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Different Style Of Cafe Racer Helmets Through The Years

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Helmets are an important part of road safety for motorcycle riders because they may prevent serious injuries to the head and reduce the chances of fatalities in motorcycle accidents by a huge margin. This is all because our head is the most vulnerable part of our body when we’re riding a motorcycle and the one that suffers the most in case we have an accident. However, it’s not just a safety measure because there are different styles of cafe racer helmets through the years that have risen in popularity and became classics because of the way they look and the style and personalization they offer to the rider. Ever since they were invented they’ve completely changed the entire look of motorcycle riders for the better and added an extra item that can be personalized and used for expression.

Although, at first there were many riders that preferred not to wear helmets because they considered it to be uncool and gross, the opinion of a lot of people has changed once they realized the amount of protection it offers and the decline in total fatalities it had during the years where it was mandatory for people to wear their protective helmet.

For many motorcycle riders, it became a part of their persona and character to wear a helmet and what they once deemed uncool and gross to wear, was now something that they couldn’t ride without. The popular opinion of using helmets changed throughout the years and people started finding it cool while people today prefer wearing some classic helmet wear that look exactly like the ones that were produced back in the days but with modern day technological improvements.

The history of popular helmets is quite interesting and dates back quite a bit so let’s dig into it and learn a few things about a few helmets through the years that left a mark and became classics that many companies are influenced by when designing their products today.

History and Development

Helmets didn’t appear as soon as the first motorcycle did because when it was invented it wasn’t fast enough to require any special protective gear like a helmet. It was built for fun and the inventor that built this also had a leather cap that he used as a form of protection although it didn’t really provide much because it wasn’t a helmet.

As motorcycles became faster and more advanced the need for some protection was felt although it wasn’t invented until a very popular historic person called T.E. Lawrence died from an injury to the head that he received in a motorcycle crash in 1935. His death made people aware of the dangers associated with riding motorcycles and authorities made it a requirement for people to wear protective helmets when they ride for their own safety. Motorcycle companies at this time were in a competition against each other of which one can make the fastest motorcycle and it meant that the deaths from accidents became more often when people weren’t wearing helmets.

Helmets weren’t worn and many people resisted until the 1941 when the British Army suffered a loss of two soldiers within a week and demanded that their soldiers have helmets as part of their gear which they had to wear when they rode.

It wasn’t until the 1953 when the first helmet that could absorb shocks from accidents was introduced to the market by Professor C.F. Lombart. He designed the helmet for speed racing because motorcycles were becoming faster and faster. This invention by the professor of the University of South California was a true turning point for helmets. It was made of a strong outer shell that had two more layers of padding that was used for both comfort and to absorb the shock from the energy surge caused by the impact of the crash. One of the most popular helmets of all time and a complete classic was the Bell 500 helmet that came out in 1954 made by Roy Richter.

A few years after the classic helmet was made, a company was established with the purpose of testing helmets that other companies produced and it used to test the quality of the helmets without being influenced by anyone including the government giving fair and correct results about the safety of each helmet they tested.

Although wearing helmets was proven to be much safer and it prevented many people from dying by head injuries suffered from motorcycle crashes people still didn’t like wearing them and there was no law requiring them to wear them whenever they are riding on their bikes. The popular opinion among many riders was that it was completely uncool and gross to wear something of the sort until the 1961 in Australia where the first law for mandatory helmet wear was introduced where anyone riding a motorcycle had to have a helmet on as a safety precaution.

A few years later, similar law was introduced in the US through the Highway Safety Act that made it mandatory for helmets to be worn in every state. The states had to implement this law because otherwise they wouldn’t get any funding for their roads and highway building and maintenance. In the same year, the standards of safety motorcycle helmets were set and all manufacturing companies had to have their helmets meet these standards so they could pass their product to the market.

In the year of 1971, the first full face helmet was created and hit the market become extremely popular among riders. The popularity of open face helmets started to drop during this period and the popularity of open face helmets was on the rise and many riders accepted this emerging trend.

In 1975, the strict helmet wearing rule was revoked and many states revoked their strict helmet laws from use resulting in many people deciding to not use helmets anymore while others wore them because they became trendy and cool.

Ever since the mandatory law for wearing helmets was revoked, the fatalities caused by head injuries in motorcycle accidents increased and continue to increase significantly. Many companies who make motorcycle helmets had decline in profits because less people were interested in wearing one they didn’t stop making them for those who were concerned with their safety and felt like they are looking more stylish with their helmets on.

Open Face Helmet

One of the best examples of an open face is the Bell 500 helmet that was one of the first helmets made in the 1950’s and became an immediate success for the company. Today it’s available as Bell 500 Carbon and it has a lot of updated safety features but it was designed to look exactly like the one they had back then as kind of a tribute that boosted their success. This is definitely one of the most popular helmets of this time and company and it has amazing features that many serious riders love.

It’s a helmet that has a carbon composite shell that is low profile and a multi dense EPS liner sizer with 5 shells. The interior liner is custom suede leather and it also has EPS foam layer with a narrow profile. It comes without a visor but it has an integrated system that allows you to strap shields or visors quite easily. It straps to the chin with a chin strap that has a D-ring closure. It also features a leather goggles strap. Of course, it has DOT and ECE certifications and on top of everything the company offers a 5 year warranty with a bonus leather bag for the helmet.

It’s a bit pricey, costing a little below $400 but for the features it has and for riding enthusiasts it’s an investment that is completely worth it because it’ll keep you protected while providing that stylish retro look that people had back in the 1950s. If you’re into classics that would never go out of style this helmet is the right pick for you and you won’t lose a minute sleep over the money you spent.

Full Face Helmet without Shield

Aside from the open face helmet that left its mark in the different styles of café racer helmets through the years, another retro styled helmet that is very popular and designed to look like a few popular helmets through the years is the Biltwell’s Gringo Helmet which is a helmet that offers minimum protection and it’s very shiny. Their 2019 line is the one that caught our eye and what the company did is actually made their design similar to the style that was in motorsports in the 60’s and made the helmet suitable to the safety standards of today. Basically they managed to create a helmet that is as stylish as the ones available back in the days with the appropriate safety features that keep riders safe of the present.

This helmet has a lightweight ABS outer shell which is injection-molded with Three-piece EPS that makes the helmet fortified and able to dissipate impacts because the helmets structure is made for increased security. It also features a molded urethane chin bar pad which protects against frontal impacts. The inside of the helmet has removable cheek pads and comfort liners made of lycra for better absorption with an adjustable strap. The three-piece Expanded Polystyrene has recesses inside to support communication tools that might be installed after purchasing the helmet.

This helmet isn’t as pricey as the first open face one and in fact it’s nearly half the price costing around $175. It comes in many different colors and it’s one of the best helmets that represents the 1960’s culture of riders. It offers good protection and if you are into popular helmets and classic styles this one should be one of the first in that category.

Full Face Helmet with a Shield

Another very popular helmets type that was extremely popular in the late 1960’s and definitely worth mentioning as one of the most popular helmets through the years that is still being used today is the full face helmet with a shield and the best example in this category is the Bell Bullit helmet. This helmet is extremely well made and has the same style as the classic they made back in the day with infusing modern technology that offers maximum safety, comfort and protection for the riders.

This helmet has amazing features as well. It has a fiber composite shell with ultra-low-profile with a multi-dense EPS liner. The interior liner is brown with a pull tab on the face shield which is also brown. The entire interior is made out of antibacterial material and it’s removable and washable. The fabric is perforated micro-suede with some leather trim and it has a padded chin strap that features a D-ring closure made out of stainless steel that has a black pull. It has not just 1 but 5 intake vents and an exhaust vent in the rear. The cheek pads are 3D cut and feature speaker pockets. It has both ECE and DOT certifications and it’s an amazing retro style option.

The helmet is quite expensive, costing about $420 although it can be found for $400 in some stores. Even though it’s quite expensive it’s a classic helmet that true riders will appreciate and would love to have in their collection despite the cost. Enthusiasts understand that a rider’s helmet is an investment that always pays off as it elevates your style and safety at the same time.

Bubble Shield and Flat Shield

While in the early days people used to wear goggles with their helmets for extra protection against, wind, rain, or the sun, after a while, shields were invented and many people turned to them instead of the goggles because they were more practical and easier to use. Instead of putting on a helmet, goggles and a scarf over your mouth and nose, all you needed to do is put on the helmet that already had a shield on it and you were good to go. It was a nice invention at the time and there were two types of shields, bubble shield and a flat shield.

Both of these shields served the same purpose of extra protection against the elements but they also left their mark in history in terms of style and they are used today for both reason. Although the shields today are made out of much better material and come in different shapes and sizes, with or without tints for extra protection from the sun for long rides, many riders still add them to their helmets because of the classic retro look it adds to the entire helmet. They can be paired up with many popular helmets of today and give them a vintage style look and many riders are actually getting them for this exact reason.

The bubble face shield is the one that gives a bit more of a retro and vintage look when they are both compared in different helmets but aside from the look, people also say that these shields allow them to ride longer on their bikes and even have fun when they are riding in the rain because there are no more “needles” hitting your face and on top of all that it provides the much necessary protection from the sun that might burn your face and lips from getting cracked from the heat.

Popular paint jobs for helmets

Throughout the years, there were a lot of different colors and styles of helmets but there are a few paint jobs that really stood out and made their mark in history that they are extremely popular even today.


Faded helmet colors are among those different styles of care racer helmets through the years that left their mark and are being produced today. They give a classic, old and vintage look to the helmet that when you look at it, it really takes you back to the days when they got like that from being worn constantly. Faded colors on helmets are definitely some of the all-time bests and deserve a mention here in our post.


These are similarly popular as the faded ones and many companies are producing deliberately discolored helmets that have that old school look because of the paint job that people very much love. The old, worn out look that it gives, reminds people of the old days where helmets were personal items that had sentiment to the riders.


Some of the helmets in the old days didn’t have the best paint job and after a while that same paint job would be gone and the rust would begin to cover the helmet. It gave such an old and cool look to the helmet that it became a very popular paint job today and many riders want their helmet to have that rusty look.

Chipped Paint

In the old days a lot of the helmets didn’t have the greatest paint job, as we mentioned above, and the paint would fall off even with a slight bump which after a while turned into a trendy look that became a classic and it’s a very popular paint job for many popular helmets today.


Following the many different styles of cafe racer helmets through the years we can come to the conclusion that a rider’s helmet isn’t just a piece of equipment that is there to protect him from a potential fall. For true riding enthusiasts, the helmet is a piece of them and their personality. The type of helmet they pick is a style choice among other things that allows them to truly express their personality and the way they feel when riding a motorcycle.

There are quite a lot of choices and options that riders can use to express themselves and personalize their helmets while still increasing their safety and security in case they crash. They can go for the oldest and one of the classic open face helmets that used to be used with goggles to protect the eyes and a scarf for the rest of the face back in the day. Companies have adapted their designs of these helmets with the latest materials and technologies available that offer the maximum protection and comfort for the rider while still retaining the same look they used to have when they first came out. They became much lighter in weight and much safer in the same time.

Aside from the open face helmets that were very popular helmets in the 1950’s the full face helmets with and without shields came next that took over and had a rise in popularity during the 1960’s. They provided a little more protection against frontal falls because they have padding on the chin too and you could buy them with a shield or without one. Either way, the look from back then became a classic today and there are many companies producing this type of helmets that are designed as the ones from the 1960’s with better materials that provide extra safety and comfort for the wearer. The looks however match the ones from long ago which is exactly what people who like old school style are looking for.

A lot of these helmets through the years got improved and some features were added but one thing that many companies made first is the possibility of adding a bubble shield or a flat shield to both open face helmets and full face helmets. The main purpose of them was to protect the rider from the elements such as wind, rain and sun but they also became quite popular for how they made the helmets look and how stylish the wearer was. Their primary use of replacing the goggles quickly became secondary because their popularity was based on the style it provided for riders.

The different styles of café racer helmets through the years also have us some unique paint jobs today. Many paint jobs back then weren’t as good as they are today and it often happened that the paint would fade or completely disappear or even become rusty which made the helmets look even cooler because of the antique style it gave them. This stuck through the years and companies today are making helmets with paint jobs that resemble those faded, discolored and rusty helmets to give them a classic style and a vintage look.



3 Benefits of Web Analytics

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Web analytics is the process of measuring site statistics and analyzing traffic behavior. Here are there of the main benefits of web analytics.

It is typical for any business to do some data analysis. Data analysis is used to determine sales, profit, loss rate, and market interest. However, in terms of establishing a strong e-presence for your website, there is one tool that you could used in order to collect necessary data that you would need to promote your site.

Web analytics has been gaining steady popularity among websites, blogs and portals. It is used to analyze market trends and to identify website users or visitors. It is also used to determine the behavior of website users. It is a great tool to determine your latest website trends and your visitors’ or users’ preferences in terms of site features. Here are the benefits of web analytics.

Number 1: It helps monitor your visitors and users

With web analytics, you would know how long your visitor stayed in your website, who they are and where they came from. You will be able to know their clickstreams, the keywords they used, and how they came to be in your website (referrer pages, search engines, etc). You would be able to determine how many times a user or a visitor returned to your website and which pages were given preference.

In fact, a web analytics tool would tell you your website usage down to the last specifics. It would tell you about your visitor’s nationality and language. It can even pinpoint the city of origin. Of course, it will tell you the IP addresses and the host used for access. Further analysis would reveal if your visitors were there to actually check out your site or if they were mere strays. Most certainly, you will know how many visitors you get daily.

Number 2: It can help you optimize your website

Once you have carefully studied the actions of your visitors or web users, you would be able to act accordingly in order to optimize your website. You would also have an idea about the things that need changing and the aspects of your website that may appeal more to your market. You would know which pages are most viewed and which are basically ignored. You would be able to adjust certain aspects of your website that need improvement or adjustments. You could then fix any technical problems; or you could also improve, streamline or reshape site navigation to better assist your site users or visitors.

Number 3: It can help you formulate a sales and e-marketing plan

Web analytics will be able to assist you in preparing for an e-marketing plan and course of action. This will be more effective because your plan would be based on actual facts and not mere probabilities. You would be able to really know what your market wants. By tracking the items which were highly viewed, you would learn which products received the highest response. You would also be able to enhance other programs that you have already employed like pay-per-click or PPC advertising. You would be able to get more clients, as well as monitor and keep your clients interested.

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Business Technology in Small Business

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Business technology in small businesses can mean a lot of different things and can be interpreted in many different ways. But it will always come down to the same thing – the technology implemented and used by a business must provide the maximum amount of efficiency for the minimum amount of cost and maintenance.

Technology in business must be well planned and implemented in a sensible manner and a plan for technology management must be developed and adhered to. This may mean moving more of your business systems onto the internet to increase the mobility of your business, or identifying and investing in new systems which will do the same job but in a more efficient manner.

How Can the Internet Help My Business?

If you are looking to save money for your business, the internet is an excellent place to start. If your business includes a small call centre to provide customer service, you could save a lot of money in the long run by investing in changing the phone system to an IP telephony system. This would mean that rather than incurring massive phone bills using normal phones, all calls would be routed over the internet and customers would be able to call in using a normal local telephone number.

It is much cheaper to call someone through the internet than through a standard phone line and the savings you would make here would more than cover the cost of implementing such a system.

You would need to ensure that your business’ internet connection is powerful enough to manage this of course. If there is not enough bandwidth to accommodate all of the calls being made, the sound quality can suffer. As long as both parties can hear what the other is saying, this does not have to be too much of an issue – making allowances for this would need to be part of your business’ strategy for technology management.

What about My People in the Field?

If you have a large team of sales reps in the field, the savings which you could enjoy through the implementation of internet based telephony can be carried on to this side of your business as well. Nowadays, there are many mobile phones available which are capable of making calls over the internet using the 3G network. This would mean a possible upgrade of your corporate mobile phone contract and possibly some retraining for your staff – but ultimately it would save you money on phone bills.

How do I Know that My Company is Now More Efficient?

Technology in business also encompasses the assessment and monitoring of work performed by the employees. With modern networking and targeted technology management, it would be possible to not only make your company run more efficiently for less money; but also allowing you to keep an eye on exactly what is going on in real-time.

There are many products available which will allow you to monitor your employees’ statistics – be it the amount of time they are spending on each call or the amount of time they take to finishing each file before they are able to move onto the next one. Through this, you would be able to address any possible issues which may arise and discuss them with the employee.

Business technology should broaden the horizons. You should be able to do more for spending less. Something as simple as making phone calls cheaper or something as involved as identifying areas of concern in an employees performance and having more information which can be used to develop strategies for the employee to avoid this.

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Review of the BCIT GIS Program: A Boon to Canadian GIS Job Seekers

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When it comes to gaining an edge in the GIS job market, it pays to invest in an Advanced Diploma program to supplement the education you may have gained with regard to environmental science, geography or urban planning. While students often gain a cursory knowledge of GIS through their undergraduate work, it really does require a GIS focused program to set yourself apart in terms of the marketable GIS skills that employers often prefer.

I’ve examined several post graduate GIS programs in Canada and the US and I’m going to outline some of the best available. The first is that of the British Columbia Institute of Technology located in Burnaby. BCIT offers an Advanced Diploma in GIS that is designed for those with a university or college degree in a related discipline. BCIT offers the program to students on a full-time or part-time basis. This is a challenging program that will give you much of the technical knowledge you need to help set yourself apart in today’s job market.

The BCIT GIS Advanced Diploma program puts a strong emphasis on computer programming. They want graduates to not only be very skilled in customization and creating applications, but creating web applications as well. Students learn GIS as they apply to Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP among others. Thus, you will need to know about programming concepts and design before enrolling, though not necessarily familiar with any of the above languages in particular.

It should be noted that BCIT has admitted strong candidates whom did not have significant programming experience. In these cases, staff directed the potential applicants toward online programming tutorials to ensure they could gain basic programming fundamentals and to see if they would enjoy the programming aspect of the GIS courses. Students also use the web to present materials and thus need to know how to use HTML and an HTML editor before beginning courses. Students also find it highly beneficial to brush up on high-school math skills before classes begin.

In addition to the emphasis on programming, the BCIT program will give you an understanding in GIS as it relates to database structure, remote sensing, cartography as well as spatial analysis relating to both environmental and business applications. Students get hands-on experience with the latest ESRI and Autodesk GIS software and you will also be exposed to IT, management and organization issues as they relate to GIS. All your work culminates with a project/practicum course to gain real-world experience with a GIS employer.

Applicants must have completed a university degree, BC associate’s degree or have a diploma of technology before entering the program. Applicants with an international degree will need to submit for a full evaluation of credentials. In applying, students will also need to provide a resume and write a letter explaining their interest in the program and how they will prepare for the challenges it will bring. This is because the program is highly intensive with 30 hours per week in labs and lectures and a further 20 to 30 hours per week in coursework.

Past graduates explained to me that BCIT enabled them to stay within their particular fields of geology and marine biology respectively because they developed GIS as an extremely marketable skill through BCIT’s program.

BCIT’s relationship with employers for the final project/practicum can be extremely valuable because newfound GIS skills can be combined with a degree discipline which can lead to employment in the student’s chosen niche.

It should be noted that BCIT offers several GIS programs. They offer many of their introductory level GIS courses to people that are just looking to gain a working knowledge of how to use GIS applications by taking one or two courses. BCIT also offers a Bachelor of Technology Degree in GIS, aimed at students who, when they enter the program, have an Associate Degree or a Diploma of Technology and do not yet have a Bachelor’s Degree. The B.Tech in GIS consists of the same technical courses as the Advanced Diploma. As well, to earn the degree, the student must complete additional Management and Liberal Arts credits, and also complete six months of employment in the GIS field. Furthermore, in the fall of 2012, the Advanced Diploma program was offered in its entirety online through distance learning.

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MLM Autoship – What You Need to Know

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In MLM network marketing, autoship is the monthly shipment of product to a distributor. It is usually handled by an automatic charge to a credit card kept on file at the parent company. It is used to maintain a distributor’s commission level in the company by meeting a specific minimum sales volume.

Let’s face it. You’ve got to have some sort of autoship in MLM network marketing. That’s where the long-term residual income comes from. The real power of network marketing comes from leverage. With autoships and leverage, network marketers can earn significant incomes from the efforts of many people.

However, many times autoships slow the growth of, and sometimes even destroy mlm businesses.

When an autoship is way overpriced, when it’s based on luxury rather than necessity items, when it’s things you can go to town and buy for less, the autoship can be bad for business.

Many times, the autoship is just too much of the company’s product. When a distributor is asked to purchase more product than they can consume or sell, it’s a real problem. And it’s just wrong to let distributors stockpile products in their garage or basement to qualify for bonuses.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the concept of being my own best customer. In fact, when a business partner suggests that he or she doesn’t want to use your product or service, that’s a clear signal that partner is not in the game. People like that should not even qualify for your time. They probably need to find another business and sponsor.

The autoship has to make sense. Consider it carefully when choosing a network marketing company. Align yourself with a company whose products are a necessity rather than a luxury. Build an MLM business of solid residual income with products people really want.

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Importance Of Universities In Students’ Life

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People go to a university for a variety of reasons: it might be for a degree, or it is simply the next step in life, or your parents expect it of you, or you want to make the most out of life. Whatever the reason, the university experience is different for everyone. While it is common to hear people say that high school will be the best years of your life, you can make your student years in a university.

During your university years, you have the chance to taste-test different programs, learn from experts in diverse fields and explore your passions to tailor your academic and career paths. A university allows you make those connections because everyone knows everyone in one way or another. Putting your head in your books all day, every day fulfills only one part of your university experience.

When you’re at a university, you’re part of a far bigger community than just the student one. Nearly all universities offer you the chance to volunteer in your local area. Your university will provide you with countless ways to do something unique and valuable in your local community. Another great way to get involved in your local community is to get a job. Universities’ careers services will often advertise appropriate part-time jobs on their websites and around campus. As long as its balanced with your academic work, a job can be a fantastic way of supplementing your student loan and gaining experience to write about on your CV.

Participating in university life is not only fun, it also helps you build some great skills that will be useful for your future career. All organizations are student-led, meaning that students are responsible for all prioritizing, planning and budgeting. Some clubs even hold elections, complete with campaigns, for key positions. These all offer incredible leadership experience.

Enjoy playing music or singing? Consider becoming a member of your university’s band or choir. I also encourage you to not just restrict yourself to campus activities. Your local community is a great resource for opportunities to get engaged and contribute to a greater cause while doing something you love.

In other words, as a university student, you essentially have freedom over how you want to spend your day, every day. It can be challenging to manage things on your own but also exciting as you begin to figure out who you are or who you want to be. A university is the time when you realize your independence, mature, learn invaluable lessons and begin to identify your own personal values and beliefs.

There are so many ways to get involved at universities and college campuses. Just putting in a little extra effort can make a huge impact on your student life, and help you to take full advantage of PG courses in a university and its experience also.

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How to Improve Your Low Credit Rate

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A low credit rate has several ramifications. It could result in your credit applications being rejected forthwith or it could result in you having to pay a premium when credit is eventually extended to you.

In spite of what you may be thinking, a low credit rate is a setback rather than an insurmountable obstacle. Low credit rates can be remedied – either through one of the many credit repair firms that have been proliferating since the early 1990s or alternately, by taking some of the necessary steps on your own.

The choice is yours. If you do decide to go it alone – either completely or in part – you will save on some or all of the professional fees charged by credit repair firms. There is still an investment in respect of time that you’ll need to make and you will need a fair measure of patience along the way.

The time and effort you spend on taking steps towards improving your low credit report, will eventually culminate in an opportunity for you to secure credit on fair and reasonable terms.

Here are a few things you can do right away:

Obtain a Copy of Your Credit Reports

The first thing to do in improving your low credit rate is to get a copy of each of your credit reports. Carefully check for errors – regardless of how small these may be. If you find any erroneous negative issues, make a point of having these corrected. It could end up in an improved score right away.

Things to specifically be on the lookout for include, but are not limited to:

o Late payments that were reported but actually paid on time;

o Accounts that are not yours; and

o Outstanding balances of debts that you have already paid off.

In case your recent credit application was turned down, look for the reason cited in the rejection notice. Lenders are required by law to inform you which items in the credit report caused the denial of credit. This will help you determine what to do to raise your credit ratings.

Whilst the process is potentially long, it is worthwhile pursuing. Being viewed as a low risk vendor results in: qualifying for better interest rates on mortgages, loans and other forms of credit, having access to the best rewards on credit cards and importantly, enjoying the peace of mind that should you urgently require cash, you will be able to qualify for help almost immediately.

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