thousands take to the streets against inflation and anti-Russian sanctions — RT in French

thousands take to the streets against inflation and anti-Russian sanctions — RT in French
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Like in several European countries, rising prices, particularly of energy, are causing concern in Austria. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Vienna to express their opposition to sanctions targeting Russia.

Contrary to the unanimity displayed at the summits of the European Union in the pursuit of sanctions against Russia, Austrians demonstrated on September 10 in Vienna to demand an end to sanctions and inflation.

“Open Nord Stream”, we could see on one of the posters brandished by the demonstrators, in reference to the gas pipeline project suspended within the framework of the sanctions against Moscow after the launch of the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

The sanctions taken against Russia are a mortal blow against Europe

“The sanctions taken against Russia are a mortal blow against Europe. We pull in both knees at the same time. Sanctions have no effect, they only destroy Europe,” Hannes Brejcha of the Fairdenken movement, organizer of the rally, told the podium.

Beyond the sanctions, a strong dissatisfaction against inflation was expressed: “This year, the price of wood has doubled compared to last year. And with the cheap excuse, it’s because of the Ukrainian war. But the wood does not come from Ukraine, it comes from Austria”, explained a demonstrator to the Ruptly agency.

The electricity bill is skyrocketing

Extremely dependent on Russian gas, Austria is in a bad position in this period of energy crisis. The government announced on September 7 its intention to cap electricity prices to curb rising energy costs. Around three to four billion euros will be allocated to the measure, which will come into force in December and last until the end of June 2024.

Demonstrations against inflation have already taken place in several EU countries: 70,000 people demonstrated in Prague on September 3 to demand the resignation of the government and, among other issues, to denounce inflation and the too big sacrifices made to Ukraine.

In France, an anti-NATO and anti-sanctions demonstration was organized in Paris on September 3 at the initiative of the Les Patriotes party and gave rise to controversy, with LCI journalists denying its existence before acknowledging their error. In France, the denunciation of the sanctions is highly criticized by editorialists and media commentators who justify the policy of maximum hostility towards Russia.

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