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Robert Quinn says he’s on board with the Chicago Bears despite speculation: ‘I never expected to go anywhere’

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Ravens Q&Amp;A: Olb Daelin Hayes On Learning From A Frustrating Rookie Season, Reuniting With Kyle Hamilton, The Importance Of Community Service And More

Robert Quinn’s absence from Chicago Bears mandatory minicamp six weeks ago fueled speculation that the veteran defensive end wanted to be traded as the team undergoes a renovation.

But after practicing on the first day of training camp Wednesday at Halas Hall, Quinn indicated he is on board with the Bears for as long as they keep him around.

Quinn said he skipped minicamp — and all of organized team activities before that — because he was taking care of his body and trying to get himself right mentally. Entering his 12th season and coming off one of the best years of his career with a Bears record 18 ½ sacks, Quinn figured he knows what’s best for his body.

Asked if he wanted to be traded, Quinn said, “I’ve been traded twice. You get tired of moving. I thought I did a good job last year, but I guess I’ll just continue to try to re-prove myself. I expect to be here. But I guess if not, well, that’s out of my control.”

Asked again if he wanted to be in Chicago, he added: “Yeah. I never expected to go anywhere.”

Quinn, 32, has been around long enough to know players come and go from teams, and he maintains the mantra that “it’s a business” when considering how many of his Bears veteran teammates are in other cities this summer, most notably on defense Khalil Mack and Akiem Hicks.

But Quinn said he isn’t going to let the changes on the team affect the way he prepares.

“You can’t play this game if you’re not happy to be here because it’s one of the roughest games out there,” Quinn said. “Every day you’ve got to buy in to be able to give the best of yourself. That’s all I’m trying to do every time I step in the building. I’m just trying to bring the best version of myself.”

Quinn, who is in the third season of a five-year, $70 million contract, presumably would love to bring the best version of himself to a winning team, something the Bears are not expected to be this season. It also would stand to reason such a team would have a use for a player with 101 career sacks.

But Quinn wouldn’t entertain that notion when asked about the possibility of general manager Ryan Poles trading him to a contender for draft capital at some point in the months ahead.

“If you think about all the what-ifs, honestly, you’re going to start bringing some negative energy in the building,” Quinn said. “I’ve seen it before and it’s not a good thing. I’m just trying to walk in with a positive spirit and get myself prepared for the season as a Chicago Bear and take life as it comes.”

Poles said Tuesday that he had not had a conversation with Quinn about the player wanting a trade. And even though it doesn’t rule out the possibility of moving Quinn in the future, Poles also noted Quinn brings value even beyond the huge numbers he could put up getting after quarterbacks this season.

“It’s important to have guys who are experienced, that have had success in the league and know how to play and practice,” Poles said. “For me, that’s what he brings.”

Quinn went through individual drills Wednesday as he ramps up to full practice participation. Bears coach Matt Eberflus said the team will manage the workload of some of its veterans case by case based on the players’ needs.

Despite not working with Quinn much in person this summer, Eberflus said he stayed in contact with him and feels he is fully on board.

“His body feels great. His mind is good. He’s ready to go,” Eberflus said.

And while he’s here, Quinn, who played under Eberflus’ mentor, Rod Marinelli, with the Dallas Cowboys, seems eager to see how he will fare in the Bears’ new 4-3 defense.

“Knowing the type of defense we’re running, I’m very familiar with it,” he said. “Knock on wood, I plan to be successful for my personal self. I guess I know what I’m coming into, and that takes weight off my shoulders. You’re not coming into the building not knowing what’s about to happen. So I’m walking in here knowing exactly what they want from me, exactly what they expect from me and what I need to do. Again, that makes life a whole lot easier when you’re not walking in confused.”




Authorize reform? “I didn’t shake hands”

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Authorize Reform?

Now that President Biden has signed his party’s tax, climate, and IRS bill into law, the senator. Joe ManchinThe narrative is that a grateful Democratic Congress will move to repay its vote by authorizing reforms. This is what the party leaders have promised, he says. Yet the West Virginia senator’s influence has already faded.

Democratic representative. Raul Grijalva says he doesn’t feel “compelled” to support a license win for Mr Manchin. “I didn’t shake hands,” he told the Hill newspaper. “I did not participate in the negotiations. Mr Grijalva added that he and a handful of colleagues intended to ask for changes to be proposed to the House for a separate vote, not linked to the next government funding bill which could be a means of reform for overtake the progressives.


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Irctc shares rise over 4% after digital asset monetization news

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Irctc Shares Rise Over 4% After Digital Asset Monetization News

By August 19, 2022, 12:55 p.m. STI (Update)


These digital assets mentioned in the RFP include rail ticketing data, user base, and transactions related to passenger journeys. IRCTC aims to generate additional revenue by monetizing its digital assets.

Shares of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) soared more than 4% after the company issued a tender to hire a consultant to monetize digital assets on August 18.

As of 12:46 p.m., IRCTC shares were trading at Rs 748, up 4.8% from the previous close on BSE.

These digital assets mentioned in the RFP include rail ticketing data, user base, and transactions related to passenger journeys. IRCTC aims to generate additional revenue by monetizing its digital assets.

The shares also went commercial ex-dividend yesterday, August 18, after the PSU of Indian Railways set August 19, 2022 as the record date to finalize eligible shareholders for payment of the final dividend of the financial year 2022.

“The Company has set Friday, August 19, 2022 as the ‘record date’ for determining members’ entitlement to the final dividend for the year ending March 31, 2022, if approved at the AGM,” said IRCTC in a regulatory filing.

Shares of IRCTC were trading at Rs 675.8, up 0.85% from the previous close on BSE. The stock has gained over the past three days and is up 1.43% over the period.

For the financial year 2021-2022, the IRCTC Board has already approved a final dividend of Rs 1.50 per share. The interim dividend of Rs 2 per share, announced in February 2022, is in addition to the final dividend of Rs 1.5 per share. The dividend is subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

With this, the IRCTC also launched a tender to monetize rail ticketing data. Passenger data must be provided by the IRCTC, which could boost profits, as CNBC Awaaz reported.

What is an ex-dividend?

Ex-dividend refers to a stock that trades without the value of the next dividend payment. A stock is ex-dividend if it trades on or after the ex-dividend date. If you buy a stock after it has become ex-dividend, you will own the stock, but you will not get the next dividend payment for that stock. Instead, the payment will go to the person who sold you the stock.

For example, if a company with a share of Rs 335 rupees declares a dividend of Rs 5, on the ex-dividend date, the share price may fall to Rs 330, as the company no longer has those Rs 5 Typically, the ex-dividend date for a stock is one business day prior to the record date.

Ticketing activity collapses

The ticketing arm of Indian Railways saw an 820 basis point drop in its quarterly margin compared to the corresponding period a year ago. The IRCTC reported a net profit of Rs 248.5 crore for the quarter ended June 2022, almost three times higher than a year ago.

The revenue share of its internet ticketing unit fell to 35.4% for the April-June period, from 42.3% in the previous three months.


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Why can’t I ever see the Northern Lights from where I live?

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Why Can'T I Ever See The Northern Lights From Where I Live?

You know the drill: buzzing articles claim that the Northern Lights, the dazzling phenomenon known scientifically as the Northern Lights, could be seen in areas that don’t normally see them. People who grew up with pictures of spectacular views like these start daydreaming, maybe set an alarm for a late night out, maybe drive outside their city limits to try and avoid light pollution.

The latest news from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration sounds so positive. A geomagnetic storm is expected to peak Thursday at what is called a G3 level. Good but not great for aurora viewing — G5 is the highest. While the Northern Lights are usually only seen in very northern locations, there’s hope this storm could push them further south, and even states like Oregon or Pennsylvania could get a glimpse.


Oh NOAA, why do you keep breaking our hearts with the hope that we’ll see a dawn?


But so often as i wrote in 2020 when there were high hopes for aurora sightings, the forecast changes, the aurora borealis becomes timid and people are disappointed. Is this all a space scam?

Bill Murtagh, program coordinator at NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, is well aware that many of us would-be aurora watchers are disappointed time and time again.

It seems suspicious to me

Murtagh compared it to a conversation he had recently with someone who fishes for marlin, saying he asked them how many hours they’ve been out on the water hoping for their big catch, compared to the number of times they really succeed.

“(Fishing) is like (looking for) an aurora,” Murtagh told me. “You could be looking for him for hours, then the perfect storm of events happens and you finally see him.”

City disadvantage

If you live in a city — Murtagh was telling me about Boulder, Colorado, while I’m in Seattle — you’re already at a disadvantage.

“I’ve had people say, ‘I went looking for (the aurora) and I didn’t see anything! ‘” Murtagh told me. “And I say, ‘Well, where were you?’ And they say, ‘Downtown Denver.’ Ah, well, there’s this thing called light pollution…”

Light pollution is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, the brightening of the night sky in the city, caused by streetlights and other sources. This inhibits our ability to see stars and planets.

Cloud cover can be a problem

But let’s say you get in the car and drive from your city or suburb to a rural area with no street lights. There is one element beyond your control: the weather.

“If you got some kind of Washington state [weather pattern]good luck,” Murtagh said with a laugh, referring to my state’s famous cloudiness. And clouds can hover over any state at any time, making aurora sightings even harder to predict.

Do you still want to try?

And when, exactly, should you venture out to see the Northern Lights? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a prime block of time when the aurora is most likely to appear? Murtagh said that was unrealistic. You want it to be dark, but that’s about as accurate as predictions can get.

“There really is no specific time [that’s best]”, he told me. “Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘This time or that time is when you’ll see it.’”

aurora tourism

If seeing the aurora is on your bucket list and you have a bucket full of travel money, consider a trip to Alaska or northern Canada, or even northern Europe.

“Anchorage, Fairbanks, Yukon, Helsinki, northern Scandinavia, those are the places where you have a good chance of seeing (aurora),” Murtagh said.

There are even now tour operators arranging tours in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights.

“Aurora tourism is big business now,” Murtagh says.

Is it worth it?

So since seeing an aurora remains difficult, why do so many of us yearn to see them? Take another look at some of these wonderful photos and you might remember them.

“They are so majestic,” Murtagh said. “Seeing the sky swirl in shades of green and yellow, sometimes red and purple. It’s scary to see it sometimes. Anyone lucky enough to see it in all its glory knows that.”

don’t lose faith

Murtagh offered me and other townspeople some hope. If we had talked about the aurora hunt every month from 2018 to 2020, there would have been almost no news to report, he said, because the sun was experiencing solar minimum, the regular period of its cycle. solar 11 years where there is hardly any solar activity, such as sunspots and solar flares.

But this period is coming to an end and a solar maximum will take place from around 2024 to 2025.

“There will be more chances,” Murtagh said. “And no more false alarms too!”


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Will Borussia Dortmund move Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United?

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Will Borussia Dortmund Move Cristiano Ronaldo From Manchester United?

The summer transfer window is here, and there’s a lot of gossip swirling about who’s going where. Transfer Talk brings you all the latest buzz on rumours, whereabouts and, of course, deals!

TOP STORY: Cristiano Ronaldo will move to Dortmund?

Cristiano Ronaldo is pushing for a move from Manchester United to Borussia Dortmund, according to Bild.

As time ticks away on the remainder of the transfer window, the 37-year-old striker has informed his agent Jorge Mendes to offer him a transfer to the Bundesliga club, who can offer him Champions League football this season .

Despite Ronaldo calling speculation over his potential departure a ‘lie’, it seems the Portuguese star is planning to leave Old Trafford this summer. It is reported that the former Real Madrid and Juventus star is considering Dortmund as one of his last options, aiming to be the first player in history to win a domestic title in each of the four major leagues. Europeans.

Dortmund, who are currently in contact with Ronaldo’s representatives, are considering submitting an official proposal to the Red Devils, with BVB manager Edin Terzic considering another striker after Erling HaalandThe €60m exit to Man City.

The club has just signed Antoine Modeste from Cologne next Sebastien Hallerthe diagnosis of a testicular tumor which will cause him to miss several months.

– ESPN+ guide: LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, more (US)
– Stream ESPN FC Daily on ESPN+ (US only)
– You don’t have ESPN? Access immediately


08:19 BST: Athletic report that Chelsea are ready to send a defender Trevoh Chalobah loan.

Chalobah, 23, has been sidelined for Chelsea’s first two games of the 2022-23 season and wants to leave for more playing time.

A few Premier League and Serie A clubs are interested, but Chelsea don’t want him to leave on a permanent deal.

08:00 BST: Casemiro is considering accepting an offer to join Manchester United or continue his career at Real Madrid, sources have told ESPN.

The Brazilian midfielder wants to make a decision before the end of the week. Sources have told ESPN that a meeting took place between Casemiro’s entourage and Real Madrid on Wednesday night, with transfer compensation of €60 million plus €10 million in supplements and a four-year contract on the table.

Casemiro, 30, will also speak with Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti to find out more about the role he would have in the team following the arrival of Aurelien Tchouameni. The former Monaco midfielder started ahead of Casemiro in Madrid’s La Liga season opener against Almeria on Sunday.

According to sources, Ancelotti wants Casemiro to stay at the Bernabeu but will accept any decision made by the club and the player.

PAPER GOSSIP (by Adam Brown)

– Barcelona continue their search for a right-back with an interest in Ashraf Hakimirevealed The Chiringuito. The Blaugrana the hierarchy looked for an alternative signing after missing out on Chelsea Cesar Azpilicueta, and the 23-year-old Paris Saint-Germain star has now been identified as an ideal candidate, having already gained La Liga experience while playing for Real Madrid. However, as one of the best defenders in the world, he could cost upwards of €80m.

Asmir Begovic has been identified as a possible option for Manchester United as a substitute goalkeeper, the Telegraph reports. United are on the lookout Dean Henderson left Old Trafford to join Nottingham Forest on loan, and the 35-year-old Everton keeper is believed to be top of the list.

– Marseille is interested in acquiring Ruslan Malinovskyiaccording fabrice romano. The French club are eyeing the 29-year-old Atalanta attacking midfielder and it is reported that Cengiz Under could be involved in a player swap deal. The Ukraine international is interested in leaving the Serie A side with his eyes on a new challenge.

– With sources telling ESPN that Casemiro plans to move to Manchester United, Bruno Guimaraes has been identified as his potential replacement at Real Madrid, according to AS. The 24-year-old midfielder is seen as an ideal fit by Madrid, but joined Newcastle United from Lyon in January for a fee of £40million. Moreover, his contract is not expected to expire until the summer of 2026.

Memphis Depaythe potential transfer of Juventus could progress as the Bianconeri seek to advance negotiations by rescinding some of the remaining bonuses on their previous deal with Barcelona for Miralem Pjanic, writes Calciomercato. Massimiliano Allegri’s side have already agreed the personal terms of a two-year deal worth €6m per season with the 28-year-old Dutch international striker.


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Estonia claims to have withstood cyberattacks from Russian-linked hackers

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Estonia Claims To Have Withstood Cyberattacks From Russian-Linked Hackers


Estonia said it successfully resisted a major cyberattack launched by Russian-aligned hackers trying to take down the websites of government offices, banks and healthcare providers in the Baltic nation.

Wednesday’s attacks came as NATO member Estonia moved a Soviet-era World War II monument to a museum – an effort that has sparked controversy in a country with a large ethnic Russian population. But the incursions – distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, which involve hackers trying to flood websites with more users than they can handle – have failed. “With a few brief and minor exceptions, the websites remained fully available throughout the day,” said Luukas Ilves, Director of Government Information.

Estonia is one of the major software development centers in Europe. The Baltic republic of 1.3 million people – which regained its independence in 1991 after decades of rule from Moscow – is also one of Ukraine’s strongest supporters in the face of Russian invasion. Tallinn provided, per inhabitantmore military and humanitarian aid to Kyiv than to any other country.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, dubbed Europe’s “Iron Lady” for her refusal to compromise with the Kremlin over Ukraine, is also a world leader in efforts to deepen Western sanctions against Moscow.

Killnet, a pro-Russian hacking group, claimed responsibility for the attacks on its Telegram channel. He said he tried to cut off access to hundreds of websites in sectors including finance, health, education, government services and utilities. In June, Killnet also sought to overwhelm Lithuanian public service websites after that country began enforcing EU sanctions against a Russian enclave. Lithuanian officials said a cyberattack compromised access to more than 130 websites in late June.

Robert Potter, co-founder and managing director of Internet 2.0, an Australian cybersecurity company, said this week’s attack on Estonia was a high-intensity, short-term campaign, and that these efforts are ” generally less sophisticated”.

“Opponents are trading precision for scale. Therefore, it is best to interpret these attacks as messages rather than campaigns designed to destroy,” he said.

In 2007, Estonia suffered a massive cyberattack by hackers suspected of having ties to the Kremlin. Hackers crippled mail servers and forced a major bank to shut down online services for more than an hour. Many Estonian websites were forced to temporarily cut themselves off from the rest of the world, in what was the first known instance of a major nation-to-nation cyberattack. These attacks also took place after Estonia moved a Soviet-era World War II monument. Moscow has denied any involvement.

Estonian leader calls for faster help for Ukraine amid signs of war fatigue

The 2007 attacks prompted the small Baltic country to improve its cybersecurity infrastructure, making it better prepared for this latest strike. It has a voluntary civilian cyber defense league and hosts an annual NATO-led cybersecurity training operation, the largest such exercise in the world. Microsoft also ranks Estonia high in its Digital Futures Index, which measures factors such as e-governance capabilities and digital infrastructure sophistication.

“Although subject to the most widespread cyberattacks, [Estonia] is stronger than we were in 2007″, Kallas wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

This week, Estonia removed a World War II Soviet T-34 tank from a monument near the Russian border. Officials said modern Russian tanks were now being used to kill innocent people in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has “ripped the wounds in our society that these communist monuments remind us of,” Kallas said recently.


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Indian higher education startup Sunstone raises $35 million – TechCrunch

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Indian Higher Education Startup Sunstone Raises $35 Million – Techcrunch

Sunstone, a higher education startup that works with academic institutions to help their students improve their skills for employability, has raised $35 million in a new funding round as it seeks to spread to other Indian cities.

Sunstone’s founders said Friday that WestBridge Capital led the startup’s Series C funding round. Alteria Capital also participated in the funding, which brings its round to date to approximately $68 million.

There are thousands of colleges and management institutions in India, but apart from those that top the rankings, most are unable to attract enough students. Their programs are also generally outdated and they struggle to get their students to get jobs.

Founded in 2019, Sunstone addresses these challenges by offering students a wide range of additional courses and helping them find jobs, co-founder Piyush Nangru told TechCrunch in an interview.

“Colleges operate at 40% occupancy. This amounts to a perishable inventory for them, due to which they are unable to amass resources and hence the quality of education suffers,” he said. “We partner with these institutions to provide soft skills and development courses as well as campus life programs for students to improve the quality of their education.”

Through these partnerships, the institutes continue to offer hundreds of hours of “core” courses to students. “Take the MBA, for example. It is a 900 hour program, which covers key topics like accounting, marketing and finance. The curriculum is outdated, so we are integrating our own 600-hour modules – half of which are soft skills focussed and the rest industry ready skills – on top of that,” he explained.

Indian Higher Education Startup Sunstone Raises $35 Million – Techcrunch

Piyush Nangru (left) and Ashish Munjal co-founded Sunstone in 2019.

Part of the value proposition of the New Delhi-based startup, which currently services undergraduate and postgraduate students at more than 40 institutions in nearly three dozen Indian cities, is bringing parity in the quality of education and employment opportunities in all establishments with which it is a partner.

“India’s higher education system is on the brink of a long overdue transformation,” said Ashish Munjal, co-founder and chief executive of Sunstone. “Sunstone is well positioned to enable this change and impact the lives of millions of students. Over the years, we have made significant progress in this direction, but we still have a long way to go, because the market opportunities and the problems that we are trying to solve are very important. »

Sunstone, which says it has grown 10-fold over the past two years, is currently focusing on business schools. It is also beginning to expand into engineering and other tech sectors and that expansion is part of how it plans to roll out the new funds, the founders said.

“Over the past year, we have seen Sunstone grow and continue to improve the quality of education provided to every student. Seeing the ever-increasing demand and its potential to be a major disruptor, we are delighted to double our investment to support its mission to transform the higher education sector in India,” said Sandeep Singhal, Managing Partner, WestBridge Capital , in a press release.


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