Sarah Palin qualifies for general election; waiting for the results of the special elections

Sarah Palin qualifies for general election; waiting for the results of the special elections
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Former Alaska governor and running mate Sarah Palin has qualified for the general election for her state’s seat in the U.S. House – with a special election to fill the rest of the term of late Rep. Don Young still outstanding.

All three candidates – Palin (R), Mary Peltola (D) and Nick Begich (R) – easily qualified for the general election, under rules that allow the first four winners to vote to advance. The outcome of special elections is more complicated, under the new state-ordered ranking system: if no candidate has a majority of first-round votes, the last runner-up will be dropped and second-round votes will be awarded to the remaining candidates. .

Currently, Peltola leads with 38.38% of the first-round vote — possibly a result of her being the only Democrat in the race. Palin (32.59%) and Begich (29.03%) split the Republican votes in the first round. If the current order of candidates persists, then Begich will be dropped and Peltola and Palin will receive their runoff votes — a possibility that almost certainly favors Palin in the current political environment.

Palin kept a low profile throughout the race; she is recorded as opposed to the ranked choice system, but she could still win regardless. She enjoys name recognition; it is also a burden, as she has been under attack for many years.

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