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I make up to $10,000 a month doing eight simple “Selling and Skilling” side hustles – they can be done with very little effort

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With Prices Up By As Much As 35%, Americans Are Looking For Another Source Of Income

AMERICANS looking for additional money-making opportunities should consider trying out some that could make them thousands of dollars.

A study published by insurance marketplace Insuranks, which surveyed more than 1,000 working Americans, found that a whopping 93% will have a part-time job by 2022.


With prices up by as much as 35%, Americans are looking for another source of income
This Side Hustle Earned The Money Expert Up To $500 A Month


This side hustle earned the money expert up to $500 a month

The latest inflation rate is 9.1%.

With food prices rising by as much as 35%, Americans want to make some extra money.

Real estate agent and investor Graham Stephan revealed nine of them that could make you up to $10,000 every month in a recent YouTube video.

We’ve put together the best ones below.

It is important to note that some require investment.

I'M An Entrepreneur - These Are The Best Side Hustles To Make $1,000 A Month
I'M A Marketing Coach - The Best Part-Time Job To Make Up To $10,000 A Month

If you do this, remember that you are never guaranteed to make a profit and the value of your wealth could actually go down.

1. Rental hacking

This method could work with no money out of pocket, according to Graham.

You can rent your bedroom or additional storage space such as garages through the Airbnb marketplace.

One of Graham’s podcast co-hosts, who goes by the name of Jack, did this.

“He ended up making an extra $100 a night just for hosting an occasional guest.”

He added that he’s also seen people rent out some of their garages and make between $200 and $500 a month.

But Graham admitted there might be a bit of a “learning curve” and that it might not be 100% passive income.

2. Sell old things

Chances are you have at least something at home that remains just a dust collector.

So why not make money out of it?

You can use marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist and eBay.

All you have to do is take photos and let the buyer handle the shipping.

While this won’t take much time, you’ll likely run out of items to sell.

But it’s a good option to earn a little extra cash, especially for beginners who dabble in the side hustle first.

He said: “You can use this money for other areas like investments [and] dividend stocks.”

3. Side job

This might sound like a popular idea, but if you’re struggling to find a part-time job you enjoy, a part-time gig might make the most sense.

There is currently a massive labor shortage – which means employers will likely take whatever they can find.

Also, finding another employer and being included on the payroll will guarantee you an income.

“For anyone who wants to make some money without risk, this is the way to go,” Graham said.

According to research marketing firm Statista, there were 11.25 million job vacancies in May.

4. Start a business

Being your own boss can feel rewarding, but it may require a little more work in the beginning.

That’s because you have to build it from the ground up.

In Graham’s case, his YouTube channel started as a side hustle.

Almost every night when he was working full time, he would work on his YouTube channel between 6pm and 1am.

“I did this for years until I finally went full-time because I enjoyed it so much,” Graham said.

“But that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t used my nights [for something] I was really excited.”

Additionally, Graham said that kind of income could be something to fall back on if you happen to lose your job.

5. Focus Groups

In this side business, companies seek feedback on their products and services before they go to market.

Certain focus groups may have requirements associated with them, which may include specific skills.

For example, you may be required to work in the healthcare industry to participate in a focus group study.

Graham said when he did this he made between $5 and $500 for just a few minutes to a few hours of his time.

“Most of the time, if you qualify, it’s worth it,” Graham said.

6. Turn objects over

It may sound like you have to invest money to get started here – but the truth is, you don’t have to.

Graham revealed a trick where you visit Craigslist and select the “free” section under the “for sale” catalog.

While he said it was “junk” most of the time, you can find something worth the money.

For example, Graham came across a leather couch and grand piano.

He said, “It’s all something the right person with the right publicity would pay money for.”

There’s no downside since it’s free – apart from your back, that is.

7. Dividends

The next acts as a passive income that is generated automatically without putting in a lot of time and effort on a daily basis.

However, remember that this requires knowledge as it often involves investing in a stock.

Some companies offer a dividend, which is a portion of profits paid to shareholders and is usually paid quarterly.

Of course, not all stocks offer dividends, so you might want to take a closer look.

How much you get in dividends could depend on how many shares you own and what the yield is.

For example, the average return in the financial sector is about 4.1 percent and utilities pay about 3.96 percent.

“That means if you invest in one of these stocks, you could make $2 to $4 a year without doing anything.”

8. Income from capital gains

When you sell your stock gains, you receive what is known as capital gains.

However, keep in mind that you may be subject to capital gains tax, a fee you have to pay on your winnings.

If you earn more than $41,675 in 2022, the tax will accrue after you sell a share.

If you keep your shares, you don’t have to pay taxes, which means you can look forward to an increase in your holdings if you make the right investment.

The only thing you would tax is your dividend.

Plus, there’s more good news about holding your stocks longer.

He said: “The capital gains tax rate is generally much lower for investments that you’ve held for more than a year.”

“Use that to your advantage, especially when you’re young and don’t make a lot of money.”

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For more information on how you can make a little extra money, check out Five Ways You Can Do It With a New Home.

Also, see how you can be rewarded by participating in Play-to-Earn games.

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I make up to $10,000 a month doing eight simple “Selling and Skilling” side hustles – they can be done with very little effort



Motorist sentenced to 6 years in woman’s fatal hit-and-run on St. Paul’s East Side

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Michael John Friend, 65, (Dob: 09/22/1956) Was Charged In Ramsey County District Court With Criminal Vehicular Homicide For A Hit-And-Run Collision That Killed My Ger Vang, 34, On St. Paulís East Side On Monday, Dec. 20, 2021. (Courtesy Of The Ramsey County Sheriff'S Office)

A motorist who fatally struck a pedestrian and left the scene last year on St. Paul’s East Side was sentenced Wednesday to more than six years in prison.

Michael John Friend (Courtesy of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office)

Michael John Friend, 65, of St. Paul, pleaded guilty to criminal vehicular homicide in June in connection with the Dec. 20 death of 34-year-old My Ger Vang, who was walking near the intersection of Third Street and White Bear Avenue when she was struck and killed.

Ramsey County District Judge Edward Sheu on Wednesday denied a motion by a county public defender asking for a downward dispositional departure from state guidelines and to give Friend a stayed sentence and probation.

Sheu gave Friend 75 months in prison, which is the low end of sentencing guidelines for the conviction. The presumptive guideline sentence is 88 months.

Friend will receive credit for 233 days already served in custody.

According to the criminal complaint, Vang was walking near the intersection of Third Street and White Bear Avenue about 8:30 p.m. when she was struck by Friend, who drove a white 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan.

Police found Vang unconscious in the street with significant injuries. She later died at Regions Hospital.

The next day, Friend turned himself in to police and admitted he was the driver of the minivan that hit Vang, according to the complaint.

“I’m the person who hit that lady,” he said to police, according to the complaint. “I take full responsibility as far as what happened.”

He was accompanied by a woman who said Friend took her vehicle without permission and had later admitted he had been in an accident. She told police he told her that he had hit a person and left the scene.

Friend told her there was damage to her windshield from the collision. He said he believed Vang was still alive when he drove off.

St. Paul officers found the minivan parked at Mounds Boulevard and Earl Street in a parking lot. It had cracks to the windshield and front-end damage near the passenger side.

In an Aug. 4 court motion, Friend’s attorney Erik Sandvick said Friend “panicked and drove away,” but turned himself in to police the next day. “Through his actions, he helped the solve this case and started the process of bringing closure to Ms. Vang’s family,” he wrote. “While his actions do not rise to a level of a legal defense, they do show his acceptance of responsibility for his actions.”

Police reports do not indicate that Friend was speeding, swerving or driving recklessly at the time of the accident, Sandvick wrote. Vang stepped out from between two cars into the street — not in a crosswalk or at an intersection, he noted.

According to Sandvick, the final autopsy report showed Vang had a blood-alcohol content of 0.21 percent and the presence of amphetamines and methamphetamine.

In a Tuesday memo arguing for the judge to stick with sentencing guidelines, Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Ambrosia Mosby-Velasco noted how Friend was previously convicted of multiple misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felonies.

At the time of the hit-and-run, Friend was serving probation after being convicted of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in July 2020, “which the state believes is a showing that he is not particularly amenable to probation,” Mosby-Velasco wrote.

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Businesses must prepare for future cyber threats, says former CISA director

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Businesses Must Prepare For Future Cyber Threats, Says Former Cisa Director

What is happening

Speaking at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference, former CISA director Chris Krebs said US companies need to strengthen their cyber defenses and think about the future.

why is it important

Cyber ​​threats from state-sponsored hacking operations, as well as sophisticated cybercriminal gangs, continue to rise.

Businesses must think ahead when making security decisions today, as threats around the world continue to rise, said the former director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. United.

The ranks of cybercrime groups continue to grow, as do state-sponsored hacking operations from countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iranas well as other less obvious ones, Chris Krebs told a crowd during the keynote speech at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference on Wednesday.

The annual Las Vegas, Nevada event brings together thousands of hackers and other security professionals each August, although attendance has dropped slightly from previous years, with some regular attendees opting instead to the online version of the conference following the global pandemic.

Krebs, who oversaw election security in the 2020 presidential election and was tweeted out of his post by President Donald Trump, currently runs a consulting firm with former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos. At CISA, Krebs ran a government website debunking false allegations of voter fraud. His dismissal drew backlash from the cybersecurity community and lawmakers.

Specifically, Krebs said Wednesday that every company needs to think about how its security might be affected by a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. While he’s not sure if that will happen tomorrow or six months from now, Krebs says based on conversations he’s had with national security officials, Chinese military action is almost inevitable.

Meanwhile, corporate IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and companies are collecting more data than ever before, making the idea of ​​attacking them more appealing.

“We have a pathological need to connect things to the internet,” Krebs said, noting that the average person has data-collecting devices in their car and home, as well as in and on their body.

“These things generate an incredible amount of data exhaustion, digital exhaustion,” he said, adding that overall these devices are getting more complex, not less.

Krebs said that CISA, under the direction of current manager Jen Easterly, does a lot to secure both government agencies and businesses, while managing to remain non-partisan and apolitical. But he says it will largely be up to cybersecurity professionals, like those at Black Hat, to do the hard work.

“I’m confident we can solve this problem,” he said. “We can move forward and get the safety results that we’re trying to get.”


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Saints’ veteran Dereck Rodriguez hoping, but not waiting, for a chance

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Saints’ Veteran Dereck Rodriguez Hoping, But Not Waiting, For A Chance

Dereck Rodriguez is one of 32 pitchers who have appeared in a game for the Twins this season, and one of seven on the current Saints roster to do so. The owner of 52 major league appearances over four seasons has pitched well in his first season back with the organization nut has only one early season appearance with the Twins to show for it.

Rodriguez said there is no frustration on his part in not being able to contribute more to a Twins team that has been desperate for quality pitching for most of the season.

“This is my 11th year. I’m 30 years old. I know how this thing goes,” the right-hander said after the Saints’ 2-0 victory over Columbus on Wednesday at CHS Field. “I’m good. I’m here with my family and just playing ball.”

The Twins called Rodriguez up on April 13. After allowing three runs in four innings, he was sent back to the Saints on April 17. He has become one of the Saints’ most consistent pitchers, as a starter and in relief, yet a handful of other pitchers have been called up while others have been added via trades.

“I know who I am, I know the style of pitcher I am,” Rodriguez said. “(I’m) just trying to be consistent, just trying to keep the walks down and limit baserunners. I’m not going to blow fastballs by guys, so I need to keep the ball moving. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, and it’s been working out.

“I know I can get guys out — anywhere. I just need a shot.”

Rodriguez (6-3) got the start on Wednesday and left after three scoreless innings, lowering his earned-run average to 4.09. Saints pitching coach Virgil Vasquez said Wednesday that Rodriguez “had a little spasm,” but Rodriguez downplayed any injury issue, saying he was only scheduled to pitch three or four innings before handing things off to Ronny Henriguez.

Rodriguez was named International League Pitcher of the Week last week after allowing no runs on three hits over six innings in a win over Omaha. He retired the final 14 batters he faced.

Vasquez praised Rodriguez for his professionalism and for making the most of his opportunity.

“He’s really taken off,” the coach said. “I just want him to get more opportunities. He’s been adapting to anything we ask of him. Really impressed with him. You never get to choose when your shot comes, but I know he’s ready for one.”

Rodriguez said there has been no communication with anyone from the Twins regarding a September call-up. He said he simply focuses on being prepared for the next time he’s asked to pitch. At the same time, he knows he’s pitching for opportunities beyond this season.

“I’ll finish this year and hopefully I get the call-up and something good happens,” he said. “At the end of the day there’s 30 teams out there. I can get called up in September, or, ‘Thank you,’ and on to the next one. That’s how this game is.”

Rodriguez said he would not need a September call-up to consider re-signing with the Twins.

“I like it here,” he said. “This is my eighth year with the organization now. It’s like a family for me. You never know. I’m just going to keep pitching and do what I’ve been doing and leave that up to them.”


Henriquez pitched 3⅔ innings and allowed only one hit to earn the victory. Veteran newcomer Brad Peacock got the last four outs for the save.

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Can’t stop shopping in Abercrombie’s dress section

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Can'T Stop Shopping In Abercrombie'S Dress Section

We’ve independently selected these products because we love them, and we think you might like them at these prices. E ! has affiliate relationships, so we may receive a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not by E!. Prices are correct at time of publication.

TikTok loves the new and improved Abercrombie & Fitch, and so do I. From chic and on-trend styles to extended sizes to the flattering fit of their pieces, it’s no wonder the store is so popular, and they’ve done it again with their dress section.

If you’re looking for the perfect vintage-inspired slip dress, a romantic maxi dress for sultry summer nights, or a sophisticated look that’ll make you the best-dressed wedding guest, you’re here. at a good place. Some of these styles are on sale now, so you’ll want to add them to your cart ASAP. Is there anything better than having a package delivered, especially when it comes to a gorgeous dress?

The best part about these styles is that they all come in petite, regular, and long sizes, so you don’t have to worry about mini dresses that are too short or midi dresses that hit you at an awkward length. Scroll below for 16 on-trend dresses that are perfect for the last days of summer.


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North Dakota abortion clinic opens at new Minnesota site

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North Dakota Abortion Clinic Opens At New Minnesota Site

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — The operator of North Dakota’s only abortion clinic said Wednesday the clinic has opened in its new location in Moorhead, just weeks before it’s likely to be forced to close its Fargo location under a statewide abortion ban there.

Red River Women’s Clinic has a lawsuit pending seeking to block a trigger law in North Dakota that, as in many other states, was set to go into effect if the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade precedent establishing a nationwide right to abortion. But owner Tammi Kromenaker, with the aid of some $1 million in donations, worked anyway to find a new location just a couple miles away in Minnesota, where abortion remains legal.

Volunteer escorts in rainbow vests and umbrellas stood ready to walk patients inside, while a handful of protesters demonstrated.

Kromenaker, in a text message, confirmed the clinic’s opening, saying she and employees “mourn leaving North Dakota” after 24 years there.

“We had worked night and day in order to be ready to see patients in the case that we did not get relief from our trigger ban challenge,” Kromenaker said. “We are so grateful to the many volunteers who helped make this move a seamless reality.”

An Aug. 19 hearing is set before a state judge in the clinic’s lawsuit, which argues that North Dakota’s constitution grants a right to abortion. The clinic has faced an Aug. 26 deadline to close in Fargo.

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The Antioch family find a 4-foot rattlesnake in their garden; the situation is increasingly common, according to experts

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The Antioch Family Find A 4-Foot Rattlesnake In Their Garden; The Situation Is Increasingly Common, According To Experts

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) — As the California drought continues to worsen, the hot, dry weather continues to affect us all.

On Monday in Antioch, a family found a 4-foot rattlesnake in their garden, just feet from their sliding glass door.

The video of this snake has been recorded and you can hear the loud rattles in it.

“My wife got pictures of her fangs. The snake meant business,” Kelly Ouimet said.

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The snakes in the courtyards are not out of the ordinary. Experts say they are becoming more common.

Luis Antonio Fraser of said that this year, as the dry and hot weather continues, snake calls are coming in large numbers. Now is the birthing season for rattlesnakes. By 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, Fraser had already received three rattlesnake calls.

“We get a lot of calls for baby snakes,” Fraser said.

But the serpent of Antioch was not a baby.

“It’s the biggest we’ve found in our yard,” said Kristi Ouimet.

VIDEO: Foster City officials approve plan to kill up to 100 Canada geese

The Ouimets got to work, using two snake catchers to get hold of this one.

“With rattlesnakes, we don’t mess around, they’re poisonous. They’re deadly, they’re dangerous, they’re not in danger, so we never move them. We just scoop their heads off with a shovel,” said Kristi said.

The snake the Ouimets found was about as big as their 11-year-old son, Matthew.

Neighbors in the area near Black Diamond Mines Regional Reserve say the rattlesnakes have come out.

“I’ve seen more this year actually than the previous years when we had no water. It looks like they’re coming back to the houses looking for water, plants and grass” , Giovanni said. Chamberlain who lives in the area.

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“(They) seek irrigation, water and shade,” Fraser said.

All of them are in the Ouimets’ garden, a few meters from where the rattlesnake was found, as well as a few meters from their sliding glass door.

“Two of our three kids are also transplant recipients, and I really don’t want to know what’s going to happen with a kid who’s had a transplant and has to deal with one more snakebite,” Kristi said.

While the Ouimet family killed the rattlesnake in their yard, the snake catcher we spoke with said they didn’t kill the snakes. They will move them to areas away from where they are. Those at say they have employees located in northern and central California, including the Bay Area, Sacramento area, and Central Valley.

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