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10 Tips to Select the Best Domain Name for Your Website

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1. Start with Keywords

Before logging into on your favorite domain registrar, take the time to brainstorm a few ideas. it could be useful to have 3 to 5 keywords in thoughts while doing this workout. these words and phrases have to in reality define what you do (or need to do). mix and mash them together and see what looks proper and makes experience. Don’t pressure the technique – just let it flow.

for instance, let’s say you are beginning a local bakery. some terms you want to comprise could be your town, fresh bread, baked goods, bakery and so on.

2. Make it unique

Your domain is part of your brand. making sure it stands out is important for you and your users. Having a domain that resembles another famous brand is never a terrific idea as it could cause confusion.

Be careful that you’re not trying to be too unique, but. Forcing an alternative spelling of a common word can cause massive trouble. An example stated in the eBook, “The art of SEO: mastering SEO,” is that of the famous image site Flickr.

while the site founders established their area, they did now not use the usual spelling,, and they may have lost visitors. They ended up having to buy the spelled domain and have the additional domain redirect to

3. Go for a.COM

In case you are critical about building a long-term brand online, there may be not anything higher than the usage of a 301-redirect to drive visitors to a. internet is the first-class, however owning or the equivalent TLD for your goal market country is critical.

There are several reasons why these topic, however the maximum essential one is for your users. while there are hundreds of TLDs to select from,.com still carries the maximum trust with it.

Many internet users are still unaware that the opposite TLDs exist and can hesitate to click on after they see one. Make it easy for your customers and choose You’ll thank me in the long run.

4. Make it clean to type

if your URL is hard to kind, people won’t. difficult words to spell and long URL strings can be frustrating to your stop users.certain, you may add a nice keyword with a long URL, however if it negatively impacts the person experience, you’ll suffer.

5. Make it memorable

word-of-mouth marketing is still the best of all. if you want to help your brand spread faster, make your domain smooth to consider. Having a great website won’t matter if no one can remember your area name.

6. Keep it Brief

Shorter URLs are easier to type and remember. they also allow more of the URL to show up in the search engines, they match on business cards better and they look better in other offline media.

7. Create and meet expectations

what is the expectation you want to set while a person hears your URL for the first time? If they can’t grasp what you do or who you are, you have a problem. while sites like Amazon, Trulia, Google and Trivago sound cool, it takes loads greater marketing and branding to make them work. domains like and all will let you know what to expect up front.

8. Build your Logo

If you can’t find a top area that meets the previous rule, use the branding to distinguish yourself.

the usage of a unique moniker is a great manner to build extra fee. Take notice that, because of this want for brand-building, you’ll be slower to advantage traction than if you used a greater easy and easy domain. but, if performed, the effort can pay off.

9. Don’t fall for trends

Simply because some thing is trending now, it doesn’t suggest it will. Copying what a person else is doing can lead you down the incorrect route. live far from strange spellings and masses of hyphens or numbers. maintain it easy, centered and smooth to don’t forget.

10. Try a domain selection tool

In case you are having a tough time brainstorming for a concept, no concerns, the internet has your again.try the usage of a website selection tool to help you discover the perfect area. tools like DomainsBot or NameMesh can help you locate that perfect domain. but remember to stick to the advice above while using those gear.



What Is Business Car Leasing?

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For companies, renewing your fleet vehicles with a business car lease is the ideal way to finance new cars. They help spread the payments over the months and avoid a single lump sum having to be put through the books.

Bank managers and financial annalists will also view the purchase of vehicles through car leasing arrangements as a positive statement of business longevity. They also make sense as car-leasing deals often include the vehicles maintenance and servicing within the agreement to, so you will be saving money on running costs as well.

The initial payment on a car leasing deal is normally the equivalent of three months payment. Two months as a deposit and the third part as the month’s rental, plus an administration fee of between £100 and £200. At the end of the agreement you can usually carry over the deposit from your first car onto any subsequent vehicle you take a lease out on.

Once you take delivery of your new car, you then have to make, in the case of a one-year contract, nine further payments, or 33 payments if you take the contract over three years. Before finally handing the car back to the dealer.

So what is in the deal for business users?

The monthly payments, along with providing you with a new car will also include full maintenance, routine maintenance and servicing, tyres and exhausts. Many of the larger organisations also provide roadside assistance with the likes of the AA or RAC and annual road tax.

Dealers will quite often provide a dedicated accident manager along with a freephone line for booking appointments and services and a network of courtesy cars and picks to assist business users.

The customising, company livery and installing gadgets such as sat nav, mobile phone kits and tracking systems, along with fuel cards to keep an eye on running costs.

All cars financed under a car leasing scheme need to have fully comprehensive cover and despite being able to get cars at a preferential rate your insurance cost will more than likely be at the full rate. You may need to bear this in mind when deciding what type of vehicle to take out.

It can also be possible to take out a newly new car leasing deal with certain companies. What you need keep in mind here is the type of car you consider. Traditional fleet cars like Mondeo and Vectra loose value early on in the life cycle and so you may be able to get some good deals here.

Higher end cars that hold value, such as BMW, VW or Audi will not depreciate as much during the early years and will not represent that much of a saving over taking delivery of a brand new car. These cars will represent a less appealing option for those considering newly new offers.

Over all though, businesses users that take on cars through leasing deals will find that under current market conditions, this possibly represents the best way to fund your company cars.

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Finding A Car With A Long Life Expectancy

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According to Consumer Reports, the average car will last 150,000 miles. If you are buying a newer model and keeping it properly maintained, it may last until 200,000. That still leaves a few car shopping expeditions in the average consumers lifetime. For many of us, car shopping fills us with dread. So we want to start with a car that is naturally inclined to last longer than average.

Honda and Toyota still lead the pack in producing the most reliable cars. But according to a 2010 issue of Consumer Reports, General Motors is stepping up its game to improve previous models and some new models, such as the Cadillac SRX, the Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox and the Buick LaCrosse V6 have a reliable rating from the beginning. Ford remains the most reliable of American made models, while Chrysler is the lowest ranked. And the car hailed by Consumer Reports as yielding the best predicted reliability was the Porsche Boxster.

Retired schoolteacher Irv Gordon drove his red 1966 Volvo P1800 for 2.5 million miles and holds the current Guinness World Record, as certified in the mid 1990s. Of course, such occurrences are extremely rare. But there are services available and steps you can take to increase the longevity of your car, most of which concern the taking proper care and maintenance per the vehicles manual.

A good start for any car owner is to read the manual. Consult it often, and don’t be afraid to take any questions to the dealership. Another simple step is to keep the car clean. Spending oodles of money isn’t necessary, but you should be sure to keep up with routine maintenance. Check fluids every few months (or as suggested by the car manual) to make sure they stay at the proper levels. These include radiator coolant and brake, windshield washer, power steering and transmission fluids. This is very important because these fluids lubricate different parts to reduce friction, heat, and the overall wearing down that can occur over time. Check your manual to see how often the oil and oil filter should be changed; the answer can differ depending on how many miles you drive.

So, if you want to buy a car that will outlast the average of 150,000 miles, start with a car that has a dependable reliability rating, such as a Honda, Acura, Subaru or Ford. If you are buying used, be sure and run a vehicle history report. You can save time searching for your car by using a car search engine such as Piefind searches multiple classifies ads to bring you a list of relevant possibilities, saving you time and energy.

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Hiking The Disney Trail

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Heralded as the most difficult and steep trail in northwest Georgia, this short trail climbs up to Rocky Face which is a mountain west of Dalton Georgia. The area is also the site of the Battle of Rocky Face back in May 8-10, 1864. The name of this trail pays tribute to a Confederate Civil War soldier of the 4th Kentucky Infantry. A historical marker of George Disney’s grave is located on US41 near Mill Creek Gap at Georgia State Patrol headquarters. This is one of the oldest trails in Georgia which has been used for more than 80 years to access the Rocky Face.

The trail is part of the Rocky Face Trail System which is also an access point to the north section of the mountain where the Army of Tennessee held their defense during the Civil War. The battle occurred in Dug Gap and Mill Creek Gap which went on for two days until William T. Sherman overtook Joseph E. Johnston’s battalion.

The lone grave was discovered in 1912 by the Dalton Boy Scouts who trekked the mountain that year. Led by their scoutmaster, they made a project of creating a pathway to the site and restoring the lone grave. The Disney Trail even existed 20 years prior to the Appalachian Trail. The trailhead starts at a short and steep climb that leads to a historic level road that stays close to the mountain’s curve that reaches further to Mill Creek Gap.

Along this gap, the trail then begins another sharp ascend, this time to the top of Rocky Face Ridge where George Disney’s lone grave is situated nearby. Expect the trail to become more challenging and demanding halfway through it as the path becomes steeper while making a series of switchbacks. Continue further to the top of the mountain until you reach the grave of George Disney. This ultimately marks the focal point of the Disney Trail.

On your return, you may access another 6 miles of trail blazes but the trail further has not yet been fully developed at all. For the adventurous ones, you may take these trails that take you to the ridgetop at the Hardee Trail that has its trailhead back at Dug Gap Park. To the right of this trails, you will approach the Palisades trail where you can emerge to the spectacular views of the Ridge and Valley Section of northwest Georgia.

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Tow Vehicle Capacity

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If you already have the vehicle that you plan to tow with, you need to find a trailer that is within the weight range of your vehicle. This was a common problem I ran into during my days as an RV Sales Manager. Customers would come in to purchase a travel trailer only to find out that their tow vehicle did not have a very good tow rating. It can be extremely frustrating to go out and find the perfect travel trailer or fifth wheel and then be told that you can’t tow it. On the other hand it can be worse if you go to a less reputable RV dealer and the sales person tells you that you can tow it! This happens every day, and this is why you need to be armed with the right information before you buy.

It is not my intention to upset any RV dealers, but if you go to a dealership and they don’t ask you for information about the tow vehicle it would be wise to go elsewhere. The first question my salespeople were required to ask was if you already had a tow vehicle. If so, they would look in our towing book and identify the tow capacity for your particular vehicle. Then we would inform you of your options. We lost many sales because the customer could not safely pull the camper they wanted, but we did not allow them to jeopardize themselves or their family.

If you don’t already have the tow vehicle, it’s a good idea to find the camper you want first and then buy a vehicle that is capable of safely towing it. I will caution you again, be careful if you listen to the salesperson at the auto dealership. They are only interested in selling you a vehicle, and a large percentage of salespeople do not understand vehicle tow ratings. Call a reputable RV dealer and ask them to check the vehicles tow rating before you buy it.

I once had a customer that found the camper they wanted and went to purchase a new truck. The salesperson told him the truck could tow 10,000 pounds. He went on to show my customer where 10,000 pounds was stamped into the hitch receiver on the back of the truck. The 10,000 pounds stamped in the receiver is what the receiver itself is rated for. It has absolutely nothing to do with the tow rating for the truck. My customer bought the truck and brought it to us to have the brake control and wiring done. I looked the truck up in my book and it was rated to tow 5,400 pounds. The camper weighed 6,000 pounds. I could write a book about stories like this, but our goal is to prevent this from happening to you.

There are many things to consider before you buy a tow vehicle. How often do you plan to tow? Where do you plan to tow? Is this vehicle going to be used strictly for towing, or will you be using it for everyday driving too? Are you interested in a pop-up, travel trailer or fifth wheel? How much does the camper you want weigh? Once you have answered these questions you can start looking for that perfect tow vehicle.

The manufacturer determines a vehicles tow rating. It is the maximum amount of weight that the vehicle can safely tow. The manufacturer takes many factors into consideration when determining a tow rating. They look at the vehicles engine size, transmission, axle ratio, chassis, suspension, brakes, tires, cooling capacity and many other things. Now this may all sound complicated, but the bottom line is how much can the vehicle safely tow. Do not assume that just because you’re buying a truck it can tow a lot of weight. Most manufacturers offer vehicles with tow packages. A tow package upgrades the vehicles suspension, brakes, tires, and cooling system. They also add items like engine and transmission oil coolers to protect the vehicles major components when you are towing.

Happy Camping,

Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101

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Protecting Your Car From Theft Using GPS Technology

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One of the worst feelings in the world is walking back to where you parked your car and finding it gone. If you have a really nice car that is your pride and joy or just a very expensive vehicle then you should consider using a WorldTracker GPRS Extreme or another type of GPS device. If you use a GPS real-time locating device you can protect your car with a good probability of reducing damage, an alarm, real time tracking, and a GPS is very reliable.

When you use a GPS real time tracking system with your car then you have the ability to know where your car is at all times. They work in real time. This means that they are updated every 15 seconds or so as the vehicle is moving down the road. If someone steals your car they won’t make it very far before you have located your vehicle and can have the police go retrieve it. A WorldTracker GPRS Extreme is an excellent GPS that has an integrated alarm system in it. You can receive an alarm signal from the moment the car begins to move out of the parking spot. This means that the thief may not get too far because you will know the moment they begin to move. If you suspect your children are sneaking the car out at night when you go to bed a GPS is the best thing you can use.

One of the best ways you can protect your car is with a GPS device like a WorldTracker GPRS Extreme. If you drive a vehicle that is on the high theft list then you really want one of these. Even if your car makes it across the border and into Mexico or Canada you will know exactly where it is. Knowing where the thief is with your car allows you to retrieve it quicker. This means they have your car for less of an amount of time which means that you can expect less damage to occur also. Most thieves completely trash a vehicle when they have a long period of time with it.

The best way to protect your vehicle is to use a GPS tracking device on your car. They are small and can be placed virtually anywhere on the inside or the outside of the vehicle. You can retrieve your vehicle much quicker than you can if you don’t have a device. Now you can find out exactly where your car is and have the police be right on top of a thief with your car. That means less damage and less of a chance the thieves make it to another country.

It also gets you your pride and joy back home where it belongs.

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Landscaping Ideas For Your Home Or Business

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When you have decided to make changes or additions to your current home or commercial landscaping, you will have loads of different options available to you. From selection of materials, laying out your desired design, getting measurements, establishing a budget, and time frames for project completion. Making the most of your current space while at the same time looking forwards towards landscape design ideas that suit you will be extremely important.

There are nearly infinite possibilities when it comes to the different landscaping designs that can be developed today. Tools and materials are more widely available for a broader range of landscape styles and designs, which makes it possible to really look at all of the different themes that are available. Here are some things to consider before you draw up plans.

What Sort Of Budget Are You Working With?

A big factor in choosing a landscape design is not only your likes and dislikes, but also the sort of budgeting you are working with. This will be one of the most determining factors when browsing different designs and ideas as making a selection within your budget is crucial, be it a home or commercial renovation.

Do You Have A Landscape Design Theme in Mind?

Most people like a particular style of design idea and may want to use that throughout their planning stages. Do you like an Asian or rustic theme landscape? Green or Garden theme? Patio’s or retaining walls? If you have a theme in mind you’d like to see, it’s important to take that into account. This can make material selection and blueprint development far more realistic as you have a clear idea in mind already.

Can You Get The Project Done On Your Own?

This will be one of the most important factors in starting and completing your new landscaping design. Simply ask yourself, can I do this job on my own? Be sure to consider the entire scope of various aspects like tools, materials, experience, insurance, and know how. Most will find that they do need to hire a local landscaping team to get the work done on time and within budget.

No matter what route you choose, be sure that you put in the time for researching and developing your landscaping ideas thoroughly. You don’t want to get midway through a project and have an entirely different direction come to mine. Do the research and cultivate your options, doing so should have a new landscape design just a few steps away for your home or business.

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