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Income Protection – Safeguarding Future and Finances

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The salaried class people are intelligent savers and judicious spenders who hardly are rash in their financial dealings and always want to keep scope of income protection. They plan and preview every investment as they heavily rely over their monthly earnings. Their planning and meticulous laying of financial plans hardly gives them a reason to worry. They can make adequate saving to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions. People buy income protection policies to safeguard their future by the virtue of their monthly income that build up a major reason of their financial security.

Think Before Buying Income Protection Policy

Before plunging to buy a policy for safeguarding the income, the following tips and points must be pondered over carefully –

  • Obtain a clear understanding whether an indemnity bases contract would be beneficial or the one that offers guaranteed plan.
  • Decide after deliberation which type of contract would be better in the long run – the cancelable contract or the non-cancelable one.
  • Ask the policy advisor how what would be the waiting period.
  • Get the knowledge about the maximum percentage over the income that the investor would be able to indemnify after buying the income protection policy.
  • The fundamental of the benefit period must be clear to you.
  • The option of premium payments must be clear- the leveled premiums or the stepping premiums.
  • The option of coverage of unemployed individuals.

To develop a detailed insight, it is better to take services of such a company that is offering non-cancelable contract. These kinds of contracts are better in the long run simply because they, by default, renew the contract irrespective of what ever may be the claim-history of the investor. If a cancelable policy is taken by an investor, then there are chances that the insurer might conclude the contract anytime for their individual benefits.

The waiting period, in the context of policies that promise protection of income, refers to that span of time in which the investor is unemployed and suitable for making compensatory demands. The waiting period can vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of years. On the whole, for the lesser waiting period, the premium is greater. Those investors that have long-term financial needs must opt for leveled premium as it offers consistent and average payment. The stepped premiums are best suited for short-span financial cover.

Policies that facilitate the income protection are controlled in such a way, that it obscures the loss of income due to varied reasons such as illnesses, impairment due to diseases, unforeseen mishaps and any other happening. Those contracts are considered to be the best ones that offer the scope of postponement of cover in case of demotion or short-term unemployment along with chance of reinstatement of the policy. Given the fact, that paucity of money, and other financial resources can cause great havoc in anyone’s life, it is better to remain well equipped with sturdy financial options rather than bearing troubles that might crop up in the future.



When Did You Last Put Your Product Or Service to the Public Test?

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This was a great interview about what is so great with the consulting business. When you see parallel situations you can capitalize on, leverage and charge twice as much for, this is a great opportunity. We did the same thing; we came up with the reliability certificate and mailed it out to qualified prospects.

Before that we did some extra work on this one. We came up with a ‘return on investment’ comparison between our steam machine and the top competitors. We learned in the USP project that our steam machine lasted much longer in the field than all the competition. So we put together a little ‘return on investment chart’ that showed how much money our clients were saving by buying our steam machines.

It’s true we did extra work but that was the ‘key’ in helping us integrate this reliability and get the free report together. Now it is being offered on the web and by the distributors. This free report shows how our steam machine makes more money for customers than any other out there.

Now the sales people, four of them; inside sales people, are sending out free reports before they give any bids. They have dealers on the other end working with the end users and use that free report, plus the ROI analysis as part of the bidding process. That was huge integration in step 2. Getting those inside sales people sold on this report.

Then with step 3, the database. We started to get distributors using the report. We did more training around the USP and the ROI report. Alliances were also working with more distributors doing more marketing on their end. We went through the four steps and that finished about a year ago. Later Rich got an email from Jack the owner, and he said, “Richard, I just want you to know that we are having a record year because of our USP and because sales people are qualifying better, not wasting time on bids that shouldn’t be.”

So you see, a good USP is what you want. This helps eliminate prospects you shouldn’t be working with. What was happening here was the Steam people were getting burned out. Their engineering department, drafting, and design department was getting drained by bids that they should not have been submitting because these were all ‘price oriented’ buyers.

They didn’t care about an ROI on a steam machine. Once the ROI reports started being used by the sales people. For example; a guy would call and say; “I want a bid.” The sales person would say, “Before we do that bid, I need you to read this ROI report. Let’s go over it together first and see the advantages our machine has.” Guess what would happen if they didn’t fill out that report?

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How to Make Plastic Surgery Marketing Reach More Patients

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In this article, I’m going to show you how to creatively make plastic surgery marketing reach more patients.

The secret is to be compelling so patients who see it, want to share it with their friends and family. For example:

Facebook Live Cosmetic Treatment Video

This is How to Make Plastic Surgery Marketing Reach More Patients… Have your staff shoot a video performing a simple cosmetic treatment on a real patient. Do something simple like a peel, IPL or micro needling treatment.

Walk the audience through what you are doing and ask the patient how they’re doing so the viewers can see how easy cosmetic rejuvenation is to perform. Invite them into your practice for a complimentary skin analysis and urge them to share this video with their friends and family.

Urge the viewers to “comment below” so you can answer their concerns and questions. The interaction helps build interest and shares.

Word-of-Mouth Referral Program

Another Retention strategy that makes sense is a referral program.

There are many ways to do this but my advice is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. These programs bomb when they are too complicated and confusing to the patients and the staff.

A super easy referral strategy is a Customized Word-of-Mouth Referral Display with take-a-way Referral Cards because your patients would refer more often IF they were reminded AND it was made EASY for them to do so.

This strategy is How to Make Plastic Surgery Marketing Reach More Patients and generates new patients every week and makes it easy for your patients to brag about you to their friends.

So you’re not hoping new patient referrals come in – they just come in automatically because they are part of your plan.

YouTube Q&A with the Surgeon

How to Make Plastic Surgery Marketing Reach More Patients also includes YouTube videos. Start your own YouTube channel and answer questions you get from your patients. Don’t overthink this or over-prepare. Just talk candidly as if you are talking to a prospective patient asking you questions about the procedure they’re interested in.

After uploading each video, send an email out to your patient list with the link to click to watch it on YouTube. Name your video with a compelling question; I.e, How Long is Liposuction Downtime?

Now anyone online looking for the answer to that question will find your video.

The above strategies on How to Make Plastic Surgery Marketing Reach More Patients included internal and external marketing ideas to execute. You can either outsource to an experienced vendor who knows about graphic design and social media advertising or assign this to your most tech-savvy employee. They can “learn on the go” by researching forums and tutorials.

What To Do Next

If you want to focus on the right activities and get results 5X faster than other practices, download my free marketing checklist now!

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Is There Any Free Search Engines For Unlisted Phone Numbers?

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Is there a free search engine for unlisted phone numbers? NO, there is no free search engine for unlisted phone numbers but there are steps you can take to get the details behind any type of phone number with success.

Here are some of this steps :

Search engines : Search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo are very good places to do a free unlisted phone number search. This is because businesses and even individuals who do business online leave their unlisted phone numbers on their websites or blogs where the search engines can easily find and display them. This method is often ignored but it is a great way to get the details beholding unlisted phone numbers.

Downside : There is no guarantee that the owner of the number has done any business on the internet.

Answers community : This is not free search engine for unlisted phone numbers but it is a very good way of trace any type of number for free. You can join answers community such as and ask other members to help you get the details behind the number you are trying to look up. The chances of someone having a membership to some of the paid directories is very high

Downside : It can take you several days before you get the information you need and the chances of those who have membership to paid services not helping is also very high and you can’t blame them.

Paid services : Many people avoid using paid services because they wrongly believe it costs too much money to use this services. Fortunately, it is now very possible to find unlisted phone numbers with paid services for as little as $14.95.

The good thing about these paid services is that it is almost certain that you get the details you are looking for. Another great plus is that you will get the details under 5 minutes and you can be sure the information generated is accurate and up to date.

Some of the information you will be given include :

– Full name of the owner

– Their present address and all previous addresses

– Issuing location

– Carrier or telecommunication company’s name

– Date of birth

– Criminal records

– Marital status

– Home value

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Career Change Do’s And Don’ts

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People have plenty of decisions to make every minute of their lives. What dress to wear, what time to leave home, what color tie to wear, etc. Unlike these decisions, there are some that need a good deal of contemplation.

Everything in life might be going well; you might be able to lead a decent life with the salary you get, the children can go to school and even if your spouse doesn’t work the house still manages on your paycheck. But, deep inside there may be a voice that says something isn’t right. The current job you have isn’t the one you enjoy doing. Listen to that voice, especially if it starts affecting your work and you cannot concentrate.

Think of alternative jobs that you could do instead of your present one. The career change you decide on can turn out to be the most exciting in your life.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep on mind when changing your career:


o Planning a career change is difficult and it is best to have a plan. Think long and hard before making any decision, as this will affect your career in the long run.

o Since you are making a change, consider a job that is not similar to the present one. Also consider careers which make optimum use of your interests and skills.

o Network with people through friends and business associates. This is the best way of finding out about the industry you would like to join.

o Consult a friend or someone who has knowledge of the industry and can act as a mentor, advising you and helping you to focus on your goals.

o If your chosen field requires additional qualifications, think of ways you can do it and the course you could opt for.

o If possible, try to work part-time for the job you want. This can help you understand the intricacies of the new job.

o When you start working on the new job you should take time to adapt to the new surroundings and system of working.

o When you quit a job, leave on a positive note. Keeping good relations with your past employers will help you in the future.


o Don’t have too many expectations from the job; you could be disappointed if things don’t turn out the way you thought.

o Don’t discuss your plans for a change of career with your office colleagues until you have a solid offer in writing.

o Don’t be dazzled by the glamour and big money that some jobs offer. What you should to look for is job satisfaction and a secure future.

o Don’t expect a career change to be instant; it might take more time than you expect.

o Don’t leave your current job until you have another one in hand. You never know how long finding the job of your choice will take. If it takes longer than expected, you may have to consider paying bills from your savings.

Do away with all your inhibitions about making a successful career change. Your job and how you perceive it has an effect on you, your family and your future.

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The University of Kansas Has an Excellent Nursing Degrees Program

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The University of Kansas has so much to offer it is well worth taking a long look at as a possible school for your college education.

Nursing degrees are in high demand these days and this University has an outstanding nursing program.

This is one of the most popular jobs and when you become a nurse your future employment is very secure.

Many great things were born out of the halls of the University of Kansas such as the discovery of helium in the earth’s atmosphere, the invention of basketball, and the first ever successful music therapy degree in the world. Operating in 8 areas around the state, namely at: Lawrence, Kansas City, Wichita, Overland Park, and Hutchinson, the university is considered the center of learning, creative endeavor, and learning in the state of Kansas. It is also considered a major public teaching institution in the state.


A lot of academic degrees in the following academic divisions are available for students in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

1. Allied Health

2. Architecture and Urban Planning

3. Business

4. Liberal Arts and Sciences

5. Continuing Education

6. Education

7. Engineering

8. Fine Arts

9. Graduate Studies

10. Journalism and Mass Communication

11. Law

12. Medicine

13. Nursing

14. Pharmacy

15. Social Welfare


To foster school spirit and learning through friendly competition, the university has devised an athletic program which supports the following varsity sports. New student of the university who are naturally gifted in any of the sports listed below are invited to try out at the start of the school year or as otherwise scheduled by the different teams.

1. Baseball

2. Men’s and Women’s Basketball

3. Men’s and Women’s Cross Country

4. Football

5. Men’s and Women’s Golf

6. Rowing

7. Soccer

8. Softball

9. Swimming and Diving

10. Tennis

11. Men’s and Women’s Track and Field

12. Volleyball

Moreover, sports camps and clinics are open for students who are interested in sports.


Application requirements and schedules may be viewed in the university’s website.

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ISO 9001:2008 – A Primer

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Perhaps while investigating an organization you’ve run across this claim: ISO 9001:2008 certified. Certification, well, that sounds good, but what exactly does this combination of letters and numbers mean? Read on to find out what ISO 9001:2008 certification entails and what it says about the organization that has earned such a designation.

What is ISO 9001:2008?

ISO is short for International Organization for Standardization. This certifying body develops and publishes international standards that must be met before a business is presented with certification. The 9001: 2008 aspect of the name positions the certification into two different standard levels. The 9001 makes it part of the ISO 9000 Quality Management collection, which is designed for any company or organization that is looking to implement a quality management system.

Meanwhile the 2008 part of the name drills down further to specify, according to the ISO, the “requirements for a quality management system.”

What does ISO 9001: 2008 certification mean?

In order to be ISO 9001: 2008 certified, an organization must fulfill two obligations. First, it must demonstrate that it can “consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.”

ISO 9001: 2008 certification is generic and can apply to organizations that manufacture a wide range of products. However, the product consistency stipulation that is inherent to the certification process applies to the specific product being produced by the organization seeking the designation. So, for instance, a manufacturer of high temperature wire and cable for commercial and automotive industries must provide the wire industry with wire and cable that consistently meets all of the wire industry’s statutory and regulatory requirements.

The second obligation the certified holder of an ISO 9001: 2008 must meet is an aim to “enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.” In other words, customer satisfaction is a main benchmark for certification. To demonstrate customer satisfaction priority, the certificate seeker must show that it has implemented into its system “processes for continual improvement.” And as was the case in the first obligation, it must also provide “assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirement.”

Using a manufacturer of high temperature wire and cable for commercial and automotive industries once again as an example, the manufacturing system being used by the organization must improve the satisfaction of the end users of the wire and cable.

What does ISO 9001: 2008 certification say about an organization that possesses it?

Because of the requirements that must be met to achieve it. ISO 9001: 2008 certification can add to the credibility of an organization. More specifically, it shows that the products being manufactured or the services being offered by the organization meet the expectations of the customers who use them.

The ISO points out, “For some industries, certification is a legal or contractual requirement,” but in cases where it is not, ISO 9001: 2008 certification provides further peace of mind that an organization is willing to go above and beyond to prove that it treats its customers’ satisfaction with the utmost priority.

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