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5 Secrets You Don’t Know About Why Thrive DFT Isn’t A Weight Loss Patch

Looking for more information about Thrive? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been a Thriver for two years now, and even though I’ve had my ups and downs health-wise, the Thrive Experience has been a consistent resource for me that optimizes my wellness. However…we’ve got to clear some things up a

Looking for more information about Thrive? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been a Thriver for two years now, and even though I’ve had my ups and downs health-wise, the Thrive Experience has been a consistent resource for me that optimizes my wellness. However…we’ve got to clear some things up about this “patch” business.

If you’ve heard of Thrive, the multi-billion dollar health and wellness company, you may have heard of the “Thrive Patch.” But I’m here to set the record straight: the Thrive DFT isn’t technically a patch.

Though some people toss it in with misleading weight loss patch groups, the Thrive DFT is neither a miracle solution that will magically lower the number on the scale nor something as trivial as a cheap adhesive. When I first learned about Thrive, I rolled my eyes at what I thought was a “get-thin-quick” scam, but after biting the bullet and giving it a try, I’ve learned about the actual purpose of the DFT combined with the other steps of the Thrive Experience: supplementing nutrients and other things your body is missing out on.

Yes, the Thrive DFT aids in weight management, and yes, it’s applied to your skin, but it’s also more significant than that. The Thrive DFT is an important part of the Thrive Experience, which is why I want to make sure you know what it really is. So, without further ado, here are 5 things you should know about the Thrive DFT: what it is and what it definitely isn’t.

1.    Don’t Think “Patch,” Think DFT

Okay, first thing’s first: let’s define the Thrive DFT. DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, which is essentially a technology that delivers certain nutrients through the skin. This new patented tech is a small foam plaster that sticks to your skin and is replaced about every 24 hours. In fact, the Le-Vel website never refers to the DFT as a patch; instead, they present it as “wearable nutrition,” which has been a pretty accurate description for me since I’ve started wearing it regularly.

So, if we’re being technical (which, I believe when discussing our health, we should be) this isn’t a run-of-the-mill patch: it’s a much more intentional and polished resource. Yes, it is a visible adhesive, but for the sake of both accuracy and making honest implications, it’s best to stick with its official name: a DFT.

2.    The Thrive DFT Is 1 of 3 Primary Steps

If you’re new to Thrive, here’s what you need to know about their main offering. They have a lot of different products that I sometimes browse, but the main Thrive Experience is really where most people see a difference. There are 3 products/steps to the Thrive Experience, which are:

  1. Step 1: ​​Take two Premium Lifestyle Capsules
    Take two capsules in the morning when you first wake up and on an empty stomach. These have nutrients like antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and more.

  2. Step 2: Drink a Thrive shake from the Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix.
    Wait 20 minutes after you take the capsules to drink the shake. These are chockfull of energy-boosting nutrients, too, and come in delicious flavors like Salted Caramel and Fudge Brownie!

  3. Step 3: Apply the Thrive DFT to a patch of clean, dry, lean skin.
    About every 24 hours, you replace the DFT—which is easiest to do if you pick the same time every day to refresh. I find it best to replace mine within the hour after I drink my shake.

The DFT is a key part of Thrive’s carefully designed wellness strategy, meaning it works in conjunction with the two other steps. For the Thrive Experience to really be effective, you don’t want to skip steps 1 and 2—all three are important. Unlike weight loss patches, the Thrive DFT isn’t meant to stand alone. Instead, think of it as part of a much larger and more intentional wellness plan.

3.    Thrive DFT Means All-Natural

When you think of a patch, you may think of the way drugs are delivered to the body through the skin. But, that’s just one more reason to think about the Thrive DFT differently—the ingredients that are transferred to the body are all-natural, which was a game-changer for me. I didn’t want to put just anything in my body, and I definitely didn’t want to pay for a gimmick that did more harm than good.

Instead, I looked into what was actually in the DFT. There are all kinds of nutrients like probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and more. Ingredient-wise, those nutrients come from a lot of plant-based extracts, like ginger, grape seed, Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee extract, and white willow bark. There’s also ForsLean, which is extracted from the herb Coleus forskohlii that offers several health benefits, including weight management.

For me, there’s a lot of peace in mind knowing that my body is getting the results I want, but that the resources I’m using are essentially natural ingredients that are just packaged a little more conveniently.

4.    Weight Loss Requires Multiple Steps, Not Just A DFT

Here’s the truth: losing weight is hard for most of us, and it isn’t going to slough off overnight just because you’re wearing a fancy adhesive, even an official Thrive DFT. I’m a serious fan of the Thrive DFT, but both the DFT and the rest of the Thrive wellness program are meant to be used in tandem with all of your other health routines—eating the right meal plan for your weight loss goals, getting the appropriate amount (and type) of exercise, resting properly, and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, the Thrive DFT is an essential part of the Thrive program. But the intention of the DFT is just one more reason not to call it a weight loss patch—while it can help with weight management, it won’t (and doesn’t claim to) magically transform your body on its own. Take it from me: weight management takes consistency, both from wearing the Thrive DFT and staying committed to your larger health plan.

5.    The Thrive DFT Isn’t Just For Weight Loss

Full disclosure—I initially signed up for Thrive to lose weight. And, yes, while it did help me manage my appetite better, it also boosted my energy, sleep, and cognitive function, which contributed to both my weight management and the rest of my health. The Thrive DFT is great for weight management, but it’s designed to help you get the right balance of nutrients in your body. That means the DFT is also great for maintaining a well-rounded health status since with the other two steps of the Thrive Experience it can also offer:

  • Joint support
  • Lean muscle support
  • Digestive and immune system support
  • Fitness support
  • Mental acuity

So why does that matter? Think of it this way: losing weight can positively affect several aspects of your health, but it would be much easier to lose the weight if other parts of your health were functioning at their best, right? Let’s say you have stiff joints that just don’t want to cooperate, which makes it difficult to exercise or even feel motivated to get moving. However, if you find relief from joint discomforts from your trusty 3 steps including Thrive DFT, you’re going to be moving a lot more willingly.

Plus, who doesn’t want more focus and mental clarity? Immune system support? Improved digestion? That’s the best news with Thrive: it’s not just about weight, it’s about supporting you and your health. This, among other reasons, is why it’s just not fair or accurate to call the Thrive DFT a weight loss patch—because it offers much more.

To Thrive Or Not To Thrive

Now that I’ve exposed myself as a major Thrive enthusiast, let me try and dial it back. Since we’ve covered the essentials of the Thrive DFT, you hopefully have a better idea of the benefits of this new technology. However, everyone has different health goals, different body types, and different needs. The Thrive Experience helped me increase my health in several ways by offering a more holistic approach to wellness, which may or may not be your thing.

If you’re needing something to kick-start your weight journey, or you’ve been trying different diets with no luck, like me and thousands of others, Thrive might be just what you need! But, there’s only one way to find out, which is to take the leap and try it for yourself. Between you and me, it’s definitely worth giving it a fair shot.


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