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The vicious Cancel mob are too busy wreaking havoc on Sharron Davies to give his time to charity

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Sharron Davies Was Savaged By The Digital Dogs For Having The Audacity To Say Trans Athletes Have An Unfair Advantage From Male To Female

SHARRON DAVIES is an Olympic medalist.

A woman who has devoted years of her life to grueling 5am starts and endless laps in verruca-plastered pools.


Sharron Davies was savaged by the digital dogs for having the audacity to say trans athletes have an unfair advantage from male to femaleCredit: Andrew Barr

A woman who knows her craft.

Except no.

Fat, hairy Dave from Swansea and armchair fanatic Paul from Frinton – who may have completed their 25m swimming trophies when they were seven – know better.

Because she had the audacity to say that male-to-female trans athletes have an unfair biological advantage, Sharron was torn and devastated by the digital dogs.

Because she is committed to women’s sports, Sharron is now threatened with bankruptcy.

And to demand that women’s spaces be kept sacrosanct, she’s been dropped by charities — organizations that rely solely on the kindness of others to keep them going.

The irony escapes no one. . . Well, except for those at the forefront of the Cancel culture who are calling for Sharron to be burned at the stake or pushed onto a crouching stool. (Good luck keeping that freestyler underwater guys).

Says Sharron: “There was so much hate and bullying.

“It was very difficult.

“Charities I’ve worked with for 30 years have dumped me, agents I’ve worked with for 30 or 40 years don’t use me anymore because the trans activists can be so vicious and vicious — they go yours.” Work after, after your mark they attack everything.

“The money is almost gone now. But I can’t give in.”

Terrifying and more Orwellian than Orwellian.

Sharron, inserted below, is not against trans. She is pro-fair.

And it’s safe to say that those who spit their venom, those who love nothing more than a #bekind hashtag, haven’t given up their time for charity.

These limp Twitter trolls, probably the last to be placed on a school sports team, haven’t donated large sums of money to charities.

And they certainly weren’t asked by any charity to be guest of honor.

Because these tragic, cocky little losers are way too busy terminating others for this common sense nonsense.

Of course, “liberals,” often the ones leading the charge for pernicious cancel culture, insist they only care about free speech.

Until someone disagrees with them.

Then comes out the vile, threatening, abusive language in an attempt to shut down and silence said (free) speech.

Sharron — who was denied Olympic gold at the 1980 Moscow Games by East German drug swindler Petra Schneider, a woman dosed with excess testosterone — knows a thing or two about biological injustice.

As she says, mediocre biological males will always beat even top female athletes.

But the cancel culture mob won’t listen to reason.

They just want their pound of biologically female flesh.


A new survey has revealed HALF of UK women are not exercising regularly post-lockdown.

Two in five said they had given up the habit of exercising during the pandemic, while just 15 per cent of adults met the NHS target of 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week.

This is beyond depressing.

Last week, my father spent eight hours in the emergency room with a suspected blood clot, and about 70 percent of the other patients were seriously obese.

The woman next to him (cute) offered one of her chocolate covered marshmallows while all around us was a cacophony of crunchy chews.

Instead of berating us with sugar taxes and banning BOGOF food outlets, the government needs to get to the root of the problem — and actively encourage exercise.

It doesn’t cost anything to strap on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk. But where is the incentive?


For 30 years, Kate Moss has remained largely mute and utterly mysterious.

The Croydon-born supermodel’s mantra has always been “never complain, never explain”.

Kate Moss Signed A Megabucks Deal With Diet Coke And Told The Media 'I'Ve Always Loved Coke'


Kate Moss signed a Megabucks deal with Diet Coke and told the media ‘I’ve always loved Coke’Photo credit: Getty

Strange that at the age of 48 she appears to have developed a debilitating case of Tourette’s — and just won’t shut up.

First, Kate, who was apparently filmed snorting cocaine in 2005, signs a megabucks deal with Diet Coke and blithely tells the world’s assembled media, “I’ve always loved Coke.”

Then she does an interview with Vogue magazine where she gives her tuppence value to the next generation.

And now she’s recorded a warts-and-all chat with Desert Island Discs, revealing she was attacked by predators as a teenager.

She’ll probably be lounging on the sofa with Holly and Phil next.

So Boris, Tell Us About Your Legacy To The Conservative Party?


So Boris, tell us about your legacy to the Conservative Party?Photo credit: Andrew Parsons / No. 10 Downing Street

HOW PR stunts go, this backfired.

The prime minister of a north Indian state was flown to hospital by plane after nailing a glass of water from a “sacred river”.

Bhagwant Mann, who later suffered from debilitating stomach pains, was filmed gleefully strangling the polluted water to prove the success of a recent water purification campaign.

Which uniquely refutes the theory that all PR is good PR.

MUCH has been talked about how diverse the 2022 Tory party is in the wake of recent leadership debates.

Racist, sexist, Marxist workers should apparently be shaking in their boots.

So then. Now for the last two: will our next leader be a PPE graduate from Merton College, Oxford or a PPE graduate from Lincoln College, Oxford?

There it is. Variety at its finest.


I’ve banged the drum for Lionesses in three consecutive columns now, and with nine million of us watching their thrilling quarter-final win over Spain, it seems we’re all converts.

(So ​​I hope that male reader who emailed last week yelled “Women who are just as skilled as men, dream on dear!” followed by a torrent of laughing emoji and an eggplant, feels appropriately humiliated).

And As Role Models, Each Of The Lionesses Beat Every Love Island Contestant, Ever.


And as role models, each of the lionesses beat every Love Island contestant, ever.Photo credit: Rex

And as role models, everyone on the squad beats every Love Island contestant, ever.


WE all agree that climate change is a very. Poorly. Thing. (Apart from getting a nice tan for this time of year).

The government’s ongoing obsession with net zero is all very well and well – and dignified.

I have no children, but yes, I also want my dachshund Dora’s grandchildren to have a very nice life, regardless of the prospect of a self-scorching sun.

But let’s not forget that the UK is responsible for one percent – ONE percent – of the world’s emissions.

We’re not the bad guys here.

Until we start imposing meaningful sanctions on China – whose emissions exceed those of all developed nations combined – it all seems a bit . . . futile.


IS there a more passive, aggressive expression* in the English language than “with all due respect”?

So kudos to Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters for this seamless defeat.

The musician, furious that Canadian critics shunned his performance in favor of The Weeknd, replied: “With all due respect, I am far, far more important than any of them will ever be.”

  • WITH the possible exception of removing the “friendly” from “best regards” in an email to let the recipient know you the fuck SEE.


For the past three and a half weeks I have been plagued by a debilitating insomnia.

My new Oura ring, pictured – a high-tech kit that tells you exactly how much (or in my case little) sleep you’re getting at night – didn’t really help.

My New Oura Ring — A High-Tech Device That Tells You Exactly How Much (Or, In My Case, How Little) Sleep You'Re Getting At Night — Didn'T Really Help


My new Oura Ring — a high-tech device that tells you exactly how much (or, in my case, how little) sleep you’re getting at night — didn’t really help

A notable low was when my “sleep efficiency” came with a health warning, my “deep sleep” measured at 29 minutes, and my “sleep latency” — the time it takes to fall asleep — hit a depressing four hours and 26 minutes. I can remember every painful, brooding minute.

Take a trip to the doctor and some hardcore sleeping pills.

But since I don’t want to go to Michael Jackson, I turned to something I never thought I would try – meditation.

(And an app called Ten Percent Happier, for anyone even remotely interested).

Which is probably as crazy as it sounds, but miraculously does the job. who knew

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The vicious Cancel mob are too busy wreaking havoc on Sharron Davies to give his time to charity



Armed man approaches Ohio FBI office, exchanges gunfire with cops

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Armed Man Approaches Ohio Fbi Office, Exchanges Gunfire With Cops

CINCINNATI (AP) — An armed man decked out in body armor tried to breach a security screening area at an FBI field office in Ohio on Thursday, then fled and exchanged gunfire in a standoff with law enforcement, authorities said.

The confrontation at the FBI’s Cincinnati field office comes as officials warn of an increase in threats against federal agents in the days following a search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Federal officials said the man had “attempted to breach” the visitor’s screening area at the FBI office and fled when he was confronted by agents. He was chased onto Interstate 71 and has exchanged gunfire with police, according to the Clinton County Emergency Management Agency.

Authorities have closed the interstate in both directions as police remained in a standoff. No injuries were immediately reported.

Officials in Ohio have locked down a mile radius near the interstate and urged residents and business owners to lock doors and stay inside.

An FBI evidence team has arrived at the office to investigate, according to multiple media reports.

There have been growing threats in recent days against FBI agents and offices across the country since federal agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. On Gab, a social media site popular with white supremacists and antisemites, users have warned they are preparing for an armed revolution.

Federal officials have also been tracking an array of other concerning chatter on Gab and other platforms threatening violence against federal agents. FBI Director Christopher Wray denounced the threats as he visited another FBI office in Nebraska on Wednesday.

“Violence against law enforcement is not the answer, no matter who you’re upset with,” Wray said Wednesday in Omaha.

The FBI on Wednesday also warned its agents to avoid protesters and ensure their security key cards are “not visible outside FBI space,” citing an increase in social media threats to bureau personnel and facilities. It also warned agents to be aware of their surroundings and potential protesters.

The warning did not specifically mention this week’s search of Mar-a-Lago but attributed the online threats to “recent media reporting on FBI investigative activity.”

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A mistrial is declared in the engineers’ Flint water lawsuit : NPR

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A Mistrial Is Declared In The Engineers' Flint Water Lawsuit : Npr

The Flint Water Plant Tower is seen on January 6, 2022 in Flint, Michigan. A judge declared a mistrial on Thursday after jurors said they could not reach a verdict in a dispute over whether two engineering companies should take some responsibility for lead from Flint – contaminated water.

Carlos Osorio/AP

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Carlos Osorio/AP

A Mistrial Is Declared In The Engineers' Flint Water Lawsuit : Npr

The Flint Water Plant Tower is seen on January 6, 2022 in Flint, Michigan. A judge declared a mistrial on Thursday after jurors said they could not reach a verdict in a dispute over whether two engineering companies should take some responsibility for lead from Flint – contaminated water.

Carlos Osorio/AP

DETROIT — A judge declared a mistrial on Thursday after jurors said they could not reach a verdict in a dispute over whether two engineering companies should take some responsibility in the Flint’s lead-contaminated water.

Veolia North America and Lockwood, Andrews & Newman, known as LAN, have been accused of not doing enough to have Flint treat the highly corrosive water or seek a return from a regional water supplier.

A mistrial has been declared in federal court in Ann Arbor, Michigan, court spokesman David Ashenfelter said.

After hearing months of evidence, the jury began full deliberations on July 25, but also took a scheduled 11-day break before returning on Tuesday.

The trial focused on engineering firms and the effects of lead on four children, not all Flint residents. But the outcome was being watched closely as it would likely influence possible settlements or trials in other cases.

Veolia and LAN were not part of a landmark $626 million deal involving thousands of residents in the majority-black city, the state of Michigan and other parties.

Citing the cost, Flint’s government-appointed managers at the time. Rick Snyder stopped using water from a Detroit agency and switched to the Flint River while waiting for a new pipeline to Lake Huron.

The water was contaminated in 2014-2015 because the water taken from the river was not treated to reduce the corrosive effect on the lead pipes. Michigan’s Civil Rights Commission said the tainted water was the result of systemic racism in the city, doubting the water change and dismissal of complaints would have happened in a prosperous white community.

In closing arguments, the children’s lawyers argued that Veolia should be held 50% liable for the lead contamination and that LAN should be held 25% liable, with public officials making up the balance.

But lawyers for Veolia noted that the company was briefly hired amid the crisis, not before the tap was turned on. LAN said an engineer repeatedly recommended that Flint test the river water for weeks to determine what treatments would be needed.

LAN attorney Wayne Mason said outside engineers were lumped in with a “bad actor platoon,” namely state and local officials who controlled all major decisions and seemed more concerned about the cost of water. only by its quality.

Snyder was called as a witness but declined to answer questions, citing his right against self-incrimination. He was charged with a misdemeanor in a separate Flint water investigation, but the Michigan Supreme Court ruled the indictment invalid. State prosecutors are trying to reinstate the charges.

The jury instead watched a video of Snyder’s 2020 interview with attorneys.

“I wish that never happened,” he said of the water mess, acknowledging the government’s mistakes.

NPR News

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Tony La Russa is ‘surprised’ but welcomes Johnny Cueto’s remarks that the Chicago White Sox need to ‘show the fire’

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Tony La Russa Is ‘Surprised’ But Welcomes Johnny Cueto’s Remarks That The Chicago White Sox Need To ‘Show The Fire’

Tony La Russa said he was “surprised” but also welcomed Johnny Cueto’s thoughts after the Chicago White Sox starter said the team needed to “show the fire that we have — if we have any.”

Cueto was asked after Wednesday’s 8-3 loss to the Kansas City Royals what in his view the club needed to string wins together. Cueto, speaking through an interpreter, said the Sox “need to be more aggressive and we need to show more swagger. We need to go out there and play, and play hard and show what we can do.”

“We need to fight,” Cueto said. “We need to show the fight, we need to show the fire that we have — if we have any.”

La Russa said Thursday morning at Kauffman Stadium that he heard Cueto’s answer, and his preference was to keep statements in-house.

“I’m surprised that he said that,” La Russa said. “But not only is his opinion welcomed, it also carries weight. (He’s) experienced. So I’ll ask him about it.

“He’s a veteran, we all respect him. But it’s surprising, usually that’s better said in the clubhouse for the teammates. That way it can be discussed.”

La Russa pointed to double plays like second baseman Josh Harrison’s flip to shortstop Lenyn Sosa in Wednesday’s game as a positive.

“It’s a curious statement,” La Russa said Thursday. “Better to be discussed with the family, if there’s a problem, we’ll straighten it out.”

Wednesday was another missed opportunity. The Sox took a two-run lead in the top of the sixth, but the Royals answered with two in the bottom of the inning and grabbed the lead on a solo homer in the seventh. The Royals added four runs in the eighth.

Cueto, 36, allowed two earned runs on nine hits and did not factor in the decision.

The Sox have alternated wins over their last eight games and entered Thursday’s series finale one game over .500 at 56-55. They are in third place in the American League Central, trailing the first-place Cleveland Guardians by 2½ games.

Before the game, the Sox announced shortstop Tim Anderson underwent successful surgery Thursday morning in Chicago to repair a sagittal band tear on the middle finger of his left hand. The All-Star’s expected return remains about six weeks.


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The cheapest gas prices in Colorado right now are in Longmont, Firestone

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The Cheapest Gas Prices In Colorado Right Now Are In Longmont, Firestone

Coloradons haven’t seen gas prices below $3 in a while now, but motorists in Longmont and Firestone are enjoying the lowest prices in the state with several gas stations now hitting $2 $.94 per gallon, according to GasBuddy.

Nationally, gasoline prices continue to fall, with the average price hitting $3.99, below $4 for the first time since February. While that’s an instant relief for many drivers and families, Skyler McKinley, AAA’s regional director of public affairs, said the downward trend could be a bad sign.

“We had very high prices for so long because there was a lot more demand than supply,” McKinley said. “Supply hasn’t really increased over the past few months, so we’re seeing a decline due to the demand side of the equation. These are not necessarily good changes.

Motorists are driving less and have changed their behavior to adjust to high prices, and on a larger scale, crude oil prices have fluctuated wildly as fears of a recession grow.

McKinley noted that Colorado has one of the fastest falling gas prices, $4.08 on Thursday according to AAA, and saw a drop of more than 70 cents on the month, “but at what cost?”

All eyes are on the global economy and central banks and, locally, on indicators such as employment and wages.

“If we start to see people lose their jobs, if we start to see lost wage gains, that might mean cheaper gas, but that will mean an economy where we all suffer a little more,” McKinley said. . “If prices fall and people keep their jobs, it could mean that central banks have managed to cool the economy without causing a recession.”

The main indicator, McKinley said, will be Labor Day. Gas prices normally drop when people stop travelling, but if gas prices continue to fall, as they are now, that could be a bad sign.

“It’s too early to make an assessment before Labor Day,” McKinley said.

For now, however, McKinley said Coloradans can enjoy the relief at the pumps, as Denver subway prices are at a low $3.55, according to Gas Buddy.

Three gas stations in Longmont and one in Firestone – all at the intersection of Interstate 25 and the Colo. 119 in the Del Camino Business Park area – sell gas for less than $3 to $2.94 or $2.99, according to GasBuddy.

The cheapest gasoline in Colorado right now

  • $2.94 — Phillips 66, 3851 CO-119, Longmont
  • $2.94 – Circle K, 10963 W. I-25 Frontage Road, Longmont
  • $2.94 — QuikTrip, 3979 CO-119, Firestone
  • $2.99 ​​— 7-Eleven, 3914 CO-119, Longmont
  • $3.03 — Exxon, 3768 CO-52, Frederick
  • $3.13 — Conoco, 11099 E. Frontage Road, Firestone
  • $3.29 – Sam’s Club, 1200 Hover St., Longmont
  • $3.38 – King Soopers, 6110 Firestone Blvd, Firestone
  • $3.38 – Murphy Express, 4615 Downtown Road, Longmont
  • $3.45 — Conoco, 900 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont


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Dolphins camp: So how does third-string QB look? Observations, plus stock up, stock down

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Dolphins Camp: So How Does Third-String Qb Look? Observations, Plus Stock Up, Stock Down

Get ready for the Skylar Thompson showcase this weekend.

With Tua Tagovailoa’s playing status uncertain for Saturday’s preseason opener against Tampa Bay, it’s possible that the former Kansas State standout the Miami Dolphins selected in the seventh round this year could play most, if not all of the Saturday’s exhibition.

With Teddy Bridgewater sitting out all of Thursday’s 11-on-11 periods, Tagovailoa and Thompson were the only Dolphins quarterbacks who participated in team drills during the joint practices against the Buccaneers.

And Thompson used those extra reps to shine with his unit.

In his first pass of the early 11-on-11 period, Thompson found Tanner Conner wide open on the left side of the field, and the undrafted rookie from Idaho State scurried to the end zone for a touchdown.

A few snaps later, Thompson, who threw for 7,124 yards and scored 42 touchdown in his five seasons for the Wildcats, drove his unit into scoring territory and threw a touchdown pass to receiver Trent Sherfield.

On his next drive he found tailback Chase Edmonds open in the middle of the end zone for a touchdown.

Then, during the red-zone segment of the joint practice’s 11-on-11 period, Thompson connected with fellow rookie Erik Ezukanma for a touchdown in the middle of the field.

That’s four touchdowns on from Thursday’s practice. Not all of his drives or reps were clean, but the 25-year-old quarterback is clearly showing that he’s gained a good grasp of the offense since camp opened, has developed chemistry with his receivers, and the game speed has begun to slow down.

He’ll likely have at least a half, if not three quarters of Saturday’s game to show the world his growth.


Terron Armstead had his most active practice of training camp, participating in every 11-on-11 period for the first time since camp opened. The veteran left tackle the Dolphins signed to a lucrative contract free agency was also spotted pancaking Buccaneers defensive linemen Logan Hall….

Tagovailoa has an effective day executing Miami’s offense, making the most out of a sack-plagued drive during Thursday’s practice. Most of his throws were decisive and on the money. He was plagued by a few bad snaps from Connor Williams…

Cornerback Keion Crossen had one of his better practices of camp, delivering three pass breakups against the Buccaneers….

Safety Jevon Holland pulled down an interception off Blaine Gabbert during the 7-on-7 period….

Linebacker Duke Riley had a skirmish with Buccaneers offensive guard Luke Goedeke that got both teams involved….

Buccaneers tailback Giovanni Bernard had a couple of big runs against the Dolphins defense, which had some gap-integrity issues.

Tight end Mike Gesicki had one touchdown pass called back, then dropped another in end zone. But the flex tight end got a lot of work as a blocker during Thursday’s practice and didn’t embarrass himself….

Stock up

Austin Jackson had two solid practice sessions against one of the most physical defensive lines in the NFL. That’s a huge step forward for the Dolphins’ 2020 first-round pick, considering this time last year he was being embarrassed by the Chicago Bears defensive line in Miami’s joint practices. Jackson is leaner, and it seems his footwork and hand placement have been cleaned up.

Stock down

At this point it is not safe to predict Solomon Kindley, a 2020 fourth-round pick who started 12 games at right guard in 2020, makes it onto the 53-man roster unless he has an impressive preseason showing. Kindley, who is clearly Miami’s heaviest offensive lineman, shines when it comes to pass protection. But he seemingly lacks the athleticism to create movement in the run game.

Injury update

Backup center Michael Deiter didn’t participate in 1-on-1 drills, but did get involved during some 11-on-11 reps. It was his third day of practice since training camp began, because of a foot injury he suffered on the first day….

Cornerback Kader Kohou, who seemingly suffered an ankle injury on Wednesday, participated in practice but was seemingly limited….

Safety Sheldrick Redwine and fullback John Lovett continued to sit out practice.


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latest news Rape reported on Stanford campus

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Latest News Rape Reported On Stanford Campus

Stanford University officials are investigating a reported rape near a dormitory on campus this week.

According to the Community Crime Alert, a mandated reporter — often a health care provider who is legally required to report an alleged rape — told police a woman said she was assaulted around 5 p.m. Tuesday near Wilbur Lobby. The woman reported that a man grabbed her in an unspecified parking lot near Wilbur Hall, then took her to a restroom, where he raped her, according to a police update.

The woman did not identify the suspect but said she had seen him on campus before, according to the update. She described him as a 6ft tall thin man with brown eyes and a faded beard. No, no clothing details were provided.

The Stanford Department of Public Safety asks anyone with information to call campus police at (650) 723-9633.

In San Diego, police have completed a months-long criminal investigation into allegations that a group of San Diego State University football players raped a high school girl at an off-campus party last fall. . That case, to which some campus officials have criticized their limited response, is currently being reviewed by prosecutors for potential charges.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, you can reach the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-467 or online at Stanford officials said anyone can find resources at

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