High School Girl Wins Obstacle Course Even After Initial Failure, Video Stuns Internet

High School Girl Wins Obstacle Course Even After Initial Failure, Video Stuns Internet
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The incident happened at the Bergen County Championships in Old Tappan, USA in May this year.

A high school girl exemplifies the attitude of never giving up by winning the race. Instagram/goodnews_movement

Not to give up hope until the last ball of a cricket match to snatch victory from the clutches of the opposition. We encountered several examples of a never-give-up attitude from prominent sports personalities.

However, a video of a high school girl caused a stir on social media. His determined attitude and commitment to achieving the goal won hearts on the internet.

The schoolgirl, identified as Abigail Dennis from Old Tappan, competed in a high school sporting event. And left the spectators amazed by his performance. She won a 100 meter hurdle race even after falling at the initial stage.

One person sitting in the audience managed to capture the entire race in his lenses. And the video has become a prime example of a never-give-up attitude for social media users.

The incident happened during the Bergen County Championships at Old Tappan in May this year. Images from the sprint were shared by Good News Movement on their official Instagram page. Undoubtedly, the child’s spirit won a lot of praise from viewers.

Dennis had a quick start to the race. After smoothly clearing the first hurdle, she blundered. An error in judging the distance when jumping over the second obstacle caused her to crash into it. Even after falling on the track, Dennis immediately stood up and sprinted at top speed.

She overtook her fellow racers one by one. However, no one was ready for the jaw-dropping climax. She rushed over the remaining hurdles at ease and crossed the finish line first.

Watch the clip here:

The Instagram reel caption read, “GO, ABBY, GO! Despite falling near the start of the race, Abby still finds the strength within herself to win the race! It’s not over until it’s over. Since uploading, the clip has garnered almost 8,000 views so far. No less than 30,000 users liked it. The comments section saw Dennis receiving huge praise for his jaw-dropping comeback.

While one user called it “a dash of The Incredibles,” another said, “It was so satisfying to watch.” The video sent “shivers” down the spines of Instagram users, who weren’t tired of praising the young woman. “Yo the perseverance in her is everything,” a third commented.

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