Google celebrates India’s Independence Day with eye-catching kites

Google celebrates India's Independence Day with eye-catching kites
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India celebrates Independence Day: India will mark its 75th year of independence.

New Delhi:

Google today commemorated the independence day of the world’s largest democracy with an illustrated doodle by Kerala-based guest artist Neethi.

The Doodle shows India celebrating 75 years of independence with kites that symbolize that the country has reached great heights.

In 1947, India broke free from British colonial rulers after a long struggle. Independence Day is a national holiday to commemorate and remember the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who fought for the independence of our country.

Independence Day 2022 Doodle” represents the culture around kites – from the art of creating beautiful, glowing kites, to the joyous experience of a community coming together. The vast expanse of brilliantly dappled skies of soaring kites are a colorful symbol of the great heights we have reached. The GIF animation adds dynamism and brings the doodle to life.”

On the doodle, artist Neethi said one of our fondest memories, the centuries-old tradition of kite flying was an integral part of Indian Independence Day festivities.

“Kites are also an outlet for artistic expression – many of them carry fashionable designs or even social messages. I have designed kites representing our national colors, a message of love and commemorating 75 years of India’s independence. They fly as high as skyscrapers, birds and I’d like to believe the sun,” he said.

Several events were organized this year under the banner “Azadi ka Amrit Mohatsav”, to celebrate India’s Independence Day with the theme “Nation First, Always First”.


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