Satellite TV For Beginners

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Setting up and installing your own satellite TV system (whether portable satellite TV for travellers or fixed satellite TV for rural and outback areas) can be very enjoyable, rewarding AND can save you money.

The basic elements that make up a satellite TV system are:-

1- Satellite Dish

2- Satellite Dish Mount (portable or fixed is fine)

3- LNB (low noise block amplifier – goes on the arm of the dish)

4- Satellite Receiver (many brands and versions available -shop around for a suitable well priced model)

5- Satellite Finder (analogue and digital varieties – analogue though generally cheaper)

6- Satellite Charts

Choosing the right satellite dish for your site is the most important factor. Dishes come in various sizes ranging from very small (in the centimeters) to many meters. In recent times with the increase in satellite transmission power people are able to get away with a much smaller dish then they did in the past. Typical size for coverage in many areas is 78 – 88 cm’s. (for the KU band – if you are a beginner to satellite I recommend KU reception if it is available in your area. For those that have an interest in “C” band reception you will generally need a much larger dish – eg >1.5 for many areas.). The LNB is the part on the end of the arm. It amplifies the very weak signals that are collected and reflected into it by the dish. This signal once amplified, is carried down the satellite cable to the satellite receiver. Here it is converted into a signal that your conventional television can understand. It should be noted that A LOT of the available services from the satellites ARE encrypted to prevent theft. These services will generally require a monthly or annual subscription for their reception. If you are intending to view these ensure your satellite receiver has an imbedded card reader or Cam Slot and can decrypt the services you are interested in. The satellite finder and charts are only used during the initial installation until you have a picture. The finder can then be removed. Your local satellite parts dealer will be best able to advise on the correct equipment and alignment procedures for your area. For people installing to the roof ensure you take all the necessary safety precautions. You are competent right?

google news
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