Best Real-Time Data Websites to Find out What’s Trending

Best Real-Time Data Websites to Find out What’s Trending
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All kinds of new content can easily be viewed by people all over the world within a matter of seconds. Information today is quickly spread thanks to the speedy communication channels, made accessible due to the Internet and social media. So how does one stay constantly updated with the latest information? Simple, by following various tracks to keep on their favorite trending topics.

To help you we gathered some top websites that will help you find out the latest news that’s rocking the world!

Google Trends & YouTube Trends

If you want to look at what’s trending top in the world, there is no better place to start than these two options, Google Trends, and YouTube Trends. Google’s large reserves of data allow users to glimpse what users are searching for online. What’s more, is that Google is always updating its system and now allows users to search as back as 2004 and even more. Since all search results can be filtered by the user as they like.  And even by peculiar categories, such as sports events, global figures, etc.

Whereas on the other hand, YouTube Trends are updated by the second. Users can search for relevant material via regions as well. These websites are consistently being updated with info, that’s taking place all over the world!

Exploding Topics

This one may slightly be difficult to manage as it proudly claims to identify topics and categories successfully from various data types received from around the world. The algorithm behind this website holds a strong claim that it can accurately identify emerging trends before their popularity burst. To achieve this, data on various social media channels, web searches, keywords, hashtags, mentions, etc. is minutely monitored.

On the other hand, the trending topics listed on the website can go back fifteen years or so. Besides predicting upcoming topics, the website also displays the topics that have started gaining popularity or are about to peak in popularity in a particular region. The best part is that a newsletter is delivered weekly to users who have signed up on the website. The newsletter showcases all the emerging trends while highlighting anticipated topics that might explode in the digital scene.


This website is another fantastic offering by Google Trends. It is meant to help consumers with trends that are expected to become strong in the upcoming season. Treendly analyses data from all kinds of digital channels and curates trend reports that accurately predict hot trends of the season, according to the industry and the country they are in. For instance, internet provider trends that are bound to become popular in the upcoming months will affect providers like Grande Internet and countless others.

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Since anticipated trends are normally based on the data accumulated from all kinds of online platforms such as discussion groups and even search queries on the web, the website can also be used as a learning tool. Users can sign up for a free course that illustrates the methodical process to identify expected trends in various industries that are meant to reach the top. They can also sign up for the email newsletter that is meant to keep readers updated with the latest happenings taking place globally.


Trendsmap focuses on tracking trends that are popular on Twitter. Although it is not as informative as others part of this list are, it mostly involves the list of terms that became popular after trending on the social media channel. What’s more, is that the anticipated trends of the season are mostly made up of hashtags, so a bit of extra research is required at the user end. The website comes with a detailed world map that features info on various Twitter trends according to the industry and region. So the more one zooms in on the map, the more they get an idea of what local trends are in a particular area.

Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates is an SEO’s dream come true. Instead of displaying data that are usually asked on Google, the website turns the tables and displays data that is gathered from multiple sources such as Google Trends or Google Suggests, among numerous others. Users also have the option to search for a particular topic in their native language and their home country on the website, which will then be generated in a report form. Moreover, the website highlights all kinds of phrases and queries that have either shot up or have recently dropped popularity-wise.


Another web tool that ensures that users can uncover the latest trends uniquely. The website provides the user insights that can help with the search, which is usually performed via keywords. What’s more, is that the website produces a report that has all your findings based on the keywords you use. This is a great resource for businesses.

Wrapping Up

While staying in touch with the latest trends can be a tedious task but they are plenty of tools and online resources now available that ensure that you receive the customized info that you were looking for. Check out some of the above-mentioned websites and you will be good to go!

google news
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