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7 Famous and Legendary Actors Who Consume Cannabis

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7 Famous And Legendary Actors Who Consume Cannabis

Cannabis and creatives go hand-in-hand. Buds from Girl Scout Cookies seeds are the perfect pick-me-up, while OG Kush slows down a high-strung brain. No wonder we keep seeing reports of actors who smoke weed!

Major celebs love the plant and don’t mind the world knowing. They make marijuana more accepted with each interview and TV appearance—some even advocate for legalization. Let’s look at seven such personas from the performance niche.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is an actor, comedian, writer—and one of LA’s famous cannabis users. The 40-year-old gained fame for his lovable stoner roles in Knocked Up and Pineapple Express. Besides helping bring marijuana to the mainstream in film, he’s been vocal about it in real life.

According to Rogen, ‘if you’re stoned, [writing] doesn’t seem like work.’ In a 2019 interview with Stephen Colbert, the outspoken toker claimed being high ‘all day every day,’ even on set.

Rogen puts his money where his mouth is. He co-founded a company called House Plant in 2019, selling quality ganja, paraphernalia, and accessories. If he continues his climb, a strain with his name may enter enthusiasts’ grow diaries.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a singer-songwriter and actress whose edgy vibe made waves in Hollywood. Besides stunning fans with outfits, dating history, and a general lack of concern about people’s opinions, she’s transparent about pot consumption.

Surprisingly, Cyrus smoked more during her days at the Disney Channel. She discussed her past at the Joe Rogan Experience in 2020, sharing her past struggle to maintain a work-life balance. Cannabis helped her manage the stress.

Cyrus often raises awareness of marijuana, too. She famously lit up a joint on stage during an MTV performance in 2013. More recently, she brandished a seven-leaf-print bag while shopping with her mom.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is an actor, producer, and Golden Globe winner. Besides his versatility of roles and handsome face, Pitt’s recognized for his relationship with pot.

This actor that smokes weed doesn’t hide his hobby—and the numerous film industry anecdotes prove it. He said he wanted to ‘smoke a joint with Jack and Snoop and Willie’ and, according to rumors, managed the first two.

Pitt started toking when he first reached the big screens and continued using marijuana to manage the stress of stardom. Today, he boasts mad joint-rolling skills.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg is an actress, TV personality, and entrepreneur. She’s won all four major performance awards, but her relationship with her vape pen sparks even more interest. The celeb believes in the healing power of ganja and wants to see everybody become aware of it.

Goldberg first turned to pot to tackle menstrual cramps and several other ailments. After cannabis changed her life for the better, she began advocating for country-wide legalization.

She also briefly managed a company selling pot products to women. Whoopi and Maya went out of business, but not before helping the idea of medicinal marijuana enter the public sphere.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is a world-famous actor who smokes weed. That’s how the public remembers him, too, considering his breakthrough role as a stoner in Dazed and Confused. His portrayal comes from personal experience.

McConaughey’s career is full of cannabis shenanigans. He was arrested after being found in possession of marijuana and called jail ‘a nice stay for a night.’ He also confessed to coming up with his catchphrase “Alright, alright, alright” while being ‘high as a kite.’

In 2019, he had his prop joint swapped for a real one on set, courtesy of Snoop Dog. The actor maintains a relaxed attitude—he doesn’t mind a free supply!

Harrison Ford

Much of Harrison Ford’s life sounds more like fiction than fact, including his beginnings. This action-adventure star was Hollywood’s most-loved dealer in the 60s and 70s. Many of his VIP peers knew him as a ‘weed guy.’

Ford’s ganja was quality stuff. Late Carrie Fisher wrote about it being so potent that she forgot much of 1976. It also seems he supplied the Doors—we can credit him for the best music of the late 20th century.

Although numerous tales of Ford’s love affair with the herb circulate, the actor hasn’t spoken about it. It’s high time for him to join the movement!

Zoë Kravitz

Many stars who smoke weed aren’t comfortable doing it on camera, but this young firestarter is. The latest Catwoman toked a ton while playing the sardonic Rob character in High Fidelity. In 2020, she said she’d been passing quarantine with ‘baths, wine, watching films, cooking, and weed.’

Kravitz is a recreational user, but her experience with marijuana also involves a neat parenting tip. When her mother, the famous Lisa Bonet, first caught her with cannabis, the two shared a joint. Normalizing instead of demonizing it was the way to go in the Kravitz household. We don’t doubt the young actress will take the same approach if and when she has kids.

…And So Many More

These celebs are only the tip of the iceberg of actors smoking weed. The plant is much-loved among the rich and famous, after all. Some light up to camp down, while others find it indispensable for their creative endeavors.

Would you like to follow in these superstars’ footsteps? Buy seeds, grow your own, and smoke the same-quality buds as the VIPs.

Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is an American writer, educator, activist and award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder specializing in veganic cultivation. He is a representative of Homegrown Cannabis CO company, has been a contributor for over 20 years, and has taught courses in advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California and across the United States. Kushman also hosts a cannabis podcast called “The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman”.



“You are the best landlord in the world”

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“You Are The Best Landlord In The World”

Chelsea legend John Terry has thanked former owner Roman Abramovich as the Todd Boehly era officially begins at Stamford Bridge.

The Boehly takeover was officially completed at the end of May, ending the club’s 19-year ownership by the Russian oligarch.


Abramovich oversaw a trophy-laden era in Chelsea’s history

Abramovich put the Blues up for sale in March amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The 55-year-old was then sanctioned by the British government on March 10, with Downing Street claiming to have proven his links to Vladimir Putin.

He was popular with Chelsea fans after winning 21 trophies and completely reshaping the Premier League.

Terry, who captained the club for much of the Abramovich era, posted a message to the previous regime ahead of the first home game officially under Boehly’s management.

They will face Tottenham at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

He wrote on social media: “As we enter a new era under new ownership, I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Marina, Bruce and Eugene for all their fantastic and hard work at our great club. You have helped us all become the BEST, winning all the trophies in world football.

Terry Posted A Lengthy Message On Social Media Ahead Of Chelsea'S Game Against Tottenham

Terry posted a lengthy message on social media ahead of Chelsea’s game against Tottenham

“This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your great work and passion throughout your time at Chelsea.

“Romain. Boss…words will never be enough to express my THANKS to you. The support you give me, both on and off the pitch, will stay with me forever.

“You have created a world-class men’s team, women’s team and academy, empowering us all to perform at our best and achieve our dreams.

“Your legacy and your name will be remembered forever.

Abramovich'S Reign As Chelsea Owner Officially Ended In May


Abramovich’s reign as Chelsea owner officially ended in May

Boehly Is Chelsea'S New Manager


Boehly is Chelsea’s new manager

“You are the BEST landlord in the world. Thank you for everything.

“We gave memories that we will all treasure forever. news

“I would also like to wish Todd and the new owner all the best.

“Good luck to the players today for our first home game at Stamford Bridge and for the season ahead.

“Massive London derby today guys. @chelseafc FOREVER.


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NASCAR champion Bobby Labonte talks about a surprising health battle

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Nascar Champion Bobby Labonte Talks About A Surprising Health Battle

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Bobby Labonte drove the No. 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac to the pinnacle of NASCAR in 2000, winning the Winston Cup Series for Joe Gibbs Racing.

While he was able to compete against dozens of other drivers for 21 wins in his NASCAR Cup career and another 10 in his NASCAR Xfinity Series career, Labonte revealed in a segment on FOX that he was battling issues. surprising health.


Bobby Labonte poses with the Winston Cup trophy after winning the title for Joe Gibbs Racing. Driving the Interstate Batteries Pontiac, Labonte won four Cup races en route to the title.
(ISC Images and Archives via Getty Images)

He said that in 2019 he started feeling unwell and went to a doctor to get checked out. He said the doctor told him about a spot on his kidney and it was something to watch out for. He said two years later the lump on his kidney had “tripled in size” and doctors recommended surgery to remove it.

Labonte, who is now a NASCAR analyst for FOX Sports, said he received a call from the doctor who removed the mass, Mohamad Allaf, MD, director of the urology department at Johns Hopkins in Maryland, and was told that everything had gone well. with the surgery but that the mass was cancerous and the cancer “very aggressive”.


Bobby Labonte Waves To The Crowd Before The Srx Qualifying Race At Sharon Speedway On July 23, 2022 In Hartford, Ohio.

Bobby Labonte waves to the crowd before the SRX qualifying race at Sharon Speedway on July 23, 2022 in Hartford, Ohio.
(Jason Miller/SRX/Getty Images)

“A lot of emotions came over me at that point because I was relieved but also, wow, it’s crazy because a third of patients who are diagnosed with this don’t make it,” did he declare. “Usually I’m not one to share and you won’t know much about me, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out if we could help one person, just help one person, man. … There are a ton of cancers that can be treated for sure and this was one if you caught it early like we did, we were lucky enough to be able to deal with it.

Labonte has resumed running since the mace was removed.

He has evolved between the SMART Modified Tour and the Superstar Racing Experience since leaving the NASCAR Cup circuit.

Bobby Labonte Sits In His Car During Practice For The Camping World Superstar Racing Experience Event At South Boston Speedway On June 25, 2022, In South Boston, Virginia.

Bobby Labonte sits in his car during practice for the Camping World Superstar Racing Experience event at South Boston Speedway on June 25, 2022, in South Boston, Virginia.
(Jared Tilton/SRX/Getty Images)


He last raced on the Cup circuit in 2016.


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Watch – “I Just Swallowed a Bee”: Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

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Watch – “I Just Swallowed A Bee”: Doug Ford, Premier Of Ontario

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was buzzing with laughter after accidentally swallowing a bee during a news conference on Friday.

Ford was in Dundalk, Ont., answering a reporter’s health care question when the insect, which had been buzzing around his mouth for a few moments, suddenly flew straight into his mouth.


“My God, I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said after a coughing fit.

The prime minister drank some water, then joked, “I’m fine. It’s here buzzing right now.

“It’s going to be replayed over and over again,” Ford said with a smile as reporters could be heard laughing in the background.

Ford then noted that the bee was “stuck” in his throat.

After taking a few moments to collect himself in apparent unease, Ford said with a laugh that the bee came down “straight through the hatch”.

In light of the health care press conference topic, Ford cracked another joke with a smile, saying, “I’m going to rush to the hospital to get this bee out of here.”

Ford was elected premier in 2018 on an “anti-elite” platform after defeating the far-left provincial Liberal government, Breitbart News reported at the time. However, Ford’s government has come under fire during the pandemic after enacting some of the toughest coronavirus restrictions among Canadian provinces.

In June, Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party won another majority in re-election, securing itself as premier for at least the next four years.

Doug Ford is the brother of controversial but popular former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who infamously came to international attention in 2013 after he was caught smoking crack while still in office.

You can follow Ethan Letkeman on Twitter at @EthanLetkeman.

Breitbart News

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Burglars repeatedly target Lee’s sandwiches in SF’s net, causing hundreds of damage each time

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Burglars Repeatedly Target Lee'S Sandwiches In Sf'S Net, Causing Hundreds Of Damage Each Time

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — An Asian-owned sandwich shop in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood is under siege as burglars have targeted the business at least twice a week for the past few months.

Things got so bad at Lee’s Sandwiches that every front window was covered with plywood.

Inside, merchandise has been removed from shelves for safekeeping.

The executive director of the Tenderloin Merchants Association says burglars stole hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise with each break-in and caused significant property damage.

He says it happens so often that traders have stopped calling the police.

Other Asian Tenderloin businesses were also affected.

EXCLUSIVE: Fed up with repeat burglaries and crimes, Bay Area laundromat owners leave California

“Right now the feeling in the community is that the Asian community is an easy target because it’s safe to steal, because you’re not going to get hurt and you’re not going to get caught,” said said Rene Colorado with the Net Traders Association.

Rene Colorado says burglars also get it when the association’s Community Ambassadors patrol the neighborhood.

Burglaries are timed before Ambassadors start their shift.

These ambassadors recently started wearing body armor after one was held at gunpoint.

The group is now asking Mayor London Breed for more funding to expand the program and appealing for the support of Supervisor Dean Preston.

If you’re on the ABC7 News app, click here to watch live

Copyright © 2022 KGO-TV. All rights reserved.


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Chicago White Sox spend 3 games above .500 for first time since April 17 after sweeping Detroit Tigers – The Denver Post

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Chicago White Sox Spend 3 Games Above .500 For First Time Since April 17 After Sweeping Detroit Tigers – The Denver Post

The Chicago White Sox were in third place in American League Central when they started a 19-game streak against teams under .500 on July 26 in Colorado.

The Sox trailed the then-division leaders Minnesota Twins by four games and were 48-48.

The string ended on Sunday, and although they didn’t take full advantage of the tear, the Sox are tied for second in Central with the Twins – 2½ games behind the first-place Cleveland Guardians – after having defeated the Detroit Tigers 5-3 in front of 32,154 at Guaranteed Rate Field.

The Sox completed a three-game sweep over the Tigers and are three games above .500 (59-56) for the first time since going 6-3 on April 17.

“It was a good sweep for us,” Sox starter Lance Lynn said. “We’ve got to start winning games, we’ve got to start winning playoffs, and then we can sweep the team, especially with the (Houston Astros) team coming in. Hopefully we can keep riding high .

“We have a good team coming in this week, so we have to keep playing good baseball.”

The Sox went 11-8 against the Colorado Rockies (1-1), Oakland Athletics (2-1), Kansas City Royals (3-4), Texas Rangers (2-2) and Tigers (3-0). With Sunday’s win, the Sox swept a home streak for the first time this season.

“We got results for our efforts,” Sox manager Tony La Russa said of the series. “There are times when it’s frustrating because the ball was hit hard, but we hung on. We’re sticking to it very well. Hopefully we’ll be rewarded.

There were a few injury-related hurdles during the 19-game streak. The Sox lost shortstop Tim Anderson for about six weeks with a sagittal tape tear on his left middle finger and played the last two games of the Tigers series without center fielder Luis Robert, who left Friday’s game. with a sprained left wrist.

“He’s improved,” La Russa said of Robert. “And we just have to wait until Monday to see. He feels better. He did more work with it. If not (Monday), it should be shortly after.

AJ Pollock, slotted into the top spot with Anderson out and playing center field with Robert sidelined, started the offense with a solo homer in the third to cut the deficit to 2-1.

“You look at his credentials,” La Russa said of Pollock. “He’s a quality big league hitter and defenseman. He saw the need when Tim was gone. If he were to hit second, third or fourth, he would do that too.

Pollock doubled in the lead of the fifth and scored the equalizer on a brace from Eloy Jiménez. José Abreu singled out, giving the Sox runners into the turns with one out.

Tigers starter Tyler Alexander appeared to come out of the inning when Andrew Vaughn hit an undershot grounder. Vaughn threw away his helmet after crossing first base, thinking the Tigers had completed a late-inning double play.

“I was running as fast as I could,” Vaughn said. “I was just trying to beat him and I didn’t think I did.”

But Kody Clemens didn’t hold Willi Castro’s pitch first. Jiménez scored on the play, putting the Sox ahead 3-2.

Vaughn added a solo home run as part of a two-run eighth.

Along with the timely offense, the Sox got solid pitching from Lynn, Jimmy Lambert, Jake Diekman and Kendall Graveman.

Lynn allowed two runs on five hits with seven strikeouts in six innings.

“We won the match, so that’s all that matters,” he said.

He kept his focus on the attack.

“The offense continues to do its thing,” Lynn said. “Starting to put some things together, especially with runners in scoring position, and getting that big hit. It’s part of the concert. We just have to keep going and hopefully make a run at it.

“We have a tough opponent this week. It’s a playoff team and we just have to go out there and keep putting on quality sticks and making quality pitches and see what happens.

Vaughn referred to starting pitcher Johnny Cueto “we have to show the fire we have – if we have it,” Kansas City said Wednesday while assessing the weekend for the Sox.

“Johnny said it best: ‘I want more fire,’” Vaughn said. “We had a fire. It was good.”


denverpost sports

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Japan rebounds in economic growth as coronavirus fears fade

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TOKYO — The restaurants are full. Shopping centers are teeming. People travel. And Japan’s economy has started to grow again as consumers, weary of more than two years of the pandemic, have moved away from the precautions that have kept coronavirus infections among the lowest levels of any wealthy country.

Lockdowns in China, soaring inflation and brutally high energy prices failed to curb Japan’s economic expansion as domestic consumption of goods and services soared in the second quarter of the year. The country’s economy, the third-largest after the United States and China, grew at an annualized rate of 2.2% during that period, government data showed Monday.

The second quarter result follows 0% growth – revised from an initial reading of a 1% decline – in the first three months of the year, when consumers retreated to their homes in the face of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

After that first Omicron wave dried up, domestic shoppers and travelers returned to the streets. The number of cases then quickly returned to record highs for Japan, but this time the public – highly vaccinated and tired of restraint – reacted with less fear, said Izumi Devalier, head of Japan’s economy at Bank of America.

“After the Omicron wave ended, we had a really nice increase in mobility, a lot of catch-up spending in categories like dining and travel,” she said.

The new growth report indicates that the Japanese economy could finally get back on track after more than two years of yo-yoing between growth and contraction. Yet the country remains an economic “lag” compared to other wealthy countries, Ms Devalier said, adding that consumers, especially the elderly, “are still sensitive to the risks of Covid”.

As this sensitivity has slowly diminished over time, she said, “we’ve had this very gradual recovery and normalization since Covid.”

The second-quarter growth came despite headwinds, especially for Japan’s small and medium-sized businesses. Covid lockdowns in China have made it difficult for retailers to stock in-demand products like air conditioners, and for manufacturers to source some critical components for their products.

A weak yen and higher inflation also weighed on businesses. Over the past year, the Japanese currency has lost more than 20% of its value against the dollar. While this has been good for exporters – whose products have become cheaper for overseas customers – it has driven up the prices of imports, which have already become more expensive due to shortages and supply chain disruptions. caused by the pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

While inflation in Japan – at around 2% in June – is still well below that of many other countries, it has forced some companies to raise prices dramatically for the first time in years, which could dampen demand. consumers accustomed to paying the same amounts year after year.

Japan faces other challenges, both at home and abroad. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular are likely to struggle as pandemic subsidies come to an end and foot traffic to their businesses remains below pre-pandemic levels.

Additionally, geopolitical tensions are creating greater uncertainty for Japan’s key industries. Friction between the United States and China over President Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this month has raised concerns among Japanese policymakers about possible trade disruptions. Taiwan is Japan’s fourth-largest trading partner and a key producer of semiconductors, essential components for Japan’s major automotive and electronics industries.

As for Japan’s overall economic outlook, “in the short term the momentum is quite good, but beyond that we’re actually quite cautious,” Devalier said.

At home, she expects consumption to slow as people adjust to the new normal of living with the pandemic and their enthusiasm to spend wanes. Wage growth, which has been stagnant for years, is below inflation, which should affect spending. And, she said, “for manufacturing and exports, we expect slower momentum reflecting the fact that we expect weaker global growth.”

Even under ideal conditions, Japan’s domestic consumption is at least a year away from returning to pre-pandemic levels, said Shinichiro Kobayashi, senior economist at Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting.

“Next year we should be in a situation where there is no need to worry about Covid infections and there are no restrictions on economic activity,” he said.

By then, he said, Japan will most likely have eased restrictions on tourism and business travel from overseas, which has further weighed on its economic performance.

But with Omicron cases continuing to rise, a full return to normal life this year is “impossible”, he said.


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