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Can Liv make it out alive? (Spoiler)

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Can Liv Make It Out Alive?  (Spoiler)

survival drama keep breathing is now available on Netflix and the main character Liv (Melissa Barrera) must fight tooth and nail to survive after being stranded in a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness.

Spoilers ahead for keep breathing

Using her natural ingenuity, Liv does her best to stay alive, but it’s not without challenges. For starters, food is scarce, she struggles to start a fire, and navigating the forest without directions is a potential recipe for disaster.

Throughout the six-episode limited series, we watch Liv do her best to get through one day at a time, while also looking back into her life before the crash and even her childhood to understand how she got into this one situation is advised. which forces them to reckon with many personal demons.

Keep Breathing Ending Explained: Will Liv Survive?

The end of keep breathing is somewhat open to interpretation and follows the show’s pattern of splitting into two realities, one in the present and one seemingly in the future.

After escaping the underground cave and then falling off a cliff, Liv is certainly worse. But she wanders to the edge of a river flowing downstream. She slides into the water and lets herself be carried away. Luckily for Liv, she is eventually rescued by two nearby fishermen. They bring her to shore and she wakes up coughing up water a few seconds later.

During the rescue scene, the show goes to a hospital where Liv gives birth to her baby with Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) by her side. We can expect the show to give us a glimpse into Liv’s future, especially since motherhood is such a widespread topic. It’s possible that the hospital scene is just Liv’s dream or hope, but I think so keep breathing is more optimistic and uplifting than that. I feel like we should see that as Liv’s true end when she finally gets out of this awful situation.

She did what she was supposed to do, right? She breathed until the end. Even against unimaginable obstacles, she always put one foot in front of the other. Particularly impressive was the scene in which she leaves behind her mother’s vision in the cave to move on and not succumb to the darkness and give up on life.

Keep Breathing: Will Liv reunite with her mother?

Sadly no. We don’t see Liv reunite with her mother. The only “scene” they have together is when Liv hallucinates her in the cave. But we never know if Liv could have caught her in Inuvik. Seems like that’s for the best.

keep breathing now streaming on Netflix.

Can Liv make it out alive? (Spoiler)



Truss takes on police who ‘did nothing’ about grooming

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Truss Takes On Police Who 'Did Nothing' About Grooming

Conservative leadership hopeful Liz Truss has claimed she will ensure those responsible “who did nothing” against rape gangs are held accountable.

“It seems that right now we live in a society where the police will be happy to show up at your door if you have the audacity to insult someone on Twitter and handcuff you, but if you be part of a grooming gang, they turn the other cheek,” a viewer question suggested to the Foreign Secretary when she appeared on GB News recently, asking what she was “up to do to confront and bring to justice the perpetrators of grooming gangs?”

Law and order issues, including rape gangs, have been largely ignored by the candidates for Boris Johnson’s succession and the establishment media tasked with orchestrating the debates between them – indeed, an inquiry has been Asked of the five candidates at the time to ask if they would commission a grooming inquiry into Oldham after it was blocked locally by Labor in July was ignored.

Confronted with the issue directly on GB News, however, Foreign Secretary Truss spoke out forcefully, saying it was ‘absolutely right that the police don’t spend their time policing Twitter’ and calling the grooming gangs ‘absolutely repugnant “.

“Of course these criminals need to be brought to justice but, more than that, I want people to be held accountable – the council officers, councilors and police who did nothing about it,” he said. she declared.

“Even, not just turned a blind eye, but actually tolerated this behavior. They need to be held accountable because until these people understand that their role enabled the perpetration of these appalling crimes, I don’t think we will fully address them.

“I will ensure that these people are prosecuted by the appropriate authorities.”

His comments come as the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) dropped an investigation into three Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers who had been referred to them following an investigation into gang failures of grooming.

Despite numerous admissions of general institutional failings, Breitbart London is not aware of any particular officer who has faced prosecution or significant sanctions such as loss of pension rights as a result of grooming gang scandals, and the IOPC Fund did not respond to a press inquiry asking whether it had “ever found fault with or recommended sanctions against specific officers”.

Truss’ last remaining rival to become leader of the Conservative Party – and, by extension, prime minister, with the Tories having a majority in the House of Commons – Rishi Sunak, has also claimed he will take action against grooming gangs after having been pressed on the issue on GB News.

“[W]Nous connaissons tous la raison pour laquelle les gens ne se concentrent pas sur[lesgangsdetoilettagec’estàcausedupolitiquementcorrect»a-t-ildéclaréaffirmantquelesgensavaient«peurdedénoncerlefaitqu’ilexisteungroupeparticulierdepersonnesquiperpétuentcescrimes»-lui-mêmeévitantdedéclarerexplicitementquece«groupeparticulier»estcomposémajoritairementdemusulmansd’originesud-asiatiquetypiquementpakistanaisesquiciblentprincipalementlesfillesblanches[groominggangsit’sbecauseofpoliticalcorrectness”hesaidsayingpeoplewere“scaredofcallingoutthefactthatthere’saparticulargroupofpeoplethatareperpetuatingthesecrimes”—himselfavoidingexplicitlystatingthatthis“particulargroup”iscomposedpredominantlyofMuslimwithSouthAsiantypicallyPakistanirootswhomainlytargetwhitegirls[lesgangsdetoilettagec’estàcausedupolitiquementcorrect»a-t-ildéclaréaffirmantquelesgensavaient«peurdedénoncerlefaitqu’ilexisteungroupeparticulierdepersonnesquiperpétuentcescrimes»-lui-mêmeévitantdedéclarerexplicitementquece«groupeparticulier»estcomposémajoritairementdemusulmansd’originesud-asiatiquetypiquementpakistanaisesquiciblentprincipalementlesfillesblanches[groominggangsit’sbecauseofpoliticalcorrectness”hesaidsayingpeoplewere“scaredofcallingoutthefactthatthere’saparticulargroupofpeoplethatareperpetuatingthesecrimes”—himselfavoidingexplicitlystatingthatthis“particulargroup”iscomposedpredominantlyofMuslimwithSouthAsiantypicallyPakistanirootswhomainlytargetwhitegirls

Sunak did not talk about legally prosecuting negligent officials and police, but said he would introduce new sentences for groomers, including a type of life sentence with “very limited options for parole”, and a new task force within the FBI. Agency (NCA) focused on them.

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Scott Peterson: Hearing closing arguments begin, seeks retrial in Redwood City Court for 2002 murder of pregnant wife Laci

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Scott Peterson: Hearing Closing Arguments Begin, Seeks Retrial In Redwood City Court For 2002 Murder Of Pregnant Wife Laci

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) — Closing arguments begin Thursday in Scott Peterson’s efforts to secure a new trial.

The lawyers will plead before a judge in Redwood City. It should start at 10 a.m.

You can watch the audience in the video player above.

RELATED: Scott Peterson’s Family Still Divided Over His Guilt in the Murder of His Pregnant Wife Laci Peterson

The hearing was scheduled to take place in June, but was postponed after a lawyer contracted COVID-19 and Peterson was exposed to the virus in San Quentin jail.

Peterson was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci, in December 2002.

RELATED: New Scott Peterson Trial? Convicted killer seeks new trial, citing issue with former juror

In 2020, the California Supreme Court overturned his death sentence due to juror misconduct and ordered a lower court to determine whether Peterson deserved a new trial.

At the center of Peterson’s request for a new trial is whether a juror, Richelle Nice, lied when she told the court she had never been involved in a domestic violence case.

‘It has since been discovered that during the period immediately before she served on the jury, she was involved in a domestic violence issue with an ex-boyfriend,’ Peterson’s attorney Pat Harris said in 2021. “She was also involved in a court case involving a woman who was apparently stalking her. And a lot of that happened while she was pregnant, just like Laci Peterson was pregnant.

“No matter what you think of Scott Peterson, no matter what you think of any defendant, everyone is entitled to 12 independent jurors who are neutral and willing to listen to evidence,” Harris said l ‘last year.

If you’re on the ABC7 News app, click here to watch live

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Officer shoots gunman at Green Valley Ranch, Denver police say

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Officer Shoots Gunman At Green Valley Ranch, Denver Police Say

Police shot a man who allegedly brandished a gun at a home in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood Wednesday night, Denver Police Division Chief Ron Thomas said.

Denver police were called about a person being threatened with a weapon at a home in the 3900 block of Malta Street around 8 p.m.

Thomas said officers confronted the gunman in the backyard of the residence when they arrived at the scene.

According to Thomas, officers made verbal attempts to arrest the man, but these were ineffective. They fired a Taser at the man, but that too ultimately failed and the man retreated inside the house.


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Andrew Benintendi ready to experience intensity of Yankees-Red Sox rivalry from the other side

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Andrew Benintendi Ready To Experience Intensity Of Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry From The Other Side

SEATTLE — Andrew Benintendi has seen it from the other side. The Yankees’ new outfielder was on the field at Yankee Stadium celebrating clinching the American League East — and the AL Division Series — in 2018 with the Red Sox. Friday, however, will be the first time he heads back into Fenway Park to face his old team.

He remembers the feeling of seeing the Yankees across the field in those days.

“Obviously, the series are intense. And the fans are really into it. As are we,” Benintendi said. “For me, I think, it’ll be the same as it was — intense. But I’ll just be on the other side.”

Benintendi is heading back to Fenway for the first time since he was traded in a three-team deal from the Red Sox to the Royals in February 2021. Last season, Benintendi was injured when Kansas City went to Boston, so it will be his first time back.

“I am looking forward to just seeing some of my old teammates. I got to see a few of them during the All-Star Game this year, which is nice, but a couple others I haven’t seen in a while,” Benintendi said. “And I am looking forward to going back and playing in front of that Wall and hitting there.”

Benintendi is going back feeling like he is a little more on stable ground after a wild two weeks. After going 1-for-20 in his first seven games with the Yankees, Benintendi is settling into the All-Star form that had the Bombers eager to acquire him. Over his last five games, Benintendi is slashing .316/.350/.536 with an .870 OPS. He’s played a very good defensive left field all along.

“I think I’m just settling down more and I get to know the guys better and obviously playing better helps out with all that too,” Benintendi said. “So, yeah, first week just  flew by and glad to be settled in now and just put it back together.”

It was a whirlwind for Benintendi.

On July 27, he flew to New York City with the Royals, ready to play a four-game series against the Yankees. He was in his hotel room when Royals manager Mike Matheny knocked on his door and told him he had been traded to the Bombers. He spent the rest of the night hanging out with some Royals teammates and in the morning showed up at the Stadium to try and beat them.

“It was different,” Benintendi said. “I kind of had a feeling that was my last flight with [the Royals], because the [trade] deadline was coming up and my name had been mentioned a lot.

“But I had no idea, I would end up staying in New York and playing for the Yankees.”

The 28-year-old Benintendi was hitting .320/.387/.398 with three home runs with the Royals at the time of the trade. The left-handed hitter made his first All-Star Game appearance this season and is scheduled to become a free agent after the season. A 2021 Gold Glove winner was a solid upgrade over Joey Gallo, who the Yankees desperately needed to replace.

Part of the Yankees’ decision to bring Benintendi in was having watched him when he was with the Red Sox. After Gallo wilted under the bright lights in New York, the Bombers needed to make sure they had a player who could handle the pressure.

Benintendi has played under the harsh lights in Boston and been successful.

He made the postseason three times with the Red Sox, including winning a World Series. He has hit .272/.322/.407 with two home runs and nine RBI in 21 career postseason games. In 2018, he started 13 of 14 playoff games for the Red Sox during their World Series run.

That run began with the division series win over the Yankees, where they celebrated on the field in the Bronx.

“We had some good teams,” Benintendi said of his five years with the Red Sox. “I remember the rivalry [with the Yankees] as intense and both teams being neck-and-neck in the standings, so it was fun. I am looking forward to it.”


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‘Times are changing’: Ashleigh Buhai prepares for new life after historic first big win at Women’s British Open

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'Times Are Changing': Ashleigh Buhai Prepares For New Life After Historic First Big Win At Women'S British Open


On Sunday, two long waits ended in historic fashion at the British Women’s Open in Scotland.

As Muirfield – home of a golf club founded in 1744 – hosted the women’s event for the first time, Ashleigh Buhai won her first major title in her 221st career start on the LPGA Tour.

In a thrilling final day worthy of the occasion, the South African snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, roaring on the verge of a late collapse to beat three-time major champion Chun In-Gee in a four-way knockout holes. .

In doing so, Buhai added his name to an illustrious list of South African golfers who won at Muirfield, the site of the first men’s Open victories for Gary Player and Ernie Els.

Yet, as the legendary duo boast 13 major titles, Buhai will forever retain the unique honor of being the first Women’s Open winner at the legendary Scottish course. With Muirfield reversing his all-male membership policy in 2017, the added significance of the triumph is not lost on Buhai.

“To add my name to this list with Gary and Ernie is a huge honor,” she told CNN’s Don Riddell.

“But also being the first woman to win at Muirfield, we made history last week… times are changing.

“Everyone there last week was fantastic, the crowd was fantastic – they welcomed us with open arms.”

The 33-year-old’s grip on a historic victory appeared to be receding to death when she triple-bogeyed on the 15th hole, the five-stroke advantage she held at the start of the final round evaporated when Chun equalized.

Having bogeyed just once a day before – carding one under 70, 65 and 64 – Buhai now needed three consecutive pars just to rush to four over 75. But rather than panic, the South African was determined to keep a cool head.

“I just thought, ‘Okay, we’re back tied for the lead’…I hadn’t lost it yet,” Buhai recalled.

“I still had three holes to go. And my caddy just said, ‘let’s get back to it and focus on the next move.’ And that’s all I could do, the only thing I had control over would be the next shot.

“I had done so well that week, so I tried not to let the one hole disrupt my whole week.”

Buhai Lines Up A Shot On The 14Th Hole On The Final Day.

Sure enough, Buhai kept his cool to wrap up with three pars and set up a biting sudden-death playoff with Chun.

The tension for Buhai was only heightened by the pedigree of the opposition, as Chun pursued his second major of the season following his PGA Championship win in June.

“I was just trying to stay in the moment, focus on every shot,” Buhai said.

“I knew In-Gee was going to be a fierce competitor, she’s already a big winner.”

Buhai Putt During The Play-Off.

Unable to separate after three rounds of the 18th hole, the deadlock was broken when Chun – having found a bunker from the tee – could only bogey. Although she joined her opponent in the sand, an incredible approach shot from Buhai left her with a short putt for a first major title.

Making no mistake, the South African brought the ball home. After looking up at the sky, the new champion was kissed by her husband David, a picture of anxiety and stress throughout the playoffs.

Buhai Celebrates Victory With Her Husband David On The Eighteenth Green.

A tearful Buhai paid tribute to her husband – who had already caddyed for her for eight years – in a moving interview after the win. After turning professional in 2007, the triumph at Muirfield marked a new all-time high in a “long journey”.

Despite three victories on the Ladies European Tour, Buhai – having never finished higher than 5th in a major tournament – ​​was still aiming for a maiden LPGA Tour win when she touched down in Scotland on Thursday.

The joy of ending this drought was only sweetened by claiming a $1,095,000 purse, boosting his career earnings to $3,503,926 and continuing a landmark year for prize money in the women’s golf.

Minjee Lee’s $1.8 million winnings from an all-time $10 million pot at the US Open in June was followed by another record purse at the PGA Championship, where Chun won $1.35 million dollars on a $9 million purse that had doubled from the previous year’s event.

Along with the heightened media attention that comes with being a great champion, these are the kind of characters that are poised to turn Buhai’s world upside down.

“The money we’re playing for now…it’s been life changing for us,” she said. “We’ve never played for that amount of money, so the scholarships are great.

“I think I’m only going to realize that in a few months when things really start to hit home.”


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Ramsey County Board races set for November

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Undated Courtesy Photo, Circa July 2022, Of Rena Moran, Candidate For Ramsey County Commissioner In The Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 Primary Election. (Courtesy Of The Candidate)

Six candidates for the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners advance following last Tuesday’s primary election. The following candidates — the two who received the most votes within their respective races — will be on the ballot:

Undated courtesy photo, circa July 2022, of Rena Moran, candidate for Ramsey County Commissioner in the Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 primary election. (Courtesy of the candidate)

District 4

Rena Moran, a state representative who received 78 percent of votes cast Tuesday, will face Darryl Spence, a Ramsey County Community Services officer who garnered nearly 8 percent.

District 4 spans all or parts of Union Park, Hamline-Midway, Frogtown, Summit-University, North End, downtown, Summit Hill, Macalester-Groveland and Highland Park.

District 5

Incumbent Rafael Ortega received 77 percent of the vote. Ortega will face Bill Hosko, who received nearly 18 percent.

The district includes downtown, Highland Park, Macalester Groveland, Railroad Island, West Seventh, West Side, Capitol Heights and Dayton’s Bluff.

Undated Courtesy Photo, Circa July 2022, Of Darryl Spence, Candidate For Ramsey County Commissioner In The Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 Primary Election. (Courtesy Of The Candidate)
Undated courtesy photo, circa July 2022, of Darryl Spence, candidate for Ramsey County Commissioner in the Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022 primary election. (Courtesy of the candidate)

District 6

Mai Chong Xiong, an aide to former St. Paul City Council member Dai Thao, received nearly 40 percent of the votes cast Tuesday. She will run against Ving Yang Pao, a financial consultant who garnered approximately 29 percent of the vote.

The district includes Upper East Side, Payne-Phalen and Conway-Battle Creek.


Also on the ballot this November: Ramsey County Board Chair Trista MatasCastillo faces challenger David Singleton in District 3. That district includes Falcon Heights as well as Payne/Phalen, North End/South Como, Como Park, Frogtown and Hamline-Midway.
Meanwhile, Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher and Ramsey County Attorney John Choi are uncontested in their re-election bids.


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