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A New Country for Bitcoin Mining Officially Opens Its Doors

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A New Country For Bitcoin Mining Officially Opens Its Doors

A new ECOS data center with a capacity of 60 MW has been launched in Armenia. Full state support for the Free Economic Zone provides unique benefits and affordable electricity for mining.

In 2018, the Armenian government entrusted ECOS to create and manage a Free Economic Zone to support the development of high technologies and the blockchain industry in the country.

Today, the company maintains more than 250,000 users that use cloudmining and hosting services worldwide, and you can become a part of the ECOS mining ecosystem! An end-to-end infrastructure was built on the territory of the data center, including a service center, warehouses and regular supplies of spare parts, armed guards and staff of servicemen located on the territory 24/7.

ECOS data center receives an additional 60 MW of clean, affordable and stable electricity from high-voltage networks, which makes it possible to claim almost 100% up-time electricity.

The new plot can accommodate more than 20,000 mining devices on an area of ​​2.2ha, with the potential to expand to an additional 200MW.

Moreover, the optimal temperature of this region allows to eliminate problems with overheating without additional expenses – the average annual temperature in Hrazdan is 4.8°C.

Also, we have to mention ECOS end-to-end service: The company takes full care and responsibility for the purchase of mining equipment from Bitmain, on behalf of our clients or simply helps to move from other data-centers to ECOS, the company’s employees test, install and maintain equipment 24/7 and you can watch and control your assets directly from the mobile app.

This is a really good opportunity to earn passive income with ECOS hosting and manage it with two clicks on your smartphone. Your earnings on mining are not so easy? Let’s check out all the benefits here.

“We have come a long way from legalizing mining in Armenia to launching our own energy infrastructure that is ready for scaling. We want to offer our partners simplicity in everything: from launching your mining business on our data-center to daily monitoring of the result in the application without leaving your home” — said Ilya Goldberg, managing partner of ECOS. — “Our bundled product is made to serve both institutional and retail clients from any part of the world.”

Armenia patronizes the blockchain/mining sector and has allowed the creation of FEZ with unique conditions such as 0% income tax and 0% VAT, 0% import and export duties, 0% property and real estate taxes for the next 25 years, which allows our partners to receive maximum revenue on capital.

At present days due to the lack of stable and affordable electricity in the world and the constantly changing legal requirements, ECOS services are extremely relevant, the company said.

Crypto winter is coming to an end and now is the best time to start mining. Historically, it is most profitable to invest in cryptocurrencies during such periods. If you have not yet started earning on bitcoin mining, then start now with ECOS hosting!




TA- Fantom Shows Strength – Eyes $0.70

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Ta- Fantom Shows Strength - Eyes $0.70

The price of Fantom (FTM) shows strength and could be set for a major run against Tether (USDT) with eyes set on $0.7. 

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price saw a bounce from $23,000 to $24,800 as the favorable news from the consumer price Index (CPI) saw a good response across the boards in the crypto market. As a consequence, the price of Fantom was able to try and break out of its range.

The consumer price Index provides a gauge with regard to inflation in the economy while instigating BTC prices and other altcoins. (Data feeds from Binance)

Price Analysis Of FTM On The Weekly Chart

Weekly FTM Price Chart | Source: FTMUSDT On

From the chart, the price of FTM saw a weekly low of around $0.2, which bounced from that area and rallied to a price of $0.4.

The price has built more momentum as it faces resistance at $0.4.

If the price of FTM on the weekly chart continues with this bullish structure, it could quickly revisit  $0.7.

Weekly resistance for the price of FTM – $0.4.

Weekly support for the price of FTM – $0.2.

Price Analysis Of FTM On The Daily (1D) Chart

1660237938 963 Ta Fantom Shows Strength Eyes 070
Daily FTM Price Chart | Source: FTMUSDT On

The price of FTM found strong support at around $0.2, with what seems to be an area of interest on the daily chart.

FTM bounced from its support and rallied as it faces resistance to break above a ranging channel and has continued to move in range.

At the time of writing, the price of FTM is at $0.39, above the 50 exponential moving average with a price at $0.33 trying to break above a ranging channel to the upside.

FTM is facing a resistance of $0.4 to break the channel, If the price of FTM breaks above the $0.4 resistance with good volume the price of FTM could rally to a high of $0.7.

The RSI for the price of FTM on the daily chart is above 65, indicating healthy buy bids for FTM.

The volume for FTM indicates buy bids, this shows bulls would want to push the price higher.

Daily (1D) resistance for FTM price – $0.4.

Daily (1D) support for FTM price – $0.33, $0.3.

Price Analysis OF FTM On The Four-Hourly (4H) Chart

1660237938 248 Ta Fantom Shows Strength Eyes 070
Four-Hourly FTM Price Chart | Source: FTMUSDT On

The price of FTM has continued to maintain its bullish structure despite facing resistance at $0.4 trying to break out of a ranging channel.

FTM is trading above the 50 and 200 EMA with prices of $0.372 and $0.33 acting as its support on the 4H chart, as the price faces resistance at $0.4.

If the price of FTM breaks above the channel with a good volume we could see prices trending to $0.7, In case FTM is unable to break and experience a sell-off, 50 and 200 EMA prices would act as support for FTM prices.

Four-Hourly (4H) resistance for FTM price – $0.4.

Four-Hourly (4h) support for FTM price – $0.372, $0.33.

Featured image from zipmex, Charts from 
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Ethereum Merge Scheduled For September 15/16, ETH’s Price Skyrockets

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Ethereum Price

Ethereum is moving higher over today’s trading session and seems to be targeting previous levels about the $2,000 mark. The cryptocurrency soars as “The Merge” becomes imminent and backs the bullish sentiment across the market.

At the time of writing, ETH’s price trades at $1,900 with a 3% profit in the last 24 hours and a 17% profit over the past week. Ethereum is the best performing asset in the crypto top 10 by market cap recording bigger gains than Solana (14%), Polkadot (16%), and Bitcoin (7%).

ETH’s price with important gains on the 4-hour chart. Source: ETHUSDT Tradingview

The bullish momentum for Ethereum seems poised to extend. In a recent ETH core developers calls, “The Merge” mainnet release was tentatively scheduled for September 15 to 16 at epoch 144896.

This announcement comes at the heels of a successful implementation of “The Merge” on another main Ethereum testnet, Goerli. Called the final “dress rehearsal” for this major upcoming event that will combine Ethereum’s execution layer with its consensus layer.

In other words, Ethereum will finally complete its transition from a Proof-of-Work consensus to a Proof-of-Stake. This process will provide the blockchain will better performance, much lower transaction fees, scalability, and less energy consumption.

The potential for “The Merge” to attract new users and capital into the Ethereum ecosystem is one of the reasons why it’s perceived as bullish by the market. Data from Material Indicators (MI) indicates that almost every investor class has been buying into ETH’s price current price action.

This buying pressure is trending upwards and appears to be picking up momentum, over the past 12 hours as news about the tentative date for the mainnet release broke.

Ethereum Eth Ethusd Mi 2
ETH’s price has been bought by almost every investor class on low timeframes. Source: Material Indicators

Further data from Material Indicators records important ask liquidity above ETH’s price current levels. There are over $40 million in selling orders stack from $1,920 to $2,000. These orders will operate as critical resistance.

What “The Merge” Could Spell For The Price Of Ethereum

If Ethereum is able to break above those levels, the orderbook record almost no resistance to the upside. Thus, ETH’s price could reclaim previously lost territory and extend its climb.

However, MI records low buying pressure for ETH’s price on higher timeframes from large investors. Over the past two months, retail investors appear to be jumping into Ethereum’s price action.

Additional data provided by Jarvis Labs coincides that retail investors having been accumulating ETH. Larger investors need to begin accumulating to provide ETH’s price with an extended trend.

Jarvis Labs believes that this sustainable bullish price action might only be triggered if Bitcoin picks up momentum and follows the bullish trend. The price of the number one cryptocurrency has also been supported mainly by retail, but the research “would like to see a Q4 2020 repeat”.

At that time, retail was buying BTC and ETH and in Q4, whales took over and prices were able to reach new highs.

Bitcoin Ethereum Eth Ethusdt
In Q4 2020 whales (red dots on the chart) took over retail (green dots) and push BTC’s price into new highs, will history repeat? Source: Jarvis Labs via Twitter

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Eternal Bots in Zelysium: Fascinating Metaverse with Intriguing Storyline

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Eternal Bots In Zelysium: Fascinating Metaverse With Intriguing Storyline

Dubai,UAE, (August 11,2022) – Zelysium is one of the first universes that mark to be the epicenter of the inevitable greatness of the Metaverse. Zelysium has a massive storyline with seven chapters. The storyline is made as original webcomics, animated motion pictures based on the comics, and an immersive tell-a-tale game in the metaverse.

Metaverse is an evolving sector as of today, various entertainment products and services have been expanding within the boundless domain. The above-mentioned constituents in the Zelysium provide users with an exhilarating experience.

EternalBots : The Inception, the story starts in a futuristic timeline in 20 GY ( Galactic years). Eternal bots are in the middle of the war, stuck in a reverse timeline, and reach the earth. Then they meet Human Beings……… and from there story continues The EternalBots NFTs are the Genesis collection of 8888 unique 3D rendered NFTs categorized into eight clans based on the power source with over 150 traits.

EternalBots’ artwork is entirely 3D modelled and generated, ready for integration into the Metaverse and highly compatible. The holders will travel with these Bots in the Metaspace and will receive assistance, special privileges and premium features on the platform.

The original webcomics with animated motion pictures in the Zelysium bring out the WOW element. In addition, the storyline will depict the origins of Zelysium and the environment. The EternalBots NFT holders become part of Zelysium’s governance and the metaverse will have open access to the community.

The NFT holders become a part of Zelysium and will enable all access to the platform. In addition, the holders can enter the web app to access top-tier private deals/own governance vote/raffle contests and access the mystery box, liquidity pools and other web 3 features. 

We double the NFT utility with $ZEL token emission, where $ZEL is the native token for Zelysium Metaverse. Moreover, Zelysium provides boundless opportunities for the community beyond one’s wildest dreams to push the utilities even further.

About Zelysium

Zelysium strives to revolutionize the traditional entertainment, e-commerce and socializing industries in a massive immersive environment. Our metaverse brings limitless experiences to the users and the community by bridging the physical and virtual worlds together in a decentralized manner. Along, the platforms provide endless opportunities and incentives for the creators/users for participating in various activities, and daily contests, earning rewards for their efforts while having fun building and experiencing the metaverse.

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Sued by Voyager Digital Investors

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Sued By Voyager Digital Investors