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7th Pay Commission Biggest Update on 18 Months Outstanding DA Arrears! Now the government will give this amount to the employees, not 2 lakhs 

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7Th Pay Commission Biggest Update On 18 Months Outstanding Da Arrears! Now The Government Will Give This Amount To The Employees, Not 2 Lakhs 

7th Pay Commission Biggest Update on 18 Months Outstanding DA Arrears! Now the government will give this amount to the employees, not 2 lakhs

7th Pay Commission Latest News: Central employees are going to get good news once again. Actually, the money of DA Arrear which has been hanging for the last 18 months (18 Months DA Arrear) is going to come in the account. Let’s know the biggest update on this.

7th Pay Commission Big Update: Central Government employees can once again get good news. With the increase in DA, the government can also take a decision on the outstanding DA arrears of 18 months (18 Months DA Arrear). Actually, Central Employees have been demanding the payment of their due DA from the government for a long time.

Central employees will get outstanding arrears!

May be decided in the meeting

Significantly, a meeting of the Joint Advisory Mechanism (JSM) of the officers of the Department of Personnel and Training and Department of Expenditure (DOPT) of the Ministry of Finance is to be held. In this, there can be a discussion on the DA arrears payment of the employees. An announcement on the increase in DA is also expected in this meeting. Let us tell you that at present, DA is being paid at the rate of 34 percent, but according to the data of AICPI, there may be an increase of 5 to 6% in DA in July.

18 months arrears

It is worth noting that due to Covid, the government had put a DA hold of 18 months of central employees. After this, the DA of the employees was increased several times but the arrears arrears have not been received yet. The employees are hopeful that the government will soon clear their dues. However, there has been no official statement from the government on the payment and increase of the outstanding DA so far. Let us tell you that the employees will get the DA arrears according to their salary band.

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Abby the Dog, Missing for 2 Months, Found Alive in Missouri Cave – NBC Chicago

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Abby The Dog, Missing For 2 Months, Found Alive In Missouri Cave – Nbc Chicago

Jeff Bohnert had all but given up on seeing his poodle-dog mix again after he disappeared in early June. Two months later, he received a text from a neighbor: People exploring a nearby cave found a dog. Could it be Abby?

Bohnert doubted it, but still curious, he traveled to the cave site near his rural Missouri home. It was then that he saw the photo taken by one of the rescuers.

“I said, ‘that’s my dog,’” Bohnert recalled Monday.

What makes Abby’s story even more amazing is the fact that she’s only a few weeks away from turning 14. Fahrenheit cave (14 degrees Celsius).

Abby and Bohnert’s other dog, Summer, does everything together, including bad behavior.

On June 9, the couple ran away from home, Bohnert recalled. It had happened before, and in the rural area near Perryville in eastern Missouri, it was usually not a big deal. The dogs trotted around the fields, maybe chased something, then went home.

When Bohnert woke up the next morning, Summer was home but Abby was not.

“They never separate,” he said. “I figured something bad happened. I mean, she’s old. She might just be overwhelmed with the heat.

Bohnert posted information about her missing dog on Facebook, contacted neighbors and contacted the police, but no one had seen Abby.

On August 6, Gerry Keene and five other adults, along with five children, had just entered Berome Moore Cave, planning a day of exploration. One of the children ran ahead of the group and yelled at his father, “There’s a dog here.

“Their dad was like, no, there isn’t,” Keene said.

Yes there was.

“She was just lying there, curled up in a ball,” Keene recalled. “She lifted her head and looked at us but she didn’t respond to verbal commands. She looked like she was about to be done.”

Keene enlisted the help of another caver who happened to be there, Rick Haley. They knew Abby couldn’t make the estimated 500 foot walk to the entrance, especially since it was through narrow passages and a steep incline.

Haley was trained in cave rescues and he got a duffel bag and a blanket from his truck. They put the blanket inside the bag, then the dog, who immediately took the warm blanket after weeks in the cold mud.

Still, getting Abby out was tricky considering how fragile she was.

“It was critical that we didn’t handle her roughly,” Haley said. In rocky areas through small passages, “We carried her a short distance, set her down, then moved past her, reached back, lifted her and placed her in front of us.” He described it as “kind of a leapfrog.

Shortly after initially finding Abby, Keene briefly visited a few nearby houses to see if anyone was missing a dog. A neighbor contacted Bohnert, who lives close enough to the cave site to be able to see it from his home.

He went there assuming it couldn’t be Abby – how could a 13-year-old dog survive such an ordeal?

To her surprise, she did, and about an hour and a half into the rescue, she was out. One of the lifeguards gave Abby a bite of beef.

“She almost ate her finger,” Keene said. Almost immediately, she began to straighten up.

Bohnert thinks Abby ended up in the cave after falling into a sinkhole or hidden entrance. Haley said there were paw prints everywhere, indicating that she first tried to get out.

After that, Haley and Bohnert believe she squatted, able to live on mostly her own body fat.

“I think she was just in preservation mode,” Bohnert said.

Abby normally weighs around 50 pounds (23 kilograms), Bohnert said, but he guessed she had lost half her weight in the cave. Since her rescue, she has gained weight and started to regain the voice she probably lost while barking for help.

She also wags her tail, showing that she is putting the trauma behind her.

“It’s amazing how she’s already bouncing back,” Bohnert said. “She’s acting like herself again.”

NBC Chicago

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More people need to watch the 2nd best sci-fi gem on Hulu

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More People Need To Watch The 2Nd Best Sci-Fi Gem On Hulu

Every perfect rom-com should have at least one dance scene to disco music. Palm Springs contains two.

Palm Springs, a rom-com you should watch immediately on Hulu, also relies on a sci-fi concept that isn’t complete gibberish. The film takes place at a wedding where the two main characters are stuck in a time loop. They repeat the same wedding day — with his cheating parents, out-of-control best friends, and grandmothers saying sensible things — over and over.

But Palm Springs is not a wedding film. It’s definitely not Groundhog Day 2.0. It’s a subversive rom-com, where two adrift strangers meet at their lowest points. Through meaningful human connection (and time turning in on itself), they learn something about how to move forward and function in life. In other words, Palm Springs is a Existential crisis wedding movie.

Tyler Hoechlin And Camila Mendes In Wedding Attire, Seated At A Table Covered In Flowers

Tyler Hoechlin and Camila Mendes play the couple getting married in Palm Springs.


Palm Springs stars Andy Samberg as Nyles, an energetic, downcast man whose tasteless girlfriend is terrible at giving wedding speeches. As Nyles glides through the festivities, he takes some surprising sidesteps – we don’t find out everything about his character in an effective intro scene. Through Palm Springs’ incredible 90-minute (and not a minute more) runtime, Nyles reveals some surprisingly dark bits.

“We kind of have no choice but to live,” he says at one point. “Your best bet is to learn to suffer existence.”

Arrive Cristin Milioti’s Sarah. All we know is that Sarah is the bride’s failed sister (the bride is played by Camila Mendes!). While Nyles’ girlfriend gives a terrible wedding speech, Sarah sips a glass of red. Sarah is our focus on how the time loop works, and her efforts to escape the endless orange wasteland move the story forward.

Cristin Milioti And Andy Samberg Sitting In A Yellow And Pink Pool Boy Respectively, Facing Each Other And Drinking BeerCristin Milioti And Andy Samberg Sitting In A Yellow And Pink Pool Boy Respectively, Facing Each Other And Drinking Beer

Milioti and Samberg play the perfect (comic) couple.


Samberg and Milioti are comedic geniuses who balance each other perfectly – Samberg is Daria de Milioti’s golden retriever. Their disco dance routine is a highlight. Multiple genres and existential high jinks work thanks in part to this wonderfully bonkers and irreverent couple.

The jokes are compact like those of a tightly scripted sitcom. The beat never stops and the mystery of the time loop, the characters’ pasts and an aggressive wedding guest played by JK Simmons slots with apparent ease.

Still, you might settle for this time-loop movie with a knot of dread slowly tightening in your stomach. How can it encapsulate the romance and time loop aspects on emotionally and logically satisfying levels? Will the concept of science fiction inevitably turn into tasteless fantasy brushed with a sprinkling of pixie dust?

Wisely, Samberg – also a producer – and creative team Andy Siara and Max Barbakow tested early versions of Palm Springs until they repeatedly received approval. They ensured the sci-fi concept had enough leads to satisfy even the most cynical viewers.

Palm Springs even creates its own classic rom-com final scene, where one character chases after the other before leaving for good. He grabs the right emotional chords and pulls them hard to the tune of a happy and sad Kate Bush banger (Cloudbusting – no Run up that hill!)

If you have Hulu and need another sci-fi hit after Prey, look at Palm Springs. It’s a completely different kind of sci-fi movie, but just as impressive. It’s Hulu’s second-best sci-fi gem.


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Tiger Woods, PGA Tour’s Top Players Meet Amid LIV Golf Conflict; should make suggestions to Commissioner Jay Monahan

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Tiger Woods, Pga Tour'S Top Players Meet Amid Liv Golf Conflict; Should Make Suggestions To Commissioner Jay Monahan

Tiger Woods arrived in Wilmington, Delaware, site of this week’s BMW Championship, on Tuesday to meet with a number of players to discuss the future of the PGA Tour and how it could be strengthened in its ongoing battle with LIV Golf for the best. players in the world.

Woods, a 15-time major champion, flew to Delaware from Florida with friend Rickie Fowler, who did not qualify for the FedEx Cup playoff rematch.

“It was all about the top players on the same page,” a player who attended the meeting told ESPN. “It was a good meeting.”

The meeting, held at an off-course hotel, lasted three and a half hours, the player said, and many of the PGA Tour’s top stars were in attendance, including Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and others. others.

Woods had similar discussions with a handful of players at the JP McManus Pro-Am in Ireland in July, sources told ESPN, and he wanted to bring their ideas to a wider audience of PGA Tour members.

Players are expected to provide suggestions on how to improve the tour to commissioner Jay Monahan and other tour administrators.

Monahan was not invited to the meeting. He is expected to welcome the players in an informal question-and-answer session on Wednesday, a tour official told ESPN. Monahan has been hosting the fixtures at tournaments over the past few months.

A source told ESPN it was not meant to be an “everyone on deck” meeting with Woods.

A number of former great champions, including Dustin Johnson, Bubba Watson, Bryson DeChambeau and Phil Mickelson, have defected to LIV Golf, which lures players away from the PGA Tour with guaranteed contracts worth up to $100. at $200 million. as $25 million scholarships for each of its events. Last week, the London Telegraph reported that Open Championship winner Cameron Smith, the world’s No. 2 ranked player, is set to join LIV Golf. Smith dodged reporters’ questions about the report.

Woods’ meeting with the players came a week after a federal judge denied a temporary restraining order to three LIV players who were trying to return to the PGA Tour to compete in the FedEx Cup playoffs. Talor Gooch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford were trying to compete in last week’s FedEx St. Jude Championship in Memphis, Tennessee.

“I think that could have made things a bit awkward, yes,” Spaniard Jon Rahm told a press conference on Tuesday. “They chose to leave the PGA Tour, they chose to go join another tour knowing the consequences and then try to come back and get, you know, [and it] wouldn’t have, I would say, been very good to me.

“But at the same time, they’re adults, aren’t they? They’re free to do whatever they want, to some degree, and that’s what they chose to do. If they are cleared by a judge, I’m nobody to say otherwise. It would have been awkward, maybe, but I guess we’ll never know.”

Patrick Cantlay, the defending FedEx Cup champion, was asked if having a meeting of a limited number of players would lead to further division on the PGA Tour. Cantlay said he was invited to attend the meeting.

“I think depending on the results, if anything potentially changes,” Cantlay said. “I don’t know what will change, if anything, what the outcome will be. I think it’s good that a lot of players are coming together to discuss the situation here, especially given the current circumstances.”


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Emma Raducanu shows no mercy and bagels Serena Williams in confidence win ahead of US Open

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Emma Raducanu Shows No Mercy And Bagels Serena Williams In Confidence Win Ahead Of Us Open

Emma Raducanu showed her ruthless streak by beating Serena Williams in the first round of the Cincinnati Masters.

The 19-year-old offered the 23-time Grand Slam winner an early exit on her farewell tour, after announcing her intention to retire.


Raducanu showed his class against a struggling Williams

Raducanu took the 6-4 6-0 victory in their first and likely last meeting.

The 40-year-old Williams struggled to find consistency in just her fourth game of the season, giving up 12 unforced errors while making just 11 winners.

Raducanu handled the pressure expertly, breaking her opponent twice in the first set as she quickly found her rhythm.

The 19-year-old paid tribute to Williams during her on-pitch interview after the game.

“I think we all have to honor Serena and her amazing career,” she said.

“I’m so grateful that I got to play with her and that our careers crossed paths.

Raducanu Paid Tribute To Williams Retiring After Their Game In Cincinnati


Raducanu paid tribute to Williams retiring after their game in Cincinnati

Williams Wrestled The Defending Us Open Champion

Getty Images – Getty

Williams wrestled the defending US Open champion

“Everything she has accomplished is so inspiring and it was a real honor to share the court with her.”

It would have been a huge confidence boost for Raducanu, who is defending his US Open title later this month.

Her victory sets up a second-round match with another WTA Tour veteran in Victoria Azarenka, who defeated Kaia Kanepi in the first round.

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Venture capital slowdown finally hit initial valuations, PitchBook data shows – TechCrunch

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Venture Capital Slowdown Finally Hit Initial Valuations, Pitchbook Data Shows – Techcrunch

Carta reports “sharp” quarter-over-quarter decline in Series B median valuations

Since technology stocks started to reprice at the end of 2021, we kept hearing that the correction would eventually trickle down to private startups.

Each quarter has brought its share of answers on the evolution of the slowdown in venture capital. Would this impact late-stage deals first? Yes. Would he ever reach the stage of angel and seed? Maybe not.

The Exchange explores startups, markets and money.

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It didn’t take long for a trend to emerge: Last quarter, we reported that the slowdown in venture capital was impacting fundraising for startups of all sizes and in all industries. And we also noted that the round sizes of Series A through C stadiums in the United States were on the decline.

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Our findings were based on Carta’s first data on Q1 2022 activity through its property management platform. As such, it was a good indicator of overall startup investment in the first three months of the year – and the trend was confirmed when the platform released a more comprehensive roundup than we analyzed a few weeks later.


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Cheney lost due to an obsessive focus on Trump as voters worried about inflation, energy and illegal immigration

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Cheney Lost Due To An Obsessive Focus On Trump As Voters Worried About Inflation, Energy And Illegal Immigration

On Tuesday’s show of Fox News Channel’s ‘Ingraham Angle’, Wyoming congressional candidate Harriet Hageman (R) said her opponent, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), lost by a large margin part because she “doesn’t focus on Wyoming. She doesn’t focus on our problems. She always focuses on an obsession [with] President Trump. And that inflation, illegal immigration and energy were the most important issues for voters, not for the former president.

Hageman said that although she didn’t get a chance to listen to Cheney’s speech, “It doesn’t surprise me that she goes back to those same old talking points, because it’s really, in large part , which defeated her. She’s not focused on Wyoming. She’s not focused on our problems. She’s still focused on an obsession. [with] President Trump.

Host Laura Ingraham then said that when she was in Wyoming, “the things I heard most often from people there were the inability to find workers, the cost of fuel and the cost of basic living, rent and food. No one was focusing on Trump. I don’t think anyone I spoke to – it wasn’t a priority.

Hageman replied, “No. Inflation, illegal immigration, and protecting our energy jobs are Wyoming’s most important issues, along with accountability. In fact, we expect our representatives to represent our interests.

Follow Ian Hanchett on Twitter @IanHanchett

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