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Holo (HOT)Price Prediction 2022 – Will HOT Hit $0.01 Soon?

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Holo (Hot)Price Prediction 2022 - Will Hot Hit $0.01 Soon?
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  • Bullish HOT price prediction is $0.002991 to $0.007273.
  • Holo (HOT) price might also reach $0.01 soon.
  • Bearish HOT  price prediction for 2022 is $0.001808.

In Holo (HOT) price prediction 2022, we use statistics, price patterns, ADX, and much other information about HOT to analyze the future movement of the cryptocurrency. 

What is Holo (HOT)?

Holo (HOT) is an Ethereum token that is used to power Holo, a decentralzsed peer-to-peer hosting platform for Holochain apps (hApps). HOT tokens can be earned by users who host hApps on their personal computers.

The Holochain was created with the goal of shifting the paradigm of energy-intensive data-centric blockchains to a much more efficient agent-centric system. A truly global consensus is not maintained in the Holochain network. Rather than a global consensus, each agent in the public blockchain maintains their own private fork, which is managed and stored on the Holochain using a distributed hash table.

Holo (HOT) Current Market Status

According to CoinGecko, the price of Holo (HOT) is $0.00259286 with a 24-hour trading volume of $28,472,165 at the time of writing. However, HOT has decreased by nearly 3.6% in the last 24 hours.

Moreover, Holo (HOT) has a circulating supply of 177,619,433,541 HOT. Currently, Holo (HOT) trades in cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance,, DigiFinex, MEXC,

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2022

Holo (HOT) holds the 104th  position on CoinGecko right now. HOT price prediction 2022 is explained below with a daily time frame.

The above chart of Holo (HOT) laid out a Rounding Bottom. The price movements form a pattern that resembles a bow and hence is also known as the saucer bottom pattern. In general, the rounding bottom pattern indicates a long-term price reversal. This pattern also emphasizes the changes in the market sentiment as the trend seems to shift from bearish to bullish. Investors generally have to stay cautious and time the market well. If the price breaks and moves past the resistance level, it will enter a confirmed bullish trajectory.

Currently, Holo (HOT) is in the range of $0.002757 If the pattern continues, the price of HOT  might reach the resistance levels of $0.003133 and $0.004538 .If the trend reverses, then the price of HOT may fall to $0.002361.

Holo (HOT) Support and Resistance Level

The below chart shows the support and resistance level of Holo (HOT). 

HOT /USDT Support and Resistance Levels (Source: Tradingview)

From the above chart, it is observed that the following are the resistance and support level of HOT.

Resistance Level 1 $0.002991
Resistance Level 2 $0.004064
Resistance Level 3 $0.005340
Resistance Level 4 $0.007273
Support Level $0.001808
HOT /USDT Support and Resistance Levels

The charts show that Holo (HOT)  has performed a bullish trend over the past month. If this trend continues, HOT might run along with the bulls overtaking its resistance level at $0.007273.

Accordingly, if the investors turn against crypto, the price of Holo (HOT)  might plummet to almost $0.001808, a bearish signal.

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2022 — RVOL, MA, and RSI

The Relative Volume (RVOL) of Holo (HOT) is shown in the chart below. It is an indicator of how the current trading volume has changed over a period of time from the previous trading volume. Currently, the RVOL of HOT lies above  the cutoff line, indicating strong participants in the current trend.

HOT /USDT RVOL, MA, RSI (Source: Tradingview)

Also, the Moving Average (MA) of Holo (HOT) is shown in the chart above. Notably,  Holo (HOT) price lies above 50 MA (short-term), so it is  in an uptrend. Currently, HOT has entered a bullish state. Therefore, there is a possibility of a reversal trend of HOT at any time.

Meanwhile, the relative strength index (RSI) of the HOT is 60.45. This means that Holo (HOT) is in an overbought state. However, this means a major price reversal of HOT may occur in the upcoming days. So, traders need to trade carefully. 

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2022 — ADX, RVI

Let us now look at the Average Directional Index (ADX) of Holo (HOT). It helps to measure the overall strength of the trend. The indicator is the average of the expanding price range values. This system attempts to measure the strength of price movement in the positive and negative directions using DMI indicators with ADX.

HOT /USDT ADX, RVI (Source: Tradingview)

The above chart represents the ADX of Holo (HOT). Currently, the ADX of HOT lies in the range of 37.032341 and thus, it indicates a strong trend. 

The above chart also represents the Relative Volatility Index (RVI) of Holo (HOT). RVI measures the constant deviation of price changes over a period of time. The RVI of HOT lies above 50, indicating high volatility. In fact, the RSI of Holo (HOT) is at 60.45 thus confirming a potential sell signal.

Comparison of HOT with BTC, ETH

The below chart shows the price comparison between Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and  Holo (HOT).

Holo Hotprice Prediction 2022 Will Hot Hit 001 Soon
BTC Vs ETH Vs HOT  Price Comparison (Source: Tradingview)

From the above chart, we can interpret the price changes HOT moving  similar to ETH. This indicates that when the price of ETH  increases or decreases, the price of HOT also increases or decreases respectively.

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2023

If the declining price action completely slows down in momentum and the trend reverses,  Holo (HOT) might probably attain $0.02 by 2023.

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2024

With several upgrades in the network, Holo (HOT) might enter a bullish trajectory. If the coin grabs the attention of major investors, HOT might rally to hit $0.03 by 2024. 

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2025

If Holo (HOT) sustains major resistance levels and continues to be recognized as a better investment option among the investors for the next 3 years, HOT would rally to hit $0.04.  

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2026

If Holo (HOT) sustains major resistance levels and continues to be recognized as a better investment option among the investors for the next 4 years, HOT would rally to hit $0.05. 

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2027

If Holo (HOT) sustains major resistance levels and continues to be recognized as a better investment option among the investors for the next 5 years, HOT would rally to hit $0.06

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2028

If Holo (HOT) holds up a strong stance as a better investment option for the next 6 years amid the trends in the highly-volatile crypto market. By driving significant price rallies, HOT would hit $0.07 in 2028.

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2029

If investors flock in and continue to place their bets on Holo (HOT), it would witness major spikes. HOT might hit $0.08 by 2029.

Holo (HOT) Price Prediction 2030

With greater advancements in the Holo ecosystem, the crypto community might continue to invest in HOT for the next 8 years and drive significant price rallies for the token. Hence, Holo (HOT) might hit $0.09 by 2030.


With continuous improvements in the Holo  network, we can say that 2022 is a good year for HOT. For this reason, the bullish price prediction of Holo (HOT) in 2022 is $0.007273. On the other hand,  the bearish price prediction of Holo (HOT) price prediction for 2022 is $0.001808.

Furthermore, with the advancements and upgrades to the Holo  ecosystem, the performance of HOT would help to reach above its current all-time high (ATH) of $0.03126682 very soon. But, it might also reach $0.01 if the investors believe that HOT is a good investment in 2022.


1. What is Holo (HOT)?

Holo (HOT) is an Ethereum token that is used to power Holo, a decentralzsed peer-to-peer hosting platform for Holochain apps (hApps). HOT tokens can be earned by users who host hApps on their personal computers.

2.   Where can you purchase Holo (HOT)?

Holo(HOT) (HOT) has been listed on many crypto exchanges which include   Binance,, DigiFinex, MEXC,

3. Will Holo (HOT) reach a new ATH soon?

With the ongoing developments and upgrades within the Holo  platform, HOT  has a high possibility of reaching its ATH soon

4. What is the current all-time high (ATH) of Holo (HOT)?

On April  05, 2021 Holo (HOT) reached its new all-time high (ATH) of  $0.03126682.

5.Is Holo (HOT) a good investment in 2022?

Holo (HOT) seems to be one of the top-gaining cryptocurrencies this year. According to the recorded achievements of Holo  in the past few months, HOT  is considered a good investment in 2022.

6.   Can Holo (HOT) reach $0.01?

Holo (HOT) is one of the active cryptos that continues to maintain its bullish state. Eventually, if this bullish trend continues then Holo (HOT) will hit $0.01 soon.

7.  What will be Holo (HOT) price by 2023?

 Holo (HOT) price is expected to reach $0.02 by 2023.

8. What will be Holo (HOT) price by 2024?

 Holo (HOT) price is expected to reach $0.03 by 2024.

9.  What will be Holo (HOT) price by 2025?

  Holo (HOT) price is expected to reach $0.04 by 2025.

10.   What will be Holo (HOT) price by 2026?

 Holo (HOT) price is expected to reach $0.05 by 2026. 

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this chart is solely the author’s. It does not represent any investment advice. TheNewsCrypto team encourages all to do their own research before investing.

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Famed Investor Michael Burry Warns of Upcoming Recession

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Bitcoin’s Market Dominance Decreases, Sign Of Incoming Dips?
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  • Burry highlights the deteriorating situation in the white-collar workforce.
  • The Fed has used the robustness of the job market to allay recession concerns.

Inflation has devastated economies throughout the world. The macroeconomic situation will deteriorate as predicted by Michael Burry, an experienced investor and the founder of Scion Capital. Burry sprang to fame when he correctly anticipated and profited from the collapse of the subprime mortgage market. Burry highlights the deteriorating situation in the white-collar workforce.

It is his opinion that the white-collar job market is experiencing a bubble bust, which might lead to a long-term fall in employment. In addition, according to Burry, remote work will be blamed for the decline in job prospects in the future. On Thursday, the US Department of Labor will disclose the US initial unemployment claims.

Rising Interest Rates

Inflation in the United States is nearing crisis levels. To combat rising prices, the Federal Reserve is adopting a hard line. To maintain price stability, the Fed has raised interest rates. Quantitative tightening is also being implemented, with the company selling off assets from a financial sheet that grew rapidly during the outbreak. The Fed raised interest rates by another 75 basis points after the August CPI report indicated higher inflation.

A major increase of 100 basis points is also expected by experts by the end of 2022. The Federal Reserve may be more hawkish if the job situation continues to improve. In the present economic climate, jobless claims are also significant because of another factor. 

The Fed has used the robustness of the job market to allay recession concerns. However, a drop in the number of white-collar jobs available is often a precursor to a recession. 

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Former Ripple Executive to Head Australian CBDC Trial

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Former Ripple Executive To Head Australian Cbdc Trial
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  • A white paper titled “Australian CBDC Pilot for Digital Finance Innovation” was published.
  • On December 31st, at least 12 use cases will be chosen for further investigation.

On Monday, the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC) unveiled the pilot project’s (eAUD) white paper for the central bank digital currency. Coincidentally, Dilip Rao, a former executive of Ripple, is now in charge of the CBDC trial.

Just as the summary judgement in SEC v. Ripple draws closer, the XRP price saw a tremendous spike. Within a week, the price surged by more than 40 percent, fueled by a daily trading volume increase of more than $6 billion.

A white paper titled “Australian CBDC Pilot for Digital Finance Innovation” was published on September 26 by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the Digital Finance Cooperative Research Centre (DFCRC).

XRPL Use Cases Likely

The RBA and DFCRC will test the eAUD CBDC in order to learn more about its potential uses and the technical, legal, and regulatory framework that surrounds it. Participants may also ask to put their use case to the test in the pilot project and show its usefulness.

On December 31st, at least 12 use cases will be chosen for further investigation as per the DFCRC. It is expected that all participants in the use cases would be properly licensed and registered. In addition, use case pilots will start on January 1 with a final report due on June 30 of next year. It’s important to note that participants are responsible for paying their own way during the pilot.

Interestingly, Dilip Rao, a former executive of Ripple, is now the programme director of the CBDC initiative and is overseeing the pilot research. From 2014 to 2019, Rao helped pave the way for the financial sector to embrace Ripple’s XRPL. The eAUD will be built on a permissioned, private Ethereum network, although XRPL use cases are more likely.

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TRON Showing Hints Of A Major Rebound After A Week Of Rout

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Tron (TRX) holders have been on rough terrain since August with the bears dominating the market. The tables might be turning though in favor of the bulls as shown on the charts. 

  • TRX bulls hint at a comeback after a long period of takeover by the bears
  • TRX price down by 0.87%
  • RSI divergence hints at increased investor optimism

According to CoinMarketCap, TRX’s price has plunged by 0.87% or trading at $0.0596 as of this writing. Apparently, Tron is trying to bounce back from its weekly low that registered at $0.056.

It seems that the token is still traversing in the same range which validates a strong rebound from that level. 

TRON Market Demand Waning?

Hence, there is evidently poor demand for TRX in the market which is normal whenever crypto tries to switch lanes from bearish to bullish. 

Whale activity looks to be insufficient at this point and not gaining enough traction. Regardless, the supply of TRX has increased for the whales.

There is hope as investor optimism ought to be amplified with the recent developments happening for Tron. 

Tron’s weighted sentiment index has shown no significant changes in the market. TRX is still stuck in its lower monthly range which explains the failed uptrend happening over the weekend.

On the other hand, there are a couple of signals that promise the possibility of the bulls pivoting in the coming days. 

TRX Bulls Waiting For The Next Big Wave

TRX price might prevail and rebound from the support zone as further validated by its RSI. The RSI divergence shows increased optimism that the price may escalate in terms of buying pressure.

On-chain metrics for Tron also feature the increase in demand over the derivatives markets as seen in the past couple of days. 


Observation of the funding rates provides critical data because it validates the change in the derivatives market. These observations are usually tied up to the spot market. 

While there are signals that hint at a bullish uptrend, the market sentiments reveal that the TRX bulls are on the sidelines and just waiting for the right timing to jump in when the crypto market improves. 

On TRX price predictions, although the stablecoin is making progress, it still continues to drop which could go on for the next couple of trading sessions. 

Tron’s price may hover below the $0.054 level before September ends. More so, there is also a possibility that TRX’s price could slide below the $0.045 range.

With the crypto market currently struggling, TRX prices could also move in the same direction. The bearish thesis will only be proven wrong if and when the price shoot above the $0.066 mark. 


TRX total market cap at $5.5 billion on the daily chart | Source:

Featured image from, Chart:

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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Hits New All-Time Low

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Bitcoin’s Price Again Drops Below, Will Btc Survive?
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  • Grayscale’s website states that GBTC has $11.9 billion in assets under management.
  • GBTC has always traded at a significant premium over spot Bitcoin pricing.

Shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), the biggest Bitcoin fund in the market, reached a record discount of 35.18% last Friday and showed little sign of recovering.

By purchasing GBTC shares, investors may get exposure to the fluctuating value of Bitcoin by trading in shares of trusts that hold pools of Bitcoin. The goal is to reduce the risk for institutional investors by providing exposure to the main cryptocurrency without requiring them to purchase and hold any coin.

GBTC has been around since September of 2013 and has always traded at a significant premium over spot Bitcoin pricing. Despite the high 2% annual management charge, this was a popular choice among investors for a long time.

GBTC Cannot Be Redeemed 

After the introduction of multiple Bitcoin ETFs in Canada at the end of February last year, the trust became negative and started trading at a discount to spot Bitcoin values. The ability to purchase Bitcoin “shares” at a discount to the NAV may seem like a steal to investors. But there’s a catch: GBTC can’t be exchanged for anything at the moment.

This effectively puts an end to the arbitrage transaction in which cheap shares are purchased, redeemed for the actual asset, and then sold for a profit.

Grayscale’s website states that GBTC has $11.9 billion in assets under management at the present time. Grayscale has long argued that the ideal solution is to transform its GBTC product into a Bitcoin ETF—an exchange-traded fund backed by actual Bitcoin.

However, the business is hampered by the fact that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not yet authorized a spot Bitcoin ETF for American investors while having approved a number of Bitcoin futures ETFs.

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Bitcoin Price Relief Rally In This Making? BTC Could Target $26k

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Bitcoin Price Btc Btcusdt
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The Bitcoin price continues to trade in a tight range between the mid area around $18,000 and $19,500. The cryptocurrency has been moving sideways after a rejection from the $20,000 level which has led to a spike in fear and uncertainty across the nascent sector.

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price trades at $19,100 with a 2% profit in the last 24 hours and a 1% loss over the last week. The bearish sentiment and fear in the crypto market hint at a potential relief rally which might coincide with the macro forces influencing global markets.

BTC’s price moving sideways on the 4-hour. Source: BTCUSDT Tradingview

Bitcoin Price Forms A Bottom… For Now

After last week’s U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) announcement of a new interest rate hike, the Bitcoin price has been dominated by selling pressure. Bears managed to push the cryptocurrency close to its multi-year low at $18,000.

These levels have been operating as critical support as BTC’s price trends to the downside from an an-all time high of $69,000. As selling pressure gained momentum, Bitcoin has stayed about these critical levels.

Analyst Justin Bennett believes BTC’s price is re-creating a price action displayed back in early 2022. At that time, the Bitcoin price was recovering from a massive crash and formed a channel between $37,500 and $49,500.

The cryptocurrency traded sideways inside this pattern for several months only to be pushed down by macroeconomic developments. This led to another massive crash in May 2022.

Bennett believes the Bitcoin price might be forming a similar channel since late June with $27,500 potential operating as critical resistance. As seen below, the analyst believes BTC hit the bottom of the pattern and might be prepared to re-test the top at around $26,000 before crashing below $18,000.

The analyst wrote: “Same structure for $BTC as Feb-April, only we’re missing a retest at $26,000”.

Bitcoin Price Btc Btcusdt Chart 2
BTC’s price moving on a channel with a potential top at $27,500. Source: Justin Bennett via Twitter

Macroeconomics Ready To Support A Bitcoin Price Relief Rally

Additional data provided by Senior Analyst for Messari, Tom Dunleavy, suggests the crypto market might benefit from a bounce in traditional markets. As the Fed hikes interest rates, risk-on assets, such as Bitcoin and stocks, have shown a high correlation.

At the time of writing, bearish sentiment in financial markets seems to be reaching levels last seen in 2020, during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is usually an indicator of a market bottom and potential relief as short positions piled up in the market.

According to Dunleavy, the Put/Call Ratio (P, a metric used to measure the number of call (buy) option contracts versus put (sell) option contracts is reaching a level of 1. This can be translated into a high bearish sentiment in global markets.

The last time the Put/Call Ratio was at its current levels, the Bitcoin price and the crypto markets went into a multi-year bull run and entered price discovery toward an all-time high. While the current macroeconomic scenario might cap any bullish price action, the momentum could be strong enough to hit $26,000, as Bennett proposed.

Bitcoin Price Btc Btcusudt Chart 3
Put To Call Ratio at its highest level since 2020. Source: Tom Dunleavy

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Astar Network Sets World Record With Its Nikkei Ad Backed By 329 Japanese Firms

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Astar Network Sets World Record With Its Nikkei Ad Backed By 329 Japanese Firms
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When the leading Japanese companies came together to usher in the era of Web3, the smart contracts platform Astar Network was able to run a national newspaper ad with the most brands in a single ad, setting a new global record. On September 26th, Nikkei published an ad for which 329 blue-chip firms collaborated.

The Japanese Blockchain Association has chosen Astar Network as the most popular blockchain in Japan. Formerly, Japan was a hub for the crypto industry. Astar is leading the charge to make the nation a forerunner in blockchain technology once again. Japan, the world’s third-biggest economy, went through its fair share of growing pains before settling on Astar Network as its preferred blockchain.

The Japanese government now includes Web3 in its overall national policy, and Astar Network CEO Sota Watanabe is guiding the government and many major Japanese corporations ahead in Web3. To prove its dedication, Astar aired this ad with the support of 329 other companies. If implemented properly, Web3 might have a significant impact on the national economy. Large financial institutions and well-known corporations like GMO, DeNA, Accenture, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and others support the plan because they want to see Japan succeed.

Sota Watanabe, founder and CEO of Astar Network said:

“Web3 is all about community. And we are proud that we could make this epoch-making ad supported by 329 companies including the biggest banks, reputable Internet companies and branch officers of a foreign companies like Microsoft and Accenture. This ad reflects the strong unity of the Japanese ecosystem. As Japan’s leading blockchain project, we will do our best to accelerate Web3 innovation through Astar.”

As part of the promotional effort, NFTs will be given out for free via QR codes. Those interested in receiving a non-transferable NFT may do so by scanning the QR code located in the ad’s bottom right corner of the Nikkei newspaper. If a user does not have a wallet address, the QR code will create one for them.

Astar Network facilitates the development of decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing EVM and WASM smart contracts with cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and a Build2Earn model that allows programmers to earn money through a dApp staking mechanism for their work. In addition, the network’s Polkadot and Kusama development teams may make use of Astar Space Labs’ Incubation Hub for top TVL dApps.

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