who must have thought he was sitting in front of one of his Rocky movies – cheered. When Lewis raised his glove in victory, they booed.

Klitschko needed 60 stitches in his face afterwards. However, he had a 4-2 rounds lead at the time of the stoppage and a rematch seemed inevitable.

“If the money is right, definitely,” said Lewis, who added, “He’s lucky the fight was stopped. It was just a matter of time. He was definitely deteriorating. I would have knocked him out in two more rounds.

Stallone Was At Ringside For The Fight


Stallone was at ringside for the fight

Klitschko Was Patched Up And Despite His Loss Received Huge Applause


Klitschko was patched up and despite his loss received huge applause

A heartbroken Klitschko said in the ring: “Right now I feel like the people’s champion. I didn’t want them to stop the fight… He’s a great fighter [but] I won this fight on points. I want revenge. I showed everyone that I could fight Lennox Lewis.

He certainly had, but Klitschko needed to outrun an even tougher opponent to secure a rematch: Lennox’s mother, Violet.

After consideration, Lewis opted to retire rather than fight Klitschko again. In his mind, at 38 and after avenging every setback to his 41-2-1 record, he had done enough. But one story – one echoed by Lewis coach Emmanuel Steward – is that it was Lewis’ mother who ended her son’s career.

“Lennox promised me [a rematch] but his mother decided he wasn’t going to fight,” Klitschko said years later. “He invited me to London, with no managers, he said he just wanted to talk together. I came into the bedroom and his mum is there. We talked for two hours and his mum was looking at me and scanning me. After that I left and he called me a few hours later and said, “Sorry, but no.” I felt it was not his decision, his mother decided.

Klitschko would never get Lewis back in the ring, but he got the next best thing: a fight against original opponent Johnson to unofficially set himself up as Lennox’s successor. He blitzed Kirk in two rounds and Vitali would never lose another fight as he won 13 in a row over two reigns.

Eventually, Wladimir – the most skilled but most vulnerable of the brothers – also became a longtime heavyweight champion. But when Vitali met Lewis in the summer of 2003, Wlad had just suffered a shock knockout loss to Corrie Sanders. It seemed that – with one brother seemingly heartless and the other chinless – the Klitschkos were both destined to be heavyweight flops.

Instead, Vitali showed his inner steel in the loss, withstanding wild cuts and huge reapers to be ahead on points when the doctor stopped the fight against Lewis.

It may have taken a heroic effort to pull it off, but the Klitschko era began in this ring as a blood-soaked Vitali established himself as the successor to the Lewis crown.

Usyk vs. Joshua 2 on talkSPORT

Sylvester Stallone Cheered As Vitali Klitschko Had An Epic, Bloody Brawl Against Lennox Lewis That Left Him With 60 Stitches And Put Ukrainian Boxing On The Map With Oleksandr Usyk And Others In The Wake.


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Brian Stelter dropped by CNN: Why the ‘Reliable Sources’ host was shown the door

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Brian Stelter Dropped By Cnn: Why The 'Reliable Sources' Host Was Shown The Door

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Major changes were expected at CNN when longtime TV executive Chris Licht took over and signaled efforts to restore a less opinionated reputation to the network and improve programming — and the sudden exits of Jeffrey Toobin and Now by Brian Stelter seem to put his vision in place.

Less than a week after Toobin’s exit, the network announced on Thursday that Stelter, the “Reliable Sources” host derided by conservatives for years as a “janitor” for liberal and mainstream media, was out. It will air another show on Sunday.

The writing had been on the wall since high-powered media executive John Malone, a Warner Bros. board member. Discovery, which mentored CEO David Zaslav, said last year that CNN should return to nonpartisan journalism once the liberal network comes under the Discovery umbrella. Months later, on the heels of Zucker’s expulsion ahead of the long-planned merger, Stelter accused Malone of “not watching CNN directly” and relying on talking heads and columnists who complain about the network.

Brian Stelter’s now-canceled show has struggled to attract viewers under the Biden administration.
((Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for WarnerMedia))


Stelter’s fate had long been sealed.

The day Licht was announced as CNN’s new chief in February, everyone around him knew Stelter was toast, a media insider told Fox News Digital. Those in his orbit expected Stelter to be fired because Licht had complained to his peers that the show was bad television. In removing Stelter, Licht’s desires to bring the network back to the middle and purge unexceptional broadcasters overlapped.

Effectively miscast as a political pundit in Donald Trump’s savage era – he went all out on Russiagate, loved Andrew Cuomo’s coronavirus response and once memorably played the hoax cleanup racial Jussie Smollett – Stelter was a Jeff Zucker-era figure who didn’t fit into Licht’s world.

Licht, who accepted the role in February but didn’t officially start until weeks later, was quick to focus on “news,” amid an indication he wanted to steer CNN away from the liberal reputation it she developed under former boss Zucker as CNN and President Trump. became acute mutual antagonists.

Over the next few months, CNN toned down the nonstop “Breaking News” graphic, which became commonplace on the network, and announced that the “New Day” morning show would be “reimagined,” but much of CNN remained. the same. On-air pundits still expressed partisan views, Zucker-era liberals continued to thrive, and low-rated programs were kept on the schedule despite Licht’s goal of “cutting down the show” on the network.

Cnn Ceo Chris Licht Wants

CNN CEO Chris Licht wants to “cut the show” on the network, according to a source close to him.
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery)

The status quo began to change last week when Toobin, the CNN legal analyst, announced his split from the network just 14 months after being taken in after a bizarre scandal in which he was caught masturbating during of a Zoom meeting with his New Yorker magazine colleagues in 2020. While Toobin claimed he had “decided” to leave, insiders told Fox News Digital he likely had no choice given of Licht’s goal of restoring the credibility of the network under the new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.


The polarizing Stelter emerged as one of the CNN personalities conservatives loved to hate because of his constant criticism of illiberal news organizations and his relentless disapproval of Republicans. NewsBusters editor Curtis Houck, who monitors liberal media, believes Stelter was doing more harm than good.

“Stelter is leaving CNN after damaging both the reputation of the network and the reputation of the wider media like few others could. Posing as a media reporter seeking to help explain the profession of journalism to the public and to show how stories are made and shaped, Stelter in effect exposed the national press to the deceitful liberal partisans they have become by inadvertently displaying their arrogance and childish refusal to accept even mild outside criticism.” Houck told Fox News Digital.

“His spiteful apologies, firings and omissions of major media stories and failures have only deepened his reputation as a liberal media janitor and right-wing hate object,” Houck continued. “With this move and the departure of Jeffrey Toobin last week, these past seven days could mark the beginning of a turning point for CNN under Chris Licht.”

In August,

In August, “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter is down 41% among the coveted demographic of advertisers aged 25-54 compared to the same month last year.

However, Houck believes CNN’s “tone and tenor remains indistinguishable” from the Zucker era when it comes to on-air product.

“At the end of the day, that’s what will matter most to viewers in terms of giving them even a shred of confidence,” Houck said.


Licht, who spent the summer assessing who should stay through a thorough review of all talent and executives, still needs to clean up, according to an industry insider linked to CNN.

“Brian Stelter is one of Jeff Zucker’s most embarrassing legacies, and it’s no surprise that he was one of the first people the new regime fired. But canning Stelter is only CNN mixing up the deck chairs on the Titanic,” the insider told Fox News. Digital.

“The partisan liberal rot goes way beyond that,” the insider continued. “Chris Licht will have to bring a hammer to the spot to bring about meaningful change and if the past is prologue it will never happen.”

Stelter first rose in the industry as a TV blogger in college and earned a reputation as a tireless journalist at The New York Times. He wrote a book about morning information wars and was eventually chosen by Zucker to join CNN and take over the Sunday morning media program in 2013, the same year Zucker arrived.

Puck’s Dylan Byers, who previously worked alongside Stelter at CNN, wrote that his former colleague was widely known as “Zucker’s inside media operative” and reported that “many began to wonder if Stelter was vulnerable.” once Zucker was shown the door to a long-planned merger that brought CNN under the control of Warner Bros. Discovery.

“It was a curiosity that resurfaced after Licht was hired,” Byers wrote.


Licht had a ringside seat for one of Stelter’s most embarrassing moments, as he was executive producer of CBS’s “The Late Show” in 2021 when host Stephen Colbert held the CNN reporter’s feet on fire because of the “strange conflict of rules” of its network. regarding then-anchor Chris Cuomo. The exchange was shocking, as Stelter was forced to defend his employer’s handling of Cuomo to Colbert, who was presumably to be friendly with his liberal colleague. weeks later when Zucker was forced to fire Cuomo, largely because of the scandals Stelter was forced to defend.

“In many ways, [Stelter’s] leaving may be the true end of the Zucker era,” Byers wrote.

Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Quietly Parted Ways With Cnn Last Friday Afternoon.

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin quietly parted ways with CNN last Friday afternoon.
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Outkick media columnist Bobby Burack also believes Stelter didn’t stand a chance under CNN’s new ownership.

“He had really become a face of what I think Chris Licht wanted to get away from, which is, you know, a network that will unfairly blanket conservative news media, you know, whether the criticism is still valid or not. It’s become the perception and the perception of a network like this is the reality,” Burack told Fox News Digital, noting that Warner Bros. Discovery “have not been able to fulfill the mission they have set themselves” with Stelter and Toobin on the list.

“As for Stelter, I think he’ll be fine. I know the cool decision now is to bury him, and look, I don’t think he was a good fit for this new era of CNN with Jeff Zucker is gone. But I think he’ll have a market because whether you like him or not, he gets a lot of reactions,” Burack continued. “Overall, it’s a good decision for both parties. For CNN, you’re getting rid of someone who damaged your reputation and who you wanted to change. And for Stelter, he’s probably going somewhere now. more aligned with how he wants to cover the news.”


Others mourned her exit and berated CNN for canceling the show.

“The problem is that killing Reliable Sources doesn’t bring CNN so much closer to the center than it confirms what the network’s worst critics have said, and gives those people the satisfaction of seeing Stelter fired. CNN indeed amplified those voices when it easily defended its longest-running show and made it a part of the network’s future,” Forbes contributor Mark Joyella wrote on Thursday.

It’s unclear what other changes are in store at CNN, where it looks like Licht is finally putting his stamp on the network. In June, Stelter and Jim Acosta were named by an Axios reporter as the faces of the “network’s liberal turn” in the eyes of conservatives. While Stelter is gone, Acosta remains despite a long history of sharp editorialization in his reporting. After an explosive run as a White House correspondent where he constantly clashed with the Trump White House, he began hosting an unapologetically leftist weekend schedule.

The future of CNN’s “New Day” is also unclear, but Licht announced earlier this year that it would be “reimagined.” Current co-host Brianna Keilar has developed a reputation for combative interviews with conservatives, and it’s not publicly known whether she will be part of the revamped morning program set to begin this fall.

Outkick and Fox News share common ownership.


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Oswaldo Cabrera lands his first major league hit in Yankees loss

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Oswaldo Cabrera Lands His First Major League Hit In Yankees Loss

On an otherwise dull day for the Yankees offense, Oswaldo Cabrera provided a bright spot.

The rookie infielder had two hits, including the first of his major league career, in the Yankees’ 9-2 loss to the Blue Jays on Thursday night in the Bronx.

“It was amazing,” Cabrera said after his second day in the major leagues. “At that moment, I was just in the sky.”

Cabrera’s first hit came from Jose Berrios in the fourth inning. He smoked a 107.5 mph line drive to center field and hustled to second for a double. Later he added a single in the seventh inning while going 2 for 4.

The 23-year-old Venezuelan said he planned to give the ball off his first hit to his father Leobardo, who was at Yankee Stadium.

“He’s the person who made this possible for me and my mom,” Cabrera said. “[My dad] helped me in everything. He’s the kind of father who doesn’t buy anything, he buys everything for us. He doesn’t care if he doesn’t eat that night, he makes sure we have food.

Cabrera also looked fluid in his first start at shortstop after playing third base in his MLB debut on Wednesday.

New York Post

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Interglobe Aviation shares fell 2.37%, Jet Airways climbs after Dgca releases domestic aviation data

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Interglobe Aviation Shares Fell 2.37%, Jet Airways Climbs After Dgca Releases Domestic Aviation Data

By 19 August 2022, 11:47 IST (Released)


At the time of writing, shares of InterGlobe Aviation were trading down 1.97% at Rs 1,974.65. Shares of Jet Airways and SpiceJet were trading up 1.27% and down 0.74% respectively.

Airline stocks – InterGlobe Aviation, Jet Airways, SpiceJet – moved mixed on Friday after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation released data for July on Thursday.

Shares of IndiGo’s parent company, InterGlobe Aviation, fell 2.37% and hit an intraday low of 1,974.65 rupees. Jet Airways shares jumped 4.5% and SpiceJet fell 1.4%.

According to data released on Thursday, domestic airlines carried 97.05 lakh passengers in July, down 7.7 percent from June. Overall, 6.69 million people traveled on domestic flights during the January-July 2022 period.

IndiGo’s market share continued to increase and held the largest share, followed by Vistara, Air India and GoFIRST.

Share of passengers in the domestic market

IndiGo – India’s largest carrier – carried 57.11 lakh passengers in July, a 58.8% share of the domestic market, the DGCA said.

Vistara carried 10.13 lakh passengers and Air India carried 8.14 lakh passengers in July this year, according to data shared by DGCA.

Go First, SpiceJet, AirAsia India and Alliance Air carried 7.95 lakh, 7.76 lakh, 4.42 lakh and 1.12 lakh passengers respectively in July, according to the data.

Occupancy rate

However, passenger load factor (PLF) – which gauges how efficiently a transport provider fills seats and generates fare revenue – fell for IndiGo, AirAsia India, GoFIRST in July from a month on the other. Vistara and SpiceJet reported an increase in PLF.

SpiceJet’s load factor or load factor was 84.7% in July, the DGCA noted. The occupancy rate of Vistara, IndiGo, Go First, AirAsia India and Air India was 84.3%, 77.7%, 76.5%, 75.2% and 71.1%, respectively, in July, he added.


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