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In-Depth Review of the Dynamic Sports NFT Platform ‘OWNIC’

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What is OWNIC?

As a licensed sports dNFT platform, OWNIC is leading the way with the first-ever sports NFT collectible where an athlete’s performance throughout the course of their career is shown on a card using cutting-edge, dynamic NFT technology.

To do this, OWNIC has introduced the idea of xP power and is placing tamper-proof off-chain data into the Blockchain. Gaining xP, which reflects a card’s strength, depends on an athlete’s career accomplishments and other gamified on-platform features. By putting them to use, it seeks to transform the sports collectibles industry and make the collector an integral part of an athlete’s career.

Burn Feature

Through the process of burning, it is possible to reduce the overall quantity of a specific Card Type. Furthermore, every time a dNFT is burnt in this way, its Rarity is openly updated on the Blockchain to reflect that it is no longer in circulation.

$OWNQ tokens and other incentives are offered to collectors willing to burn their cards in exchange for new collectibles. Simultaneously, widespread burning might make low-Rarity cards hard to come by. As a result of this, a card’s Rarity group is refreshed, and a new xP accumulation coefficient is then assigned to it. $OWNQ tokens are in-house native tokens offering wide variety of use cases.


Several elements go into calculating staking returns, but xP is the major one. The greater a card’s total xP, the better its staking returns will be for a collector.

Card Properties

The platform has generated various card features, serving distinct features. These properties helps identify categorization of athletes and offering unique benefits to its holder.

Card Type

Different types of cards represent various athletes. The platform uses a proprietary data algorithm created in collaboration with Wyscout to determine how athletes should be classified.


The Rarity of OWNIC collectibles is based solely on the sort of card it is. This is achieved by categorizing each card into one of six rarity categories.


All athletes have their own set of abilities and playing styles, these traits are used to assign an athlete to a specific category. After reaching a milestone in a particular attribute, xP increases significantly.

Prima Power (xP)

Prima Power (xP) redefines the value generating process for dNFTs, focussing on a single number. The xP trigger is dynamically updated on the dNFT in real-time. It gives the  cardholder access to a wide variety of privileges, benefits, rewards and opportunities.


Players are rated on twenty-eight different performance measures split into four categories using licensed data from Wyscout. The game-like experience heavily emphasizes the use of an athlete’s skills as per their dNFT.


Jerseys, boots, and other accessories may be added to a dNFT to customize it. The platform has teamed up with some of the biggest names in athletic clothing to create some limited collections. In MetaTeam, accessories raise xP and improve a card’s performance. Users can buy and sell wearables on the OWNIC Marketplace since they are also NFTs.

Exclusive Marketplace

The OWNIC Marketplace is where dNFTs are released, traded, loaned, and swapped. Drops happen exclusively on the marketplace in either single releases or packs. Single releases are when a dNFT card is individually listed. Open Pack is when dNFT cards are combined and offered blind to a buyer without them knowing the contents before opening.

The Marketplace can also be used to burn dNFTs and assemble them into collections or open packs containing dNFT cards. In addition, the NFT Swap Market allows users to exchange cards without a fee. Finally, the NFT Loan Market will enable users to loan out cards they own and receive interest in return.

Benefits of an OWNIC dNFT

  • Exclusive OWNIC cards
  • Signed merchandise
  • Personalized cards
  • Explore the athletes’ Metaverse
  • Play-2-Earn Championship Prizes
  • Private Discord Channel Membership
  • OWNIC Wearables
  • All-Inclusive Attendance to an Athlete’s Home Game Lottery
  • Club DAO Voting Rights
  • Whitelist Lottery
  • Airdrop Lottery


VirtualScout is a new kind of Play-2-Earn game that financially rewards the most diligent scouts. It’s a fun way to measure one’s scouting abilities against those of other collectors; the winner is the one with the most high-performing players in their collection.


dNFT collectors form sports teams using the club-building simulator and Metaverse to compete against one another.


Collectors get exclusive access to the InnerCircle of athletes represented by cards with a high xP (Prima Power). This unique feature opens up an array of rewards, including admission to events and the athletes’ Metaverse, autographed goods, and one-on-one encounters with athletes.

Club DAO

An athletic club that OWNIC will own and manage via DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Depending on the amount of xP, dNFT collectors may vote on club decisions.


When a card is minted, it becomes active and may be used in the Milestones game right away. Gains in dNFT strength are most strongly associated with reaching major career Milestones. Milestones are the most significant accomplishments that define an athlete’s whole career and reaching them is the reward for effective scouting.

Less Risk

The chance of being duped or receiving a fake NFT is reduced since they can only be purchased via the official OWNIC website and OWNIC’s Marketplace.


OWNICs dNFTs, unlike actual card collections, are non-perishable digital assets that may be kept and passed down through generations forever.

Investment Opportunity

Historically, trading cards with sports themes have been a solid financial proposition and have retained long term value.

Blockchain Integration

One of the most remarkable things about this platform is how well it integrates blockchain technology with conventional e-commerce practices inside its ecosystem, making buying, selling, and trading possible without any noticeable friction.


With OWNIC’s dynamic NFT technology, a new era of rewards, games, and experiences becomes available. Once an individual buys an OWNIC dNFT card, they will have a wide range of benefits. It offers multiple rewards and opportunities through VirtualScout, MetaTeam, InnerCircle, dNFT Staking, and Club DAO.

When a collector’s total xP increases, they get access to more coveted opportunities and receive more exclusive prizes overall. Since xP is a competitive number, OWNIC uses it in various tournaments and incentive schemes, entitling its collectors to a wide range of benefits and swag. With the rising trend of NFTs, the dynamic NFT offered by the platform is unique and worth the hype.

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NFT Marketplace OpenSea Relists Azuki NFTs After Delisting

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Opensea Breach, Is Users' Data Trapped By Scammers?
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  • OpenSea had to cope with an email data breach and the delisting of BAYC NFTs in June.
  • Azuki’s floor price hardly budged from the time of the delisting fiasco.

Many of the Azuki NFTs that were delisted yesterday on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea have been reinstated. After the marketplace discovered an error in their Trust & Safety flagging mechanism.

The team stated:

“Hey all, rough morning. There was an error in our Trust & Safety flagging system and a number of Azuki NFTs were briefly delisted. We DID work fast to resolve the issue + all impacted items have been relisted. Also, we’re in direct contact with the @AzukiOfficial team.”

When word spread that the Azuki NFTs had been delisted, the blue-chip NFT collection turned to Twitter to address the issue, stating that they had contacted OpenSea about the delisting emails that had been issued to Azuki holders and were waiting to hear back.

Not the First Time

The official announcement from OpenSea was released about two hours after the first issue was discovered. The NFT marketplace mentioned they did work rapidly to remedy the problem and they have been in direct communication with the Azuki team.

OpenSea further tweeted:

“We’re so sorry for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.” 

OpenSea has removed NFTs from a blue chip collection before. Recently, OpenSea had to cope with an email data breach and the delisting of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs in June. The situation was fixed in the same amount of time as Azuki’s.

Fortunately for Azuki’s, the floor price hardly budged from the time of the delisting fiasco on Friday and now, when it stands at 9.97 ETH as per recent data.

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