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Why Buying a Used Toyota Van Or SUV Can Help Families on a Budget

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It seems that everyone in the Pittsburgh area is living on a tight budget due to the modern economic crisis that the United States is currently facing. The stock market has been experiencing a constant and tumultuous roller coaster-like cycle that has left all of Wall Street and many financial experts in a panic. Gas prices are at an all-time high. The cost of food is steadily increasing. Many American citizens are experiencing massive financial losses in their jobs, retirement plans, stocks and 401K accounts. Necessary living expenses and expenditures like utility bills, rent and mortgage payments can place a substantial dent in the average family’s regular income.

Like everyone else, Pittsburgh families are dealing with financial hardships that can easily result in debt or bankruptcy. As the nation continues to spiral downward into a possible economic recession, many Pittsburgh-area families are left wondering how they will possibly pay for the seemingly endless current and future needs of their children, like necessary medications, college tuitions or clothing.

One of the best ways to thrive on a small or limited budget is by buying a reliable and economical family vehicle that is both easy on gas and safe. A Toyota van or SUV, like the Toyota Sequoia or Toyota Highlander, has a high dependability rate, gets great gas mileage and is the ideal choice for Pittsburgh families on a tight or shrinking budget.

Buying a Toyota 4Runner or Toyota RAV4 can help a family survive during an economic slowdown. Toyota 4Runners and Toyota RAV4s are reliable, possess high safety ratings and get more mileage to the gallon than many family vehicles that are available for safe and convenient transportation.

Many used and new Pittsburgh Toyota dealerships, like Toyota Greensburg, understand the many difficulties that families face during harsh financial times. These dealerships will help families obtain the best deal possible on a Toyota RAV4 or Toyota 4Runner.

Before you purchase the right new or used Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota truck, you must first consider your options. It is recommended that you carefully examine the driving and travel habits of you and your family members.

  • Does your family frequently travel out of state or long distances to visit friends or relatives? Some Toyota SUVs, like the Toyota 4Runner or Toyota Sequoia offer regular and extended warranty coverage that may last up to several years or up to a certain amount accrued miles, whichever happens first.
  • Do you have small children that will benefit from the many family-friendly features of Toyota Land Cruiser or the Toyota Matrix that are catered toward young kids, like child-proof locks, back-up cameras, televisions and DVD players?
  • Is safety important to you? As a parent, you should want nothing but the safest and most comfortable traveling environment for your children. This is why buying a Pittsburgh Toyota mini-van or SUV is much more practical when you have a family.


Possession of Marijuana in Georgia

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Although a comparatively less dangerous drug than some of the others that share its classification, marijuana possession in Georgia still comes with harsh sentencing and penalties if convicted.

Not only will you be possibly subjected to jail time and hefty fines, a conviction can bring unintended consequences with it. This may include the inability to pursue certain professional occupations, ineligibility for admissions into specific graduate programs, as well as losing the eligibility to receive some types of governmental assistance that so many rely on.

Understanding the laws and process concerning a possession of marijuana charge is the first step in keeping this issue from becoming a major long-term problem in your life. Since the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a strong defense approach to this issue could help you get the charges reduces, or possibly dismissed.

O.C.G.A §16-13-2 states that possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor and can be punishable by up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. In certain cases, an individual may be able to perform community service for up to 12 months. Alternatively, an individual who is a first time offender may also be eligible for deferred adjudication or probation under O.C.G.A § 16-13-2(a).

If you were allegedly found with an ounce or more of marijuana, you will most likely be charged with a felony, which comes with a presumptive sentence of one to ten years in jail and / or fines of up to $10,000.

The state of Georgia does differentiate between different “types” of possession. According to Georgia Code, an alleged offender must have actual or constructive possession of marijuana in order to be charged.

• Actual Possession – usually means the marijuana was in the alleged offender’s hand, on their body, in their clothing or within their immediate reach.

• Constructive possession – usually means the alleged offender was able to take control of the marijuana, they had intent to take actual possession of the marijuana, and they had the knowledge that the marijuana was in their presence. Because of all the requirements necessary to convict on a constructive basis, this is a much harder charge to prosecute.

Although seemingly unconnected to the alleged crime at hand, the state of Georgia also requires that if you have been convicted of marijuana possession you will also have your license suspended (O.C.G.A 40-5-75). You will presumptively receive a driver’s license suspension for 180 days for a first conviction, a one year suspension for a second conviction, and five years for those convicted a third time. No matter what the situation, you are also unable to apply to receive a limited or hardship driving permit. As for reinstatement of your license, you will need to complete a Drug Risk Reduction program and pay a reinstatement fee of $200.

With the sheer amount of negative consequences that develop after a marijuana possession conviction, an effective defensive strategy is vital in avoiding these extremely punitive and anxiety inducing penalties. If you choose to work with a Georgia criminal defense attorney, this work is best done as soon as possible. This allows your attorney to conduct any necessary independent investigation, consult witnesses and experts, or gather time-sensitive information.

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The Art of Personal Letter Writing: 7 Basic Elements

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When was the last time you received a personal letter that was not sent by email, but regular snail mail? What type of attitude did it put you in when you received a nice handwritten letter or note outside of the stack of bills that sometimes become daily accessory items for your mailbox? After retrieving a huge box filled with an array of high school and college items from my mother’s house, I found at the very bottom, a smaller box containing letters previously written to me from some of my old friends. There must have been about fifty letters in this box before I discarded them. I couldn’t resist this last opportunity to read every one of them again. After about an hour of non-stop reading, I made a cup of hot tea and sat down to continue my journey “back down memory lane.” I remember rewriting most of my letters, especially if I made a spelling mistake or if my sentence structure wasn’t as I intended it to be. Judging from the amount of paper I wasted on editing, you would think that I was mailing them to a major book publisher instead of a friend!

Letter writing created a manifestation of memories bridging the distance between the sender and recipient. People were as meticulous about picking out decorative stationary to write their letters on, as much as the letter itself. This connection through written communication promoted the exchange of conversation, creativity and artistic expression.

The standard format that I followed practically every time I wrote a letter to my friends, immediate family who lived out of town, old sweethearts or occasionally some of my favorite teachers, was composed of the following basic elements:

1. The Heading (Name and Address)

2. Date

3. The Greeting (Dear So and So)

4. The Body (The message you are writing to the recipient)

5. The Closing (Sincerely, Yours Truly)

6. Your Signature

7. Post Script (There is the occasional comment that was not mentioned in the Body of your letter, but made after the signature, called the P.S. or P.S.S. The P.S.S. was an additional post script).

Sometimes on the back flap of the envelope, the writer would put a smiley face or an acronym like S.W.A.K. (Sealed With A Kiss) which indicated that a love letter was enclosed.

Penmanship in elementary school was extremely important years ago. It came as a surprise to me and some of my friends who are parents that cursive writing is not taught in most schools anymore. Therefore, the meticulousness and pride taken in one’s penmanship is not as evident today as it was when I was growing up. But a personalized letter or note makes you stop, sit down, read and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the folded message. Personalized letters displayed a unique voice, taste and style. It showed that a lot of thought, even if it wasn’t especially pleasant, went into the written expression.

So why not do something out of the ordinary and make someone smile today by writing a personalized letter to them instead of an electronic one. The memories will be worth the effort, especially if the person is miles away. You will get a great deal of satisfaction from simply taking a few minutes to write an endearing personal message whether on some nice stationary or not. That would be a special gift and welcomed relief for someone to receive in the mailbox amid the endless bills.

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The Incentive of Posting On 100% Free Internet Classified Advertising Websites

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Online Classifieds Rather Than Newspapers

Throughout this article we are going to discuss some details pertaining to the importance of web based classified advertising above the newspaper press classified listing. For starters the printed media regarding classified advertising consists of newspapers, national magazines also know as the free ad service magazines. When you think far more comprehensive, you may find a serious disadvantage of the classified listings, that are often posted within the normal newsprint. More or less the typical citizens do not have the desire to read through the daily newspaper just after the actual distribution date. Anytime the classified posting is produced in a normal paper, then there’s every possibility that the consumer of the particular classified ad becomes obsolete following the day of the papers distribution. Furthermore,, a selected local newspaper is absolutely not a universal news media. The degree of the presence location of a newspaper is mainly state local level or at most a nationwide level.

Zero cost Classifieds Sites

Free campaigns is a good advertising approach to generate online traffic for free to ones web sites or any products or services you are promoting and marketing. Many individuals browse through free classified ads web sites for different services or products. Free classified advertising aim at shoppers more likely than others to buying a particular product or service. 100% free classified ads websites mostly are of two different types – some present an plan for upgrading your main free classified ad to a premium one, and for many others it remains totally cost-free. Totally free web based classified advertising internet pages get revenues by simply obtaining companies that like to add text back links and / or ads pointing to their internet pages. Internet classified advertising free internet websites which provide to insert free classified postings needs to have real individual human filtration systems. Websites that do not preserve their integrity in such a way won’t successfully become acknowledged as superior sites, even if they give the website without charge.

The Emerging Trend of Web Based Classified Ads

Classifieds may be identified as a different style of advertisement. Free classified sites often contain certain personal details, company particulars by any business, or the information pertaining to any sort of upcoming affair. Classified ads were often put to use to publish just in papers in the past. After that the classified ads had been offered to market by means of television or perhaps even the airwaves. Subsequently the Net grew to become the medium of submitting classified advertising. Today the world wide web element of classified advertising is exceptionally praised about the complete globe.

Added Benefits of Online Classified Ads

In addition, classified advertisements submitted within free of charge internet based marketing and advertising web pages along these lines offer you anyone long lasting rewards considering that your classified advertising is going to end up being indexed in the the major search engines. This gives consistent totally free site traffic to your internet business, product, service and also internet affiliate programs a long time from now. Take advantage of our absolutely free classified ads program beginning now by signing up with us now at Hampton Roads Classifieds List and start out developing long-lasting internet promotions added benefits to your internet business.

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Helpful Information Technology Training Courses

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There are a number of unique and helpful information technology training courses available these days. Some of them may be especially helpful to one’s business, depending on the needs of the business. Here are some examples.

1. Information technology leadership. Although many people aspire to work with information technology, it takes a special kind of person to fill a leadership role in this field. Many courses are now available to help cultivate such leadership skills.

2. VoIP technology. More and more business are moving away from the standard telephone systems that have been in use for decades. These businesses have found that VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems reduce both equipment and personnel costs. Thus, training courses in VoIP technology can make an information technology worker quite valuable.

3. Cloud computing. As access to the Internet becomes more universal, a number of industries-large and small-have found cloud computing to be a viable solution. Training courses cover such topics as planning, installation, maintenance, and security of a cloud computing infrastructure.

4. Business software utilization. Although business software is easier to use than ever before, it still requires a level of training in order to get the most out of these software programs. Most businesses could benefit from training courses on specific software programs they utilize. At the very least, key personnel may take some of these courses, and then provide training to other staff members.

5. Privacy compliance. More and more countries have enacted strict legislation regarding the collection and sharing of personal data. As a result, it has become increasingly important for businesses to make sure that their technological practices comply with these laws. Because privacy and data laws can be somewhat challenging to understand, training courses on these subjects are a vital part of information technology education.

6. Software development. Most information technology managers will admit that one of their biggest expenses is the purchasing, licensing, and upgrading of business software. For this reason, many companies opt to develop their own in-house software. Besides reducing expenses, internally developed software has the advantage of being custom made to suit the unique requirements and methods of operation at a particular company. Training courses in a variety of software development programs are now widely available.

7. Technical support. Although a large amount of technical support work has been outsourced to other countries, a number of companies still care for this work themselves. Thus, there is a need to train qualified support staff to handle day-to-day issues that arise, both in person and over the phone. Such training courses have proved invaluable to companies that prefer to handle their own technical support.

These are just a few of the numerous courses available. When evaluating such options, businesses do well to consider the size and needs of their particular company, the staff available, the cost of the training, and its potential benefit. They can thereby take full advantage of the exciting advances in information technology, harnessing these powerful tools while maximizing both efficiency and profitibility.

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Spotlight on 5 Rewarding Mental Health Careers

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Think about it: you make time to service your car. You make time to take your pets to the vet. You even make time to clean your house. But how often do you make time to check in on the state of your own mental health?

With health care reform laws expanding coverage for mental health and substance abuse services, more and more Americans will be able to seek the help they need to manage stress, deal with trauma, and improve their lives.

If you want to be one of those professionals who help people look after their mental and emotional health, consider a career in psychology, counseling, or social work. We’ve broken down five popular mental health careers and their degree requirements to help you get started.


When you think of mental health, a psychology career most likely comes to mind. Psychologists use their knowledge of the human mind and emotions to help patients deal with a wide range of issues, from serious psychological disorders to addiction and recovery to couples counseling.

How to Start a Psychology Career

Requirements for psychologists vary state to state, but as a minimum, you’ll need a Master’s degree in psychology to practice. Some states will require you to have a PhD.

Marriage and Family Therapist Careers

The dynamics of husband, wives and their children are unique, which is why marriage and family therapists are a specialized group of mental health workers. They spend their time in school learning how to read and diagnose different family dynamics and treat each family member, not just one individual.

How to Start a Marriage and Family Therapy Career

The majority of marriage and family therapists have a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Guidance Counselor Careers

Growing up isn’t easy, which is why guidance counselors are hired by elementary, middle and high schools to help children and young adults throughout their educational careers. Guidance counselors make sure students are progressing mentally and emotionally, and will even assist during the college and career decision-making process.

How to Start a Guidance Counselor Career

Guidance counselors will need a Master’s degree in counseling to get started.

Rehabilitation Counselor Careers

Those who have physical, emotional or psychological disabilities need a unique kind of counseling. Rehabilitation counselors fill this need, using their skills to improve their quality of life and helping them live as independently as possible.

How to Start a Rehabilitation Career

Like the careers listed above, rehabilitation counselors need to have a Master’s degree in counseling or a related field.

Social Work Careers

Some of society’s toughest problems-child abuse, spousal abuse, homelessness, poverty, truancy-often go hand in hand. It’s the responsibility of social workers to help the men, women and children who are trapped in this complicated web of issues.

How to Start a Social Work Career

Social Workers need a master’s degree in social work to get started, and they generally also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field.

For more information on these careers and correlating degree programs, visit this health services career profiles page.

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Variety of Cleaning Approaches by Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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Many commercial business companies with offices have carpets to create a professional look as well as for absorbing sounds to generate a more productive environment for their workers. First impressions are very important as one walks into any office with clean carpets and furniture.

Professional cleaning

Commercial business companies have big carpet pieces that require professional cleaning to keep it looking new and fresh. Commercial cleaning services use the best of cleaning resources and techniques to ensure a longer usage of the carpet to help the company save money as quality carpets are not cheap; even for a company.

There must be experienced and qualified cleaning experts who know how to handle different carpets in different commercial environments. The best of cleaning products must be applied using relevant equipment designed for cleaning them and not the common janitorial tools and detergent. There must be a proper identification of its type and size as well as the type of dirt exposed on them before a thorough cleaning is executed on the carpet.

Professional commercial carpet cleaners offer expert cleaning services that can lengthen the warranty of these. Commercial businesses with carpets to clean can request for a customized cleaning solution or package deal that benefits them. Flexibility is commonly exercised with commercial cleaning services to suit the working hours of the businesses to avoid disruption and inconvenience.

Types of cleaning methods

Different carpets would require different types of cleaning methods to ensure the continual functionality of the piece. One of the popular methods is hot water extraction with vacuuming to suck out all possible soap residues that might attract dirt.

Another carpet cleaning approach is bonnet cleaning where a buffing machine is used to pull in dirt from it. Only biodegradable solutions that are Eco-friendly are applied with minimal water to enjoy a more efficient cleaning.

Encapsulation is a new carpet cleaning process which applies a dry method without fragrances or volatile organic compounds. The cleaned carpet dries quickly after being cleaned. Carpet restoration is used on carpets that have deep stains formed over time due to improper maintenance. Re-soiled spots would be totally eradicated with a few cleaning applications to have the carpet restored to its original beauty and functionality.

There is also the anti-static control approach which is a special commercial carpet cleaning treatment used to reduce static charges on carpet. This is common in offices that have air conditioning which creates a dry environment.

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