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Biden emerges from COVID isolation, tells public: Get shots

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Biden Emerges From Covid Isolation, Tells Public: Get Shots


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday emerged from five days of isolation after contracting the coronavirus, telling Americans that “COVID isn’t gone” but saying serious illness can be avoided with vaccines, booster shoots and treatments.

“You don’t need to be president to get these tools,” he said.

Biden had a mild bout with the virus that has killed millions of people around the world and disrupted daily life for more than two years.

“God bless you all, and now I get to go back to the Oval Office,” he said as he finished his remarks in the Rose Garden and returned to the West Wing.

Biden tested negative for the virus on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“Back to the Oval,” Biden tweeted after the White House released the latest daily update from his doctor confirming that he was clear to end the isolation period that is required after someone tests positive for the coronavirus.

Biden’s tweet included a photo of a rapid COVID-19 test with the line showing a negative result.

“Thanks to Doc for the good care, and to all of you for your support,” the president’s tweet said.

Biden, 79, tested positive last week. He continued to work during isolation, holding meetings virtually and addressing groups through recorded messages.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, Biden’s physician, wrote in Wednesday’s update that the president had completed a five-day course of Paxlovid, an anti-viral drug used to treat COVID-19. Biden remains free of fever and had not used Tylenol in the past 36 hours.

Biden’s symptoms were almost “completely resolved,” O’Connor reported.

“Given these reassuring factors, the president will discontinue his strict isolation measures,” the doctor wrote.

Biden plans to wear a “well-fitting” face mask for five more days anytime he is around others.



Ship carrying grain for Ethiopia ready to leave Ukraine – The Denver Post

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Ship Carrying Grain For Ethiopia Ready To Leave Ukraine – The Denver Post


KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A United Nations-chartered vessel loaded with 23,000 metric tons of Ukrainian grain destined for Ethiopia was preparing from a Black Sea port on Sunday, the first such shipment in an aid program for countries facing famine.

The Brave Commander cargo ship plans to leave the Ukrainian port of Yuzhne, east of Odessa, and sail to Djibouti, where the grain will be unloaded and transferred to Ethiopia under the World Food Program initiative.

Ukraine and Russia reached an agreement with Turkey on July 22 to restart Black Sea grain deliveries, addressing the major disruption to exports that has occurred since Russia invaded Ukraine. in February.

Ethiopia is one of five countries the UN considers at risk of famine.

“The ability is there. The grain is there. The demand is there all over the world and especially in these countries,” Denise Brown, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Ukraine, told The Associated Press. “So if the stars are aligned, we’re very, very hopeful that everyone around this deal will come together on what’s really a problem for humanity. So today was very positive.

On the front line, Russian forces fired rockets into the Mykolaiv region in southern Ukraine on Sunday, killing at least one person. This area lies just north of the Russian-occupied city of Kherson, which Ukrainian forces have vowed to recapture. Ukraine’s emergency service said one person was killed Sunday morning in the shelling of the village of Bereznehuvate in Mykolaiv.

A Russian diplomat, meanwhile, called on Ukraine to offer security guarantees so that international inspectors can visit a nuclear power plant in Ukraine that has come under fire.

As fighting intensifies in southern Ukraine, concerns are growing over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is held by Russian forces and has been hit by sporadic shelling. Ukraine and Russia blame each other for the bombing, which officials say damaged surveillance equipment and could lead to a nuclear disaster.

Ukraine’s nuclear power operator said on Sunday that one person was killed in a Russian rocket attack on the town of Enerhodar where the plant is located. The Russian-controlled local government also reported the attack and the death, but blamed it on Ukrainian forces.

The Zaporizhzhia facility is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Russia’s envoy to international organizations based in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, has called on Ukraine to stop attacking the plant to allow the arrival of an inspection team from the International Atomic Energy Agency .

“It is important that the Ukrainians stop bombing the station and provide security guarantees to the mission members. An international team cannot be sent to work under continuous artillery fire,” he told Russian news agency Tass on Sunday.

Ukraine claims that Russia is bombing areas near the plant and stockpiling weapons there.


Follow AP coverage of the war at


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Giuliani is told he is the target of a Trump election investigation in Georgia

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Giuliani Is Told He Is The Target Of A Trump Election Investigation In Georgia

ATLANTA — Attorneys for Rudolph W. Giuliani have been told he is the target of a criminal investigation in Georgia into election interference by Donald J. Trump and his advisers, one of Mr. Giuliani’s attorneys said Monday. Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani, who led efforts to keep Mr. Trump in power as his personal attorney, has emerged in recent weeks as a central figure in the investigation led by Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County prosecutor, in Georgia, which encompasses most of Atlanta. Earlier this summer, prosecutors questioned witnesses before a special grand jury about Mr. Giuliani’s appearances before state legislative committees in December 2020, when he spent hours peddling false conspiracy theories about secret suitcases of Democratic ballots and corrupt voting machines.

For Mr Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, the developments are the latest in a series of growing problems, although he recently received good news when it emerged that he was little likely to face charges in a federal criminal investigation into his ties to Ukraine during the 2020 presidential campaign.

Mr. Giuliani is scheduled to appear before the special grand jury on Monday at a courthouse in downtown Atlanta. His lawyer, Robert Costello, revealed in an interview that prosecutors told him on Monday that Mr. Giuliani was a target.

Mr. Costello said Mr. Giuliani would likely invoke attorney-client privilege if asked about his relationship with Mr. Trump. “If these people think he’s going to talk about conversations between him and President Trump, they’re delusional,” Costello said.

Also on Monday, Atlanta Federal District Court Judge Leigh Martin May rejected South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s efforts to avoid appearing before the special grand jury. Mr Graham is due to give evidence on August 23. The judge concluded that prosecutors had demonstrated that there was “a particular need for the testimony of Senator Graham on matters relating to the alleged attempts to influence or disrupt the legal administration of the 2022 election in Georgia.”


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Victims of Jerusalem bus attack in Brooklyn reportedly recovering

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Victims Of Jerusalem Bus Attack In Brooklyn Reportedly Recovering

NEW YORK – We learn more about the victims of an attack that targeted a bus in Jerusalem where eight people were injured.

The State Department confirms that five of them are Americans from Brooklyn.

CBS2’s Elijah Westbrook has a new reaction from people who knew the victims, and the latest on their condition.

The Satmar Community of Williamsburg – a Hasidic sect of Orthodox Judaism – encourages everyone to pray for the victims of Saturday’s Jerusalem attack.

A two-time cancer survivor, a father and a pregnant woman are among the victims.

“The community is devastated that one of our worshipers and his family have been shot in Jerusalem,” said community activist Abraham Rosenberg.

Westbrook spoke to Rosenberg outside Congregation Satmar on Hooper Street, which is also where Shia Hersh Glick visited. Glick, a cancer survivor, was shot Saturday night as he waited for a taxi at a bus stop in Jerusalem.

“The last thing we heard was that he’s getting better, and we’re all praying he makes a full recovery,” Rosenberg said. “We hear about the devastation in Israel all the time, terrorist attacks quite often unfortunately. But it affects the people who live in our community, the families who live in Williamsburg and Borough Park, it’s far more devastating. .. we’re all in shock.”

The horrific attack draws the attention of leaders like Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who says Gloick tried to protect his wife, son and daughter from bullets.

“He was shot in the neck and they put him on a ventilator, but it looks like his condition is improving,” Schumer said.

Community leader Isaac Abraham, who spoke with CBS2 over the weekend, said he was related to the Glick family by marriage and the trip to Jerusalem was meant to be a time of prayer.

He also said a pregnant Borough Park mother was also shot in the abdomen and underwent an emergency Caesarean section. We are told that she and the child are in serious condition.

“It shouldn’t happen when you go to a religious place, a mosque, a church, a shul, any place,” Abraham said.

Israeli police said the suspect surrendered and the gun he was carrying was recovered. They also say he is not known for any terrorism related offenses but has a criminal record.

Governor Kathy Hochul commented on the attack on Twitter.

“I am horrified by the terrorist attack in Jerusalem… My team is reaching out to the State Department to assist where possible,” Hochul wrote.

New York Mayor Eric Adams also tweeted over the weekend, saying the city stands with Israel.

American casualties who were injured in the attack are expected to survive.


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Streaming services deal with more subscribers who ‘watch, cancel and leave’

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Streaming Services Deal With More Subscribers Who 'Watch, Cancel And Leave'

Kate Bigel is the kind of customer that frustrates video streaming companies.

She and her husband regularly rotate through major streaming services, canceling one and signing up for another depending on which one is showing the shows they want at any given time. They started the practice about a year ago to save money.


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Six Flags amusement park shooting near Chicago leaves 3 hurt

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Six Flags Amusement Park Shooting Near Chicago Leaves 3 Hurt

GURNEE, Ill. (AP) — Three people were injured in a shooting outside a Chicago-area amusement park’s entrance that sent visitors scrambling for safety and prompted the park to close early, authorities said.

Officers responded about 7:50 p.m. Sunday after 911 calls reporting shots fired at Six Flags Great America, about 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Chicago, the Gurnee Police Department said.

“The shooting … was not a random act, and appeared to be a targeted incident that occurred outside the park,” police said in a statement posted to Facebook.

According to an initial investigation, police said a white sedan entered the parking lot and drove toward the park’s front entrance. People got out of the car and shot at another person in the parking lot before driving away, police said.

Additional details about the suspects, including the number of people who fired shots, wasn’t immediately released. Police were investigating.

A 17-year-old boy from Aurora, Illinois, had a thigh wound and a 19-year-old woman from Appleton, Wisconsin, had a leg wound, police said. They were taken to a hospital and their wounds were described as non-life-threatening. A third victim had a shoulder injury and declined to be taken to a hospital.

Six Flags Great America said in a statement that park security responded immediately to the shooting along with Gurnee officers. Spokeswoman Rachel Kendziora said the park closed early Sunday evening, with guests and employees leaving the site under the direction of Gurnee police.

The park reopened as scheduled Monday morning, she said.

WGN News in Chicago spoke with Laurie Walker and her daughter, Grace, who were inside the park when the shooting occurred. Walker said they were waiting in line for an attraction around 7:50 p.m. when she noticed people running.

“‘There is an active shooter, get down, get down,’” Walker said she heard someone shouting. “We didn’t know what was going on, so we get down.”

Walker and her daughter climbed two fences to get where she could call her husband. Walker told WGN she was able to leave the park a short while later.

Gurnee is in Lake County, about 5 miles south of the Wisconsin border. It’s about 20 miles north of Highland Park, where seven people died in a mass shooting during a July Fourth parade.

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EURUSD is trading at a new session low

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Eurusd Is Trading At A New Session Low

EURUSD remains below the 200 hourly MA

The near risk heading into the New York session was at 1.02088. The price broke above this level but fell below its 200 hourly moving average of 1.02322. This was the key barometer for buyers and sellers today. Going back above would be a huge disappointment for sellers looking for downward momentum.

The corrective high price reached 1.02227, about 10 pips from this moving average level. The first sellers leaned in. The price started to come back down.


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