The Expanse Season 7: Everything We Know

The Expanse Season 7: Everything We Know
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The Expanse is an American Sci-fi drama series based on a series of novels of the same name written by James SA Corey. This drama series is set in a future where humans have captured the solar system. Will The Expanse season 7 return? Let’s check it out!

The series revolves around the different battles that take place between the superpowers that rule the planets and the asteroid belt with Rocinante in the middle.

The three largest powers are the United Nations Earth and Luna, the Congress Republic of Mars on Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA), a loose confederation of the asteroid belt and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby created the series and the first season premiered on December 14, 2015, on Syfy. the show was also produced by Mark Fergus. Prior to the fourth season of the series, Amazon Prime Video became its new streaming platform.

The Expanse was critically acclaimed and received many positive reviews from its viewers with an IMDB rating of roughly 8.5 out of 10. Amazon has announced a series update in November 2020 for its sixth and final season.

It’s heartbreaking for fans to know that season six will be the end of the series.

Many fans are still hoping for a series update for a seventh season and here’s what we know so far about “The Expanse” Season 7.

The Expanse Season 7 Release Date

As we already know, Season 6 of the series is said to be the last, so it’s possible that we may not see any further series updates. Amongst the news of the update, Vernon Sanders, former deputy head of television at Amazon Studios, thanked the series’ production team as well as the fans.

He said in a statement, “We would like to thank Naren, Andrew, Broderick, everyone at Alcon and the entire ‘The Expanse’ group for the time, effort and love they have put into the the last two seasons.”

So, considering the information we have so far, it’s unlikely that this series will be updated.

However, the crew behind it remains positive regarding the fate of the show after season 6 on the streaming platform. so, you never know. their minds might change and they might opt for the update. But again, this is all just speculation.

The Expanse Season 7: Expected Plot

The Expanse Season 7: Everything We Know

The storyline of the seventh season of the series depends on the end of Season 6, so let’s dive into the events that took place in “The Expanse Season 6”.

With Earth still reeling from an asteroid strike by Belter commander Marco Inaros and his Free Navy, action must be taken without wasting time.

In addition to killing many people on a massive scale, asteroids are also causing a worldwide climate crisis. The result is a massive food crisis, which Belters, who have traditionally fought for access to clean air and water, have seen as a sign of justice.

Months after an asteroid strike toppled Chrisjen Avasarala, the United Nations has been rebuilt under his leadership. Soldiers Rocinante and Mars help him in his fight against Marco.

Avasarala has always topped the list of the best characters in the series. While walking around in his impressive attire, he passed the bluffs of other politicians.

During this season, he’s been at his peak ever since he made peace with people in the first episode of The Expanse. When first seen, he was mocking Belter with the earth’s gravity.

The show excels because it doesn’t try to provide an adequate ending to a dispute that has been discussed for 6 seasons.

The Expanse Season 7 Cast

The Expanse Season 7: Everything We Know

If by any chance the show gets renewed for a seventh season, here are the cast we can see in The Expanse Season 7.

  • Thomas Jane as Joe Miller
  • Paulo Costanzo as Shed Garvey
  • Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal
  • Wes Chatham as Amos Burton
  • Steven Strait as James Holden
  • Florence Faivre as Juliette “Julie” Andromeda Mao
  • Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata

There may be additional cast as well, but we have to wait for confirmation from The Expanse team.

The Expanse Season 7 Trailer

We can’t expect any season 7 trailers at the moment as the update is unconfirmed, so we suspect that even if the series is updated, it will take some time for the trailers to be released. However, if readers want to watch this series, we have provide a trailer from the previous season here. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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