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How Much Risk Will the Upcoming Ethereum Merge?

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How Much Risk Will The Upcoming Ethereum Merge?
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  • Ethereum’s much-awaited ‘merge’ is set for around mid-September.
  • In the upcoming days, the ETH price may experience severe short-term volatility.

The most widely used blockchain platform, Ethereum, is currently going through a significant transformation. Ethereum’s much-awaited ‘merge’ is set for around mid-September, and will shift from PoW (proof-of-work) to PoS (proof-of-stake). The upcoming functionality will provide more security, speed and scalability, and low energy consumption. However, the Ethereum merge will have its possible risks and flaws. 

Risk Factors Regarding the Merge

The Merge is a significant update to a very complicated system. Based on this merger, Ethereum may operate slowly or possibly stop altogether. In this process, other unanticipated mistakes also might arise. Also, Ethereum’s overall security may change, as a result of the Merge. When transferred to proof-of-stake, new technical challenges and unexpected problems might occur. 

Based on the merging process, in the upcoming days, Ethereum’s price may experience severe short-term volatility. In the long run, there is also a possibility that Ethereum could lose its dominance as the cryptocurrency of choice for smart contracts. The most likely outcome is that several programmable cryptocurrencies will take the lead rather than just one. 

There’s a potential that the fork will become more popular than Ethereum itself. However, if you own ETH or an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, you will most likely own them in any Ethereum fork because these forks are simply replicas of the network. It is up to each user to pick which fork to support and what to do with their assets.

While Ethereum supporters and developers would argue that the move to PoS makes Ethereum significantly more decentralized and resistant to hostile assault, the actual data shows that staking centralization is growing, which can cause some significant issues.

 Additionally, the merger has already seen numerous delays. So, there is also a chance for further delay in the merge. 


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Crypto Community Predicts Polygon (MATIC) To Rise Nearly 20% By October 31

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Members of the crypto community have cast their ballots, so to speak, and now we’ll find out whether or not their forecast was accurate.

The consensus of the cryptocurrency market predicts a 20% increase in MATIC prices before the month ends, as reported by CoinMarketCap’s price prediction metrics.

This fairly optimistic forecast from the community suggests a high level of faith in both the token and the ecosystem.

Good news has recently hit the Polygon community thanks to a tweet from the official Polygon Twitter account announcing a new collaboration with the trading platform Robinhood.

Will Robinhood Team-Up Bring Good Results?

The tweet suggests that Robinhood has teamed up with Polygon to offer a bitcoin wallet service. FThe Robinhood Wallet app is built with DeFi in mind.

According to Polygon’s blog post, the Robinhood Wallet is a self-custody wallet, meaning that its owner has complete discretion over their cryptocurrency holdings.

Robinhood has made other forays into the cryptocurrency market, so this isn’t their first venture.

From its inception in 2018, it has been actively involved in the crypto industry, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the first coins to be freely traded on the platform at no cost to traders. The change began in a select number of states.

By 2021, the trade of crypto assets has expanded across the whole United States, with the exception of Hawaii and Nevada.

The trading platform supports 11 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also facilitates the trading of alternative cryptocurrencies, similar to Polygon’s MATIC token.

With over 37,000 decentralized applications available on Polygon’s platform, it will undoubtedly aid Robinhood’s most ambitious cryptocurrency endeavor. But how did investors and traders of Polygon respond to the news?

Rally In The Offing For Crypto?

As of this writing, MATIC is trading at $$0.778741, down 0.1 percent in the last seven days, data from Coingecko show, Saturday.

Currently, the token trades between the 50 Fib level ($0.6876) and the 61.80 Fib level ($0.7761).

The present support line lies at $0.7252, which is essential because this will be the support line the bulls can rely on if things go south.

If the price reaches the 61.80 Fib level again, we can expect a slight correction if there is sufficient buy demand.

Investor confidence is high as Polygon presses forward with its Robinhood relationship, given the community projection of a near 20% price increase.

MATIC total market cap at $6.8 billion on the daily chart | Source:

Featured image from VOI, Chart:

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