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10 Reasons Why You Need to Be Using Video by Rollsteady Media. Industrial Video Production Yorkshire

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Video marketing’s time is finally here. We are at the stage where enough people are online, the connections are fast enough and the cost of production is affordable enough. This will improve even further over time!

With it’s incredibly high return on investment compared to nearly all traditional marketing methods video is, for most companies these days, the go to marketing tool. Anyone tasked with the responsibility of a companies marketing that has not considered and researched video for marketing can’t be seen as doing their job properly!


1. SEO – Rank better in Google search and increase your web traffic.

Google owns YouTube and is therfore biased towards content on there.

Part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings considers the amount of time visitors stay on your website.

By integrating an optimized video into your company’s website,you can engage youre audience for longer than you can with simple text and pictures. This means you’re 53 times more likely to be featured on the front page of Google search results.

Today websites full of mountains of text and images rank lower in Google searches.

Customers generally take less than a minute to make a purchasing decision. They don’t want to read through all this to quickly understand a product. A well made video can engage them instantlyand get your sales points across quickly and effectively. They’re far more likely to decide to buy and do it right away.

Away from Google itself, it’ s important to consider that YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine. People would rather search for a video to watch than have lots of text to read through. So while you’re optimising the videos themselves for SEO this is also helping them get to the top of the rankings in YouTube, the 2nd biggest search engine!

2. Video is more engaging

Traditional web content still has a place in digital marketing. But adding more and more uninspring text and images is more likely to confuse the potential customer, they’re less likely to read everything you need to say to them and it slows down the load time of the site.

As we’ve seen, videos are way more likely to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged. A much better way of imparting this information, as well as keeping your site tidy and easy to navigate.

We spend 1/3 of time online watching it.

59% of executives and decision-makers will opt for video over reading text.

While a blog post loses on average 55% of readers within 15 seconds, a 90-second marketing video can hold 53 percent of viewers all the way to the end!

When featured on a your website’s landing page, video can boost conversion rates by up 80%. As well as bringing about a 200-300% increase in click-through rates when used in marketing emails.

Videos also generate 1200% more shares than both text and images combined.

When it comes to presentations and sales pitches, video is far more likely to engage and excite an audience than a live presentation comprising of text, stills and charts.

Merely seeing the word ‘video’ in an email’s subject line makes us 19% more likely to open it.

Simply put, more people are likely to see your product and it’s selling features by using video to convey your marketing message!

3. Increased conversion rates

85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they have watched a video showcasing it.

By letting you see the number of views on each video you can see what products or services potential customers are actually interested in. You can see how many viewers to your site could potentially become actual customers. This is far more powerful than just counting what has previously been sold and allows you to be proactive in your marketing.

You can even measure how many times a single individual watches your video, where they skip, fast forward, watch again or where they leave.

This makes video much easier to optimise. You can’t monitor a readers’ eyes in this way to see how they’re engaging with blog posts and banner ads.

4. Better explain your Product or Service

Video explains the usefulness and functions of a product or service clearly and quickly.

People soon get bored reading. Even if they do read all that text,it’s hard to control how they interpret it.

Seeing something helps people identify with it and understand it. They connect with it better.

The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see.

Videos are especially helpful if you have a complicated product or service.

5. Easy to share

With word-of-mouth the main way that businesses attract customers, it’s easy and convenient for customers to share your video whether one to one or on social media

When it comes to your own social media campaign video is perfect for generating interest.

Research has shown that over 70% of internet users watch videos online.

In fact more than 50% of the population will watch videos this year.

This means that people are way more likely to share your content if it’s a video.

6. A consistent, salesperson – working 24 hours a day for you

A great marketing message is seen, believed and remembered.

Videos can be used by salespeople to enhance their pitch or as a virtual salesperson working for you 24 hours a day. Videos can deliver a tailored message, ensuring the key sales points are hammered home every single time without having to work them into a conversation or worse still, forgetting to mention them.

Potential customers can see with their own eyes what you are selling, what it does, how it works, it’s benefits and unique features. This means they are more likely to buy it!

• 80% of web traffic is projected to come from video by 2019, online consumption of video is doubling every year.

• Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.

• 90% purchasing decisions are influenced by product video.

• Studies have found that viewers are 64-85% more likely to purchase the product after watching the video.

7. Video Strengthens Brand Recall

Print marketing print marketing can offer good brand recall effects but when watching a marketing video, consumers are able to retain 95% of its message. When receiving the same message through text-based content, this retention rate drops to 10%.

Pictures and sound are the best way for marketers to evoke feelings in an audience and forge a connection with the brand. It makes it memorable. Even if they don’t purchase straight away the seed is set seed when they come to making future decisions

While print marketing can have a similar brand recall effect as video, the level pales in comparison.

8. Get the better of your competition

If your competitors are using video they are already gaining these benefits and stealing a march on you. If your customer can’t see what your selling they’re more likely to go there! We can help you do it even better than them. If they haven’t dived in yet, it’s a chance for you to get ahead. Don’t waste it.

9. It’s versatile

Video allows you to attract and engage your audience for longer so you can get across all the information you need to make their mind up.

It can be used as stand alone or as part of a longer term marketing funnel.

Whatever the aim, there’s a suitable type of video corporate videos, branded documentaries, event videos, customer testimonial videos, training/instructional videos, case studies or testimonials. And so many ways to present the information – real live action footage, motion graphics or 2d/3d animation.

10. It’s time efficient

People love video and so do companies. It allows a lot of info to be transmitted data transmitted and received in a short space of time. The brain can process video 60000x faster than reading. No wonder they say a picture paints a thousand words! In most cases, video is the most cost effective way to attract and convert people into customers. It wasn’t possible until very recently. Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities it offers!

Of course, at the end of writing this article, the obvious question was “If video does this so well, why haven’t you made this article a video?” So we did!

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons you need video.

If you’d like to discuss this further or you’re convinced you want to take that leap into video just get in touch with us at

We’d love to hear from you!



Women’s Wisdom: Safe Dating – It’s Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

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As grown women, we come to rely on the fact that experience matters in many aspects of our lives. We have dated, maybe married and then divorced, and we think we know what we’re doing when it comes to first dates and new relationships. But do we really?

We may not meet men at frat parties and dance clubs anymore, but in this age of internet dating and online relationships, ALL women, regardless of age, need a new set of rules to keep themselves safe.

Whether you are an experienced dater or a woman getting back into the game we have the tips you need to make dating safe:

1) Get to know your date

  • If possible, Google him before the date and verify as much information as you can. The internet is a wonderful tool but people can easily misrepresent themselves. If he’s worth dating, he’s worth Googling.
  • Try to snap a picture of his licence plate: one of our dating Goddesses arranges to meet her date outside the front door of the bar or coffee house, using her phone to snap his license plate and sending it to a girlfriend’s phone.

2) Have an Escape plan

  • Text a friend and tell her/him where you’ll be and what time approximately you will be home; arrange an emergency code word but also let your friend know if you stay later than planned.
  • Bring some friends to the bar with you to discreetly sit off to the side and just be there if you might need back -up in that you feel concerned about your date’s behaviour.
  • Meeting in a public (and busy) place is always safest; it gives you the most security, the most opportunities to leave, and is the most likely to prevent an uncomfortable situation if things aren’t going well. Don’t rely on him for your transportation early on in a relationship.

3) Limit the amount of information you give out

  • Download an anonymous texting app, or use things like Google Voice or Vonage for blocking phone calls.
  • Initiate all the contact; make him give his number, always call or text him, not the other way around.
  • Use a nickname, and avoid using emails that can be connected to you. Make sure your email address and phone don’t publicize your complete full name – call block that feature on your mobile phone and use a secondary email addy that you can sign up with your nickname.
  • Beware: If he is tech-savvy he can find you through your IP address! Be careful!

4)Trust your instincts and watch for the signs

  • Look out for sudden and intense passion or aggressive sexual behaviour seemingly not in response to anything you’ve said or done.
  • Watch for “180°” flips in personality, from kind and loving, to accusatory and suspicious of your every move.
  • Be aware of aggressive actions or language, controlling behaviour, threats, unjust accusations or impulsivity
  • Be aware of repetitive or late night phone calls, drive-bys, or any unannounced drop-ins” at your workplace or home

A new relationship or even just a casual date can be exhilarating and exciting, but it is critical to remember to not get caught up in the moment. No matter how highly a man comes recommended from a friend or how often you may have chatted online, meeting face-to-face always means a certain level of vulnerability on your part. It is not paranoid or suspicious to play it safe and make sure that you have the best, most exciting dating experience possible. That said – there are thousands of great loving men just looking and hoping to meet a great women.

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Looking to Start Web Design As a Career? Where to Start As a Beginner

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There is a wide selection of web design courses in the market, so choosing one can be very hard. As a beginner it can be very daunting in choosing the right course for you. What matters is the kind of course you select. Advanced training courses may sound interesting and attention grabbing but could be a waste of time and money if you don’t understand the basics.

If you are considering web designing as a serious career option then a beginners course is what you need. The course should teach you the basics and help you understand how web sites work. Typically, a good course should include essential programming languages like HTML, XHTML and CSS coding. Apart from that a thorough course in Adobe Dreamweaver it is highly recommended if you intend to take up this career professionally. These are the first things I would suggest you learn before moving on to subjects like PHP and MySql. Also learning how to use image editing software like Adobe Photoshop will be essential in website design.

A popular way to study is distance learning. This method is more affordable then going to college or other training centres. Advantages are you can learn in your own time at a pace that suits you, and you’re not committed to classroom schedules. A lot of home learning courses come with tutor support to help you through. But not only that the internet has a huge amount of help and resources out there if you were to get stuck.

Online learning can be another popular method of studying website design. This is usually done on the internet where you log on to a training site to study your courses. This can be accessed 24/7 which obviously gives you great flexibility as to when you can study. These courses can be broken down into bite size courses. So instead of paying for a full course where you learn many different aspects you can just study a particular subject. Like PHP, Javascript, html etc.

These are very affordable and give you a chance to either try web design out first before committing to a full course. Or perfect if you already have a good knowledge of website design and you want to improve on a particular subject.

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Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

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Owning a successful business is no longer reserved for a lucky few. It is because there are some rules followed by those successful business people in making the business people to climb the richness ladder with assurance and comfort ability although any business is about risking and that the higher the risk the higher the reward or profit.

When you want to startup a business you first must have an idea, example of business ideas are like opening up a hairdresser, opens a salon, a shop and much. Generally, people do make huge mistake. Just because they are thinking about the job and not the business. Only because you are a good chef does not mean you know how to run a restaurant. More important, it does not mean a restaurant would be successful in your market. So you have to clearly assess and evaluate your business idea before implementing it.

Business wise you have to make sure that what you are going to produce Is it a product or service they have fallen in love with. Again, just because you love something does not mean a profitable business will come of it. This is especially true for first-time entrepreneurs. Learning how to run a business is hard enough; you don’t need to make it any harder by doing something you love rather than something customers love paying you a good profit for or producing what you want instead of what they want.

There are some guidelines on how you are sure that your intriguing idea is also something from which you can truly make a profit? There are three essential considerations one has to bear in mind.

Make sure the product or service has a repeat buy. This is by far the most important aspect of long-term business success. You have to have a product or service that people will keep buying. It is better and more profitable, in my opinion, to have a pool cleaning company than a pool building company. Put another way, a business owner should focus on getting a customer once, but making a profit from that person for a very long time.
Be certain you have a high profit margin.

There are very few companies that can compete long term on a “we are cheaper” marketing platform. In any new business, you need to watch your cash flow–and if you are trying to work with low profit margins and make gains in volume, you will need to have a high level of working capital to keep you running through the lean profits early on. Having a higher margin is extremely important when you are growing a business so you can self-finance your growth.

Build a strong support team because a good idea is not enough. The idea counts most, yet a quality idea must still have a great team of people behind it to give it wings. Time after time, when people bring me a business investment proposal or an idea they want to take to market, I ask them who is on their team and they respond with something crazy like, “Oh, we have not hired anyone yet.” Get a board of advisers. Get a team of professional accountants, coaches, lawyers and bankers. A great team will greatly improve the chances for success of any business.

Now if I were going into business today, to be sure of the market what would I choose? I would start with one premise and some hot industries. Here the premise is, you do not make money panning for gold, and you make money selling pans. Get in the way of a buying frenzy, and you will be a success. Therefore the fastest way to make a restaurant profitable is not by having a great chef and great decor or big buildings it is by attracting a starving crowd with money so that they can eat the food in exchange for their money.

In other words look for an idea you can take national or, even better, global at some stage. Although it might be fun and a challenge to establish yourself locally right now, but eventually you’ll want to build something much bigger for the future and also expand you business.

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Organic Swing Tags Offer Amazing Benefits for Your Business

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Organic swing tags can be used to promote and enhance your items at competitive rates. These tags come in various sizes, styles, designs, shapes, and colors. You can print one side of the tags or both according to your needs and budget. Make sure you are using quality machines for printing. Let’s know more about the benefits of organic swing tags for your business.

Uses Of Organic Swing Tags

You can use these tags to promote products like clothing, luggage, and jewelry effortlessly and cost-effectively. Moreover, it is a sophisticated and chic tool that makes the items even more stylish and branded. You can get the organic type because they are available in different finishes, and stocks, to make exceptional branding and unique items.

Go for the Embossed type

This type can be recycled with time. Mostly, eco-friendly materials can be used to make them. They can be used in the clothing center to label different items. You can print the price, size, and name of clothes on your embossed swing tags to deliver information. This will help your customers to get an idea about your garment.

The Demand For Foiled Swing Tags Is High

In the market, a vast range of organic types is available to serve different purposes. Just like organic and embossed types, the demand to use the foiled tags is high. These are easy to print and design.

Consult a Professional

If you do not know what size and style you need to use, do not worry. You should consult with the experts because they have the knowledge and expertise to make these products. Besides, they always use quality material to make your orders.

See The Template

Before placing your order, you need to check the vast variety of these products on the internet. You should also check the customer reviews. In this way, you will get an idea of which ones are best for your business.

While looking for branded tags, do not forget to ask about the prices. At this time, we suggest that you buy in bulk. It’s hard for designers to make only one piece for you.

They make a bundle of organic swing tags in one second with the best tag-making machines. So, tell them the number you need. You can show the template of what you like and want for your need. In this way, the expert worker will incorporate their own expertise to make attractive and eye-catching products.

Importance Of Foiled Swing Tags

Foiled swing tags on a product assure the buyer that they are purchasing a high-quality item. They can convince the consumer that they have chosen the proper size. They can demonstrate quality by exhibiting accolades, approving seals, or confirming the product’s legitimacy.

Boost Your Revenue

Because a swing tag is often the same size as a business card, it may convince clients with a short promotional message to enhance sales. They can promote a special offer so that buyers place a bulk order. It may also promote limited-edition items, encouraging buyers to purchase them while supplies last.

So, this was an introduction to organic swing tags and the benefits that they offer for your business.

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The Consequences of Stealing – Theft and the Law

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Theft can include armed robbery, burglary, theft by check, forgery, unauthorized use of a vehicle, fraud, false statement to a credit agency, shoplifting and the list goes on. The consequences for stealing range from a Class C misdemeanor to felony charges, usually depending on the monetary value of what was taken. If the value of the stolen item is under $1,500 then the perpetrator will most likely be convicted of a misdemeanor. This can result in a simple fine and/or community service, but could also involve jail time, depending on the circumstances. If the item stolen was of great value, the accused will most likely be charged with a felony and will have to serve prison time. At the time of a hearing the court will be notified if there is more than one offense on the suspect’s record and this will also affect the sentencing. People who steal generally do not do it just one time.

It is important to note that in some states, stealing of any kind is considered a “crime of moral turpitude”. This means the act of stealing is not a favorable action in community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor, you will have a permanent criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. This can have negative effects on the wrongdoer’s character personally, legally and with future employment opportunities.

One of the most common forms of stealing is shoplifting. Shoplifting is the deliberate act of taking an unpaid item from a place of business and it happens more than we are aware. A person can be convicted of shoplifting even if they don’t walk out of the store, but are found with hidden merchandise in their possession. In some states, there is even a “law of Parties” meaning that if you are with a friend who is caught stealing in a retail establishment, you can also be prosecuted even though you didn’t intend on stealing. An average of $10 billion dollars’ worth of goods is stolen from retail businesses each year. The numbers and statistics are staggering. We all pay the price for people who commit these acts by having to pay more for products when companies pad prices to recuperate losses from shoplifters. The law does not look kindly on people who shoplift.

Bottom line, stealing is never a good idea and can land you in a world of trouble. It will affect the offender in many negative ways for the rest of their lives. Stealing also affects everyone in the community, in one way or another, which is why the laws are harsh. Thieves may think that they can get away with stealing, but eventually they will get caught and will be forced to face severe consequences.

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The Multiple Uses Of A Backup Email

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A backup email has so many uses that it really is essential for anyone that has an email to have a backup. A backup email is basically known as a secondary email that is most likely linked to your primary email.

The first use of such a thing is for the password recovery system of your primary email. Most of the time your primary email will contain all the important messages from your contacts such as a memo from the boss, a greeting from your family and so much more; your primary email is also where your contacts will be stored.

With such important data you will of course protect it with a password that only you would know. But what if you accidentally forgot your password, what can you do? Well you can use a basic feature that virtually all email providers have: the secret question feature.

This feature is where you are asked a series of questions, mostly around 2, that you have previously chosen and that only you know the answer to. The problem with this is that most of the time if the email you’re using has been around for a few years there is a big chance that you might have forgotten what the answer is; this is where a backup email comes into play.

You can choose to have your password be sent to your backup email. This provides you with fewer problems because you only have to check your backup email as opposed to having to try and remember what the answers to your secret questions were.

Other uses of a backup email would be either as a spam receiver or as storage for important messages. If you’re into the habit of subscribing to a lot of newsletters you will most likely receive a lot of spam mail and no matter how you filter those emails there will still be some that will be able to make it to your inbox.

What you could do is you could use your secondary email as the email that you enter when you subscribe to anything, that way all the spam mail will go to that email and you could just check it when you have the time to.

If you don’t see your backup as a spam receiver then you could use it as a password recovery email and as a backup storage for important messages, contacts and files. Ideally, everything that is digitized is supposed to have a backup so that when the primary data is lost there is still something that can bring it back.

What you could do is you could forward all important emails, save all contacts as well as store files in your secondary email so that you have a backup just in case you delete those things in your primary email.

A backup email has a lot of uses to the point that having one is turning out to be a necessity; just remember to try and have your backup with a different provider so that you don’t get troubled by ID security measures.

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