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I’m a Grocery Expert – the four items you should never buy at Costco and the ones that are worth spending under $100

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A Food Expert Reveals Which Products Are Worth Buying And Which Are Not

YOU could be shopping wrong at Costco, and a grocery expert has shared her insight on which products to buy and avoid at the store.

For many, Costco can be a great place to buy groceries and household items in bulk and save money over time.


A food expert reveals which products are worth buying and which are not
The Gas Line Is Worth It


The gas line is worth it

In order to buy products from the wholesaler, you must have a membership.

Gold Star and Executive tiers are $60 and $120 per year, respectively.

A foodie whose name is Mariella Mahal on TikTok often makes videos about sharing recipes and budgeting.

This time, Mariella took a trip to Costco and recommends certain items to buy and avoid.

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I'M A Food Expert - Two Foods You Should Never Buy At Costco

In the description of her video, she pointed out that her recommendations could help you stay under $100.

However, keep in mind that this depends on what exactly you need in the store.

Items to avoid

1. Chicken

The first item she recommends staying away from is Kirkland brand chicken party wings.

She said it “smells funny and comes in oversized packaging.”

2. Fresh products

She doesn’t recommend buying the produce, from blueberries to apples.

Mariella said these items are for sale at other stores.

3. Farm-raised shrimp

Costco’s Kirkland also makes farm-raised shrimp, but they’re not worth buying either.

A bag was listed in store for $15.99.

4. Big Box Items You’ll Never Eat

These are more general things to avoid and can vary by person and household.

However, she did film some things she should particularly avoid.

These include snacks like grain-free organic paleo bars that come in a box of 20, a variety of layered keto brownies, and no-sugar-added keto cups.

items to buy

In the meantime, there are many items worth buying, including fried chicken.

The price has remained the same at $4.99 despite high inflation.

“You’re basically stealing the rotisserie [chicken]’ Mariella said.

The water and drinks are also “cheap” at Costco, according to Mariella.

According to Instacart, a local site viewed by The Sun, a 40-pack of Kirkland water bottles was listed for $5.34.

Other items Mariella recommends shopping at Costco include Kirkland cage-free egg whites, Greek non-fat yogurt, uncured extra-lean ham, and protein drinks.

And for a non-food product, Mariella noted that it’s also worth filling up at the Costco gas pump.

According to TheStreet, the average cost of gas at Costco is just $3.69 per gallon.

Meanwhile, the AAA reports that the average cost of gas in the country is about $4.30 per gallon.

Though there will likely be a gas line, Mariella said, “It’s totally worth it.

To learn more about how to save money, here are six Starbucks tricks that will help you get more coffee for less.

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A money coach reveals how you can cut your grocery bill by $250 a month.

And a chef prepared a gourmet meal for only $10.

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I’m a Grocery Expert – the four items you should never buy at Costco and the ones that are worth spending under $100



Trump’s shifting explanations follow a familiar playbook

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Trump'S Shifting Explanations Follow A Familiar Playbook

WASHINGTON — He first said he was “working and cooperating with” government agents who he said improperly entered his home. Then, when the government revealed that the FBI, during its search, had recovered nearly a dozen sets of documents marked classified, it suggested that the agents had planted evidence.

Finally, his aides claimed he had a ‘standing order’ declassifying documents leaving the Oval Office for his residence, and that some of the material was protected by solicitor-client and executive privilege. .

These are the changing explanations former President Donald J. Trump and his aides have given for what FBI agents found last week during a search of his residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Washington. Florida.

Mr. Trump and his allies framed the search as a partisan assault while amplifying ever-changing arguments about the handling of sensitive documents and failing to answer a question at the center of the federal inquiry: why was he keeping documents , some still marked classified? , in an unsecured Florida resort after authorities had been trying to get them back for a year?

But the often contradictory and unsubstantiated defenses perpetuated by Mr. Trump and his team since the FBI raid follow a familiar playbook by the former president. He has used it for decades, but especially when faced with the investigation of whether his campaign in 2016 conspired with the Russians and during his first impeachment trial.

In both cases, he claimed victimhood and mixed some facts with a blizzard of misleading statements or lies. His lawyers have denied linking his administration’s suspension of vital military aid to Ukraine to Mr. Trump’s desire to investigate Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son, Hunter Biden.

When information contradicting that defense appeared in a forthcoming book by Mr. Trump’s former national security adviser, John R. Bolton, Mr. Trump’s lawyers began insisting that he didn’t had not linked the aid to the investigations, but that if he had done so, it would not have been a culpable offense.

Among the multiple investigations Mr. Trump is currently facing — including a state probe in Georgia and two federal grand jury probes, all related to his efforts to cling to power at the end of his presidency — as well as civil and criminal investigations in New York linked to his business – the federal probe into his handling of sensitive documents from the White House has emerged as one of the most potentially damaging.

A search warrant made public on Friday revealed that federal agents had recovered top-secret documents when they searched Mr. Trump’s Florida residence earlier in the week as part of an investigation into possible security violations. the Espionage Act and other laws.

Among the 11 sets of documents seized, some were marked as “classified/TS/SCI” – short for “compartmentalized top secret/sensitive information”, according to an inventory of materials seized during the search. These types of materials are intended for viewing only in secure facilities. The inventory of documents included other items, some labeled “confidential”.

The stunning revelation underscored the seriousness of the Justice Department’s investigation months after the National Archives and Records Administration said it uncovered classified information in documents Mr Trump kept after he left office.

“What he is not allowed to do is possess the documents; they are not his,” said Jason R. Baron, former director of litigation at the National Archives for more than a decade. “There should be no presidential records at Mar-a-Lago, whether classified or unclassified or subject to executive privilege or subject to solicitor-client privilege.”

Documents covered by executive privilege are supposed to be kept in government.

A spokesperson for Mr. Trump did not respond to a message seeking comment.

Mr. Trump used Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified documents, as shown in a Justice Department investigation into his email practices in 2015 and 2016, as a political argument during his first campaign. He is considering another national campaign for 2024, and whether he mishandled the nation’s secrets could be problematic for him, even without an investigation.

After National Archives officials tried for several months to retrieve documents from Mr. Trump, he turned over 15 boxes of documents in January. The following month, the National Archives confirmed the discovery of the classified information and referred the matter to the Department of Justice.

Over the next few months, officials learned that Mr. Trump still had additional equipment at Mar-a-Lago that some of his advisers urged him to give up.

Mr Trump described handing over the 15 boxes as “an ordinary, routine process”. But administrations have been required to turn over documents to the National Archives before leaving office for more than 40 years, under the Presidential Archives Act that was created in response to President Richard M. Nixon’s attempt to take his documents and records with him after resigning in disgrace.

Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, later justified the handling of the documents by claiming that Mr Trump had declassified them before he left office – a claim echoed by the former president this week.

During an appearance on Fox News on Friday night, right-wing writer John Solomon, one of Mr. Trump’s representatives for interacting with the National Archives, read a statement from the former president’s office saying Mr. Trump had a “standing order” during his presidency that “documents removed from the Oval Office and taken to the residence were deemed declassified the moment he removed them.”

This allegation would not resolve the investigation. Two of the laws mentioned in the search warrant executed this week criminalize the taking or concealing of government documents, whether or not they relate to national security. And laws against taking material containing restricted national security information do not depend on the material being technically classified.

Mr Bolton, who served as Mr Trump’s third national security adviser for 17 months, said he had never heard of the standing order Mr Trump’s office claimed to have put in place . It is, he says, “almost certainly a lie”.

“I was never made aware of such an order, procedure, policy when I arrived,” Mr Bolton said, adding that he was never made aware of it while working there and that he had never heard of such a thing afterwards. “If he were to say something like that, you should commemorate it, so people know it exists,” he said.

Additionally, he pointed out, secure facilities for viewing sensitive material have been built at Mr. Trump’s clubs in Florida and New Jersey, where he often spent weekends as president. which means they would not need to be declassified. And if they were declassified, Mr. Bolton said, they would be considered subject to requests for public registration.

He continued, “When someone starts cooking up lies like this, it shows a real level of desperation.”

The claim that documents held at the Florida residence have been declassified also undermined a claim made by one of Mr Trump’s lawyers in June. In a written statement, the attorney’s team said all material marked as classified and stored at Mar-a-Lago had been returned to the government.

This week, Mr Trump again accused the Justice Department of acting as a tool for his political opponents, a familiar tactic for a former president who had repeatedly tried to politicize the department during his four years in office. power. Describing the FBI as corrupt, Mr Trump suggested his agents placed incriminating material at Mar-a-Lago during the search and demanded that they turn over documents he said were protected by executive privilege.

Such politically motivated accusations prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland to defend the bureau’s officers during brief remarks earlier this week. Mr. Trump’s unverified accusations also came as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security released an intelligence bulletin last week that warned of an increase in threats against federal law enforcement after the search of Mar-a-Lago, including general calls for “civil action”. war” or “armed rebellion”.


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Dozens surrender guns at New Orleans gun buy-back event in Algiers

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Dozens Surrender Guns At New Orleans Gun Buy-Back Event In Algiers

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) — In hopes of curbing the city’s endemic gun violence, New Orleans Councilman Freddie King III and others hosted a gun buy-back event in the whole city on Saturday, August 13 at St. Stephen’s Baptist Church in Algiers.

Residents lined up to trade dozens of handguns and rifles in an effort to get guns off the streets and reduce crime. Those who returned a weapon received preloaded cash gift cards that can be used anywhere credit and debit cards are accepted.

King said the goal was to help reduce violent crime by buying back guns from residents without trial or question. King said he knows New Orleans residents have had enough of the violence and the problem extends far beyond his district, stretching from Algiers to the French Quarter and Marigny.

“It’s not just Algiers. It’s not just District C. It’s not just the West Bank,” King said. “It’s the whole city. And we’re just trying to do our little bit to get guns off the streets.

Like so many others, King said he too has been directly affected by the city’s violent crime.

“Sadly, last week I was at this same church for a funeral service for a man who was like a brother to me, who was killed due to gun violence,” King said.

Redemption event partners included Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Congressman Troy Carter, New Orleans Police Department, Metropolitan Crime Commission, Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club, InspireNOLA Charter Schools and the Charter of Algiers. King said he plans to hold more gun buy-back events in the future.

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Copyright 2022 WVUE. All rights reserved.


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Brother of ex-NFL star Aqib Talib named suspect in fatal shooting near Dallas, police say

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Brother Of Ex-Nfl Star Aqib Talib Named Suspect In Fatal Shooting Near Dallas, Police Say

The brother of former NFL star Aqib Talib was named the suspect in a fatal shooting at a Dallas-area community park, police said Sunday.

A murder warrant for Yaqub Talib was active Sunday afternoon following an altercation a day earlier at the Lancaster Community Park that left an unidentified adult male dead, the Lancaster Police Department said.

Police described the park as having multiple football fields for youth leagues, and said officers were told of a dispute between a coaching staff and an officiating crew once they responded to the scene Saturday.

“During the disagreement the opposing coaching staff were involved in a physical altercation and one of the individuals involved in the altercation discharged a firearm striking one adult male,” police said.

“The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment where he was later pronounced dead.”

Aqib Talib, who played 12 seasons in the NFL, wasn’t named in the police announcement, but his attorney told TMZ that the retired cornerback was at the park.

“Aqib was present when this unfortunate incident occurred and is very distraught and devastated over this terrible loss of life,” the attorney said. “He would like to convey his condolences to the family of the victim and to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

Lancaster is part of Dallas County, located about 16 miles south of the city’s downtown area.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and urged anyone with information about Yaqub Talib’s whereabouts to come forward to authorities.

The Talib brothers spent part of their childhoods in Dallas.

Aqib Talib, 36, won a Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos in 2015, and also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams during a career that took place from 2008 to 2019.

He was a five-time Pro Bowl selection who recorded 35 career interceptions, including 10 that he returned for a touchdown.

Aqib Talib became an NFL analyst for Fox after retiring as a player, and recently joined Amazon Prime Video for its “Thursday Night Football” broadcasts.


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The CDC is FINALLY (sort of) catching up with reality

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The Cdc Is Finally (Sort Of) Catching Up With Reality

After years of absurd COVID theater, the Centers for Disease Control has finally relaxed its guidelines on quarantine, social distancing and testing.

Alleluia! But it’s not enough.

Good to finally give up the fake the idea that standing six feet away from someone while sharing their airspace will keep you from catching COVID. (We now know it’s good airflow.) But it took bureaucrats more than a year to catch up with the science, even as the directive did unending social damage.

As for the insane demand that vaxxed people just exposed to the virus has to self-isolate for more than a week: this has done nothing for the overall results of COVID in the United States. But he did crippling businesses and disrupting schooling amid already massive learning losses due to lockdowns.

But a lot of damage has already been done (and probably irreversible for children).

The CDC has also changed its tone on large-scale testing of asymptomatics. Logic: current science has shown that tests are worse than useless as blunt instruments.

But the agency won’t let go of its commitment to masks, still recommending them indoors in areas with high COVID “community levels.” – although mask mandates have had zero noticeable effect on the pandemic.

Notably, the CDC change comes at an opportune time for Democrats, who need big wins before November.

Then again, most Americans ignored earlier CDC guidance for months, treating the virus as the low-level risk it poses to nearly everyone.

COVID “is here to stay,” said a CDC epidemiologist. Good for the agency to partly catch up with reality — while showing once again that our public health “experts” are anything but.

New York Post

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Yankees bullpen righting itself after recent struggles

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Yankees Bullpen Righting Itself After Recent Struggles

BOSTON — With Scott Effross getting the save Saturday night, the Yankees have had 10 players record a save this season. That is the most by any team in the majors and after Clay Holmes recent struggles, it leaves the Bombers looking for guys to close out games now.

“I mean, it’s going to evolve. We’ll see,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said before Sunday night’s series finale against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. “I do feel like we have a handful of guys that are capable of doing it. It probably would be great to get to a point where we just say, alright, Clay, you’re back in there, whatever.

“But also I feel like they’re all capable of getting back-end outs,” Boone added. “We  want to put them in the best kind of positions to be as successful as they can be.”

Effross was effective in the Yankees 3-2 win Saturday night. Lou Trivino has closing experience and Boone said that Wandy Peralta would be an option.

Aroldis Chapman has made nine straight scoreless appearances after a season and a half of struggles. The 34-year old has been used very carefully since his return from the injured list, where he spent six weeks with an Achilles issue and working on getting his delivery ironed out.

“He could be,” Boone said of Chapman.

Jonathan Loaisiga, who had five saves last season when Chapman struggled, has been inconsistent this season. Their most reliable relievers aren’t here right now. Michael King is out for the season after fracturing his elbow and Ron Marinaccio, who had earned Boone’s trust for high-leverage innings, is in Triple-A because of a roster numbers crunch.

“They can all be. They’re all in play. They’re all in play, just depending where we are on a given night, their availability and where we are in the lineup,” Boone said. “We’ll just kind of figure it out.”

Since the All-Star break the Yankees have blown a lead seven times, second only to the Rockies in the majors. Before the All-Star break the Bombers were tied with the Braves for the fewest (11) in the big leagues.


After going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts Saturday night, Aaron Hicks was not in the lineup Sunday night. The switch-hitting center fielder has struggled to get any power this season and his last month has been particularly difficult. Over the last 28 days, Hicks is hitting .184/.296/.184 with a .480 OPS. His last extra-base hit was July 9 at Fenway when he homered for just the sixth time this season.

“I know he did some things yesterday in his pregame work to try and make some adjustments and find some things hands and rhythm wise. Yeah that’s just been something that’s been kind of a struggle all year for us is that extra base hit,” Boone said. “He drives the ball so well. He is still working his way on base, which is good. So we got to continue to work to try and unlock a little bit more.”

Hicks, who is in the fourth year of a seven-year deal worth $70 million, hit 27 home runs in 2018. He’s struggled to regain that form. He has also been hit hard by injuries, requiring Tommy John surgery in 2019 and then wrist surgery that cost him most of the 2021 season.


Giancarlo Stanton is scheduled to do the entire pregame workout with the team Monday before they play the Rays, that includes shagging balls in the outfield and taking live batting practice, Boone said.

Stanton could be playing in minor league rehab games sometime this week, Boone added.

The slugger has been on the injured list since July 24 with tendinitis in his left Achilles.

The Yankees could use his bat. Stanton has 24 homers and 61 RBI, but was on a four-game 0-for-10 with seven strikeouts slump before going on the IL.


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Sleep better tonight with these 6 natural remedies for insomnia

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Sleep Better Tonight With These 6 Natural Remedies For Insomnia

A good night’s sleep is essential for your well-being. But when you’re battling insomnia, falling asleep can feel impossible and frustrating, especially if you’ve already tried. the classic stuff like reading a book and turning off the blue light. And when morning comes, your mind and body will likely feel the effects of a night spent staring at the ceiling.

If you search the internet for natural remedies for sleep disorders, melatonin supplements are usually the first recommendation. However, if you are skeptical about sleep supplementsFight side effects or just prefer not to take pills, here are six natural sleeping pills and techniques to help ease your insomnia.

Cnet Sleep Tips Logo

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Make a good cup of herbal tea

Tea is an ancestral practice. Chamomile, valerian root and magnolia tea are all natural remedies for anxiety, stress and insomnia. Drink a cup of one of these herbal teas at least an hour to two hours before bed, this gives you time to relax, enjoy the tea and go to the bathroom before the lights go out. Be sure to look at the nutrition label to make sure no caffeine has been added to the ingredients.

Put a drop of lavender oil on your pillow

One of the most popular household remedies – essential oils. If tea isn’t your favorite way to wind down before bedtime, floral and herbal scents are great ways to aid sleep. Some popular essential oils for sleep are lavender, chamomile, and bergamot. Essential oils should never be ingested, but you can put a small drop on your pillow at night. You can also broadcast essential oils in the air or use dried lavender to make a tea.

Use CBD oils, gummies or creams

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is derived from hemp plants. CBD is a safe and effective treatment for insomnia that contains almost no THC – the substance in marijuana that alters the mental state. Numerous studies suggest that CBD is very effective in promoting sleep and decreasing anxiety. It comes in many forms, such as oils and lotions. Use before bedtime to promote drowsiness and relaxation.

Drink tart cherry juice

Tart cherry juice from tart cherries may increase melatonin production in those who consume it before bedtime. In the same study, the group that drank cherry juice spent more time in bed, slept, and achieved better overall sleep efficiency. This suggests that tart cherry juice has the potential to relieve insomnia.

Try dried passion flower or oil extract

Not to be confused with passion fruit – passionflower is a fast growing vine that produces vibrant flowers. Not only is the plant beautiful, but it can even help you fall asleep as an herbal tea or oil extract. A recent study concluded that passionflower has the potential to treat insomnia. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Practice yoga and meditation before bed

Doing intense exercise before bed isn’t always a good idea, but practicing light yoga or meditation before bed has been linked to less insomnia and better sleep. To cross simple yoga poses, such as the cat-cow, forward fold, or bridge, focusing on your breath and feeling the stretch. There are also many self-guided meditation apps available.

For more sleep tips, here’s how to create the perfect environment for better sleep and how to sleep cooler without air conditioning. More, use these 13 tips to sleep cool during a heatwave.

The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute medical or health advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have about a medical condition or health goals.


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