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I cut my energy bill in half by doing three air conditioner cleaning tricks – see how you can do it too

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Tiktok User Mrs_Cantbebothered Found That She Was Spending More Energy On Energy Because Her Central Air Unit Was Polluted, Making Her Less Efficient

YOUR air conditioner probably adds more charges to your electric bill than any other appliance in your home.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) reported that air conditioning uses about 6% of all electricity generated in the United States — an annual cost to homeowners of about $29 billion.


TikTok user mrs_cantbebothered found that she was spending more energy on energy because her central air unit was polluted, making her less efficient

And if you have a central air system with an outdoor unit, a simple mistake can cost you hundreds over the summer.

TikTok user mrs_cantbebothered posted a video on TikTok explaining that she realized she needed to clean her device and that her bill was reduced by almost 50% after the maintenance.

She has broken the process down into three simple steps.

After turning her device off so she could safely work on it, Kiley – who runs the account – began cleaning up the dust and dirt that had built up around her AC coil.

I'M A Budgeting Pro - How To Save Up To $100 On Your Energy Bill
One Simple Step To Cooling Your Home Can Save You $100 On Your Energy Bill

She bought a fin tool to gently comb through the coil and scrape off the layer of dirt.

The rib tool not only removes accumulated dust, but also prevents the coil’s ribs from bending and blocking airflow.

After removing most of the dust from the ribs, Kiley then applied a foaming rib cleaner to the inside of the unit and rinsed with water to remove more dirt.

While it’s safe to use water to clean your air conditioner, avoid using chemical solutions that aren’t made specifically for air conditioners.

According to Hustle, harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach can damage your air conditioner.

Finally, she also reached into the device and pulled out any sticks, leaves, or other debris that had fallen past the fan blades.

Like the dust on the fins, the debris restricted airflow and prevented the air conditioning from working as efficiently as possible.

When she was done, Kiley’s newly cleaned unit was almost unrecognizable.

And the savings quickly followed.

“Spoiler: My energy bill is already 50% lower,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

The Ac Coil Looked Almost As Good As New When It Was Finished


The AC coil looked almost as good as new when it was finished

EnergySaver, the US Department of Energy’s consumer agency, recommends cleaning your air conditioner at least once a year.

In addition, Energy Save recommends cleaning your air conditioner filters at least every two months during the seasons when it is in use.

Other ways to reduce your energy

The use of energy, especially during peak periods, puts a strain on the power grid and ultimately drives up electricity bills.

However, there are ways to avoid higher costs while staying cool.

By improving your home’s insulation, you can cut your energy bills by up to 20%.

Other simple tricks like closing the blinds can reduce heat by nearly 33%, according to the Department of Energy.

Energy Saver estimates that you can save 10% on cooling costs by increasing the temperature by 7° to 10° eight hours a day, e.g. B. when you are not there.

And homes can save more than $100 annually by unplugging devices that use electricity even when they’re off.

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This is how much it will cost you to run a fan overnight.

We’ve also shared more tips on how to save on your energy bills.

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I cut my energy bill in half by doing three air conditioner cleaning tricks – see how you can do it too



Chinese ship near Sri Lanka sparks Indian and US concerns, diplomatic stalemate

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Chinese Ship Near Sri Lanka Sparks Indian And Us Concerns, Diplomatic Stalemate
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NEW DELHI – The Chinese navy ship is reportedly decommissioned. He’s probably sailing somewhere in the Indian Ocean. And no one even knows where it will go.

But since last week, a 730ft-long Chinese satellite tracking vessel has been the source of growing tensions and a symbol of the growing geopolitical standoff between India and the United States and China over Sri Lanka at once. when the economically devastated island nation is caught between major financial backers.

Since July, the Yuan Wang 5 has been sailing from China to the port of Hambantota, at the southern tip of Sri Lanka, after Sri Lankan authorities approved a stopover there for “refilling”. But Indian and US officials have lobbied the Sri Lankan government heavily to revoke access to the port, infuriating their Chinese counterparts.

Caught in the middle, the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday that it had formally requested China to postpone the visit while adding that it “wishes to reaffirm the enduring friendship and excellent relations between the Sri Lanka and China”. Sri Lankan media reported on Thursday that the vessel had reduced speed and turned around, only to make another U-turn at sea and continue towards the island.

On Thursday – when the Yuan Wang 5 was originally due to arrive – Sri Lankan officials were still locked in negotiations with the Chinese over whether and when to let the ship dock, a senior Sri Lankan business ministry official said. foreigners with direct knowledge of the discussions. Indian, Chinese and US officials have all been lobbying hard behind the scenes, said the Sri Lankan official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private government-to-government discussions.

While a Chinese navy vessel arriving at Hambantota is not strategically important, Indian and US officials say it would be seen as Sri Lanka giving special treatment to China, a major creditor, at a time when the embattled Colombo government must renegotiate its debt. with a host of international lenders and getting a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. As Sri Lanka’s economy went into freefall this year, India, which sees South Asia as its traditional sphere of influence and is seeking to reverse China’s growing role there, has granted to the island $4 billion in loans to purchase emergency fuel.

After ousting of leader, Sri Lanka still reeling from economic punch

Then there is the history of the port itself. China, which financed and built it for Sri Lanka in 2012, took control of the facility on a 99-year lease in 2017 after Sri Lanka struggled to repay its debts, prompting accusations of the Trump administration that Beijing has engaged in predatory lending with its Globe – Belt and Road infrastructure program.

This week, China indirectly accused India of “blatant interference” in its affairs and dismissed its complaints that sensors aboard the Yuan Wang 5 could be used to peer into India’s interior.

“It is unreasonable for a third party to put pressure on Sri Lanka due to so-called security concerns,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters in Beijing.

The dispute mirrors the shenanigans between the United States and its partners and China unfolding around the world. Since taking office, President Biden has stepped up previous US administrations’ efforts to curb Chinese expansion in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and rallied countries such as India and Australia to help in the effort. For its part, India has asked for help from the United States to counter China, a regional rival with which it has ongoing border disputes.

According to US analysts, if China were to base military ships in Hambantota – which it has not done so far – the People’s Liberation Army would gain a foothold in a highly strategic location near important shipping lanes and the Persian Gulf. But analysts also say it is embarrassing for the US to openly call for denying China access to its port, given that Washington has historically embraced the principle of unrestricted shipping and often angers China. with its naval maneuvers.

The US Embassy in Colombo declined to comment.

“American ships make stops throughout Southeast Asia and East Asia that China finds uncomfortable, and vice versa,” said Joshua T. White, nonresident scholar at the Brookings Institution and former adviser on South Asia to President Barack Obama’s National Security Council.

In recent years, White said, Washington and New Delhi have increased military cooperation in the Indian Ocean to counter China. On Sunday, a US Navy freighter underwent repairs at a shipyard near Chennai, a southern Indian city near Sri Lanka. It was the first time India had allowed US Navy ships to dock for repairs, something the Pentagon had been seeking for years.

As the Yuan Wang 5 crossed the Indian Ocean this week and speculation surrounding the port visit skyrocketed, Indian and Chinese media were awash with hard-hitting commentary.

In India, newspapers have issued warnings about the ship’s surveillance capabilities after India’s foreign ministry issued a harsh statement on monitoring any activity that threatens Indian national security. Cable channels flashed the hashtag “#Chinesespyship” during news programs.

“Take Sri Lanka for example: their debt trap has already pushed the country to the brink, but Beijing is not done yet. They intend to create more problems for the island,” said Palki Sharma, presenter of pro-government network WION, in a prime-time monologue. “…Whether it’s humanitarian aid or IMF bailout talks, only India has stepped up to help Sri Lanka. China has largely played the spoilsport.

The Chinese were equally garish, especially after Sri Lanka asked to postpone the port visit.

“India is bullying a bankrupt country,” the host of a popular channel told Tencent News. “Just because India gave $4 billion, they think they are now the ringleaders. How does that amount compare to what China has given Sri Lanka over the years?”

Retired Admiral Arun Prakash, a former head of the Indian Navy, said temperatures needed to be lowered. A dispute between India and China has not benefited any country – not Sri Lanka, he said.

“We must respect Sri Lanka’s autonomy, especially at this time when they are on their knees,” he said. “It’s a sovereign country that can allow any ship in. We don’t have a Monroe Doctrine in the area.”


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Tommy Lee Goes Frontal Mode For NSFW Nude Photo

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Tommy Lee Goes Frontal Mode For Nsfw Nude Photo

let’s just say Tom Lee is not shy in front of the camera.

On August 11, the Motley Crue The 59-year-old drummer gave his 1.4 million Instagram followers a peek after posting a full-frontal nude photo of himself sitting down, with the caption “Ooooopppsss”.

While the NSFW post has since been deleted, Tommy followed it up by uploading a meme of a naked man standing in front of an elephant with text that read, “How do you breathe through that little thing??”

Fans, who weren’t quite over the nude pic yet, voiced their thoughts about it in the comments section of her elephant meme.

One person wrote, “So we’re just gonna pretend nothing happened huh,” while another commented, “Lol! This is the best thing that can happen on IG. I can’t can’t believe people are sleeping during this magical moment lol.”

A third Instagram user took a more poetic approach, writing, “Tommy I was up to pee and turned on Instagram to see your Lee. Someone please help me!”


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Francisco Lindor is one of the best players in the league again

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Francisco Lindor Is One Of The Best Players In The League Again

As many continue fretting about Francisco Lindor’s batting average — which is also trending upward — the Mets’ indefatigable shortstop has shown up to the ballpark every single day and reclaimed his spot as one of the best all-around players in baseball.

Lindor finally gets a break on Thursday, as a Mets’ off day is the only thing that can keep him off the field. Playing virtually without any rest, something that manager Buck Showalter is very fond of reminding people about, Lindor has posted the fourth-most Wins Above Replacement of any position player in the league.

With offensive production that’s 32% better than the average player, clockwork defense at the diamond’s most important position and sneaky good base running, Lindor ranks behind the Cardinals’ corner infield duo of Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt for the crown of most valuable player in the league. It will almost certainly not lead to the actual award for Most Valuable Player, but Lindor deserves much more MVP buzz than he’s currently getting.

That’s fine with Lindor, who called breaking Jose Reyes’ single-season club record for RBI by a shortstop “a blessing” and “cool” before seamlessly transitioning into a reminder that the ultimate goal is to win the World Series. Despite having the third-highest WAR since his debut season in 2015 (trailing Mike Trout and Mookie Betts), Lindor is yet to finish higher than fifth in MVP voting. He’s never had a bad year, per se, but last year is one that he’d definitely take a mulligan on.

Because of his typically great defensive work, Lindor’s .230/.322/.412 slash line in 2021 didn’t totally sink his overall season, but as the Mets disintegrated in the second half and he dealt with a right oblique injury, the overall vibe was not what anybody wanted. Now in his second year playing under the bright lights of the New York market, Lindor was asked on Wednesday if simply having more experience with the Big Apple has helped prop his numbers back up.

“It’s something to do with that,” he conceded. “But, it’s [also] learning from the guys and the coaching staff. Feeding off the energy the crowd brings helps, too.”

Those things, obviously, go hand in hand. The crowd brings a much better energy when the Mets are winning over two-thirds of their home games, something they’ve done so far in 2022. It also helps to not actively alienate them with poorly thought-out thumbs down gestures and bizarre stories about a fight in the tunnel actually being an argument over rats and raccoons.

With the Mets where they’re at now, challenging for king of the hill status in not just the National League, but all of Major League Baseball, those self-inflicted headaches from last year feel like they happened on a completely different planet. Showalter has been a very necessary adult in the room, the sort of parent who lets the kids have fun so long as they do their chores, but the new additions in the lineup and pitching staff have transformed the culture too.

It’s hard to imagine a team with Max Scherzer on it pulling the childish hijinks the Mets were doing last season. Starling Marte and Mark Canha raised the collective floor of the batting order, just as Chris Bassitt did for the starting rotation. Within the last few weeks, there’s also the undisputed champion of Citi Field, the designated hitter who reportedly told Scherzer that he hits home runs in bunches, just like he gets his donuts.

Daniel Vogelbach has been a perfect fit, both in the middle of the lineup and in the clubhouse. Tyler Naquin is quickly getting acclimated too, collecting more extra base hits (seven) than singles (four) in his first 10 games with the team.

“I’m happy they’re here,” Lindor said of the players that general manager Billy Eppler copped at the trade deadline. “The front office did an amazing job of bringing the right group of guys that are going to fit in.”

The team, at least on the position player side, still runs through Lindor though. Pete Alonso has been outstanding, and the leap that Brandon Nimmo has made this season could make a kangaroo jealous. But as the captain of the infield, entrenched in the third spot of the lineup, making the most money of any hitter on the team, Lindor is the man. He’s credited the internal communication within the team as one of the reasons for his batting average jumping 40 points from last year to this one, as well as his own habit of taking meticulous notes and crushing film of opposing pitchers.

“I learned that at an early stage in my career,” Lindor said after taking down the Reds on Wednesday. “I saw Andrew Miller took notes and watched the batters that he was going to face, and that he’d faced in previous times. I asked him why he was doing that, and he said he had to study and had to prepare himself to be the best he could be, and not just roll the dice every time he went out there. I took that to heart.”

These Mets are a veteran team, devoid of any player that needs to be coddled or placed under an older player’s wing. Among the nine position players who have made the most plate appearances, the 27-year-old Alonso (born Dec. 7, 1994) is the youngest. Because of that, Lindor doesn’t need to take on that Miller role and explain how to be professional. But, if the Mets are still flying high in October, they’ll certainly heap some praise on the switch-hitting shortstop who piloted them the whole way.


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FBI and Ohio police in standoff with armed suspect after attempted break-in to FBI office in Cincinnati

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Fbi And Ohio Police In Standoff With Armed Suspect After Attempted Break-In To Fbi Office In Cincinnati

CINCINNATI– Authorities are embroiled in a standoff with a man who attempted to break into an FBI office in Cincinnati on Thursday morning.

The standoff comes after a chase on I-71 in Clinton County, Ohio.

The FBI said that at 9 a.m. an armed man attempted to break into the visitor control center of the FBI’s Cincinnati office.

The man then fled north driving a white Ford Crown Victoria on I-71 in Cinton County, Ohio, where authorities said shots were fired.

The FBI, Ohio State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement are currently engaged in a standoff with the suspect in Wilmington, Ohio.

Authorities monitor online threats after FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

A lockdown is in effect within a one-mile radius of the dead end scene, with people instructed to lock doors and stay inside.

It’s unclear why the man tried to break into the FBI office, but it comes amid threats after the FBI carried out a court-authorized search of former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

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Colorado wild horses need protection from BLM

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Colorado Wild Horses Need Protection From Blm

The agency charged with protecting our wild equines for half a century – the Bureau of Land Management – has carried out three large-scale roundups of Colorado mustangs by helicopter since last summer, removing 2,000 wild horses from their ranges and separating highly social animals from their bonds. , family herds, forever.

The largest roundup ended August 1 and set a record when officers removed 864 feral horses belonging to Rio Blanco County’s Piceance-East Douglas herd, named after the white river that runs through this part of the far west of the state.

Under the Wild Horses and Free-Ranging Burros Act of 1971, our land managers are expected to protect wild horses and burros – an integral part of our public lands – from capture, harassment or death.

While Colorado BLM officers continually assure us of their commitment to “humane handling and treatment of wild horses and burros” in the wild and out of reach, the spectacle of these chaotic “management” exercises and the documented results tell another story.

Observers have photographed and reported mustangs suffering from broken legs and dying from broken necks; a horse knocked down, landing on barbed wire. More recently, observers saw a pregnant mare and young foals being chased for miles in sweltering heat. I watched colts struggling to keep up as helicopter pilots at Sand Wash Basin last summer pushed the herd too fast in 95-degree heat.

There is nothing human in a raid.

Horses are prey, fleeing from a flying predator that sounds a whole lot worse than your neighbor’s electric lawnmower at 4am. This is harassment, which wildlife laws define as any act that creates the risk of injury or disrupts normal behavior, such as eating. , resting and bearing young.

Interviewed by the Denver Post, land managers are unfazed by the cruelty of their actions. Six captured horses were euthanized in this latest roundup near Meeker. These horses — like those before them — should have been killed for health reasons, BLM officials say. But how can you trust an agency whose main mission is to remove animals, and not to treat and save people they expect to harm?

Photo courtesy of Carol Walker

Wild horses in the sand wash basin are pictured in August 2021.

Why Coloradans should trust an agency cited for negligent care two months ago by a team (including a U.S. Department of Agriculture veterinarian) investigating the rapid deaths of 146 feral horses at the Cañon prison complex City?

Investigators say BLM staff neglected to administer flu shots for seven months to horses held there during last summer’s West Douglas herd roundups in northern Colorado. Euthanasia was performed by untrained personnel and the bodies were moved with the same front-end loaders used to move hay, according to the BLM’s own report, which worsened the spread of the disease. Investigators found a poorly managed and unsafe facility, noting sharp edges in the pastures that could cause injury.

How tragically ironic that BLM’s rationale for the roundups today focuses on saving horses from poor habitats.

I visited BLM’s Cañon City corrals to adopt a mustang in August 2020. Cameras were banned, and I can guess why. The yearling I adopted was very skinny with his tail chewed on by other starving youngsters, a very sad contrast to the healthy sassy youngster alongside his mother whom I had last seen nine months before, wild and free. I had spent time with this colt on the range before he and others were rounded up and taken away.

I reached out to Governor Jared Polis and U.S. Representative Joe Neguse, expressing my concerns about the lack of care and starving horses at the Colorado facility.

BLM’s response was a letter from a veterinarian stating that “the vast majority of animals seen at the Cañon City facility were in good condition.” BLM allowed two reporters into the facility, but did not allow them to see the horses from the Red Desert Complex herd, and these are the horses I saw in poor condition.

There has to be a better way to deal with feral horses and thankfully Polis and Neguse have called for these roundups to stop so they have a chance to consider alternative solutions. But the BLM refused to listen.

Fortunately, the media follows this story, but what is less reported is that the vast majority of feral horses that were rounded up last summer at Sand Wash Basin are still not available for adoption. There are many Coloradans who love and care for these horses and are willing to adopt them and bring them home rather than see individuals from our most popular herd continue to languish in a horse prison.

This year has proven, once again, that wild horses in captivity suffer physically and emotionally. BLM officials admit the reason they failed to vaccinate was that the mustangs were “unusually nervous”. When stressed and kept in crowded conditions, wild animals are more likely to succumb to disease.

Continuing this style of circus management is a recipe for disaster. Wild horses should be managed on the course, where they belong, with their families. It’s time for Coloradians who care about wild horses to speak up. Wildlife belongs to all of us. Tell your local and federal officials that Coloradans want to see our wild horses stay wild and free.

Carol Walker is an award-winning photographer, author, and has been observing, documenting, and advocating for wild horses since 2004. She has worked with the nation’s top national wild horse advocacy groups and recently became a member of the Colorado Council for Animal Wellness. Stock. She lives in Longmont, CO with her three adopted mustangs.

To send a letter to the editor about this article, submit it online or see our guidelines for how to submit by email or mail.


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Heroic Kentucky high school student, 18, dies after falling ‘mysteriously’ ill while helping flood victims

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Heroic Kentucky High School Student, 18, Dies After Falling 'Mysteriously' Ill While Helping Flood Victims

A Kentucky teenager who selflessly helped historic flood victims for three days has mysteriously died after suddenly falling ill, becoming the 38th victim of the disaster.

Aaron ‘Mick’ Crawford, 18, returned home from his recovery efforts and complained of exhaustion and numbness in his arms.

He was then airlifted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington and placed on a ventilator, but his condition deteriorated over four days and Crawford ultimately died last Friday.

The cause of Crawford’s sudden death is currently unknown as the teenager was an organ donor, meaning it is unclear whether his family will be able to obtain an autopsy report from the coroner.

Friends and family remember the high school football player and wrestler as a kind person with an inspiring commitment to his Christian faith.

“He used to embarrass me because he would stop and pray for people he didn’t know anywhere,” his sister Rachel said.

Aaron 'Mick' Crawford, 18, Tragically Died On August 5 After Mysteriously Falling Ill Following His Selfless Efforts To Help Victims Of Devastating Floods In Kentucky

Aaron ‘Mick’ Crawford, 18, tragically died on August 5 after mysteriously falling ill following his selfless efforts to help victims of devastating floods in Kentucky

Crawford, Left, Was Described By His Sister Rachel, Right, As

Crawford, Left, Was Described By His Sister Rachel, Right, As

Crawford, left, was described by his sister Rachel, right, as ‘the person I will always aspire to be’.

38 People Have Been Recorded Dead In The Kentucky Disaster, But Many More Are Still Missing And Governor Andy Beshear Said

38 People Have Been Recorded Dead In The Kentucky Disaster, But Many More Are Still Missing And Governor Andy Beshear Said

38 people were recorded dead in the Kentucky disaster, but many more are still missing and Governor Andy Beshear said ‘we’ll be finding bodies for weeks’

“He was the Christian I will always aspire to be. He was the person I will always aspire to be,” she continued.

Crawford wasted no time in springing into action when Kentucky and much of the Midwest were bombarded by heavy rains and raging floodwaters last month.

“As soon as we realized there was a major disaster here, he messaged me,” said Perry County Sheriff Joe Engle, who described the teenager as witty and “ strong as a bear”.

“I’m not sure it even stopped raining by the time he messaged me on Facebook. He said, “Wanting to know where to go. Wanting to know where to help,” Engle, who was also Crawford’s pastor and friend, told CBS.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear called Crawford’s death “another tragic loss for Eastern Kentucky” and said he would mourn his “compassion and kindness for his neighbors” in a series of tweets.

Services for Crawford’s funeral are scheduled for Thursday, August 10, and will be paid for by a relief amusement launched by Beshear for affected areas.

Crawford, a rising junior at Knott County Central and a leader of the football and wrestling team, wanted to be a conservation officer when he was older.

“He had no enemies and hated no one,” Rachel told the Courier-Journal. “He is the closest person I have ever met who lived like Jesus himself.”

Crawford’s mother Ronda wrote on Facebook ‘I miss him already but he’s home now’ and said she ‘lost her heart’.

Crawford Was Described As A Leader On Both His High School Football Team And The Wrestling Team, And For Good Reason – His Pastor Said He Was Also

Crawford Was Described As A Leader On Both His High School Football Team And The Wrestling Team, And For Good Reason – His Pastor Said He Was Also

Crawford was described as a leader on both his high school football team and the wrestling team, and for good reason – his pastor said he was “strong as a bear”.

Heroic Kentucky High School Student, 18, Dies After Falling 'Mysteriously' Ill While Helping Flood Victims

Heroic Kentucky High School Student, 18, Dies After Falling 'Mysteriously' Ill While Helping Flood Victims

Crawford, Far Left, Is Seen Here With His Family.  Crawford's Mother, Ronda, Said She Had

Crawford, Far Left, Is Seen Here With His Family.  Crawford's Mother, Ronda, Said She Had

Crawford, far left, is seen here with his family. Crawford’s mother, Ronda, said she had ‘lost her heart’

A flood warning for the area was issued last night, as Beshear warned of “storms moving through the area which could cause scattered instances of flash flooding”.

Bridges in the Appalachian region collapsed, isolating communities as homes were torn from their foundations as mudslides poured into valleys.

Parts of eastern Kentucky reported receiving more than eight inches of rain in 24 hours as the state was hit by the worst storm in its history.

The water level at the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Whitesburg rose to a staggering 20 feet within hours, well above its previous record high of 14.7 feet.

The severity of the flooding left Beshear lamenting that they “will be finding bodies for weeks,” but assured Kentuckians “we’re going to be working to go door to door, working to find, again, as many people as possible”.

Many have been driven from their homes while others have been stranded without water, electricity or other essential supplies.

Flooding In Kentucky Has Killed At Least 38 And Left Many More Without Access To Power Or Water, Pitting Rescuers Against Time

Flooding In Kentucky Has Killed At Least 38 And Left Many More Without Access To Power Or Water, Pitting Rescuers Against Time

Flooding in Kentucky has killed at least 38 and left many more without access to power or water, pitting rescuers against time

President Biden Told The People Of Kentucky:

President Biden Told The People Of Kentucky:

President Biden told the people of Kentucky: ‘We are staying until everyone is back where they were’

Homes Were Completely Flooded In The Gruesome Scenes In Kentucky Last Month

Homes Were Completely Flooded In The Gruesome Scenes In Kentucky Last Month

Homes were completely flooded in the gruesome scenes in Kentucky last month

Aerial View Of A Car Driving On A Road Submerged By Flood Waters From The North Fork Of The Kentucky River In Jackson, Kentucky On July 28, 2022

Aerial View Of A Car Driving On A Road Submerged By Flood Waters From The North Fork Of The Kentucky River In Jackson, Kentucky On July 28, 2022

Aerial view of a car driving on a road submerged by flood waters from the North Fork of the Kentucky River in Jackson, Kentucky on July 28, 2022

View Of The Damaged Area After Flooding Caused By Heavy Rain In The Surrounding Towns Of Hazard, Kentucky

View Of The Damaged Area After Flooding Caused By Heavy Rain In The Surrounding Towns Of Hazard, Kentucky

View of the damaged area after flooding caused by heavy rain in the surrounding towns of Hazard, Kentucky

President Joe Biden issued a disaster declaration for the Kentucky floods, allowing federal assistance to complement state and local recovery efforts.

Biden stepped back from his formal remarks to speak off the cuff after visiting flood-affected families and receiving a briefing on volunteer efforts.

He praised the spirits of the people of Kentucky and swore the government would be there for them.

‘I promise you. We remain the federal government with the state, county and city. We’re staying until everyone is back where they were – it’s no joke,’ he said as he walked past the crowd, microphone in hand.

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