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Extraction 2 release window, cast, teaser, synopsis and more updates

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Extraction 2 Release Window, Cast, Teaser, Synopsis And More Updates

extraction starring Chris Hemsworth is currently in the top 10 greatest Netflix movies of all time, so it’s no surprise we’re getting a sequel. Hemsworth will return for extraction 2who recently completed filming. But unfortunately, fans will still have to wait a while to see the next part.

Directed by Sam Hargrave (Hargrave will return to direct the sequel), the 2020 film, with a story by Anthony and Joe Russo, was an instant hit when it debuted on the streaming service. The Russo Brothers seem to have a good track record of re-collaborating with Marvel stars for new projects since the recent release The gray manstarring Chris Evans is also doing well on the platform.

On the heels of The gray man‘s release, Anthony and Joe Russo have provided updates on some of their other upcoming Netflix movies, and that includes extraction 2.

Release updates for Extraction 2

We still don’t have an exact release date, but according to Collider, the second film is coming out in 2023. Filming ended in April this year and many fans were hoping to see the film before the end of the year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. But at least we now have a slightly better idea of ​​when to expect it!

Extraction 2 Cast: Will Chris Hemsworth Return?

Yes, Hemsworth will be back as Tyler Rake in the new film. Based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks, Hemsworth brought Tyler to life in the first film. Golshifteh Farahani will also return as mercenary Nik Khan.

According to IMDb, this is the other person we can expect to see in the film:

  • Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake
  • Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan
  • Tinatin Dalaksihvili as Ketevan
  • Justin Howell as Gio
  • Adam Bessa as Yaz
  • Patrick Newall as Seb
  • Anthony J Vorhies as Razmac
  • Rayna Campbell as Ruthie
  • Tornike Bziava as David
  • Shahaub Roudbari as Saba
  • Tornike Gogrichiani as Zurab

However, note that this list is subject to change as IMDb is not always 100% accurate.

Extraction 2 teasers

There’s no official trailer for the film yet, but Netflix released a teaser at the 2021 Tudum event almost a year ago.

Extraction 2 summary

We don’t have many details on the sequel’s plot, but according to the Collider article, Joe Russo revealed that the sequel “has a different color scheme. It’s set in a different part of the world. It has a different tempo, a different tone than the first. And that’s an interesting approach for us to continue a story because it’s more surprising and unexpected and you don’t get exactly the same movie as last time.”

Are you looking forward to watching? extraction 2?

Extraction 2 release window, cast, teaser, synopsis and more updates



Dallas apartment complex evacuated after carbon monoxide leak

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Dallas Apartment Complex Evacuated After Carbon Monoxide Leak

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – An apartment complex was evacuated Thursday night due to a carbon monoxide leak.

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to the call at Radius on Turtle Creek Apartments, located at 3604 Cedar Springs Road, at 7:17 p.m.

Firefighters noted high carbon monoxide readings on the first floor of the building, including the underground parking lot, Dallas Fire-Rescue said.

The exposure was determined to have been caused by three workers using a gas-powered pressure washer in the underground parking lot without adequate ventilation. The gas escaped above, in the 5-storey building, causing the temporary evacuation of all residents.

The three workers were taken to a local hospital under undisclosed conditions. Firefighters used positive pressure ventilation with multiple fans to evacuate gas from the building before residents returned.


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Britain’s Dumbest Energy Policy – WSJ

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Britain'S Dumbest Energy Policy - Wsj

Britain’s ruling Tories have imposed appalling energy policies in recent years, but their capping of household energy bills deserves special mention. The regime was an economic loser, and now it is becoming a political loser in a way that illustrates the dangers when right-wing parties play soft socialism.

This cap is meant to limit household spending on electricity and natural gas, which most UK homes use for hot water and central heating. It is set twice a year by the industry regulator based on prevailing world energy prices. During the last adjustment, which took effect in April, households saw their energy bills jump by about 54%, and the increase in October is expected to be about as large.


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Bitcoin technical analysis, bears still have the upper hand

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis, Bears Still Have The Upper Hand

  • The formation of the bearish flag on the BTC/USD charts seems to continue, suggesting that the current BTCUSD uptrend may be coming to an end. The outlook for bears is more optimistic than for bulls. Long-term buyers waiting for a daily candle to close above $26,000 should enter or increase their positions at that time.
  • Some algorithms and traders may also draw an ascending channel on the daily timeframe as shown in the BTCUSD technical analysis video below. According to this ascending triangle, the price of bitcoin has already fallen.
  • The The $20,000 level remains a significant round number that BTCUSD can easily test in order to flush out the bulls who see it as a line in the sand and place halts around it. It is likely that the institutions that took the other side of the trade would prefer to keep the bulls out of a profitable rally.
  • Crypto bears always have a favorable reward/risk ratio, as a price target of $12,000 is not completely unrealistic. In terms of a more modest and fairly realistic scenario, Bitcoin’s price target of around $18,800 is still relevant for short traders (see why in minute 3:14 below). On the other hand, the bearish flag would be rendered ineffective if a daily candle closes above $26,000.

Simply put, I still think the bitcoin bears have the upper hand over the bulls at this point.

Trade crypto at your own risk and put it on your list to visit ForexLive technical analysis.

Key words: Bitcoin

Read this term


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‘Minor’ bulging disc could keep Taijuan Walker off next start – The Denver Post

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'Minor' Bulging Disc Could Keep Taijuan Walker Off Next Start - The Denver Post

ATLANTA — Mets right-handed pitcher Taijuan Walker, last seen pitching just two innings Tuesday night before leaving with back spasms, took some time during treatment to explain how he was feeling.

“Much better than expected,” he said. “Tuesday, I would say, was a lot, a lot of pain. One of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. So with where I am today, I’m a bit shocked.

Walker said his MRI revealed a bulge in one of his discs which he immediately declared “minor” and “nothing too concerning”.

“They use a lot of swear words,” Walker said of the team doctors. “I do not know.”

Walker played catch from 60 feet on Thursday, rolled on the elliptical and did what he called a “modified lower body workout.” He doesn’t know when he will kick off a bullpen, which according to his normal routine would have been on Thursday. He and the Mets aren’t fully committed to the idea of ​​him making his scheduled departure on Sunday, but they haven’t ruled him out either.

“We did a lot of treatments, a lot of exercises, just trying to stabilize the trunk and everything.”

The Mets have Chris Bassitt set to kick off Friday’s game against the Phillies, and the team opted to send him to Philadelphia ahead of Thursday’s game to avoid the potential situation of him arriving at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning. . After that it will be David Peterson and Trevor Williams in some order for Saturday’s doubleheader. Sunday being Walker’s day, the Mets are hoping he’s feeling good enough to pitch, otherwise it’s likely to be the rehab Tommy Hunter and a combination of relievers and minor league calls.

“It doesn’t really make sense to push him,” Walker said. “Obviously if I feel 100 per cent I’ll go there. I don’t want to go out 90 per cent and make it worse and then I’m in IL and miss two, three, four weeks.

Carlos Carrasco is already on IL 15 days with an oblique strain that should be a three to four week injury. For a team battling to stay atop the National League East, losing another starting pitcher for an extended period is a heartbreaking thought.

“I think it’s important to listen to my body,” Walker said. “At the end of the race and in the playoffs, that’s probably when I need me the most.”

A reporter also reminded Walker that he is 30 now – the tall right-hander celebrated the milestone on August 13 – and that minor back problems can become much more common at this age.

“The older we get, the more we have to stick to our routines,” Walker agreed. “We don’t want any more pushes.”


In today’s roster move, the Mets picked up infielder Yolmer Sanchez off waivers from the Boston Red Sox. In the corresponding move, receiver Patrick Mazeika was designated for the assignment.

Sanchez is a 30-year-old Venezuelan. His two main claims to fame are winning a Golden Glove as a second baseman for the White Sox in 2019 and leading the American League in triples in 2018. During his 44 plate appearances for the Red Sox this season he hit .108/.214/.108. The Mets expect him to join the Philadelphia team on Friday.

The switch hitter was once a regular White Sox contributor, appearing in more than 140 games each season from 2017 to 2019. Although he did his best defensive work at second base, Sanchez also recorded more than 1,600 innings. MLB at third base.

“Versatile player, switch hitters,” Buck Showalter assessed. “He can play a lot of positions and do a lot of things. It is really well regarded in many ways. We’ll see how it fits in.

Mazeika, who has been the team’s insurance policy at receiver, has hit .190 with a .515 OPS since debuting for the Mets in 2021. He now has seven days to be traded or claimed by another team on waivers . If none of that happens, the Mets can either release him or send him to the minor leagues.


Tomas Nido did not play at all during this series in Atlanta. He was placed on the injured reserve list with an illness, and although the Mets didn’t come out right away and said it was COVID-19, Showalter’s explanation of the travel plans for Nido basically confirms this.

“There’s a chance he’ll join us in Philadelphia,” Showalter updated. “I talked to him [Wednesday] and he was much better. I think he got back to New York yesterday. We can’t do anything else.

The trip from Atlanta’s Truist Park to Citi Field, probably the only option to get Nido away from the rest, takes about 14 hours.


denverpost sports

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Woman who allegedly took Nancy Pelosi’s laptop on Jan. 6 gets ‘just’ break after arrest

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Woman Who Allegedly Took Nancy Pelosi'S Laptop On Jan. 6 Gets 'Just' Break After Arrest

A Pennsylvania woman accused of stealing a laptop belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) during the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol is getting a break from house arrest this weekend.

Riley Williams, 25, has been under house arrest since being charged with the laptop theft last year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Williams was granted an eight-hour break to attend the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire which begins Saturday, a court order revealed, less than a year after authorities charged her for her role in the deadly riot.

The accused rioter is to attend a fair where events include the “Tournament of Arms”, “Ultimate Joust” and “Boarshead Brawl”, according to the fair’s website.

Riley June Williams, Seen Here, Was Arrested Last Year After Allegedly Entering The Us Capitol During The Jan. 6 Riot And Stealing A Laptop From The Office Of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California ).  (Photo: Dauphin County Jail Via Ap)

Riley June Williams, seen here, was arrested last year after allegedly entering the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot and stealing a laptop from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California ). (Photo: Dauphin County Jail via AP)

Riley June Williams, seen here, was arrested last year after allegedly entering the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot and stealing a laptop from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California ). (Photo: Dauphin County Jail via AP)

Williams allegedly wrote social media posts claiming to have swiped the laptop with Pelosi’s “gravel hammwrd tbing” during the attack, according to the newspaper.

“I took Nancy [Pelosi’s] HDDs. I do not care. Kill me,” officials said, she wrote on Discord.

“As [they’re] will stop me. They will never take me alive,” Williams also allegedly posted.

She was arrested on January 18, 2021.

Williams currently does not have a trial date, the newspaper reported, although her lawyer said a status conference scheduled for Friday could allow her lawyers to find a date.

Williams is charged with a number of charges, including assaulting, resisting or obstructing certain officers; disorderly conduct; and entering and remaining in a building or land with restricted access.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.



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White House fast-tracks monkeypox vaccines, but not everyone likes the pace

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White House Fast-Tracks Monkeypox Vaccines, But Not Everyone Likes The Pace


On Thursday, White House officials touted moves to expand access to monkeypox vaccines, including an agreement to complete 2.5 million vials in the United States. Although some local health officials applauded the measures, others were baffled by a rapid plan to stretch the existing supply by dividing vaccine doses into fifths, calling for more time to review data and train providers to administer injections correctly.

Biden administration ‘forces our hand’, local health worker says official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to jeopardize vaccine orders. “It’s extremely frustrating because we have to execute and defend that strategy…it’s just a matter of giving us the time and the doses to get closer to that strategy.”

A team of researchers also urged officials to change the plan, saying there was too little data on its effectiveness.

“We are proposing a mixed dosing strategy,” where all recipients will receive one injection as originally planned, and a second injection via the new approach, researchers from the rapid epidemiological study of prevalence, networks and networks wrote. the demographics of monkeypox infection in one letter. in New York and to federal officials which was shared with The Washington Post.

Vaccination strategy debate comes as health officials rush to vaccinate more than 1.6 million high-risk Americans against a virus that has sickened more than 14,100 people and often resulted in severe pain and other complications, but no confirmed deaths in this country. Cases have been massively recorded in homosexual and bisexual men, who are prioritized for vaccination.

Administration officials said they were scrambling to get more doses of the vaccine, following criticism that they had failed to secure sufficient supplies earlier in the outbreak. On Thursday, they and Danish vaccine maker Bavarian Nordic announced an agreement to accelerate 2.5 million vials by transferring part of the production to a Michigan-based company, Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing. The first finished doses are expected later this year.

“This partnership between Bavarian Nordic and GRAM will significantly increase capacity to fill and finish government-owned doses – for the first time in the United States – and allow us to deliver our current and future supply faster nationwide,” the White House said. monkeypox coordinator Bob Fenton said in a statement.

Inside America’s monkeypox crisis — and the mistakes that made it worse

Biden officials also sought to persuade critics of the vaccine splitting plan by announcing that an additional 1.8 million doses would be available for order Monday – if local leaders adopted the strategy of dividing each single-use vial into five and injecting them under the top layer. of the skin, known as intradermal vaccination.

Federal officials said the new approach will maximize available doses and is a safe alternative to the traditional method of injecting doses into fatty tissue under the skin, known as subcutaneous vaccination. The Food and Drug Administration last week authorized the change in vaccination strategy, citing a 2015 study on its effectiveness.

“We’re really pushing to bring all jurisdictions to intradermal dosing,” said Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, saying her agency was already working to educate providers on the new approach.

Some local officials enthusiastically embraced the new vaccine strategy, saying it allowed them to expand limited supplies.

“It’s the only way to get enough vaccines to people to eliminate this epidemic,” said David Holland, clinical director for the Fulton County Board of Health. in Georgia. Holland said he trusts the science behind the strategy, and health officials in his county, which includes Atlanta, have used the approach to vaccinate more than 800 people so far.

“There is a vaccine shortage, so the idea of ​​being able to get five doses from one vial instead of one, given the huge demand we are seeing for the vaccine, was very appealing,” said Jim Mangia. , CEO of St John’s Community Health in Los Angeles, which serves a predominantly African-American and Latino population.

Mangia said his staff “mobilized immediately” after the FDA cleared the new approach on Tuesday, holding a 7 a.m. training for staff on Wednesday morning and vaccinating more than 300 people with the method later in the day. daytime. “I think intradermal use is a great way to get more people vaccinated,” he said.

But many other officials are looking for more time to prepare, said Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer for the Association of State and Territory Health Officials, adding that he has had calls with state and territory officials. locals who were pressing federal leaders for more data on the safety and effectiveness of the strategy.

“I think the states just wanted a little bit more time to transition there and make sure they have things in place so they can be successful,” Plescia said.

Officials such as New Orleans’ top public health official Jennifer Avegno also questioned the White House’s announcement that 1.8 million doses would be available next week without acknowledging they had significantly reduced the number of vials. She said her city was preparing to receive far fewer doses than planned after federal authorities informed her that her allocation would be one-fifth of what had been planned, as four more doses could be obtained from each vial. with the new injection method.

Philadelphia’s health commissioner said earlier this week that federal authorities had also cut his city’s planned vaccine allocation in five – from 3,612 single-dose vials to 720 vials.

“We are advocating with our federal partners to reconsider and reinstate Philadelphia’s vaccine allocation, which is urgently needed,” Philadelphia Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole said Tuesday, adding that her department no had “no choice” but to ask suppliers to adopt the new vaccine strategy. “It’s less than ideal in the midst of an outbreak.”

Patrick Ashley, a DC health official leading the monkeypox response, voiced similar complaints, saying the city has struggled to plan vaccine deployments since the federal government keeps changing its strategy for distribution.

The district announced last week that it was expanding vaccine eligibility to include nonresidents and heterosexuals, as officials expected 12,000 vials that could provide 60,000 doses. But then his allowances were reduced to a fifth of the original allowance.

The city had already moved to train all nurses in its public health system to administer intradermal injections, expecting to be able to vaccinate tens of thousands more people. “It’s time, energy and money that we could have spent those resources on elsewhere because we were expecting a sudden influx of vaccines,” Ashley said.

Biden administration officials separately announced a vaccination program for people attending large LGBTQ events, saying they would reserve 50,000 doses as part of a pilot initiative to cover those at high risk.

Louisiana health officials have welcomed the arrival of more vaccines in time for the Southern Decadence celebration early next month that is expected to draw thousands of gay people. But they said they had been sounding the alarm to federal authorities since the early weeks of the outbreak and would have been better protected had they been able to administer more vaccines in mid-July.

“We are still unable to offer a pre-exposure vaccine to everyone at risk,” Joe Kanter, Louisiana’s top public health official, told The Washington Post earlier this month. . “And the longer we wait for that, the more the population at risk will increase. We really have this window of opportunity closing as we speak.

Kanter called Thursday’s announcement “good news,” but said Louisiana officials are waiting to hear how many more doses they will receive.

“We must seize every opportunity to be proactive in this outbreak instead of reactive,” he said.

Meanwhile, Biden administration officials said they are working with Bavarian Nordic on additional strategies to help boost its production capacity.

“It’s a small manufacturer,” Dawn O’Connell, head of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response, which oversees the national vaccine stockpile, said at a press conference Thursday. O’Connell added that the administration was working with Bavarian Nordic on further increases in manufacturing capacity, such as “potentially working with a larger pharmaceutical company.”

Administration officials have approached vaccine makers such as Pfizer and Merck about partnering with Bavarian Nordic, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment.


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