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Vladimir Putin news – Russian officials admit to BRUTAL Odesa bombing after US accuses of Putin of ‘lying’

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Vladimir Putin News – Russian Officials Admit To Brutal Odesa Bombing After Us Accuses Of Putin Of ‘Lying’

RUSSIAN officials have admitted responsibility for the BRUTAL bombing of Odesa, just hours after a successful talks had concluded, reports Al Jazeera.

Missiles hit Odesa’s port, just hours after Moscow signed a deal with Ukraine and Turkey leaders, agreeing not to launch missiles at Ukrainian ports.

The deal also allowed the lift of a blockade Russia forced in place, stopping grain from being exported from Ukraine.

“It took less than 24 hours for Russia to launch a missile attack on Odesa’s port, breaking its promises and undermining its commitments before the UN and Turkey under the Istanbul agreement,” said Oleg Nikolenko, Ukrainian foreign minister.

It is unknown how many casualties are reported from the strike.

And now, after initially denying the attack, Russian officials have admitted to enacting the bombing, reports Al Jazeera.

“Kalibr missiles destroyed military infrastructure in the port of Odessa, with a high-precision strike,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova  said on Telegram.

Read our Ukraine war live blog below for the latest up-to-date news…

  • Russian oligarchs’ citizenship bids scrutinised in Portugal

    Portugal is exploring the citizenship applications of two Russian oligarchs – one of whom is under US sanctions, the Government has said.

    Al-Jazeera reports that Russian-Israeli diamond oligarch Lev Leviev and Russian property developer God Nisanov are the latest high-profile Russians known to have applied for citizenship in Portugal.

    The two men’s citizenship applications are “pending analysis”, Portugal’s Justice Ministry said in a statement, without giving further details.

  • Odesa official slams Russia for ‘lying’ after port bombing

    Oleksiy Goncharenko, an official working in Odesa, has accused Russia of ‘lying’ after they denied launching missiles at the port of Odesa.

    “They are lying all the time. Four missiles, the most powerful and the most precise of all Russian missiles, attacked Odesa,” Goncharenko told Al Jazeera from Washington, DC.

    “It is clear who did it. Russia doesn’t want any grain deal. They want as much chaos as possible,” he said.

    “They want people starving in North Africa and the Middle East and other regions. They want people to suffer and have social unrests and hunger riots. That’s why immediately after they signed the deal, they started to disrupt it,” he added.

  • Russian losses as of July 23

    Russian losses are approaching 40,000, report the Kyiv Independent.

    On top of this, the country has lost 221 planes and 1,708 tanks.

    This comes after the world watched in shock as Russia attacked the port city of Odesa.

  • US demands Russia be held accountable for Odesa attack

    After seemingly positive talks between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey, the former has now launched a series of missiles at the Ukrainian port of Odesa.

    The world has responded with shock, demanding Russia be held accountable.

    “The Kremlin continues to weaponize food. Russia must be held to account,” US Ambassador Bridget Brink wrote on Twitter, according to Al-Jazeera.

  • Damage on Odesa’s port ‘relatively minor’, BBC claims

    Speaking live from Kyiv, the BBC’s diplomatic correspondent, Paul Adams, reported that damage to Odesa’s key infrastructure is “relatively minor.”

    This comes after many believed the attack could have crippled the port’s ability to ship goods and equipment.

    Ukrainian foreign ministry said the strikes were a “spit in the face” after Turkey and the UN had organised the deal between Ukraine and Russia, to stop Russia from bombing Ukraine’s ports.

    Russia has denied responsibility for the bombings.

  • Catch all the most important live updates

    Stick with The Sun to get all the most important updates about Ukraine.

    Readers are given updates every 30 minutes, with breaking news posted straight away.

  • African Union praises crucial Russia-Ukraine grain agreement

    The African Union has praised a crucial agreement between Ukraine and Russia, according to Al-Jazeera.

    It will enable Kyiv to continue exports of grain through the Black Sea and relieve a global food crisis.

    “The Chairperson of the African Union Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat welcomes the signing by Russia and Ukraine of agreements,” a statement said.

  • Military airfield in central Ukraine attacked by missiles

    13 Russian missiles struck a military airfield and railway infrastructure in the Kirohovrad region today, Sky News reports.

    The area’s Governor Andriy Raikovych claimed a number of people were killed and wounded in the attacks, but did not provide more details.

    He stated rescue teams were working at the impact sites.

    The Kropyvnytskyi district of the capital has been left without electricity by the strikes.

  • ‘High risk’ constructing alternative bridge in Dnipro

    Britain’s Ministry of Defence has been unable to confirm claims made by Ukraine that Russia will soon construct an alternative, military pontoon bridge across the Dnipro. 

    Sky News reports that the government department said that Russia prioritises preserving its military bridging capability but “any attempt to construct a crossing of the Dnipro would be a very high-risk operation”. 

    It added that if Russian troops were denied crossing the Dnipro, it would be a “significant” blow for Moscow. 

  • Ministry of Defence: Heavy fighting in Kherson Oblast

    The Ministry of Defence said that in the last 48 hours Ukraine’s military proceeded with their offensive in the Kherson Oblast, west of the River Dnipro. 

    Sky News reports that Russia will try to halt the Ukrainian advance using artillery fire along the Inhulets River. 

    It added that the supply lines of the Russian army west of Dnipro are “increasingly at risk”. 

    “Additional Ukrainian strikes have caused further damage to the key Antoivsky Bridge, though Russia has conducted repairs,” the update stated. 

  • Black Sea ports can resume grain exports after deal agreed by Moscow and Kyiv

    The agreement, which was also signed by the UN and Turkey at a ceremony in Istanbul, boosts hopes an international food crisis aggravated by the Russian invasion can be eased.

  • America discussing US-made fighter jets for Ukraine

    The United States is considering whether it can deliver American-made fighter jets to Ukraine, a White House spokesman has confirmed.

    The move is not something that would be done straight away, White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters in a briefing. 

    “It’s not something that would be executed in the near-term,” Kirby said. 

    Such a move would be a significant boost in US support for Ukraine in its battle against Russia, according to Sky News.

  • Zelenskyy: Ties with UK remain strong

    Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy said he had chatted with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, according to Sky News.

    Mr Johnson is due to exit Downing Street in September after his successor is chosen.

    Mr Zelenskyy said: “I spoke today with a great friend of Ukraine, Boris Johnson.

    “First of all, about security and defence cooperation. We are waiting for a new package of military support.

    “Relations between Ukraine and the UK are built on common values.

    “And no matter what happens in politics, the ties between our countries and societies will only strengthen.”

  • Zelensky claims Russia did everything to destroy the very potential of Ukraine’s exports

    Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made his first comments about the agreement reached earlier on Friday regarding the exporting of the country’s grain.

    He said: “From the first day of the full-scale invasion, Russia did everything to not just close Ukraine’s access to the sea, but to destroy the very potential of our exports – port infrastructure, our railways, warehouses and silos. We did not allow it.

    “And now we can not only restore the operation of our ports on the Black Sea, but also keep them protected. This has been worked out with our military and with our intelligence. The military assured me of one hundred percent control of the approaches to our ports.”

  • HMS Portland’s fearsome arsenal

    RAF fighter jets have been forced to intercept Russian warships close to the UK 136 times since 2005.

    The HMS Portland has a crew of 180 and a top speed of 28 knots (32mph).

    Among its fearsome arsenal are 32 Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles, eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, a 4.5in naval gun, two 30mm guns and two Miniguns.

    The Severodvinsk and Vepr are both armed with Kalibr cruise missiles.

    It follows reports that the Royal Navy is developing drones to hunt for Russian submarines to free up pilots for other missions.

  • Royal Navy scrambles submarine hunter warship to intercept Russian vessels

    The Royal Navy was forced to scramble a warship after two Russian cruise missile submarines entered the North Sea.

    Britain’s submarine hunter HMS Portland carefully shadowed Vlad‘s subs after they surfaced northwest of Bergen in Norway.

    The Type 23 frigate shadowed the submarines as they made their way from the Arctic to St Petersburg ahead of Russia‘s Navy Day celebrations on July 31.

    One of the RAF’s new long-range maritime patrol aircraft, the P8 Poseidon, also worked with HMS Portland to hunt and track the submarines.

    The Russian subs, the Severodvinsk, and the Akula-class attack submarine Vepr, surfaced in the North Sea in separate incidents on July 16 and 19 separately.

    HMS Portland’s Commanding Officer, Commander Tim Leeder, said: “Our success on operations marks the culmination of many months of specialist training and exercises.”

  • Ukrainian forces continue to repel Russians say UK’s Ministry of Defence

    Ukrainian forces continue to repel Russian troops in the Donbas according to the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

    In their latest intelligence update the Ministry said: “In the Donbas, Ukrainian forces continue to repel Russian attempts to assault the Vuhlehirsk power plant.

    “Russian artillery remains focused on areas around the cities of Kramatorsk and Siversk.”

  • Military airfield in central Ukraine attacked by missiles

    13 Russian missiles struck a military airfield and railway infrastructure in the Kirohovrad region today, Sky News reports.

    The area’s Governor Andriy Raikovych claimed a number of people were killed and wounded in the attacks, but did not provide more details.

    He stated rescue teams were working at the impact sites.

    The Kropyvnytskyi district of the capital has been left without electricity by the strikes.

  • Germany delays defence weapon delivery

    The Kyiv Independent has reported that a delivery for weapons has been held up.

    According to anonymous Ukrainian officials, missile defence systems are being held by Germany’s Federal Security Council.

  • Strikes on Odesa is a ‘spit in the face’ on Ukraine following deal signing

    Russia’s ministry of defence have denied responsibility for the missile strike on the Black Sea port.

    The sea trade port was attacked, and the Ukrainian military said the missiles hit the infrastructure of the key port.

    Ukrainian foreign ministry said the strikes were a “spit in the face” after Turkey and the UN had organised the deal between Ukraine and Russia, to stop Russia from bombing Ukraine’s ports.

  • Russia accused of ‘looting’ steel

    The boss of Ukraine’s largest steel firm accused Russia of stealing steel for Europe.

    Metinvest, the company that runs Azovstal which was being used as a safe space for soldiers and civilians during the Russian siege has made the accusation.

    CEO Yuriy Ryzhenkov said the steel from the plant is being sent to Russia and sold on.

    He claimed some of the steel has been sold to the UK, reported the BBC.

  • Hungarian Prime Minister says US must hold peace talks with Russia

    PM Viktor Orban said peace talks between the two nations could stop the raging war on Ukraine.

    He condemned the invasion of Ukraine, and said: “We’re sitting in a car with four flat tyres, a new strategy is needed, which should focus on peace negotiations instead of trying to win the war.”

  • Piers Morgan praises Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and First Lady for ‘resilience’

    The TalkTV host arrived in Kyiv earlier today to join Olena Zelenska for a summit meeting to help shine a light on the toll of Russia’s invasion.

    Broadcaster Piers is acting as one of the moderators of the summit alongside Anna Homonai, a Ukrainian TV presenter.

    President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife is chairing the international event which marks the 150th day of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

    And Piers was quick to praise the pair as “inspiring” before saying that it was a “great privilege” to be welcomed in Kyiv.

    He said: “I wanted to say to the First Lady just how inspiring the world finds you and your husband. The way that you have rallied the people of Ukraine, is amazing to watch.

    Click here to read more.

  • Two Americans confirmed dead in Ukraine’s Donbas region

    No further information has been provided on the individuals, to “respect” the families privacy.

    The US Department of State says two Americans died in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

  • Russia said it had ‘nothing to do’ with Odesa missiles

    Turkey officials were told by Russia that it did not strike Odesa’s port.

    The defence minister said: “In our contact with Russia, the Russians told us that they had absolutely nothing to do with this attack, and that they were examining the issue very closely and in detail.

    “The fact such an incident took place right after the agreement we made yesterday really worried us,” said Hulusai Akar.

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Vladimir Putin news – Russian officials admit to BRUTAL Odesa bombing after US accuses of Putin of ‘lying’



The best summer recipe is assembled, not cooked

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Ingredients To Make A Shrimp Salad, In New York, On July 20, 2022. Against The Sweet Melon, The Grilled Shrimp Seems Almost Savory. Food Stylist: Simon Andrews. (Christopher Testani/The New York Times)

Much of the so-called cooking I do in summer is just assembling. Slice up whatever produce is on hand, add something creamy or salty for texture and tang, then dress it all with olive oil and a handful of herbs. Total time spent: 20 minutes. Pleasure received: an entire evening’s worth. Repeat for the whole month of August.

For hot-weather meals such as these, the classics never fail. Tomatoes with mozzarella, basil, maybe a few peaches; cucumbers with red onions, olives or capers; melon with feta and a few leaves of mint.

When the heat becomes especially oppressive, my family is happy to eat one of these light salads for dinner and call it a night. Add a little bread to catch the juices, and pair it with a spritz or cold white wine to round out the meal.

But there are nights when something more substantial is required — maybe people are coming over, or the temperature dropped enough to restore our appetites.

My current strategy for turning almost any summer salad into a robust meal is to throw some quickly grilled or broiled shrimp on top. This works with tomatoes and mozzarella, and it works with cucumbers and onions. But it’s especially wonderful with melon and feta in this speedy, weeknight-friendly recipe.

Often when I cook shrimp, they’re the sweetest, mellowest elements on the plate, sharpened by the likes of garlic and lemon. But here, next to the melon, they taste more savory, their briny succulence and some char from the grill a contrast to the juicy cubes of melon (any kind will do: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew or a combination for the more colorful salad).

Chunks of creamy, pungent feta liven the whole thing up. Here’s a tip for using feta. Taste it right out of the package; if it’s too salty and intense, let it soak in some fresh water for an hour or two. This really tones it down.

There aren’t a lot of other ingredients here, just slivers of chile for heat, the grated zest and juice of a couple of floral-scented limes for acidity and some toasted coriander for crunch. It’s a simple yet powerful mix.

And if applying heat to anything just seems out of the question, you can substitute precooked shrimp here, marinating them in the chile-lime mixture for a half-hour or so. It’s an assembled summer dinner, in a very deluxe way.


Ingredients to make a shrimp salad. Against the sweet melon, the grilled shrimp seems almost savory. Food Stylist: Simon Andrews. (Christopher Testani/The New York Times)

Yield: 4 servings

Total time: 30 minutes

  • 2 teaspoons coriander seeds
  • 2 limes
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 Fresno chile, serrano or other fresh chile pepper, minced
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 pound cleaned extra-large shrimp
  • 1 pound cubed melon (about 4 cups; any kind, or a combination)
  • 1 small cucumber, preferably Persian or kirby, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup thinly sliced red onion or shallot
  • 1/3 cup crumbled feta
  • 1/2 cup chopped soft herbs, such as mint, basil or cilantro, plus more for garnish

1. Light a charcoal or gas grill or heat the broiler. Make the fire as hot as it will get, and if using a broiler, put the rack close to the heat source.

2. While the grill heats up, lightly crack the coriander seeds in a mortar and pestle, or with the side of a knife on a cutting board. (Careful: They can roll around.) Put them in a small dry skillet over medium heat and toast, shaking the pan once or twice until fragrant, 1 to 3 minutes. Pour into a small bowl.

3. Using a Microplane or other grater, grate zest from both limes straight into the bowl with coriander. Grate in the garlic (no need to wash the grater in between), then add the chile and a large pinch of salt and pepper. Whisk in oil.

4. Pat shrimp dry, then transfer to a medium bowl and season with a pinch each salt and black pepper. Give the coriander mixture a stir, then pour half of it over the shrimp, reserving the rest for the salad. Toss shrimp to coat and set aside while preparing the other ingredients.

5. Cut the zested limes in half, squeeze out 2 tablespoons juice and whisk into the coriander mixture to make a dressing. Cut leftover lime into wedges.

6. Arrange the shrimp in a grill basket or on skewers (or just on a sheet pan if broiling), and grill or broil shrimp until well browned on one side, 2 to 3 minutes. Flip and cook until just opaque and cooked through, 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer the shrimp to a plate and squeeze a wedge of lime all over.

7. In a large bowl, combine melon, cucumber, onion, feta and herbs. Pour in coriander dressing and toss to combine. Taste, and add more salt or lime juice to taste. Top melon salad with grilled shrimp and more herbs, if you’d like.

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Woman dies after being hit by Delhi fire engine: police

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Woman Dies After Being Hit By Delhi Fire Engine: Police

The incident happened as Ramwati was traveling to a factory in Mundka for work.

New Delhi:

A 40-year-old woman was killed after being hit by a Delhi fire engine returning from attending a fire call on Wednesday morning in the Raj Park area outside Delhi, police said.

The victim, Ramwati, lived in Mangolpuri and worked in a factory in Mundka, they said.

The incident happened when Ramwati was on his way to a factory in Mundka for work, police said.

Deputy Police Commissioner (External) Sameer Sharma said the matter was reported at around 9.30am at Raj Park Police Station.

He said Ramwati would have been lying under the rear tire of the truck.

The offending vehicle belongs to Mangolpuri Phase 2 Fire Station and the driver has been identified as Pardeep. The vehicle was arriving after responding to a call in the Prem Nager area, he said.

SHO Raj Park and staff are at the scene with the crime squad, police said, adding that further investigation is ongoing.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)


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Finland to reduce number of tourist visas for Russians, an issue that divides the EU

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Finland To Reduce Number Of Tourist Visas For Russians, An Issue That Divides The Eu

“Tourist visas are not going to stop completely, but their number will decrease significantly,” Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said on August 16. Helsinki intends, from September 1, to limit the number of visas issued to Russian tourists to 10% of the current volume.

As AFP reports, the number of Russian tourists traveling to Finland has steadily increased after Russia lifted Covid-19 travel restrictions in mid-July. According to Pekka Haavisto, the Finnish authorities currently process nearly 1,000 visa applications per day from Russia.

Helsinki wants to end the European visa facilitation agreement with Russia

The head of Finnish diplomacy announced that the opening hours allocated to the application for tourist visas would, for example, be reduced, in order to cause a drop in the number of applications. He assured that priority would be “from now on given to other types of visas: visits to relatives, family contacts, work, studies”.

In addition, Helsinki pleads in favor of stopping the European visa facilitation agreement with Russia, which could increase the price of tourist visas from 35 to 80 euros. The country plans to raise the issue at the next meeting of EU foreign ministers scheduled in the Czech Republic on August 30.

Still according to AFP, Finland also intends to examine the establishment of a specific category of humanitarian visa, which does not currently exist in the country.

Europe divided over sanctioning Russian tourists

The idea of ​​sanctioning Russian tourists in reaction to the military conflict in Ukraine where Russia is one of the stakeholders is currently generating disagreements between European countries. At the beginning of the week in Oslo, the Nordic countries and Germany indeed showed divisions on this subject.

“Ordinary Russians did not start the war, but at the same time we have to understand that they support the war,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said after a meeting between leaders Nordic and German governments. “It is not fair that Russian citizens can enter Europe, the Schengen area, be tourists[…] while Russia is killing people in Ukraine,” she also said.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, for his part, has expressed reservations about such a measure. “It was an important decision on our part to impose sanctions against those who are responsible for the war, against many oligarchs and those who profit financially and economically from the Putin regime,” he argued, continuing “We will continue to do so, but I think it’s not the Russian people’s war, it’s Putin’s war.”

While Sweden has explained that it has no firm position on the issue for the time being, Denmark has warned against a shake-up of European unity on the Ukrainian file.

Since the start of hostilities in Ukraine, the EU has adopted six sets of sanctions against Moscow, including the gradual cessation of its purchases of coal and oil. It has also added more than a thousand Russians to its blacklist of people banned from entering, and restricted the issuance of short-stay visas for officials linked to the Russian government.

RT All Fr Trans

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Ravens Q&A: Rookie safety Kyle Hamilton on Drake’s latest album, his viral moment, handling NFL spotlight and more

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Ravens Q&Amp;A: Rookie Safety Kyle Hamilton On Drake’s Latest Album, His Viral Moment, Handling Nfl Spotlight And More

After the Ravens concluded practice Monday, a group of kids called for rookie safety Kyle Hamilton, asking him to sign their posters.

“I have to do some media stuff first,” Hamilton, a first-round draft pick in April, told them.

Wide receiver James Proche II, however, stepped in and said, “You have 30 seconds.” So, Hamilton walked over and made those kids’ days.

For the former Notre Dame standout, those are the moments he treasures. He knows somewhere in the bleachers at the team’s facility in Owings Mills could be the next Kyle Hamilton, and he would feel bad if he walked away.

Since Hamilton arrived in Baltimore, he has kept a level-headed, self-effacing mindset that has helped him deal with the pressure that comes with being one of the top players in his draft class while also facing criticism on social media.

Hamilton recently sat down with The Baltimore Sun to talk about handling the spotlight, adjusting to a new defense, having a viral moment during last month’s stadium practice, his favorite rapper and playing golf.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

I know you are a big Drake fan, so what did you think of his last album, “Honestly, Nevermind?”

I thought it was good. I don’t think it was his best album, but it wasn’t a bad album. It was a vibe. It was an acquired taste, I would say. He kind of went outside the box, but I appreciated it.

Do you think the album received too much hate?

At that point, it’s like [NBA star] LeBron [James]. If you are successful so often, people [will] find a reason to hate you.

If you had to pick your favorite Drake song, what would it be?

I got like three. I’m going to go with “Tuscan Leather,” “Marvins Room” and “Pipe Down.”

I’ve heard the rookies have to sing in front of everybody. Have you sung already?

I have not, but I already know which song I’m going to sing.

Do you want to share it or keep it a secret?

Umm, I will keep it a secret.

Are you looking forward to that?

Yeah, because I think it’s something everybody has to go through, and I’m excited to be the next one.

You went viral on social media during open stadium practice after you got beat by receiver Bailey Gaither during one-on-ones. How did you react to that?

I mean, it’s funny. I woke up the next morning, and my family was like, “Yo, are you trash at football?” And I was like, “I don’t think so.” And they were like, “Check Twitter.” I checked Twitter, and it was blowing up. But it was kind of funny how you can become such a big deal for a rep at practice. At this point, people are yearning for moments to talk about. So it’s funny to be one of the things to be laughed at.

You mentioned how people are looking for something to talk about, whether good or bad. With that being the reality of Twitter and social media, how do you handle that?

I never try to get too high or get too low. Even the Ravens and the NFL [posted] stuff about me recovering a fumble. It was like “I just recovered a fumble.” It wasn’t that big a deal in my eyes. But that’s something they push. I understand at this level, you have to have your own humility. Everybody is going say you’re the best [or] the worst. So you [need] your own self-talk to keep you up. But then also keep you humble when you’re doing well.

We’ve seen players go back and forth with fans. Are you that type of person?

Nah, it’s just social media. I don’t respond to fans for real. I mean, if I was a fan, my main goal would be to get a response out of this person. So I’m not going to try to give them satisfaction unless it’s something genuine that they’re asking. But yeah, I just tried to keep to myself.

During rookie minicamp, you mentioned how you didn’t play a lot of Cover 3. How have you adjusted to the new things you have learned under defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald?

I’m getting more comfortable every day. I’m louder, more communicative, talking a lot more, understanding the defense [and] why we are doing it. I still mess up, obviously, but I try to make a good mistake every day. And when I do, I try to focus on what I’m doing wrong and fix it. We have a game in less than a month, so I’m ready for it.

How have veterans like Marcus Williams, Chuck Clark, Tony Jefferson and even Marlon Humphrey helped you adjust?

They helped me in the film [room] and all that stuff. But the most they’ve helped me is being a friend. It can be a very stressful time for every rookie. There’s a bunch of eyes on me, but I try not to feed into that. The guys are normal. And it almost feels like college when we are sitting down [and] eating. I need that on a day-to-day basis to keep [my] head on straight. So I appreciate them for that.

It was a life-changing moment going from a student-athlete at Notre Dame to the NFL. How have you handled that transition?

I don’t think it has set in yet. I feel like when we run out of that tunnel at [M&T Bank Stadium] for the first time, and even in New York, it’s going to hit me. But I mean, I’m just blessed to be here, honestly. Training camp may seem like a struggle on a day-to-day basis, but it’s a blessing to be here every day. People are really struggling with other things. We’re all blessed and fortunate to be in the position we’re in.

Throughout camp, you have matched up against rookie tight end Isaiah Likely in one-on-ones. What have those battles been like?

It’s been back and forth. We trade off pretty much, but it’s awesome. He’s a great tight end. He is different from Mark [Andrews]. But I can tell he’s picking up some of Mark’s tendencies. He’s athletic, has great hands and is deceptive in his route running. He’s a tough cover. I think I’m getting great reps against him. Even in my losses, I’m learning something. I’m sure he would say the same thing. It’s a good competition.

How would you describe yourself as a player to people who are not familiar with your game?

I would say I try to be like a security blanket. I try to be in the right place at the right time. I make plays when they are there [and] I try not to force a lot of things. But again, be aggressive, go make plays and let them develop, and try to be a smart player.

Offensive tackle Daniel Faalele mentioned how the Maryland heat was one of the things he didn’t expect heading into training camp. What are some things that have caught you by surprise?

I’m from Atlanta, so the heat is what it is. One thing that surprised me is how many fans are at each practice. It’s kind of weird. I’ve never had fans at practice in my life. I’ve had media at practice but never fans. It’s cool, though. It breaks down that celebrity-fan wall, and you get to talk to people and sign a bunch of stuff. I try to sign as many things as possible because I was that kid at some point. It would be kind of sad if Kyle Hamilton walked away from me. But it’s been fun.

Is there a particular quarterback or player, in general, you’re looking forward to playing against this year?

I would say not one in particular. I want to do well against every one of them. But I’m 21 years old, and I don’t turn 22 until next year. So I’ve grown up watching all these guys. I know there’s going to be a moment in a lot of games where I get the defensive call and look across the line of scrimmage, and there’s somebody I’ve been watching since I was 10 years old. Like they say, “Your idols become your rivals,” but I think it will be pretty cool.

How crazy is it that you are going to face Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, and he played his first game before you were born?

Is that true?

Yeah, his first game was in 2000.

Oh yeah, I was not born. That’s crazy. He’s been playing NFL football longer than I have been alive. It shows the amount of work I’ve put in to be on the same platform as Tom. To play against the GOAT is something that not a lot of people can say they’ve done, so I’m excited about that. But still, I think there’s a good amount of games to go before we get there.

Your brother and dad played basketball. What made you pursue a football career?

I’ve always been, and they’re not going to like that I said this, but more physically dominant than them. They are basketball players and finesse players, and I would foul out of games. But I’ve always flown around the football field since I was younger, and basketball became such a business for me so early that playing football was my release. I had the opportunity to play both in college, but I realized I love football more. And I kind of burned myself out with basketball and decided that football is what I wanted to do. Now, I’m here, so I think I made the right choice.

Do you still plan to continue your podcast?

Yes, that is the plan right now. We’re trying to figure out some business things currently.

I also saw that you are a golfer. Have you been able to hit any courses since you’ve been in Maryland?

I’ve not. I’ve had some off days where I thought about it, but then my body said no. [Cornerback] Kyle Fuller is a really good golfer as well. I need to get out there with him. But that’s my plan this season. Every off day, play 18 holes and reset because golf is something where if you are not focused on golf, you’re not going to [do well]. It forces you to get your mind off whatever stresses you and enjoy nature.

Have you paid for any dinners yet?

No, I have not had to pay for any dinners. I’ve had to pay for some things but not dinners. I think we do that midseason.


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Less than a month until the finance and fintech industry meets at iFX EXPO Asia

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Less Than A Month Until The Finance And Fintech Industry Meets At Ifx Expo Asia

Impeccably curated by Ultimate Fintech, iFX EXPO gathers more traction with each edition. Held annually since 2012 in financial centers across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, it is the largest B2B financial exhibition and a hot spot for thought-provoking debates. The next edition, iFX EXPO Asia, will take place September 13-15, 2022 at CentralWorld’s Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Center and is expected to be the largest yet.

Organizers are planning over 2 days of unprecedented networking with industry leaders and decision makers who come to Bangkok from all over the world. The event is not only the ultimate destination for financial industry leaders to network and showcase their products, services and brands, but it also exceeds expectations with its exclusive parties. They allow participants to meet existing and potential partners in an informal setting.

The agenda is filled with insightful topics and renowned experts. Keynotes include high-calibre speakers from leading forex and fintech companies such as Finnovation Labs, Equity Group, Finalto Asia, one-Zero, ATFX Southeast Asia, Brokeree Solutions, and others. To learn more about topics and keynotes, see the Agenda.

Zulu Trade tops the event’s impressive list of sponsors as an Official Global Partner, followed by many other forward-thinking brands, including ATFX, AximTrade, Finalto, TMGM, B2Broker, Equity Capital and B2BinPay, for n to name a few. An impressive list of proud sponsors and exhibitors of iFX EXPO Asia 2022 can be explored on the official website.

Who will participate?

iFX EXPO Asia is an ideal place for global fintech collaboration. The event brings together high-level executives from the largest international companies. Participants include:

Technology and service providers

Digital assets and blockchain

Retail and institutional brokers

Payments, banks and liquidity providers

Affiliates and IBs

· Regulation and compliance

Register now and enjoy the free pass

You can register now to get your Free Pass for iFX EXPO Asia 2022 by following the registration link.

The pass provides unlimited access to over 2 days of unlimited networking opportunities, including free entry to the Speakers’ Room and Ideas Center, sponsored food and beverage areas and exclusive welcome events and evening.

Take advantage of an exclusive accommodation offer

Centara Grand at CentralWorld has been selected as the official accommodation provider for iFX EXPO Asia 2022, offering exclusive rates for all event delegates between September 10-17. To benefit from the special offer, book your stay here in advance.

There is less than a month until the show, so don’t miss it and register NOW!


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Get Fit For Free: The Best Fitness App For Women And Men

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Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

The best fitness app for women and best fitness app for men will help you get in shape easily and quickly, whether you want to lose weight, just want to tone up your arms, or just want to get fit. You don’t need to spend hours upon hours at the gym with punishing workouts. Instead, check out the best wearable technology for health or the best fitness app for women and fitness app for men, which will keep track of your exercise routine so you know what kind of exercises to do every day! Check out this list of the best fitness app free now!

Cure.Fit is a fitness app for men and women that offers workout routines, tracking, and motivation all in one place. Plus, it’s totally free to download. No matter what your fitness goals are, can help you reach them.

Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

Google Fit is a great fitness app for both women and men. It tracks your activity levels and provides detailed insights into your progress. Plus, it’s free to use! Google Fit offers many of the same features as other popular apps like MyFitnessPal or MapMyRun, but there are some things that make it worth downloading. You can track your activities in detail with Google Fit’s step counter and distance tracker. You can also set personal goals for how many steps you want to take each day or how far you want to walk each day.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

There are a lot of great fitness apps out there, but this is the best one for women and men. It’s called Home Workout – No Equipment and it’s completely free. All you need to do is download the app and then follow the instructions. You can find your app by searching ‘Home Workout – No Equipment’ on Google Play.

Fasting – Intermittent Fasting

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

Intermittent fasting is a powerful fitness app for women and a fitness app for men for weight loss and health. It can help you eat fewer calories, boost weight loss and help your body burn more fat. But it’s not always easy to stick to, especially if you’re new to it. That’s where the Fasting – Intermittent Fasting App comes in. This app will help you track your fasting progress, set goals, and stay motivated. Plus, it’s totally free! So there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counter

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

MyFitnessPal is a great fitness app for women and a fitness app for men. It has a wide range of features, including a calorie counter, which can help you track your progress and see results quickly. Plus, the app is free to download and use, so you can get started right away.


Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

Fitness isn’t one size fits all, which is why we love this fitness app free called HealthifyMe. This app takes into account your weight, height, and age to create a custom fitness plan for you. Plus, it has a database of over 500,000 foods so you can accurately track your calorie intake. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has a social component where you can join challenges and interact with other users.

Sworkit Fitness App

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

Sworkit is a fitness app free that offers workout routines for both women and men. You can customize your routine based on the amount of time you have, the equipment you have available, and your fitness level. Plus, this fitness app for men and fitness app for women provides video demonstrations of each exercise to make sure you’re doing them correctly.

Seven- 7 Minute Workout

Get Fit For Free With The Best Fitness App For Women And Men:  Workout Programs, Diet Plans And Health Advice Are Yours To Acquire. Fitness App For Men, Fitness App For Women, Fitness App Free,

This fitness app free is amazing because it has a 7-minute workout for both women and men. There are three different levels to choose from, so you can find the perfect workout for your fitness level. Plus, the app gives you a chance to win prizes every week just for working out!

Overall, the best fitness app for women and fitness app for men is the one that best meets your individual needs. Consider what you want to get out of a fitness app free, and choose accordingly. There are a ton of great options out there, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect fit!

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