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Copyrights And Copying Off a Screen Print of Google Earth

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Have you ever had one of your friends or family print off a Yahoo or Google Map to tell you how to get to a family event or party? It happens all the time, but did you know there’s a good chance they are breaking copyright law? That sounds pretty funny doesn’t it? However, you might be doing this in your small business if you are having a sale and you print off directions to your business on a flyer. I’ve even seen maps in the Yellow Pages which were printed right from Yahoo Maps, they even left in the copyright. That’s interesting isn’t it?

On one hand Yahoo maps is getting the credit, and it is an advertisement in itself for them, but it is also a copyright violation for the individual who printed it off. Yahoo and Google obviously expect people to print the screen for their maps, and they even have easy print versions, although it does contain the copyright at the bottom. Now then, what about using the satellite pictures of Google Earth, or the Street view and printing those off as well? Is that allowed? Obviously Google maintains the copyright. Let’s discuss this for a few moments if we might. You see, in 1790 the first US copyright law was created covering;


But over the years since it has come to cover a myriad of other things such as, but not limited to;

Motion Pictures
Radio and Television Broadcasts
Cable re-broadcasts
Satellite Re-transmissions
Computer Software

Regardless of how that information is stored it is copyrightable. It is assumed to be copyrighted, and those that have created this information are entitled to that copyright. Not long ago, I was talking to a commercial real estate agent who copied off a file from a Street View on Google Maps, showing me a business location for sale. Interestingly enough he had that same picture on his website in the “for sale” listings. Now we are starting to get into trouble aren’t we? All that information is protected by copyright law.

Some might say that Google wouldn’t care, and that’s probably true. After all, Google has copied off quite a bit of past period works, old books, and such for instance. Nevertheless, when someone starts putting this information on their website in the same medium in which Google had produced it they are violating copyrights even if Google isn’t going to go after some lowly commercial real estate salesperson. Even if the entire industry starts doing it, it is doubtful that Google would want to file a lawsuit, or a series of lawsuits to stop it.

They don’t need the bad publicity, but that doesn’t make it all right. And therefore I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you’d like to discuss this at a much higher level, then please shoot me an e-mail.


“How to Handle Basic Copyright and Trademark Problems,” by Richard Dannay Chairman of the Practicing Law Institute Audio Cassette Program, New York, 1990, 4-cassettes on 7 sides 30-minutes each.



The Benefits of Woodworking

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What is Woodworking?

Woodworking is the known as the building or the creation of objects out of wood. You can create a lot of different objects from woodworking and these objects can be as big as gazebos or as small as wooden toys. No matter how big or small your personal project may be you will be very likely to accomplish that goal with woodworking. In addition, woodworking has many personal as well as emotional benefits! In this article I am going to briefly identify some of these benefits for you.

Woodworking as a Career:

A lot of people who love to work with their hands have turned that love into a career through woodworking. People who build things out of wood are generally known as carpenters. Carpenters can work on a variety of woodworking projects and job types. For instance, some carpenters own their carpentry business and these individuals have the luxury to set their work hours. This benefit allows carpenters the opportunity to spend more time with their families and have less job stress. Raising children is a really difficult task no matter what way you approach the task! For a carpenter who owns his or her own business, this task might not be as hard because that individual will have more time to be a part of his or her child’s life. By playing a bigger role in the life of your child you will be having a greater impact on the type of character that child develops into, which is a huge concern for any loving parent. In addition to these benefits, carpentry can also have health benefits as well.

Physical Health Benefits of Woodworking:

Woodworking requires working with and carrying wood around a lot. This results in more physical activity, which results in better physical health. Keeping your body physically fit is really important and can help prevent the occurrence of various illnesses later on in life. By being physically fit you can reduce chances that you will have a heart attack, have seizures, become a diabetic, and reduce the chances of having a number of other illnesses.

Do It Yourself Woodworking Saves Money:

I always feel like I paid way too much when I go to home improvement stores and buy patio furniture, and I am sure that I am not the only person who has felt this way! A successful business owner once told me to always increase the sales price of a product to double what you obtained it for. This way, you can always reduce the product to 50 percent off and still come out without acquiring any losses. This seems like it might be the same tactic that home improvement stores use in selling their wooden furniture products. Regardless, there is a way that you can get around paying the extra money and that has to do with building it yourself. Luckily, there are several really good woodworking products that offer thousands of detailed woodworking plans for hundreds of different project types. So, you can really build anything you want or see in any home improvement store. Doing something yourself does take a little bit of time but the time is well spent when you end up saving hundreds of dollars as a result of your hard work.

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SEO Content and Small Business Article Marketing Services

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SEO content refers to the content of your website or blog. This can be in the form of the text on your web pages or blog posts, or the images, navigation bars and blog sidebars, all of which affect your search engine ranking. It can also include small business article marketing services to advertise your business web-wide. How do you make the best use of these components of your website or blog?

You could use professional SEO companies with their promises of page #1 listings (how can they guarantee this to everyone?) or professional article ghostwriters. However, nobody can guarantee you success. What they should be doing is guaranteeing you good education, and teaching you how to write your own web content, how to look after your own SEO content an how to look after your article marketing yourself.

SEO Content: What is it?

SEO content refers to the visible and invisible (to humans) components of your website or blog. The visible SEO content comprises the text, images and tables on your website, and also the sidebars of your blog. The text includes the title of your page, the header for the page and any sub-headers, and also HTML links to internal and external web pages.

Few people understand how to optimize such SEO content. That is likely because they have no understanding of Google and the robots it uses to assess your website. It is not my purpose here to explain how Google indexes individual web pages rather than entire domains, nor how it ranks individual pages in the SERPS. That is because I do not know, and neither does anybody else but a few Google employees.

The best we can do is observe and draw conclusions. Here is what that observation has told me:

Keywords & Keyword Density

Keywords are not important. Well, they are, but only if you have too many. Keyword stuffing is poison to your entire website, while restraint in their use will pay dividends in your ranking. Forget keyword density and write naturally, while using your keyword phrase where appropriate – but not too much.

2% KD is too much. 1% is too much unless the text reads well using it, and that level of use of keyword is necessary. 0.5% is not too little if that is all that is needed, and 0% can also gain you a Page #1 listing. The point is that keywords should be used where appropriate, but not just to meet some mythical figure. 0% can be fine if the algorithms can assess the topic and main emphasis of your page.

Note where and how frequently I use the main keyword ‘SEO content‘ in this article. It is 1.05%, and used only where it appears natural to do so.

Article Marketing Services

Article marketing services are designed to write articles on you topics, and then submit them to several article directories in your name. Sometimes the name of the original author or article ghostwriter must remain, but this does not change the benefit of the service to you. Your landing page URL still remains in the resource and anywhere else you have published it meantime.

In spite of what many say, article marketing is live and kicking. It is still possible to publish articles in a large number of directories, each article containing your advert at the bottom in the form of an ‘Author Resource.’ You get the benefit of your article being published by every site that copies it. Every copy is not only a potential backlink, but also a potential click to your site.

Relevance of Article Clicks and Backlinks

The benefits from the clicks and backlinks from your published articles might seem lost on most laymen because they are not obvious. Each link can contribute to your Google ranking – if it is published on a page relating to your target web page. If it is not, then such links can harm you.

For example, a backlink to your dog training page from a PageRank 2 page on the topic of dog breeds is better than a backlink from a PR8 page on SEO. In fact, while the former might contribute to a higher ranking, the latter will help your page to be delisted. Relevance is all-important.

Were you to receive just one tip on SEO, then it would be to remove every link to each individual web page that is not directly related to its subject matter. SEO content and article marketing involve more than just writing. They relate to content, relevance and how search engines work.

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Chiropractic Care For Headaches

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Headaches are unpleasant whether frequent, infrequent or life-stopping like migraines. Nobody wants them. Most people suffering from headache turn toward pain relief medications. Though medications are effective in suppressing the symptoms, the headache keeps running its marathon in your head. I would recommend you to take a look at what could be causing your headache and not just mask the symptoms with medications.

You do not get rid of a weed by cutting of its branches or pulling out a few leaves; you uproot it! It’s the same with all bodily aches and pains associated with diseases and other causes. You have to treat the problem as a whole and avoid hacking aimlessly at the symptoms. This is the area of wellness expertise where chiropractic care stands out from other remedies for pain relief and specifically for headaches.

Understanding your headache: Types and triggers

Depending on whether your headache is caused by underlying medical conditions, a headache may be classified as primary or secondary headache.

Primary headaches are usually migraines, tension-generated headaches, cervicogenic (characterized by pain on the side of the head) and cluster headaches. 90-95% of all headaches are of the Primary kind. These are triggered by lifestyle disorders like stress and muscle tension in the neck, upper back and scalp, insomnia, blood sugar levels, constant bad posture and lack of proper movement and exercise.

Secondary headaches are only 5-10% of all headaches experienced by people. They are caused by underlying medical conditions like pressure on the brain or skull caused by tumors or head injury and sometimes infection. These are warning signals about other complications.

Chiropractic intervention for treatment of headaches

Chiropractors believe that:

– There is a dynamic relationship between lifestyle, environment and health.

– The intimate relationship of the centrally-located spine and the nervous system and the capacities of the human body.

– The human body has the ability to recuperate given the help to correct imbalances created by external or internal causes.

When patients present to my office for the treatment of headaches, I consider their medical history; ask about their lifestyle, typical daily activities, and diet.

I perform spinal adjustments, specifically in the neck region in the case of cervicogenic headaches, to relieve stress and improve spinal function. I also treat the surrounding muscles that attach on the spinal joints to take pressure off of the joints. Tension headaches also respond well to chiropractic adjustments.

General advice for a headache-free life

– Keep yourself well hydrated – drink lots of water, avoid diuretic drinks like alcohol, tea and coffee.

– Moderate exercise is good for everyone; aerobics or walking.

– Take stretching and movement breaks between sedentary working hours.

– Sleep well and eat non-inflammatory food.

Headaches are not normal. You do not have to live with them. With simple lifestyle changes and chiropractic routine you can look forward to a headache-free future. As more and more patients who approach chiropractors have discovered, drug therapy is accompanied by side effects over time and treats pain only at the symptom level. The underlying cause remains hidden and triggers recurring headaches.

Today’s surveys and national studies show that patients undergoing chiropractic treatment experience sustained reduction in frequency of headaches than those patients on drugs for the same.

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Athens Laboratory of Business Administration Business School

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Athens laboratory of business administration is a collaboration comprising of 85 large Greek conglomerates. The goal of Athens lab of business administration is to nurture a novel cohort of managers, from Greece, nevertheless similarly from other republics in the eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and eastern Europe, proficient of functioning in a comprehensive milieu, and fortified with the indispensable skills for becoming managers and promoters of revolution and progress in the county. It does so by proposing an arduous postgraduate business edification of the premier intercontinental standards, reformed to the state of affairs of the underdeveloped parsimonies and civilizations nearby Greece. The Athens laboratory of profession administration functions below the patronages of the coalition of Greek productions, the Hellenic management association likewise the foremost directors’ association in Greece and the Athens chamber of commerce and industry. Athens laboratory of business administration was established in 1992 in Athens, Greece. Athens laboratory of business administration was the paramount non-state business school to be grounded in Greece. It has thrived in enticing subsidy from Greek firms and business professionals as well as has one awarded chair and two artistic professorships.

The chief educational efforts are being apprehended through its topmost superiority, extremely challenging theoretical programs: Athens laboratory of profession administration’s coaching faculty embraces a trivial nub of inhabitant and visiting professors hired from the leading business schools about the sphere, counting instead, London business school, Harvard business school, Wharton and stern school of business (nyu) etc. the entire faculty of Athens laboratory of business administration is demonstrating the management academics throughout the world, with wide-ranging teaching, research and referring experience and a robust periodical repute in high-level worldwide academic journals.

The Admission prerequisites encompass:

Applicants are requisite to hold the proficiency (proficiency of Cambridge or proficiency of Michigan) or proceeds the TOFEL (100 minimum score-Athens lab of business administration code 0942), or the IELTS (7.0 minimum score), except if bachelor’s degree has been conferred from an English academic institution. A least gmat score of 550 or gre score of 580 is probable (Athens lab of profession administration mba gmat code 3bm-38-74 and gre di code 0942) The Athens lab of business administration consents submissions the entire year & contenders are invigorated to smear as soon as possible. Conversely, applications acknowledged after the commencement of the program will not be appraised for the existing intake, but will undoubtedly be appraised for next year’s intake. Athens laboratory of business administration graduate business school at the American college of Greece maneuvers as a seminary, discloses students of any race, color and national or folkloric source, and does not distinguish in any of its programs.

For details contact:

• Address: Xenias 6, Athina 115 28, Greece

• Phone: +30 21 0896 4531

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How To Expand Your Family Law Practice: Ten Money Making Tips For Divorce Lawyers

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The divorce rate in the United States is likely to rise over the next five years due to the ten sociological trends that will be outlined below.

These changes will create an abundance of work and opportunities for family lawyers and matrimonial lawyers.

  1. In a bad economy, some people stay in bad relationships because they feel trapped. In short, they can not afford to leave their spouse. Today’s economy is quite strong. Home prices are rising and the stock market has been on the rise. Many people who are unhappy with their marriages can now afford to terminate these unfulfilling relationships.
  2. The opioid crisis, the heroin crisis, the increase in alcohol abuse will create a lot of familial stress and will contribute to marital disintegration in America. Interestingly, many private corporations are now investing in drug treatment center to profit from the increased need for these services.
  3. Domestic violence often coexists with addictions and substance abuse. Spouses in violent relationships will need to be protected by family lawyers and by the criminal justice system.
  4. The rising number of people who are addicted to pornography, video games and social media will continue to put a strain on marriages and on family life. Many clinicians and attorneys are seeing the impact of these kinds of addictions on marriages and on intimate relationships.
  5. Laws allowing same sex marriages create more relationships. More relationships means that there will also be more relationships which end in divorce.
  6. Internet dating has made it very easy to meet, to hook up with people and find another spouse. Consequently, people are not afraid of being alone and will not hesitate to remove themselves from an unhappy marriage.
  7. The public is now more aware of the value and utility of pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements. Attorneys will need to create more and more of these contracts.
  8. Infertility treatments are creating many complicated legal issues for couples. Who owns the fertilized eggs is merely one example of the kind of legal issues that this relatively new technology is generating for families and for their lawyers.
  9. The growth of mediation will simplify and shorten the divorce process and make it easier and less expensive to terminate a failing marriage. Consequently, more people will be likely to utilize the legal system to end their marriages.
  10. Similarly, collaborative divorce is gaining in popularity and is creating another viable route to divorce for some couples in America.
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How to Know When Scammers Are Calling

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  1. Mostly telephone sales calls are made by legitimate businesses promoting legitimate products or services.

    But where honest firms look for new customers, so do scammers. Phone fraud is a multi-billion dollar business involving the sale of everything from bad or nonexistent investments to the selling misrepresented products and services. If you have a telephone you are a prospect, becoming a victim is largely up to you.

  2. There is no way to determine positively if a sales call is legitimate simply by talking to someone on the phone.

    No matter what or how many questions you ask, skilled scammers have practiced answers. That’s why sales calls should be treated with caution. People or companies that are unknown to you should be checked out before you buy or invest. Legitimate callers have nothing to hide.

  3. Phone scammers are likely to know more about you than you realise.

    Depending on where they got your name in the first place, they may know your age and income, health and hobbies, occupation and marital status, education, the home you live in, what magazines you read, and whether you’ve bought by phone in the past.

    Even if your name came from the phone book, telephone con men (and women) assume that, like most people, you would be interested in having more income, that you’re receptive to a bargain, that you are basically sympathetic to people in need, and that you are reluctant to be discourteous to someone on the phone. As admirable as such characteristics may be, they help make the scammer’s job easier. Scammers also exploit less admirable characteristics, such as greed.

  4. Fraudulent telemarketers have one thing in common: They are skilled liars and experts at the verbal ‘snow job’. Their success depends on it. Many are coached to “say whatever it takes” by operators of the “boiler rooms” where they work at rows of phone desks making hundreds of repetitious calls, hour after hour. The first words uttered by most victims of phone fraud are, “the caller sounded so believable…”
  5. Perpetrators of phone fraud are extremely good at sounding as though they represent legitimate businesses.

    They offer investments, sell subscriptions, provide products for homes and offices, promote travel and vacation plans, describe employment opportunities, solicit donations,and the list goes on. Never assume you’ll “know a phone scare when you hear one.” Even if you’ve read stories of the kinds of schemes most commonly practiced, innovative scammers constantly devise new ones.

  6. The motto of telemarketer scammers is, “just give us a few good ‘mooches,'” one of the terms they use to describe their victims.

    Even though most victims are normally intelligent and prudent people, even the scammers express amazement at how many people “seem to keep their cheque books by the phone!” Sadly, some families part with savings they worked years to accumulate on the basis of little more than a 15-minute phone conversation — less time than they’d spend considering the purchase of a household appliance.

  7. The person who “initiates” the phone call may be you.

    It’s not uncommon for phone crooks to use direct mailings and advertise in reputable publications to encourage prospects to make the initial contact. It’s another way swindlers imitate the perfectly acceptable marketing practices of legitimate businesses. Thus, just because you may have written or phoned for “additional information” about an investment, product, or service doesn’t mean you should be any less cautious about buying by phone from someone you don’t know.

  8. Victims of a phone scam almost never get their money back — or, at best, no more than a few cents on the dollar.

    Despite efforts of law enforcement and regulatory agencies to provide what help they can to victims, scammers generally do the same thing other people do when they get money — they spend it!

  9. Before you call any number back you can do a quick reverse phone number lookup and have more information about the telemarketer than they have on you.

With broadband internet services and our cordless telephones, it is actually possible to run a background check with a reverse phone number lookup while the swindlers are still on the telephone to you.

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