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Critics slammed Page 3, but they should have saved their outrage for Kate’s artistic snaps

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Kate Moss And Mark Wahlberg In A Calvin Klein Ad

Remember all the vocal outrage at the Page Three girls all those years ago?

Although all the young women participated willingly and made a living doing it, they were portrayed as mindless chicks being manipulated by nasty newspapers.


Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein adPhoto credit: Calvin Klein
Remember All Those Loud Outrages About The Page Three Girls All Those Years Ago?  Here Page 3 Model Samantha Fox


Remember all those loud outrages about the Page Three girls all those years ago? Here page 3 model Samantha FoxPhoto credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

Having met several of them over the years, I knew this sucked.

For the record, I wasn’t a fan of Page Three either and have said so many times, both behind the scenes and in public.

Not because I found it exploitative, but simply because it felt pretty corny.

In fact, it wasn’t political pressure from Clare Short and the left that finally forced its demise in 2015, but because times had changed and it had been superseded by magazines like Nuts and Loaded.

But at the height of criticism, it always struck me as odd that the anti-Page Three Brigade didn’t clutch its pearls to reveal photos elsewhere.

Like Kate Moss, for example, who posed topless for the first time when she was just 14 years old. But because it was intended for glossy magazines and illustrated books rather than tabloids, it was considered “art, huh?”

Now Kate, 48, has revealed that as a young model she felt “really insecure” about her body but found herself in situations where she was forced to bare her breasts.

Once, when she was 15, she fled an assignment for an lingerie catalog after being asked to remove her bra by a male photographer. In another shoot for The Face magazine, she said she cried after a photographer told her, “If you don’t take your top off, I won’t book you for Elle.”

She adds that she also felt “objectified, vulnerable and scared” during a shoot with Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein.

Curiously, she doesn’t mention what I believe was the very first topless photo of her taken by photographer Bettina Rheims, a Helmut Newton henchman, when she was just 14 years old.

Bettina remembers Kate: “She came to the agency with her backpack that day because she wanted to be a model. . . So I called her mother and asked her, “Can I take a picture of your daughter? I might have to take off her shirt.

“Then I asked Kate if she wanted to be part of my project and she said, ‘Yeah, why not? I’m going to school now, can I come back at five?’”

The result is a topless photo that left the anti-Page Three crew unfazed, despite Kate’s noticeably young face and body. But again, it’s “art, isn’t it?”

Compare and contrast that with the excitement surrounding Samantha Fox’s Page Three debut at age 16, which, even for the record, I agree, was too young. It should always have been the minimum age of 18, which it later became.


Still, Sam’s memory of her topless debut is very different from Kate’s.

“I was 16, if people are saying that’s wrong, then there’s a lot of other things we can do at 16 that are legal now,” she said recently.

“I was very fortunate because I got a first class agent, my father was my manager, my mother was my stylist. . . It was a family business.”

No mention of feeling self-conscious, objectified, vulnerable, or scared.

Both women have fared very well in life and ultimately emerged unscathed from their very different experiences, but anti-tabloid press groups have portrayed only one of them as exploited fools who didn’t know their own minds.

Now we know the truth about what happened to Kate and other models behind the scenes of so-called “high-end” fashion shoots.

We also know that French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel was accused of procuring models for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein prior to his suicide earlier this year, and last year several models came forward to surround Gerald Marie, the former head of Elite Models , to accuse , sexual misconduct.

This abuse hid in plain sight while all political outrage was channeled to the comparatively tame Side Three.


BEN AFFLECK is newly married to one of the most glamorous, hardworking and dynamic women alive and is currently enjoying their honeymoon in Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

So why does he look so damn miserable most of the time?

Why Does Ben Affleck Look So Damn Miserable Most Of The Time?


Why does Ben Affleck look so damn miserable most of the time?Photo credit: Splash


Native American leaders in Canada presented Pope Francis with a traditional headdress that suits him quite well.

However, when someone even remotely famous dons one to a costume party, social media usually collapses, accusing them of cultural appropriation.

Native American Leaders In Canada Presented Pope Francis With A Traditional Headdress That Suits Him Quite Well


Native American leaders in Canada presented Pope Francis with a traditional headdress that suits him quite wellCredit: AP

Imagine that.

If the Indians themselves are okay with that, why the hell should we care about the opinion of a saddo spitting bile out of his mother’s spare room?


A LOT is being made of Rishi Sunak’s expensive wardrobe, which consists of a £3,500 suit and £450 Prada shoes.

Urging Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries (not for long) to tweet that Liz Truss’ earrings are only £4.50 at Claire’s Accessories.

Who cares? We know that both contenders for the Tory leadership can afford designer clothes if they wish, and we’ve all gotten used to the old ‘Ooh, champagne – what a treat!’ act years ago.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you can afford.

What matters is understanding that the majority of the country is facing a cost of living crisis and having a coherent policy in place to keep them afloat financially.


SUPERMARKETS are reportedly losing £500million to ‘swipers’ – customers who cheat self-checkouts by believing a bottle of champagne, for example, is a bag of potatoes weighing about the same.

Now some supermarkets are investing in more sophisticated technology that can detect if an item isn’t the expected size, shape or color.

Alternatively, they could simply rehire any savvy cashiers they fired.


With his usual bluntness, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has berated airports, unions and aircraft manufacturers for the travel woes facing passengers across the country.

Heathrow was particularly criticized – “an airport that couldn’t run an ap***-up in its own brewery”.

Ryanair Boss Michael O'Leary Has Branded Airports, Unions And Plane Manufacturers For The Travel Woes Facing Passengers Across The Country


Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has branded airports, unions and plane manufacturers for the travel woes facing passengers across the countryPhoto credit: Pacemaker Press

He added that it was “bulls**t” for Heathrow boss John Holland-Kaye to claim that nobody was expecting high passenger numbers to return, noting that his airline had retained its staff.

He’s right. I’ve spent the last few weeks researching the airport chaos for Channel 4 broadcasts and Ryanair and Jet2 fared far better than other airlines that operated a ‘fire and rehire’ policy, and then unsurprisingly found that many of their employees refused to be treated as expendable and found better jobs.

That’s not rocket science, is it?

  • Broadcasts: Channel 4, 8pm on Monday.

THE Queen has invited Harry and Meghan to stay in Balmoral, but sources say they would be “stunned” if they accepted.

Mainly, one suspects, because Meghan isn’t the “hunt, shoot, fish” type.

But if Her Majesty is interested in continuing to build bridges, perhaps expanding the invite to include a Netflix crew could secure the Sussexes’ attendance.


SHARRON DAVIES says she faces financial ruin after “fearful employers” and charities she’s worked with for 30 years decided to dump her for speaking out about the injustice of transgender athletes who oppose natural women compete.

Name and shame them, Sharron.

Sharron Davies Says She Is At Risk Of Financial Ruin


Sharron Davies says she is at risk of financial ruinCredit: Andrew Barr

Then we can choose not to buy their products or donate to their coffers.

MARGOT ROBBIE will be featured in the final episode of Neighbors this Friday via Zoom.

“She said ‘yes’ straight away, she always spoke so lovingly about her time on the soap and how it helped her launch her film career,” says a source.

Margot Robbie Will Be On The Final Episode Of Neighbors This Friday Via Zoom


Margot Robbie will be on the final episode of Neighbors this Friday via ZoomPhoto credit: Rex

Good for Margot. So many actors who have made it big try to airbrush the path that got them there.

But true stars appreciate and embrace it.

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Critics slammed Page 3, but they should have saved their outrage for Kate’s artistic snaps



Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19, has ‘mild’ symptoms – CBS Detroit

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Jill Biden Tests Positive For Covid-19, Has 'Mild' Symptoms – Cbs Detroit


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Walmart revenue grows as prices rise

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Walmart Revenue Grows As Prices Rise

walmart revenue rose in the second quarter as the retail giant benefited from consumers paying more for goods and stepping up trips to its stores.

Walmart, in its earnings report on Tuesday, said it was gaining market share in some categories such as groceries as shoppers grapple with inflation, and some Covid-19-related costs have decreases. But rising prices led buyers to withhold some purchases. Walmart also sells through an inventory glut, which leads to higher discounts.


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Indian Oil Recruitment 2022: Bumper recruitments in IOCL, salary will get 1 lakh, know the selection process & details

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Indian Oil Recruitment 2022: Bumper Recruitments In Iocl, Salary Will Get 1 Lakh, Know The Selection Process &Amp; Details

Indian Oil Recruitment 2022: Bumper recruitments in IOCL, salary will get 1 lakh, know the selection process & details

Indian Oil Corporation Limited Recruitment Notice 2022: IOCL recruitment Notification dated 21 June 2022 for Engagement of Security Chief on contract basis at NRPL Roorkee The contractual position has been decided that of Security Chief at Northern Region Pipelines office Roorkee was notified in leading newspapers and hosted on the official website on 21.06.2022. In this regard, it is no 1. 2.

The last date for receipt of applications is extended up to The desirous 23 August 2022 (up to 5.00 PM) Candidates who have retired from the state services on or after 30 June 2019 can also apply against the said advertisement.

Interested and eligible candidates may send their duly filled in applications (in the prescribed format given below) to the Senior Human Resource Manager, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Northern Region Pipelines, PO August 2022 by 1700 hours Panipat Refinery, Baholi, Panipat 132140 on or before 23rd of August.

For queries and doubts regarding to the content may be addressed to [email protected] or [email protected]

Click here to check the official notification

Please note that all further announcements in this regard including corrigendum, if any, would be made only at this website i.e.

The post Indian Oil Recruitment 2022: Bumper recruitments in IOCL, salary will get 1 lakh, know the selection process & details appeared first on JK Breaking News.

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Explosions rock Crimea in suspected Ukrainian attack – The Denver Post

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Explosions Rock Crimea In Suspected Ukrainian Attack – The Denver Post

By Paul Byrne

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Explosions and fires ripped through an ammunition depot in Russia-annexed Crimea on Tuesday in the second suspected Ukrainian attack on the peninsula in just over a week, forcing the evacuation of more of 3,000 people.

Russia blamed the explosions in the village of Mayskoye on an “act of sabotage” without naming the perpetrators.

Separately, Russian business newspaper Kommersant quoted local residents as saying plumes of black smoke also rose above an airbase in Gvardeyskoye in Crimea.

Ukraine has not publicly claimed responsibility for any of the explosions, including those that destroyed nine Russian planes at another air base in Crimea last week. Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and used it to launch attacks on the country in the war that began nearly six months ago.

If Ukrainian forces were, in fact, behind the explosions, they would represent a significant escalation of the war. The Kremlin has demanded that Kyiv recognize Crimea as part of Russia as a condition to end the fighting, while Ukraine has pledged to drive Moscow’s forces out of the Black Sea peninsula.

Videos posted on social media showed thick columns of smoke rising above raging flames in Mayskoye, and a series of explosions could be heard. The Russian Defense Ministry said the fires damaged a power plant, power lines, railway tracks and apartment buildings.

Crimean regional leader Sergei Aksyonov said two people were injured and more than 3,000 were evacuated from two villages.

Crimea is a popular summer destination for Russian tourists, and last week’s explosions at Crimea’s Saki airbase sent bathers on beaches fleeing as flames and columns of smoke rose in the air. horizon.

Ukrainian officials warned on Tuesday that Crimea would not be spared the ravages of war.

Rather than a travel destination, “Russian-occupied Crimea is about warehouse explosions and high risk of death for invaders and thieves,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said on Twitter.

Russia blamed last week’s explosions on an accidental detonation of munitions, but satellite photos and other evidence – including scattered explosion sites – pointed to a Ukrainian attack, possibly with anti-missile missiles. ships, according to military analysts.

An intelligence update from the UK Ministry of Defense said Russian Black Sea Fleet ships are in an ‘extremely defensive posture’ in the waters off Crimea, with the vessels barely venturing out view of the coast.

The Russian flagship Moskva sank in the Black Sea in April and last month Ukrainian forces retook the strategic Snake Island.

“The limited effectiveness of the Russian fleet undermines Russia’s overall invasion strategy,” the British said. “That means Ukraine can divert resources to put pressure on Russian ground forces elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, in Donbass, the eastern industrial sprawl that has been at the center of fighting in recent months, one civilian was killed in Russian shelling and two others were injured, according to Ukrainian regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko.

In Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, one civilian was killed and nine others injured by Russian shelling, regional governor Oleh Syniehubov said. He said the night attack was “one of the most massive bombardments in Kharkiv in recent days”.

Good news has emerged from the region: a United Nations-chartered ship loaded with Ukrainian grain has set sail for the starving Horn of Africa in the first relief delivery of the war. The shipment was made possible by an internationally brokered deal to release grain trapped in Ukrainian ports by the fighting.


Follow AP coverage of the war at


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Chicago Cubs notebook: Kyle Hendricks begins his rehab in Arizona, while Nick Madrigal settles into the leadoff spot

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Chicago Cubs Notebook: Kyle Hendricks Begins His Rehab In Arizona, While Nick Madrigal Settles Into The Leadoff Spot

Whether Kyle Hendricks will pitch again for the Chicago Cubs this season remains unknown.

Hendricks, sidelined since July 6 with a right shoulder strain, has taken a step toward a potential return. He’s on his way to Arizona to start his rehab, though there’s no timetable for how long his throwing progression and buildup will take.

The Cubs’ priority is making sure Hendricks is fully healthy entering the offseason. He’s a known commodity at this point in his career, so any game action would be to set him up for 2023 rather than an evaluation process, such as the Cubs might want for right-hander Adbert Alzolay.

Alzolay, who has missed the entire season because of a right shoulder strain, has been throwing live batting practice in Arizona and ideally will pitch some innings, even in the minor leagues, before the season ends.

A healthy, more consistent Hendricks would go a long way for the 2023 rotation. He and the Cubs want to avoid an offseason scenario that would require him to continue rehabbing his shoulder. Hendricks previously indicated he wants to get in a few starts before the season ends.

The Cubs won’t needlessly rush Hendricks back, especially with enough internal options, including at Triple A, to fill the rotation down the stretch.

Nick Madrigal making the most of healthy legs

A healthy Nick Madrigal is showing what he can bring to the Cubs lineup when he’s feeling his best.

Madrigal entered the Cubs’ series against the Washington Nationals hitting .391 (9-for-23) with four walks and a .500 on-base percentage in 29 plate appearances over eight games since returning from a left groin strain.

“Seeing that play out is rewarding for him and us,” manager David Ross said.

In his last three starts, including Monday’s 5-4 loss at Nationals Park, Madrigal’s production has come from being slotted into the leadoff spot. He doubled and scored in the seventh Monday and finished 1-for-5.

Part of Ross’ calculus in batting Madrigal there stems from wanting the second baseman to get as many at-bats as possible after losing time the last two years because of injuries.

“The leadoff position is probably a little more on-base driven,” Ross said, “but the way he’s swinging the bat, the at-bats he’s had, taking some walks since he’s come back, the all-field approach he’s had — he’s got real bat-to-ball skills, just thinking about how he goes about it. It can be really frustrating from a starting pitcher standpoint that some of these guys can spray it around a little bit.”

Madrigal’s approach as the leadoff hitter — being patient to give his teammates more looks at the opposing pitcher’s stuff or hunting for a pitch early in the count — depends on the pitcher.

“I’ve always tried to be an aggressive hitter,” Madrigal told the Tribune. “Being in a leadoff spot, really it’s just the first at-bat of the game is the only difference. But (my approach) really depends on the pitcher.”

Madrigal also is looking for spots to be more aggressive on the basepaths now that his legs feel a lot better. It has been a process to gain strength after last year’s hamstring surgery, followed by a low back strain and the groin strain that caused him to miss about two months this year.

Madrigal has stolen two bases this season after stealing three in 83 games over two seasons (2020-21) with the Chicago White Sox.

“I’m able to start testing a little bit, but it’s something that’s always been part of my game,” Madrigal said. “I haven’t got the chance to really show it all that much. But I’m hoping that comes in the future.”

Wade Miley to make another rehab start

The Cubs clearly want to ensure left-hander Wade Miley is fully healthy this time without facing another setback.

Miley is slated to make another rehab start Tuesday at Triple-A Iowa, his fourth rehab outing as he works back from a left shoulder strain that put him on the injured list June 11.

Left elbow inflammation thwarted the veteran early in the season before his shoulder issue emerged in May. In his first start off the IL, Miley lasted just three innings with a reoccurrence of the injury.

Miley had thought his bullpen sessions simulated enough of a game situation to test his shoulder. This time he’s taking on a more thorough buildup through multiple rehab appearances.

“We’re trying to get him back in the rotation as soon as he’s healthy,” Ross said. “But we’ll wait to see how he comes out of that start.”


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A Norwegian group wants to erect a statue of a euthanized walrus

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A Norwegian Group Wants To Erect A Statue Of A Euthanized Walrus
Placeholder while loading article actions

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A private fundraising campaign is underway in Norway to erect a walrus statue that drew throngs of onlookers but was euthanized on Sunday after authorities concluded the huge marine mammal posed a health risk. man.

Known affectionately to fans as Freya, the walrus has become a popular attraction in the Oslo Fjord in recent weeks despite warnings from authorities that people should refrain from approaching and posing for photos with the animal.

“The shooting in Freya has a strong negative signaling effect that we in Norway, and especially in Oslo, are unable to provide living space for wild animals,” the citizens’ group told the origin of online fundraising in his appeal.

“By erecting a statue of the symbol that Freya has quickly become, we will always remind ourselves (and future generations) that we cannot or should not always kill and suppress nature when it is ‘in the way,’” continues the call.

By Tuesday afternoon, the group had raised 156,409 crowns ($16,143), according to the fundraising website. The organizers said that if they were unsuccessful with the project, the funds would go to the local chapter of the World Wildlife Fund.

Walruses are a protected species, and just last month officials said they hoped Freya would leave of her own accord and euthanasia would be a last resort. Norway’s chief fisheries officer said on Sunday they were considering moving the animal elsewhere, but concluded that was not a viable option.

Atlantic walruses normally live in the Arctic. It is unusual but not unheard of that they travel in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Another walrus, nicknamed Wally, was seen last year on beaches and even on a rescue dock in Wales and elsewhere.

Freya liked to climb on small boats, damaging them.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute said on Tuesday it had received the body of the 600-kilogram (1,320-pound) female walrus and would conduct an autopsy for scientific purposes.


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