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How to Play a Poker Game For Free Online

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Online poker has become extremely popular in recent times and with the coming up of innumerable websites that allow people to play a poker game for free online, poker’s trend is growing speedily. Besides, even social networking sites like Facebook allow its users to play a poker game online by adding the relevant poker application. This has lead to a revolution in the arena of free online poker and its growing number of players. All that you would need is the computer with internet connections.

In fact, for learning the technique of playing online poker it is best for the amateurs to begin their practice at the poker websites that offer the opportunity to play a poker game for fun. To begin with, the players must ensure to acquaint or familiarize themselves with variable poker games available on different sites by thoroughly reading rules pertaining to the type of poker game they wish to play. Also, the players must see and read whether there are some special rules that are endorsed by poker websites chosen by a player. Then the player can select from a number of free poker websites to be able to play a poker match online. The player can either play with live opponents or he or she can opt for a casino poker game.

To be able top play online poker free of cost the player is first required to signup. By doing so he or she will get the hang of the software as well as its use. Once the players are at ease with using the software as well as its games they can deposit cash and play as real players. The players have to register to receive game chips free of cost with which they can play various online poker games.

Thus, to be able to play a poker match free online, first a poker website has to be selected by the player, and then the player will have to choose a poker game and register himself by creating an account so that he can sign in whenever he wants. After this he can either install the software or play in his or her browser. The whole thing is simple really with the hardest part been selecting a site which is right for you. Online poker review websites are a great place to get the relevant information about many sites at once which is really helpful when deciding where to play.

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Focus Your Business on Specific Markets to Achieve Success

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Some time ago, Chris Anderson of Wired magazine wrote the now infamous “long tale” article. He argued that the music industry needed to have broad based “hits” and serve narrow “niches”. So now you are thinking, here we go again, how does this apply to my business and internet marketing? It applies the same way it does for an attorney in Fresno, California or an Aston-Martin dealer in Scottsdale (or Scotsdale as I have been known to spell it) Arizona.

The long tail theory applies to smaller businesses and Internet marketing in a very direct way. Successful Internet marketing only happens when you know exactly how people are looking for you. The search engines are smart, but if they were perfect, they would match the right website to the right person every time and Internet advertising would die along with their key source of revenue (and mine).

Until that day comes, business owners need to clearly understand their customer. The Aston-Martin dealer is a pretty clear case. They pretty much sell and service one British marque, the Aston-Martin. If you have a Ferrari, you go next door, a Porsche around the block. They understand their customer. The Lawyer presents the more common challenge.

The lawyer might be like a family doctor, a general practitioner of sorts. The lawyer might charge by the hour or he might charge by the case on a percentage or fee basis. A few even work on retainer like an insurance company. Most of these general practitioners have small quiet offices.

The problem with Internet advertising for this general practitioner lawyer is, it costs money every time someone clicks. If a lawyer working by him or herself in Fresno California tries to advertise to people searching, bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, tax problems, business law, contract disputes, real estate law, workers compensation and trial law, the lawyer will go broke before anyone ever can write them a check. The keyword bid for “personal injury attorney” is as high as $15.00 per click in some cities. I have seen single keywords like lawyer go for $20.00 per click.

The interesting thing about the Internet is the people searching know what they want. They enter a search sentence that is broken down or “parsed” by the search engine to try and figure out what website will best help them. If a person is looking for an attorney with RSD experience and they land on a website that highlights the lawyers success as a divorce attorney guess what happens. The lawyer just spent $8.00 for someone to click their back button.

In 1998 when I first started building websites, I didn’t realize how important focus would become to my success or my customers. I have since expanded my work to helping people and businesses find focus. What I learned over the years with the Internet applied to people so I wrote the book So, Now What? because most people don’t need to spend $200 an hour for me to coach them. Success through focus also applies to businesses and that is why we incorporate business focus consulting with our SEO programs.

Simply put, we can’t focus your Internet advertising if your business isn’t focused. Let’s consider the example of the attorney. There are some larger firms with deep pockets that do advertise to a wide spectrum of people browsing the Internet. For smaller single practice firms and any other small business, focus is the key to keeping your advertising program on budget. By selecting two (or three at most) key areas, we are able to create a very specific website and advertising program. Keep in mind, there are over 2,000,000 searches every day just in the Fresno California Area, the lawyer only wants the one person he can help that day. In Houston Texas there are 400,000,000 or more searches every business day. Search is huge.

Using Chris Andersons Long Tail approach, when the attorney picks a couple of niches to focus on, we are then able to create a four or more keyword ad that only costs $1 or $2 per click. We also create a website that highlights those keywords. Instead of 400-500 clicks a day at $8 or more per click where only one person calls the office, we are now getting 4-5 clicks a day at an average of $1.47 a click and getting the same one person calling the office. The secondary benefit of this is the attorney becomes much better at that specific niche of the law. When we pick two or three niches to advertise, if we find one to be a low performer, it can go away and another put in it’s place.

Recently we added a client in Costa Mesa California, TruSpeed Motorcars. TruSpeed is an independent Porsche service center, and has certified technicians for BMW, Mercedes and Ferrari. They also have a technician that is Bentley and Land Rover certified. When the service manager let me know that we should add Bentley and Land Rover to our marketing campaign, I saw my income going way up. The GM quickly said the right thing and killed my pay raise. He said “We are not going to be the jack of all trades, we service only sports cars, and European ones at that, we are not advertising Bentley or Land Rover”.

While this may sound strange to some people, this is where the 80/20 rule kicks in. The service manager is trying to get all the business and the GM is trying to get the right business. Every time I coach a small business owner, their financial issues are fixed by simply changing their focus to getting the right business. If you can do 80% of the work that you are doing now, and get a pay raise would you do it? Of course the answer is yes, so why don’t you?

What happens in business is simple. Business people cater to the customer, sometimes too much. In doing so they start doing work they shouldn’t. Accounting systems don’t always show that the business is losing money on a specific type of customer. The accounting systems have to be set up for it, and that can take six months or so to set up and get enough data to prove the point. The faster method (and I would argue therefore better) is to find the core competency and trim the customers (and ads) that don’t fit and see if profit and attitudes of the business improve. So far in all but one case over 15 years it has worked. The one that didn’t, the owner refused to even try. He said, “I need all the work I can get, I don’t care what brand or what service.”

When a politician runs for office, the winners usually picked one topic or one issue and stuck to it like it was tattooed on their forehead. Does “Change” sound familiar even two years later? Life and business are no different. When you pick one area to focus on, and really go for it, you will win and so will your business. If the attorney in Fresno decides to go after farm workers with pesticide related illness, he might need to expand a little outside of the Fresno area, and over time will become known as the “go to” attorney for pesticide exposure cases. When this happens, he is also able to command a much larger income for a lot less work.

Before you open for business today, what is the one thing you will focus your entire business on? Write down four to six very specific goals for the week, make them realistic and get them done. When your business is focused and your advertising is focused, you will hit your targets more often and better than your competition. That sounds like success to me. Get focused, stay focused and succeed. If you need a little help call me.

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5 Dirty Little Tactics Insurers Use to Deny Legitimate Claims

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The bottom line is that all insurance companies really care about is their bottom line. Nowhere else is this more evident than when a customer tries to make a valid claim, but is turned away and denied the coverage they not only need, but are entitled to.

For example, take the case of Molly Jefferson. Molly, at age 24, was seriously injured in a car accident. Initially, her insurance carrier refused to pay more than $100,000 in damages, falsely stating that the policy limits extended no further. Molly hired legal representation and sued for bad faith. The company, knowing they were in the wrong, settled for $2 million out of court-enough to cover Molly’s medical expenses and lost time at work.

Insurance companies have all kinds of tactics to avoid paying for the job they are obligated to do. Here are five of the most common.

Tactic #1: Standard claim denial

For many insurance companies, it is standard procedure to deny claims the first time around. The reason is that most claimants will not attempt to fight the decision, and the company will get out of having to pay coverage. However, if the claimant does indeed pursue coverage further after the initial denial, the company will then pay up.

Tactic #2: Lowball settlement offers

In many personal injury cases, such as car accidents, the victim is scrambling to pay expensive medical bills and recover from lost time at work. Insurance companies use this financial stress to their advantage by persuading claimants to settle too quickly for insufficient offers and sign a form that releases the company from future claims. Most people underestimate the time and expense of fully recovering from their injuries, and insurance companies count on that to get out of providing your complete coverage.

Tactic #3: Recorded statements

The job of insurance adjustors is to record your statement in the hopes that you will say something that the insurance company can use against you to deny or reduce coverage. Adjustors have an extensive knowledge of the legal system, which they use to try and twist your words around in their favor.

Tactic #4: Requesting medical records

Insurance companies ask for claimant’s medical records in order to find information suggesting that the injury was not caused by the accident, but rather a preexisting condition. They will also try to use the medical records to argue that your injury is not as severe as claimed.

Tactic #5: Video surveillance

For claims that the insurance company finds highly disputable, they may send a private investigator to video record a claimant engaging in chores, recreation, or other activities. The intention of video surveillance is to show that the claimant’s injuries are not that severe, since they are able to mow the yard, lift objects, play sports, etc.

Protect Yourself

Insurance companies have plenty of tactics to get out of paying for injuries and damages, as well as a knowledgeable legal team to fight on their behalf. Without a doubt, so should you.

If you have an insurance dispute, contact an experienced bad faith insurance attorney immediately to discuss the details of your case.

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Introduction to Social Media for Lawyers

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Social media or networking has been defined as: “Interaction with external websites or services based on participant contributions to the content. Types of social media include blogs, micro blogs, social and professional networks, video or photo sharing, and social bookmarking. Examples of social media sites are YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace, RSS, Second Life, LinkedIn, Delicious, etc.”[1]

The Conference of Court Public Information Officers defines social media as: “highly interactive, multimedia, websites and programs that allow individuals to form into communities and share information, knowledge and experiences more quickly and effectively than ever before.”[2]

The top 10 social media channels that impact Lawyers include:


YouTube is a video sharing site where you can post your own original videos, watch videos, and share videos online. Lawyers have been using YouTube increasingly to overview their law firm and services for purposes of internet marketing. Once a video is created and uploaded, it can be found by searching on key words on various search engines. A search on “Personal Injury Lawyer” will yield over 13,000 videos.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way to store, search, and share your favorite web sites or content so others can view. One popular use of social bookmarking is to share top stories and post the story for others to comment or vote on. Another common social bookmarking practice is to submit links to your blog or website to increase traffic and visibility. Some of the most popular social bookmarking sites include Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Diigo, and Google Bookmarks.


Social photo sharing is a way to store, edit, and share your photos online. If photos are stored publicly, they will often be crawled by major search engines. If photos are tagged with individual names, they become easier to search for online. Online photos may put a client or case at risk. Popular photo sharing sites include Photobucket, Yahoo! Photo, and Flickr.


Facebook is a website which allows the user to create an account by inputting an email address and password. Once the account is created, the user is able to invite “friends” to be a part of their network. Facebook has a “News Feed” which allows the user to post specific information chosen by the user. This information can include anything from what the user is doing at any given moment to posting a picture or beginning a discussion in which other users can read and comment. Facebook also allows private messages to be sent to other users or friends similar to an email message. The appeal of users to Facebook is the ability to communicate in either a public or private forum with other users in written format almost instantaneously. This can be done by either a personal computer, laptop, netbook, ipad, or mobile phone. Facebooking can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Twitter is a website where a user can create an account similar to Facebook and send “tweets” which are limited to 140 characters of content created by the user. Twitter allows the user to “follow” other persons with Twitter accounts who then receive the tweets instantaneously. This allows people to have followers and also to follow other persons having twitter accounts.


MySpace is a website that allows the user to create an account and post specific information about the user, which may be for any purpose the user chooses including personal or professional. Pictures, music and other types of media can be uploaded to the website and also accessed by other persons who have a MySpace page.


LinkedIn is a website that is predominantly used for individuals to network themselves in a professional capacity. The user is able to create an account which then contains specific information about the user including education, work history, special designations, accomplishments, etc. Users are able to endorse other users and write comments as part of the endorsements.


Avvo is a website that rates doctors and lawyers and includes information such as whether a lawyer has ever received discipline by the respective Bar Association in which the lawyer is licensed to practice. Lawyers are able to claim their profiles and include information such as their education, work history, and memberships with professional organizations. After a profile is claimed by the attorney, the user can endorse other attorney’s work, which further has an impact on the rating of the attorney.


A Blog (short for “weblog”) is a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.[3] Attorneys may create blogs on hosted sites such as Blogger, HubPages, or Squidoo or they may add a blog to their own website domain. Different types of Blog technologies include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and it is a group of web site feed formats that can be added to web sites for the purpose of sharing information. Many Lawyers add RSS feeds to their own web sites to allow visitors or other professionals to subscribe to the new content that gets added. In some cases, an RSS feed has replaced a company newsletter. You can also add RSS feeds from major news sources such as Google, Yahoo!, or CNN to your own web site.

[1] Guidelines and Best Practices for Social Media Use In Washington State; Office of the Governor in Coordination With Multiple State Agencies and Contributors (November 2010).

[2] Conference of Court Public Info. Officers, New Media Comm., New Media and the Courts: The Current Status & a Look at the Future (Aug. 26, 2010) at

[3] Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary,

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Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Survival Rate

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Malignant pleural mesothelioma is the most common type of malignant mesothelioma. Many factors may be involved in determining the survival rate for this aggressive cancer; some are better understood than others. Estimates of median survival time range from one to two years; survival depends on underlying factors such as the type and extent of spread of the mesothelioma. Only seven percent of people with this cancer survive to five years after diagnosis, but this outlook is gradually improving with some promising experimental treatments. Some people live well beyond five years from the time of diagnosis.

In general, younger age at diagnosis, absence of weight loss and limited loss of lung function are associated with chances for increased survival. Stage I mesotheliomas, which have not spread to the lymph nodes or adjacent tissues and organs, also carry the best prognosis. The type of cell the cancer is comprised of can also affect survival. The epithelioid cell type has the best prognosis, the mixed or biphasic cell type the next best prognosis, and the sarcomatoid cell type the worst prognosis. The majority of malignant pleural mesotheliomas are of the epithelioid cell type.

Because this cancer takes so long to manifest, people are usually diagnosed at an older age and with more advanced disease, potentially worsening the prognosis and the treatment options available. The more aggressive the treatment, the better the outcome may be, but in cases with cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, chemotherapy may be the only alternative. New drugs, such as the combination of Alimta with Platinol, have been shown to improve survival in malignant mesothelioma patients whose only option is chemotherapy. A number of experimental treatments, such as immunotherapy and biotherapy, are currently being evaluated in clinical trials.

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South African Entrepreneurs

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Understanding South African Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Development

It has often been said that economic development in any country is directly related to the level of entrepreneurial activity that takes place within the country. It has also been said that both enterprise development and entrepreneurship are amongst the best ways to create wealth and add value to society as a whole.

In South Africa, with all its historical imbalances, enterprise development in particular is seen as a key to enabling black South Africans (in particular) to take a rightful place in business.

You may well have read this kind of thing before, but how much do you know about enterprise development, South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development in this country?

South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development are key to our national economy

South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development defined

If you open a dictionary and look for the definition of an entrepreneur, you will see that this is a business person who is prepared to take initiatives and calculated risks in order to make a profit. If you are going to be an entrepreneur, you will have to take risks. And to be successful, you need to make money out of your endeavours.

Taking risks does not imply stupidity, or suggest that entrepreneurs are gamblers. But it does mean they are able to rise to challenges that will increase profitability.

The most significant factor about entrepreneurs – including of course South African entrepreneurs – is that they need to be able to identify a feasible opportunity and then ascertain whether the opportunity they have identified is in fact a viable idea. If the idea isn’t feasible, anyone who is likely to become a successful South African entrepreneur will drop the idea. But if the idea IS feasible, that very same person will have the capacity to take the idea further to see if it is in fact viable. If it is, they will usually do a business plan and then launch a new business.

Basically, entrepreneurs are able to take their own creative ideas and combine these with the skills, resources and people who are needed to be able to form a successful business.

In essence, they need to be able to:

  • Identify new or different opportunities that may be products or services.
  • Be creative and innovative.
  • Start a business that he or she can call their own.
  • Manage that business with or without the help of other people.
  • Finance, produce and market products and services successfully.
  • Find the finances if not immediately available.
  • Organise and control all the resources needed to run a successful business (this includes finding and managing the capital required for the business, as well as the people and materials needed for it to operate).
  • Take risks. Remember that these will be calculated risks and not just stupid risks!

A lot can be said about entrepreneurship development, but really what is important is that the concept involves literally developing entrepreneurship and making entrepreneurial enterprises happen. For this reason, enterprise development helps South African entrepreneurs of all colours and creeds achieve their desires.

Extending the concept of South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development

There are many different types of entrepreneurial businesses, and also many different types of entrepreneurs.

For instance, entrepreneurial businesses may be micro – which means they are really small, one-person businesses – or they can be small, medium or large. Generally it is the SMME (which stands for small, medium and micro enterprises) sector that carries the South African entrepreneur. This is partly because the more entrepreneurial businesses there are, the more jobs there will be for people who aren’t entrepreneurs.

In fact it is believed that 97.5% of all businesses in South Africa are SMMEs – although not all of these are entrepreneurial businesses, and not all grow and become successful.

A business entrepreneur, regardless of what he or she might do for a living, may be described as a person who undertakes a wealth-creating and value-adding process by developing ideas, getting resources together and making things happen. The success of a business entrepreneur is measured by performance and return (or profit).

Then there are social entrepreneurs, who are people who recognise social problems and use entrepreneurial principles to organise, create and manage ventures in an endeavour to bring about social change. The success of social entrepreneurs is measured by the impact their work has on society.

A relatively new sector, social entrepreneurship has a vital role to play in emerging markets. Because social entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, they are able to make change happen and so help in the transformation process.

Then there are corporate entrepreneurs, or intrapreneurs, who create a new, profitable business within a business that already exists. One of the best known examples of successful intrapreneurship involving South African entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship development, is the formation of Outsurance and Discovery Health from within the highly successful existing business structure of First National Bank (FNB). What made Outsurance entrepreneurial was that it offered direct, short-term insurance to people without the traditional intermediary insurance brokers being involved. Over the years it has grown from a small corporate entrepreneurial business to a large, highly successful insurance business.

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Online Degrees – What Online College is the Best?

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If you’ve been thinking about getting an online degree you may be wondering what online college is the best. I’m asked this question often. There are many variables to consider however.

You probably know that a traditional, well-known school with a campus, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and others, is going to have a better reputation. However, the cost of attending these schools is prohibitive for many, besides having to go through the acceptance process.

But there are many other schools that have excellent reputations that are worthy of attending or taking classes from online. There are also vocational and traditional schools that are limited to online degree programs only.

The program and major you plan to pursue and whether you want an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s degree or doctorate will greatly influence which online school you decide on.

Online colleges and online degree programs are becoming more and more popular and are more and more accepted by employers, much more so than they used to be. Many of the largest companies in the U.S. readily accept applicants with online degrees, especially from accredited online colleges.

Technology is also gaining and improving every year so you have better access to your professors and to other students as well.

You want to avoid schools with unrecognizable names that offer promises of quick diplomas or degrees. These are called diploma mills and they’re still operating. Some of these schools report that you can get your bachelor’s degree in 72 hours. You don’t want to present this kind of degree to a prospective employer. It will work against you.

Recently in our community, I read that it was discovered that three state (highway) patrol officers had online degrees from diploma mills and were fired.

Staying with a recognizable name school and checking to make sure they are accredited is very important. You can check through the Council of Higher Education Accreditation to make sure they are accredited.

If you’re unfamiliar with the school here are a few questions you can ask of any online college or school that you’re considering. What is the acceptance rate, can they help with financial aid, what is the retention and graduation rate and what is the number of years the school has had accreditation. You also want to make sure that any school you transfer into later will accept your credits. Know this before you sign up.

What online college is best is going to depend on your needs, as there are many variables. Your location, how much money it will cost, whether you’re on a budget or have plenty of money to spend on an online degree or do you want to get to go free or cheap? It will also depend on the program you choose and how specialized it is.

There is plenty of federal financial aid and other money available for online degree programs so you may want to check this out. There are also grants and scholarships available for online students and many go unawarded every year. There are many scholarships available in specialized areas too. Some students go free. Just take a little time to do some research and you can save a lot of money.

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