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Encryptus and Azadi Embark Upon an NFT Journey To Build Ingenious Use Cases

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Encryptus And Azadi Embark Upon An Nft Journey To Build Ingenious Use Cases
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Institutional investments in cryptocurrencies are rapidly increasing despite the current adverse bearish pattern that has dominated the global crypto markets in the last months. The past few weeks have seen fairly consistent trading volumes for Encryptus, a transparent and licensed platform for institutional crypto assets. 

It is on this premise that Encryptus announces its strategic partnership with the renowned record label Azadi Records. The alliance will result in the exploration of the NFT ecosystem and the development of innovative use cases, which will give holders exclusive access to premium content, limited edition merchandise, VIP tour tickets and more.

Several financial firms, including Fidelity, are maintaining a long-term perspective and even deciding to increase their investments in and operations surrounding cryptocurrencies. 

These Institutions are using various strategies to invest in cryptocurrencies, from adding them to their balance sheets to expanding their brand activities into the metaverse. 

NFT is also one of the sectors that institutional investors are continuing to have a lot of faith in after the 2020 NFT boom, especially with the numerous upcoming NFT-specific applications in the metaverse.

Moreso, Shantnoo Saxsena, Encryptus Founder and CEO states; “During the current bearish market, institutional support behind crypto remains strong, and Encryptus is glad to be playing an important role in institutional crypto adoption. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this institutional interest in the crypto market is also working to excite existing investors who were contemplating hastily pulling out of the market.”

Considering how valuable NFTs have become, it is no surprise that Encryptus partnered with Azadi Records, an independent record label keen on providing South Asian artists with a platform to freely express themselves for this extraordinary quest into the world of non-fungible tokens.  

Shantnoo further adds, “Our recent partnership with Azadi Records aims to create a use case for the NFT ecosystem in India in a more compliant manner. Our primary focus is compliance and respect for the law of the land.”

“Nayaab.World NFTs and their utilities will unlock new avenues for artist-fans engagement, building a deeper relationship between them.” Mo Joshi and Uday Kapur, founders of Azadi Records. 

Notably, Seedhe Maut is an artist affiliated with Azadi Records who is launching its own NFT with a tour across the country, in association with Encryptus and LBank. 

This partnership between Encryptus and Azadi Records makes it one of the first Indian music labels to integrate blockchain technology into their operations and also includes the NFT-centric 

About Azadi Records

Azadi Records is an independent record label changing the culture in the South Asian Music industry while providing a platform for music that questions, subverts, and engages with socio-political issues of our time. Established in 2017, the label has released records that have cut across languages, themes, and regions with one vision intact: never to be silenced.

About Encryptus

Encryptus started out as a crypto advisory company in London back in 2020, and since then got approvals from a couple of countries for buying and selling crypto assets. Encryptus is operated by an experienced team of experts who thoroughly understand the risks, compliances, and opportunities in the crypto space. We have made it our mission to empower licensed financial services companies in crypto adoption!
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Deutsche Telekom Launches ETH Validator and Staking Support

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The Ethereum Merge: Decoding The Complete Timeline
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  • StakeWise, a proof-of-stake app, will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom’s MMS.
  • Ethereum’s proof-of-work consensus method was replaced with a proof-of-stake model.

German telecom giant Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent firm, has committed to operating a validator to facilitate staking on the Ethereum network.

The news was officially announced by the German telecoms firm on Thursday through a press release. According to the press announcement, “DT’s subsidiary, T-Systems MMS provides the Ethereum Network with infrastructure in the form of validation nodes.”

Validators Entry

StakeWise, a proof-of-stake app, will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom’s MMS to manage a pool. Moreover, users may now take part in staking and transactions without the need for a central validator. Furthermore, this is aligned with Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake earlier this month, removing the need for miners and instead adding validators.

Dirk Röder, Head of Blockchain Solutions Center at T-Systems MMS says:

“Our cooperation partner StakeWise collects individual Ether tokens from many different owners and merges them into validator nodes. These validator nodes are provided and operated as infrastructure by T-Systems MMS. Staked Ether tokens remain available to the owner in this construct – liquid – and can be used in other Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications.”

Furthermore, with the new validator, Stakewise anticipates an uptick in Ethereum Network usage and financial transactions. Moreover, also expressing his delight in the new collaboration was Kirill Kutakov, co-founder of StakeWise. 

Kirill stated:

“We are [therefore] pleased that T-Systems MMS, as an infrastructure provider, is giving our protocol more reliability and making the Ethereum ecosystem safer overall.”

In addition, Deutsche Telekom will make more announcements, maybe even revealing a release date. Ethereum’s proof-of-work consensus method was replaced with a proof-of-stake model as part of The Merge, a technological update. Furthermore, Ethereum hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and pave the way for future scalability enhancements with this change.

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