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Josh Winder’s recurring shoulder injury leaves Twins down a rotation option

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Josh Winder’s Recurring Shoulder Injury Leaves Twins Down A Rotation Option

MILWAUKEE — When Josh Winder landed on the injured list in May with a shoulder impingement, the right-handed pitcher expressed confidence in the Twins’ plan moving forward both in the short term and long term. He also suggested that he “might just be at a predisposition for this type of injury” because at that point, it was his second trip in as many years to the IL with the same injury.

The first, which came last season, ensured he didn’t pitch again after July 21. Almost exactly one year later — July 23 — Winder landed on the Triple-A injured list again with shoulder pain. This time the Twins called it shoulder impingement syndrome.

His injury is a blow to the Twins’ starting rotation plans — they currently are operating with four starters after optioning both Winder and Devin Smeltzer — and also complicates his potential trade value if the Twins were considering using Winder, one of their top pitching prospects, in a trade.

The focus now is on getting him healthy.

“He’s felt good for periods of time. He’s thrown the ball well for periods of time. There’s no singular reason why we’re looking at this and thinking, ‘Well, this is why this is happening,’ to be honest,” manager Rocco Baldelli said. “It’s just soreness that keeps creeping back in there.”

Winder isn’t the only starting pitcher the Twins expected to depend on this season who has spent much of the year on the injured list. Bailey Ober, who has been on the IL with a groin injury since early June, also falls into that category. Ober has made just seven starts for the Twins this season, first landing on the IL in April with a groin strain before a brief return.

Ober has been playing catch, which has been going well, and is expected to get on the mound in the coming days. Baldelli said he hoped to have Ober back and pitching for the Twins this season, though he wasn’t sure at this time if it would happen.

“I don’t actually know what the timeline is,” Baldelli said. “… It’s not like we’re looking at it with a particular schedule in mind at this point, because you can’t.”


Twins senior director of team travel Mike Herman didn’t see the crash but after hearing the team’s bus driver let out an audible “Oh,” he looked up to find a scary scene as he watched a car roll over in front of them.

The Twins were on their way to the airport in Detroit on Sunday after their game against the Tigers when they witnessed a car crash and sprung into action. Herman, Baldelli, bench coach Jayce Tingler and clubhouse attendant Frank Hanzlik were among those who got off the bus and helped pull one of the drivers through the sunroof of his car. Twins trainers also hopped off the bus to attend to the three people involved in the crash.

“Truthfully, if something like that is, sadly, going to happen, I’m glad we were there to help out because we had trainers that have medical experience that were there and were able to lend a hand and we played a small part in just helping some people out in a real unfortunate situation,” Baldelli said.


Relief pitcher Danny Coulombe had surgery to repair his left hip labrum, ending his season. Coulombe first went on the injured list on May 11 with what the Twins called a hip impingement. He returned on May 27 and landed on the injured list again the very next day. In 10 games this season, he posted a 1.46 earned-run average.



Adam Kinzinger warns that some Christians are now ‘equating Donald Trump with the person of Jesus Christ,’ calls on pastors who support Trumpism

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Adam Kinzinger Warns That Some Christians Are Now 'Equating Donald Trump With The Person Of Jesus Christ,' Calls On Pastors Who Support Trumpism

Rep. Adam Kinzinger slammed pastors for failing to speak out against Trumpism.Alex Wong/Getty Images

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger said some Christians in the United States equate Donald Trump with Jesus Christ.

  • In an interview with MSNBC, he also criticized pastors who spread Trumpism from the pulpit.

  • The GOP congressman also warned of political tribalism that has blurred voters’ moral boundaries.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said on Tuesday that some Christian circles in the United States equate former President Donald Trump with Jesus Christ, warning of “tribalistic” behavior that has led voters to “accept anything” to stay within their communities.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, Kinzinger said many pastors in America have “disappointed their congregation” either by preaching Trumpism “from the pulpit” or refusing to talk about the “corrosion” of the ideology.

“And you have people today who, literally, I think in their hearts – they may not say it – but they equate Donald Trump with the person of Jesus Christ,” added Kinzinger, who identifies himself. as a Christian. “And for them, if you’re speaking out against even this ‘amazing man Donald Trump,’ who obviously is pretty flawed, you’re speaking out against Jesus, against their Christian values.”

Kinzinger, one of two House Select Committee Republicans investigating the Capitol riot, was one of the most vocal lawmakers against Trump and voted to impeach the former president in 2021.

The Illinois congressman has, in turn, been censured by the Republican National Committee and often draws heat from Trump supporters inside and outside Congress.

In February, Kinzinger received a letter from 11 of his own family calling him a “disappointment” for advocating for Trump’s impeachment.

“We were once so proud of your accomplishments. Instead, you are going against your Christian principles and joining the devil’s army (the Democrats and the fake media),” the letter read.

Commenting on the letter on Tuesday, Kinzinger said Americans have become so “tribalistic” that they fear being ostracized from their communities “more than they fear death.”

“And so you accept anything because now republicanism or conservatism or Trumpism becomes your identity,” he said.

“I got kicked out of my tribe, and that’s fine,” he told Wagner.

Read the original article on Business Insider


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Jameson Reeder, 10, had his leg amputated after a shark bite

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Jameson Reeder, 10, Had His Leg Amputated After A Shark Bite

Jameson Reeder Jr. was attacked by a shark while snorkeling on vacation in the Florida Keys.

A 10-year-old boy had part of his leg amputated after being bitten by a shark while snorkeling on vacation in the Florida Keys, his family said.

Jameson Reeder Jr. was attacked Saturday at Looe Key Reef, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement.

A Facebook post by his uncle Joshua Reeder said Jameson had gone boating with his parents and three other siblings and was snorkeling in a shallow reef when he “took a crushing blow below his knee “, by what they believed to be an eight-foot-long bull shark.

Jameson was able to hold on to a noodle float and was rescued by his father, who applied a tourniquet to his leg and signaled another faster boat which brought the family back to shore.

The boy was then airlifted to Miami Children’s Hospital where a medical team saved his life but was forced to amputate his leg below the knee.

“He is now out of surgery and resting,” wrote Joshua Reeder, acknowledging Jameson’s strong religious faith for helping him survive the ordeal.

A family’s GiveSendGo appeal for financial assistance had surpassed its goal of $50,000 by Tuesday afternoon.

While a higher than normal number of shark encounters off New York City this summer has drawn attention, the overall risk of being bitten by a shark remains low.

Global trends are now roughly stable after increasing slightly over the past 30 years, in part due to increased human recreational activities and the recovery of vulnerable shark populations.

Last year, there were 73 unprovoked attacks worldwide, according to the Florida Museum. Almost all attacks are the result of mistaken identity, as sharks do not intentionally target humans.

Most attacks in the United States occur off the Atlantic coast of Florida, which is home to choppy waters and baitfish that several species of sharks feed on.


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Kevin McKidd defends Ellen Pompeo for cutting Grey’s role

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Kevin Mckidd Defends Ellen Pompeo For Cutting Grey'S Role

Grey’s Anatomy was among many hit shows honored at the awards show, including It’s us, which concluded its six-season run in May. And while the star mandy moore– who starred as matriarch Rebecca Pearson – was honored with an acting nomination and this year’s Virtuoso Award at the ceremony, fans were shocked when she was snubbed a nomination for best actress for the 2022 Emmys.

Her co-star and on-screen son Justin Hartley– who played Kevin Pearson – praised Moore for his talent on and off camera, telling pop of the day on the red carpet, “I think he’s a rare talent and I think he’s a rare person.”

“I’m going to tell you something,” he added, “if you call Mandy Moore and ask her for advice, she’ll either give you advice, or if she doesn’t know anything about what you’re asking, she’ll find someone who does and connects you with them and makes your life better. She’s like a therapist, an actress, a mother – what can’t she do? She’s amazing.


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Hageman’s post-primary victory: Wyoming voters sent a very strong message tonight

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Hageman'S Post-Primary Victory: Wyoming Voters Sent A Very Strong Message Tonight

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Trump-endorsed Wyoming congressional primary winner Harriet Hageman celebrated her victory over Jan. 6 vice president Rep. Liz Cheney Tuesday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

HARRIET HAGEMAN: I didn’t even get to see or hear what she had to say because I was pretty focused on what’s going on here. It doesn’t surprise me that she’s going back to those same old talking points, because that’s really a big part of what won her over. She is don’t focus on Wyoming, it does not focus on our problems. She still focuses on an obsession with President Trump and the citizens of Wyoming, Wyoming voters, sent a very strong message tonight. We talked.


And that’s not what we’re interested in, in terms of our only representative in Congress. Wyoming has the right to have a representative who represents our interests, listening to us, who answers our problems. It’s not Liz Cheney and the fact that she came back with her speech tonight I think shows that she really isn’t listening to Wyoming anymore, she not for some time, and that’s why we had to replace it. We need a representative in Wyoming who listens to us.




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Ex-cop Lane will report to Colorado jail for Floyd’s murder

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Ex-Cop Lane Will Report To Colorado Jail For Floyd'S Murder

MINNEAPOLIS– Former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane, who was sentenced to 2½ years for violating the civil rights of George Floyd, will serve his sentence in a low-security federal prison camp in Colorado.

A court order on Tuesday orders Lane to report to Englewood Federal Correctional Institution in the Denver suburb of Littleton on August 30.

U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson had recommended that the Bureau of Prisons send Lane to the low-security Duluth prison camp, closer to his home, but the bureau makes final decisions on where to place inmates, including weighing security issues.

“He should be fine there,” Lane’s defense attorney, Earl Grey, said.

According to the Bureau of Prisons website, FCI Englewood is a low-security men’s prison with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp. It houses 1,032 detainees, 97 of whom are at the camp. Accommodation is dormitory or cabin style. Life there is highly regulated, including frequent counts and waking up at dawn.

Mike Brandt, a Minneapolis-area defense attorney who has followed the case closely, said Lane’s assignment made sense.

“They take into account a variety of factors, including the offense for which they are convicted, their criminal history score, the judge’s recommendation, history of violence, etc.,” Brandt said. “I think because that offense wasn’t necessarily a ‘violent’ offense and he didn’t have a criminal record, his numbers were lower, which qualified him for a lower security facility.

Magnuson originally ordered Lane to surrender Oct. 4, but moved the date forward due to the complex interplay between his federal sentence and his sentencing in state court, which is scheduled for Sept. 21, for his plea. of guilt for aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

The judge has yet to change the Oct. 4 surrender dates for former officers Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng, who were convicted of federal civil rights charges with Lane in February. Magnuson sentenced them last month to 3½ and 3 years, respectively, and recommended they go to Duluth or Yankton.

But Thao and Keung are due in state court on October 24 on separate charges of accessory to murder and manslaughter. They officially rejected the plea deals on Monday.

Legal experts say it’s not unusual for those convicted in federal court to be allowed to stand for sentencing weeks or months later, even in a case as emotionally charged as Floyd’s death. under the knee of former officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020, which sparked protests in Minneapolis and around the world in a judgment over racial injustice and policing.

Chauvin, who was sentenced to 22.5 years for state murder and manslaughter and 21 years for a federal civil rights charge, remains in the state’s maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights while awaiting his transfer to an unannounced federal prison.

Littleton jail has held other former law enforcement officers convicted of federal crimes, including former North Charleston, South Carolina officer Michael Slager, who is serving a 20-year sentence for killing Walter Scott, an unarmed black man who fled a traffic stop in 2015; and former Orange County, Calif., Sheriff Mike Carona, who was sentenced to 5½ years in 2009 for witness tampering.

Other well-known former Englewood inmates include former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who in 2012 said he was serving 14 years for corruption but had his sentence commuted by then-President Donald Trump, in 2020. Another was former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, who served more than 12 years at Englewood and elsewhere beginning in 2006 for securities fraud and other misdemeanors.

There’s still former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, who was sentenced in 2015 to more than 15 years for child pornography offenses and illicit sex with a child.


Find full AP coverage of the murder of George Floyd at:

ABC News

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Pound rises and falls as UK inflation hits 40-year high

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Pound Rises And Falls As Uk Inflation Hits 40-Year High

The knee-jerk reaction in recent months has been to equate higher inflation with more aggressive central banks. But amid recent subtle moves by the Fed, RBA and BOE, it is clear that we are now in the second half of the tightening cycle where the previous rules cease to apply.

As the tightening cycle reaches a stage where it is slowing given deteriorating economic conditions, higher inflation may work as a double-edged sword in a sense.

There is a balance that needs to be struck between central banks continuing to throw everything in to put out the fire and central banks needing to back down as the economy is on the verge of a headlong crash. Policymakers want to achieve a “soft landing” and that won’t be helped by further aggressive rate hikes as the economy heads into a recession.

In the case of the UK, they are arguably one of the economies hardest hit by all of this against a backdrop of a worsening cost of living crisis and high energy prices – not helped by the fallout from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

While the print of more than 10% is likely to warrant another rate hike by the BOE, I don’t think it’s as much of a game-changer relative to the weight of such a number on consumer sentiment.

In other words, markets are comfortable with this as it matches rate pricing for the BOE, but the negative impact on the data economy has more potential to threaten to derail the central bank. of its tightening trajectory. As previously mentioned:

“While this justifies more rate hikes by the BOE, I don’t see much benefit in this given that the markets are well prepared for what the BOE has to offer in the coming months. Instead From this, if the staggering weight of inflation crushes consumer activity, I can see that print being tailored to be a negative for the pound instead.”

For GBP/USD, key support continues to hold closer to 1.2000 for now while upside momentum is very limited by trendline resistance at 1.2192 currently.


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